(Casey and Jojo swim out of town hall one afternoon with Governor Wetworth standing nearby)

Casey: Bye, Governor, thanks, we'll tell him. Oh, I bet he'll be really surprised.

Jojo: Yes, this has never happened to him before. 

(Corky is swimming around town)

Corky: Let's see what's going on in Snorkland today. *sees guards* Holy macarole! Something's going on, and I haven't been notified! I fear there's evil afoot!

Casey: Hi, Corky! 

Corky: *jumps* oh, hi Casey. Say, did you know that there are guards and officers everywhere in Snokland?

Casey: Yes, we know.

Corky: There must be a big seamergency. But why haven't they called the *horn* Snork Patrol?

Casey: Oh, it's no seamergency, it --

Corky: No seamergency?! Oh no! They're replacing me! This is terrible!

Casey: But that's not --

Corky: I know it's not your fault, Casey, it's mine! Oh, the disgrace! *paces around in circles* The *horn* Snork Patrol has failed, all because of me! 

Casey: But, --

Corky: I should've worked harder! I should've never have taken so many donut breaks!

Casey: Well, but, I --

Corky: I shouldn't have slept so much! Four hours is just too long to be away from the patrol!

Casey: But I --

Jojo: *blows whistle through snork* Calm down, Corky, and listen to Casey! 

Casey: Right. Now take it easy. There's no seamergency, and they're not replacing you.

Corky: They're not?

Casey: No. The Governor has put all those guards out so --

Corky: So they can catch me, and throw me in jail!

Jojo: Ahem!

Casey: So, you can take a vaction. 

Corky: What?

Jojo: Yes, it's been arranged so that you can finally get some time off and relax.

Corky: Gee, time off. What does a snork do with time off? I mean, I don't have much experience with that.

Casey: No ideas, huh? Well that's what we figured, and that's why we're here. We're gonna help you figure out how to really have some fun. 

Corky: Time off. Oh, I'm not so sure.

Casey: So, how about exploring Good Gureef? 

Corky: Oh, I don't know, that's pretty dangerous. And you know I like to do things by the book.

Casey: Oh, okay. Well how about a hike to Mount Fishmore?

Corky: No, sometimes there are snorkeaters in that part of the ocean, and going near snorkeaters is defintiely against regulations.

Jojo: Let's go to Golden Cove then. This time of year --

Corky: Golden Cove is very near Shark Grotto, and regualtions strickly prohibit --

Casey: Oh Corky, do you have to do everything by the book? I'll bet that book doesn't even exist!

Corky: it most certainly does, Casey! *shows them a large, heavy book* See? here's the book, and it says right here that --

Casey: Okay, Corky, you win. There is a book. But does it let you do anything?

Corky: Sure, it does. Well right here, it says... no, no, no, that's not it. Well maybe it's on page --

Casey: Oh nevermind, Corky, let's just figure out what we're going to do to have fun.

Corky: Oh, okay, Casey.

Jojo: How about --

(scene cuts to a long list)

Casey: How about a shopping spree at the Sea Merchant's?

Corky: No, there's too great a chance something could get stolen.

Casey: Oh. *marks that off her lsit*

Jojo: How about a day at Magic Fountain Amusement Park?

Casey: *mocking Corky* No, it's against the rules! How about a snork down the street? Oh no, no, that's too dangerous! Well, let's go for a ride on the eelevated train? Oh no, regulations don't allow --

Corky: Come on, Casey, I'm not like that!

Casey: You are, too! You've nixed everything we've suggested so far! You're just too cautious!

Corky: No I'm not! 

Jojo: Well then how about a visit to the tidepools?

Corky: No, that's not -- well, um, sure, great idea! Let's go!

(all soon set up for a picninc in the tidepools)

Corky: Well it looks pretty quiet along the perimeeter today.

Casey: Relax, Corky, you're off duty.

Corky: Oh right. *chuckles* I forgot. Over there, is that --

Jojo: Take it easy, it's nothing.

Corky: Yes, you're right, of course.

Casey: There! 

Corky: Yes, there! I'll protect you!

Casey: No, Corky. I just meant that there is a good place for our picnic.

Corky: Oh. Uh huh.

(the picnic is currently taking place)

Corky: Well. *nervously chuckles* I think I'm finally learning to relax. 

(Prince Eli, from Seagypt, weakly crawls over to them)

Eli: Uh, help me. You must, help me. *falls down*

Jojo: Huh?

