A Snork On the Wild Side



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 17, 1984

Paired With

Allstar's Double Trouble

"A Snork On the Wild Side" is the 19th episode of Season 1. The snorks meet Jojo, a snork who comes from the wild. He frees some of the local zoo animals, which makes him get put to jail by Governor Wetworth.

Snorks 119 1

Meeting Jojo for the first time

Plot Summary

The episode begins out in a seaweed field, with Fengy eating some seaweed. He almost gets eaten by a giant wolf-fish when Jojo comes to rescue him. That same wolf-fish ends up getting captured by the Silverfish. As Jojo follows it out of curiosity, Junior plans on taking it as an attraction for the new Wetworth Zoo. Along the way, they end up encountering Jojo for the very first time, and they explain to him that those "beasts" were machines, and not really fish. Jojo thinks they're magical and tries to "worship them." Instead, the suggest to him a game of snorkball, which he gladly accepts.

As Jojo plays snorkball with the others, Junior decides to distract Fengy while also capturing him for the zoo. Occy sees this and warns the other snorks of what had just happened. They all follow him to the zoo, and Jojo sets the other animals free during a welcoming ceremony from Governor Wetworth. However, the superior figure catches him in the act and has him arrested. While Jojo's in jail, Allstar and Casey inflate a fake snork doll by dressing it as Jojo's mother. They go into his cell and he comes back out acting like that same mother. The guard checks up on him when the doll inflates and goes out the window.

Considering Jojo has "escaped" from prison, the guards go after him. Back at the zoo, Jojo finally frees Fengy, only for all of them to get caught by the governor once again. In the meantime, the wolf-fish creeps up behind Junior and starts chasing him. Jojo tames the wolf-fish and Governor Wetworth thanks him for saving his son's life. He offers him anything, and so Jojo wants all the fish set free, and this is done. Jojo decides to leave Snorkland to go back into the wild, and for a brief moment Junior is locked in a cage.

Snorks 119 2

Trying to break him out

Background Info

  • This episode marks the first official appearances of both Jojo and Fengy
  • Jojo's jail room would later resemble Casey's bedroom in Season 4

Memorable Quotes

Jojo: You have great magic! I worship you!

Junior: Boy, is this guy weird?!

Tooter: *agrees with him* 

Jojo: *sees cop car* Yikes! The angry beast!

Governor Wetworth: There they are!

Casey: I'll say it's an angry beast - it's the governor.


  • At times, Allstar's shirt is shorter than usual
  • When Jojo has to leave, the snorks have no clue that he would be back for later episodes throughout the series


  • The title and episode parallels the book and film of the same name, A Walk On the Wild Side



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