(Fengy is eating some seaweed out in a field when he accidentally bites the tail of a wolf-fish, who gets mad and starts chasing him)

Jojo: *comes to the rescue* Un call! Unk! Rova! *wolf-fish leaves* Fengy, when will you learn that in this world, the big fish swallows the little fish? *sees Silverfish* Mother of tides, what shiny giant fish is this? I have never seen its kind before. Look! *it takes in the wolf-fish* It swallows the wolf-fish whole. We must follow the shiny fish. 

(Inside the Silverfish...)

Allstar: Mission accomplished! One wolf-fish for the new zoo! 

Junior: For the Wetworth Zoo, you mean! *checks down to see it in a cage* Hey, how's my cargo doin'?

Daffney: Fine, Tooter's feeding him.

Tooter: *gives it a piece of seaweed*

Junior: Hey, what are you tryin' to do? Spoil him?! *pushes Tooter out of the way* I want him to stay lean and hungry so he'll put on a good show at the zoo. Nya nya nya nya nya! *but the wolf-fish growls back*

Jojo: Shiny fish goes to a strange place. We must get a closer look. *swims over to it once it's parked and knocks on its top* Giant shiny fish - it sleeps!

Allstar: *he and others swim out* The zoo attendants will be here in an hour to pick up the wolf-fish. 

Jojo: Creature - all of who like me! *Fengy speaks to him* Shh! We know not if they are friend or foe. Quick, over here. *they hide, and Occy growls*

Dimmy: Occy heard something.

Casey: Or someone.

Allstar: I'd better close the garage door. *pulls lever and it moves*

Jojo: Hey! Yaaaa!

Allstar: A prowler!

Tooter: *toots a horn as they all approach him, getting him very cornered*

Daffney: Hey, what happened?

Junior: What's going on?!

Daffney: *gasps* He has two snorks!

Occy: *snifs him*

Allstar: Who are you?

Jojo: *shakes* I - I am Jojo. I come from beyond the blue reef. I followed the giant shiny fish - and then, then that monster tried to bite me.

Dimmy: *laughs* That's not a monster!

Casey: And that's not a fish. They're machines.

Jojo: Machines?!

Allstar: Yeah, we made them.

Jojo: *bows down to them* You have great magic. I worship you.

Junior: Boy, is this guy weird?

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Dimmy: Come on, get up. We just wanna be your friends.

Daffney: Don't you have a family?

Jojo: No, I was raised by grunnion fish. So was my friend, Fengy. Fengy, you can come out now! *does so a little nervously*

Dimmy: Say, I'll bet you've never played snorkball!

Casey: Or done a lot of snorky things!

Allstar: Come on, we have a lot to show you! *Jojo follows them as Junior stays behind with Willie*

Junior: That dogfish would be some prize if I could catch it for the zoo. 

(the snorks are out at the snorkball field, teaching Jojo how to play snorkball)

Dimmy: This is a snorkball, Jojo.

Jojo: How do you eat it? *sticks tongue out and looks at it in delight* 

All: *giggle*

Allstar: You don't eat it - you play with it. Come on, we'll show you.

(Occy is playing frisby with Fengy when Junior enters the stadium)

Junior: Now's my chance to play catch with that dogfish. *laughs* Here, dog-fishy! *lures him with food until he grabs him with a plastic bag* Got ya, you little muttfish! Save your energy for the zoo! *laughs and leaves with it*

Occy: *growls*

(Jojo's still playing snorkball when he scores it in the net, and they cheer for him in response*

Jojo: Did I do well?

Casey: Yeah, you made a goal!

Tooter: *cheers for him*

Dimmy: Boy, I've never seen anybody snork so fast!

Jojo: It's easy when you have two snorks!

Occy: *barks to them in distress*

Allstar: Occy, what's the matter? 

Occy: *points in the direction of Junior, informing them that Fengy's been kidnapped*

Jojo: What? Fengy?! He says Junior has taken Fengy!

Allstar: I'll bet he's taken him to the zoo! Come on! *all follow him*


(all enter the Wetworth Zoo, where loads of fish are already in cages)

Jojo: Why are all tehse fish in cages? Did they do something bad?

Allstar: Oh this is called a zoo, Jojo.

Casey: The fish are here for snorks to look at.

Jojo: This is horrible! I must find Fengy!

Casey: Jojo, wait!

(Governor Wetworth is giving an opening ceremony speech to the public)

Governor Wetworth: Ladies and gentlesnorks, I am proud to welcome you to the opening day of the Wetworth Zoo! *at this moment, Jojo is opening all the cages and freeing all of the fish* In the great tradition of the Wetworth name, we have brought together many of the various species of aquatic life. Here, it is safe --

Jojo: Fengy! Fengy, where are you? *frees wolf-fish*

Governor Wetworth: -- they are here for your viewing pleasure! 