Casey: What? What's going on?

Corky: Oh, take it easy, you two. You must learn to relax. This is just a strange snork in tattered clothes. Great while whales - a strange snork in tatters! Stand back you two! The *horn* Snork Patrol will handle this! 

Jojo: it's okay, Corky. Let's find out with this is all about. *has him sit down* Easy, fella.

Casey: *hands him a sandwich* Here you go.

Eli: Thank you. You are msot kind. *eats* 

Corky: Now, my good snork. Just who are you? And what is the meaning of your sorry condition?

Eli: I'm afraid mine is a sad tale indeed. My name is Eli - Prince Eli, to be exact. Until recently, I was ruler of Seagypt. 

All: Ruler of Seagypt?!

Eli: yes, it is not a pretty story.


(the scene then cuts to Seagypt)

Snorks: Long live Prince Eli! Hooray! Yay! 

Eli: It wasn't so long ago that my subjects adored me. 

Snork 1: May I peal you a sea grape, heiness?

Snork 2: Please take my golden shoe.

Snork 3: Can I shine your shoes, prince?

Eli: But all the while, my evil sister Princess Alexandria was plotting to steal my septor of power, and take over Seagypt.

Alexandria: I will find a way to steal Eli's septor and gain the thrown! Then I will rule all of Seagypt! *laughs* 

Eli: And so one night as I slept, Alexandria and the few evil guards who were loyal to her, crept into my room. 

Alexandria: *takes it* HA! I've got your septor, now I'll rule Seagupt!

Eli: Huh?

Alexandria: Seize him! 

(her guards take him away and lock him up)

Guard: In ya go! 

Guard: Get in there!

Eli: Oh, you won't get away with this! *later on, he uses some tools* It looked pretty hopeless. Say, I wonder if... *digs himself out, but is caught* phew. Oops! *however, he escapes*

(return to the picnic)

Eli: Fortunately, I was able to get away. But, it was a narrow escape - and I lost my septor of power. Without it, I can never regain my kingdom. Oh, alas, my poor loving subjects, I dread to think what my evil sister is doing to them now. If there were only some way, but no.

Casey: Well, there is a way. You just need soem friends. I bet lots of snorks would help you - like us.

Corky: Gee, Casey, uh, I don't know.

Casey: Corky, you're being that way again! 

Corky: What I meant was, I don't know what we're waiting for! Quick, let's get my sub! *all enter it* 

Eli: It's too dangerous, I really can't ask. 

Jojo: No, Eli, we insist.

Eli: You're far too kind. But once I regain my septor and throne, I would give you a studible reward. But for now, let us be off!

(all enter Seagypt)

Eli: The evil Alexandria dwells at the top of the pyramid. My septor of power is in its dungeon. We msut get to the pyramid so we can get my septor, then we can deal with the princess.

Corky: Um, Eli, what do these marks mean?

Eli: Oh they're just the places where there are deadly booby traps. *all gasp and he chuckles* But don't worry. I know where they all are so we can avoid them.

Corky: Oh, good. *nervously chuckles* I think.

Eli: Now, here's the plan. First, we must get you some disguises, then -- 

(all enter in disguise form)

Jojo: *pretends to bring Eli back as a prisoner* Get along there! 

Corky: We've captured the outlaw Eli, and are returning him to the dungeon!

Guards: Alright, go on in! 

Corky: Right!

Jojo: *loses hat* Uh oh.

Guard 1: A double snork?! Hey, stop him! 

(all swim from the, except for Corky)

Corky: I'll draw them after me! Oh no! *blockeed* uh, can't we talk this over? I mean, I'm a police officer like you. 

(the others dodge the quick sand)

Jojo: Oh, thanks.

Guard 1: Clear away the sand! 

Casey: *finds a door* Um, quick, this way.

Eli: No. *he takes them into another door* There's one more boobytrap. But I think we can use it to our advantage.

Jojo: I hope it's not a live one like the last one.

Eli: No, but it makes its point. But we'll have to move quickly. Jojo, we have to depend on your speed and strength. Now, swim up to that brick and no matter what happens, don't let it move.

Jojo: Okay, if you say so, Eli.

Eli: Good. Ready?

Casey: You can do it, Jojo.

Jojo: Okay. *swims up to it*

Eli: Okay. Now over here, Jojo, hurry. *bars fall down* 

Jojo: Phew, that was a clsoe one.

