(at what appears to be a club, everyone is dancing to some upbeat, lively 80's pop music)

Rick Snork: And this is "Don't Snork Till You've Jet Enough" by Micheel Snorkson, Number 1 on the Snorkland Clamstand Top 10! So, jet with it! *a fish steals his green wig*

(Allstar is talking to the backstage manager about playing Tooter's record)

Allstar: I'm sure if Rick Snork will play my friend Tooter's record, the kids will love it.

Manager: *throws it but Occy catches it* Forget it! He's not playing any record he doesn't know! 

Allstar: But all the record needs is a few spins.

Occy: *barks and tosses it over to the record player*

Rick Snork: And now here's the latest by *record in* uh, by, by, by, *snaps fingers to Totoer's song*

Allstar: Tooter, that's you!

(The Witherspoon Sisters are dancing)

Tubular: Oh, like wow! Totally sensational sounds!

Gagme: It's awsomely happening!

Fish: *writes 85 on chart* I give it an 85! It's got a good beat, and it's easy to jet to!

(the snorks beg Rick to play it agian)

Manager: *smiles after hearing it* The kids love it! What's your name, son?

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: *translates* Tooter. Uh, Tooter Shellby. 

Rick Snork: *with record* And you're sure this is your record?

Tooter: *plays the song, and everyone swims over to him*

Snork Girl: It's him!

(her and many others swim to him and get on top of him - literally)

Allstar: How does it feel to be on top, Tooter?

Tooter: *happy*

(by the next day, everyone in Snorkland is waiting in line to buy tickets for Tooter's concert)

Allstar: Wow, Tooter's concert is the hottest ticket in town! 

Casey: I'll say. The ticket scallops are selling them at our of this reef prices.

Scallop #1: Ticekts, get your Tooter Shellby tickets here!

Scallop #2: Great seats, only 50 sandollars a piece!

Allstar: That's high wave robbery! I wodner how they get the tickets anyway.

Junior: How are we doing tonight, guys?

Allstar: Oh, I had to ask.

Casey: How about a clambox lunch before the concert?

Allstar: It's all taken care of, Casey. Occy's meeting me with a picnic basket. But I hope he gets here before the concert starts. 

(Meanwhile, Occy's carrying the picnic basket when he hears the music from a piperfish and gets sucked inside it)

(Backstage, everyone wants to see Tooter)

Snork Girl: We want Tooter! *all agree with her*

Manager: I told you - Tooter's not even here yet! Now please, jet back to your seats.

(all complain as Tooter tries sneaking in disguise form)

Manager: *grabs him* Just where do you think you're going??? Oh, excuse me, Tooter.

Snork Boy: Tooter, it's him! 

(as they all try getting him, he runs backstage - they too hear the piperfish and leave, while Tooter rehearses his big number)

(more snorks in the audience get sucked in to the piperfish's Arabian sounding music - all except for Daffney, who has her headphones in and listening to her cassette player)

(Tooter realizes what time it is, so he gets dressed (as Michael Jackson) and goes out on stage - unfortunately, Daffney's the only one there, so he takes off her headphones and asks where everyone is)

Daffney: *looks around* Huh? Where'd everybody go?

Tooter: *he doesn't have a clue*

(all the snorks are inside the piperfish's belly, all confused)

Casey: Last thing I remember is hearing some strange music.

Gallio: We are in deep, deep trouble.

Junior: Trouble?! You're out of your reef! *tries escaping* I'm jettin' out of this creepy cave! *does so, but fails*

Gallio: As I was saying, this is no cave. *knocks on its bone as Junior falls back down* We are trapped inside the belly of the predatory piperfish.

Junior: Now he tells me!

Allstar: Well how do we escape, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: I'm afriad no one has ever escaped from the belly of a piperfish.

Rip van Snork: *laughs as he shows up with a long white beard* You can say that again! And I oughta know - been here for 9 months and 20 years!

Allstar and Casey: 20 years?!

Occy: *barks*

(meanwhile, Daffney and Tooter search for the others)

Daffney: Allstar, Casey, where are you? Where's anybody???

(back inside the piperfish...)