(all run out of the zoo as the fish are being freed)

Governor Wetworth: What's the meaning of this?! Catch those fish!

Jojo: *finds Fengy and tries to free him* Fengy, tehre you are! *but then he gets caught in a rope by the police* 

Guard: *pushes giant fish back in its cage* Easy, boy.

Governor Wetworth: My beautiful new zoo, ruined! *to guard* Have you caught them all yet?

Guard: All but one, sir. We can't find the wolf-fish.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, that's a dangerous fish! Search the whole zoo! And you with the two snorks, I -- OOOH! Two snorks! What kind of creature are you, anyway?

Jojo: I am Jojo, from the land of the grunnion.

Guard: He's the guy that led out the fish!

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, we can't have some wild boy snorking around, causing trouble! Lock him up - for a scientific study! *laughs*

Casey: Oh, that's not fair!

Allstar: You're right, Casey, we've gotta help him! Come on!

(later that night, Fengy's still at the zoo and Jojo howls for him from his jail cell - meanwhile, Allstar is blowing up a fake snork doll)

Casey: Are you ready, Allstar? *puts red wig on it*

Allstar: Yeah, Casey, I hope this works. *walks up to a police officer reading a newspaper* Excuse me, uh, we're here to visit Jojo. 

Officer: You mean the weird guy with two snorks?

Casey: That's right. Uh, this is his mother.

Officer: I guess the whole family's a little strange, huh? *they follow him into Jojo's cell* You got ten minutes. 

Jojo: Allstar! Casey!

Allstar: Shh, we've gotta act fast. 

Casey: *takes off doll's clothes and places them on Jojo* Here, put this on.

Jojo: Huh? Why?

Allstar: *places wig on Jojo's head* Pretend you're your mother. *Jojo howls* No, just act upset - like this. *pretends to boo hoo, and Jojo mimics it* 

Jojo: Like that?

Casey: *covers doll over the sheets on the bed* It'll have to do.

(they get out, and Jojo pretends to cry)

Casey: Um, uh she's very upset.

Jojo: I've been brining her up to him ever since he was a larva! 

Officer: Whatever you say, lady. Hmm. *walks in*

Casey: Whew, we made it.

Allstar: Now we've gotta get you out of town.

Jojo: *takes off the clothes* First, me must free Fengy. 

Allstar: Then we better hurry.

Officer: *sees doll on the bed* hey you, you asleep? *it blows out air and fleis out of the open window* Yikes! Help! The prisoner's escaping! Get the Governor! 

(back at the zoo, Jojo finally ffrees Fengy)

Jojo: Fengy! *Fengy gets out and licks him* 

Allstar: You'd better hurry up, or we'll all end up behind bars.

(but the police arrive anyway)

Jojo: Yikes! That angry beast!

Governor Wetworth: There they are!

Casey: I'll say it's an angry beast - it's the governor.

Allstar: *swims away with them* Come on, Jojo, let's snork for it!

Governor Wetworth: After them! *police go after them*

Junior: *shouts* You'll never get away! We've got guards all around Snorkland! *wolf-fish growls behind him* Yikes! *wolf-fish chases him* HELP! 

Governor Wetworth: Junior! Somebody save my son! HELP!

Jojo: *stops* Junior is in trouble! I must save him! *swims to get near the wolf-fish* One four, unk!

Junior: Help!!! *stops* huh?

Jojo: Eoli, guova! *wolf-fish leaves*

Junior: *pants* Gee, thanks, that was close.

Governor Wetworth: I had you all wrong, my boy. You can have anything you want.

Jojo: Then... free all these fish from their cages.

Governor Wetworth: What?! Free the wild fish?!

Allstar: Well, *chuckles* you did say anything, governor.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, ooh, oh, alright.

(although all the fish are free from the zoo, Jojo tells his new friends that he has to leave Snorkland)

Jojo: I will lead my fish friends to a safer place. Then I too must leave.

Allstar: Leave?!

Daffney: What? What are you talking about?

Casey: But where will you go?

Jojo: I do not know, only that I must live where fish swim free. *waves goodbye* Goodbye, good friends. *Occy and Fengy also wave goodbye* Come, Fengy. *they wave one last goodbye to him.

All: Goodbbye!

Jojo: *walks away* Goodbye!

Junior: *walks inside one of the empty cages and smiles with content* Well, maybe the zoo weasn't such a great idea. But this cage would make a great jungle gym. And we could put a swingset over there. I can see it now - the Wetworth Playground! *Occy shuts the door on him* Hey, let me out of here!

All: *laugh*

Allstar: I guess nobody likes to be put in a cage!

Casey: Yeah! *giggles* Not even an animal like Junior!

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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