Rip: Yep. I was swallowed up over 20 years ago.

Gallio: *they each look at each other* Rip van Snorkel! Of course! Don't you remember your old classmate, Gallio Seaworthy?

Rip: *laughs* Pee Wee Seaworthy, I'd knew you anywhere! *they hug* 

Junior: How very touching, but some of us would like to get out of here.

Rip: Well, young feller, I've tried for 20 years every which way to get out of here, and it can't be done.

Junior: Says you, old timer! Let me try! *tries going up top, but gets knocked down* Ugh, your turn.

Allstar: Why can't we escape when the fish opens his mouth to eat?

Rip: Sufferin' seashells, I've tried. But everytime he eats, he plays that fishy music that puts you in a trance.

Casey: Isn't there another way?

Rip: Well, once long ago, I tried to give this old piperfish a case of indigestion. I blew this enormous blurble, but I just could't make it big enough. *demonstrates* I guess it wasn't much of an idea.

Allstar: *starbright idea in tact with the moving star* Wait just a sea-second, I think it's a starbright idea! You couldn't do it alone, but all of us together could give this piperfish a bellyache he'll never forget!

Junior: Oh, that's just a load of hot air!

Gallio: Exactly, and it just might work.

(Rick Snork has everyone gather together to blow a huge bubble)

Rick Snork: Okay, Snork fans, it's time to get blowing! Let's make this a Top 10 hit! *all do it as he counts* 1, 2, 3, blow free!

(this works at first, but once the piperfish opens his mouth, the music plays again, and they're all in a trance)

Allstar: *moans* Oh no, that music! I can't.. hold on! *the bubble pops* 

(Daffney and Tooter are still searching for the other snorks when Daffney gets sucked in by the trance)

(Tooter gets saved by the headphones, and so he plays her music through his snork to counteract the music of the large creature, after several attempts - the snorks soon hear a different sound as well)

Rip: I've never heard the piperfish make music like that before!

Gallio: It does sound very familiar!

Casey: That's because it's Tooter.

Allstar: He must be distracting the piperfish. *starbright idea again* Now's our chance to really give this fish a bellyache.

(all make a large bubble, and Tooter's music is so strong, the piperfish grows exhausted, and then spits out the otehrs before flying away)

Casey: We did it! We're out!

Allstar: Not all of us, Casey.

(they see the piperfish spit out Junior, shaken)

Daffney: We better get going before that piperfish does an encore! *they see him leave town for good*

Allstar: He won't be swimming around here anymore. He's too pooped to pipe, thanks to Tooter.

Casey: But where is Tooter?

Occy: *barks and finds him hiding in a bush* 

Tooter: *moans from exhaustion*

Allstar: It looks like piperfish isn't the only one who's pooped!

(Allstar and Casey help Tooter get right back up)

Rick Snork: Yeah, that was some concert, Tooter, even if I didn't get to see it!

(Rip and Gallio reminisce with each other)

Rip: *cheers and jumps* Free, haha, after all these years!

Gallio: I think you'll find Snorkland a bit changed, Rip, but it's still home.

Rip: *laughs* Oh yeah! Now tell me something about our old classmates! Whatever happend to Stinky Wetworth? Nobody liked him!

Gallio: They still don't! He's Stinky Governor Wetworth now! *chuckles*

(Allstar and Tooter swim while Tooter has changed back into his uniform)

Allstar: Tooter, let's see how your record is selling.

Tooter: *agrees when he and Allstar get knocked down by mroe adoring fans, but htis time they're after Junior*

Junior: You were just a flash in a clam. *he and anotehr male snork run for it*

Allstar: Gee, I, I'm sorry, Tooter.

Tooter: *takes off his costume and says not to worry about it*

Allstar: Well how can you be so happy?

Tooter: *points to the fans chasing Junior*

Tubular: Oh, isn't he totally wet? *gasps* Let's get a piece of that coral cape for our souvenir!

Gagme: Yeah, awsomely sensational idea!


Allstar: I see what you mean, Tooter. Fame is fun, until it catches up with you!

Tooter: *smiles to the audience*

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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