Eli: Oh, I knew you could do it, Jojo. *finds septor* There it is, my septor of power! 

Casey: Neat!

Eli: When I was in power, I hid the key in this holeway, just in case. Ah, here it is. *opens it* I'll stay here and keep watch for anymore guards. You two snork in there, and get the septor.

Jojo: Okay, let's go, Casey.

(but they narrowly escape an eel)

Eli: That's one boobytrap I didn't know about.

Casey: Oh great! We're inches away from victory, but it might as well be miles!

Jojo: Hold on, I've got an idea. *sends it in a trance* Okay, Casey, let's go. *she sleeps* Casey, come on you two, this is no time for a nap.  Eli: *grabs septor* Ah.

(guards come)

Guard 1: Got ya!

Guard 2: What are ya doin' rigth there? 

Eli: Ha, you're too late! *zaps guard into underwear* I have regaiend my septor of power, so I am once again ruler of Seagypt! Lock yourselves up! I will deal with you traitors later! Right now, we'll deal with the princess. Come on, friends. *they follow him* In here. *they go up a portable bubble* It won't be long now! Shh, we msut be very quiet. 

(meanwhile, Alexandria's guard is talking to her)

Guard: One was lost in the labrynth while the others including Prince Eli were headed to the dungeon, and Big Slinky. I'm afraid we won't be seeing them again. 

Alexandria: Oh.

Eli: *watching through hole* We'll see what's going on through their bed. When I move, follow me quickly. 

Alexandria: For Seagypt's sake, I'm glad Big Slinky was guarding Eli my septor. But for me, I'm sorry we had to do it. For me --

Eli: I'll bet you're sorry, Alexandria! 

Guard: What the?!

Alexandria: ELI!

Eli: Yes, I'm back for my thrown! And this time, your evil septor won't take me by surprise! ha! Try that! *zaps guard*

Alexandria: Oh, Eli! *zaps him, but Casey takes her item as Jojo attacks the guard* Hey! Give me that!

Casey: No way, princess!

Eli: Oh, take that, you pesky punt! 

Jojo: *ties guard* This'll keep you out of trouble!

Eli: *takes her crown* Seagypt is mine once again! Now, let's get down to the dungeon!

Alexandria: Oh, I don't know where you could find such snorks to help you with your evil plan, Eli!

Casey: Watch who you're calling evil, princess! 

Jojo: Yes, your evil days are over!

(they all go into the dungeon)

Eli: March them into that cell over there! Get moving, you two! *shuts door and laughs* 

Casey: Hey Eli, that's not funny! Don't leave us in here with this evil pair! Let us out!

Eli: No, I think not! You two are far too dangerous! I I think it's best that you remain my royal guests - in there! *laughs and leaves* 

Jojo: Hey, let us out!

Casey: What's the big idea?

Guard: Well what did you expect from Eli?

Casey: Uh oh, Jojo, all of a sudden I have a bad feeling there's somethign we don't know about Eli.

Guard: I don't know what prince Eli told you, but it's a dark day in more ways than one with Eli on the throne.

Casey: What do you mean?

Alexandria: It's a long story. I may as well tell you. Oh, well, I never really wanted to be ruler of Seagypt, and then when Eli became ruler, I thought things would be wonderful. But something happened to Eli when he found the septor of power - he became mean and greedy.


(Eli's followers are carrying him around Seagypt)

Woman: Prince Eli, you must lower taxes!

Man: Have pity on us!

Woman: We're more like slaves than subjects!

Eli: *laughs* Get the rebel out of the way! 

Alexandria: *tells of flashback* One night, a group of townsnorks came into me.

Guard: Your people need you, Princess Alexandria. Please help us. Life is miserable since your brother took office. You are our only hope.

Alexandria: But how can I overcome the power of his evil septor?

Guard: We have a way - in a secret place the wizard Marlin's creating the septor of light. With it, you can combat Eli's evil darkness. You must agree to help. 

Eli: Throw this bedder in chains! *laughs*

Alexandria: Yes, I suppose I must help.

Woman: Oh thank you!

Man: Thank goodness! 

Alexandria: So they brought me the septor of light. 

Guard: The people are behind you, princess, and it's you against Eli.

Eli: What's this?!

Alexandria: I'm sorry, Eli, but your heartless rule must end! *she zaps the tree branches onto him*

Guard: *takes septor* I'll take this! 

Eli: You'll never catch me, and I will be back! *leaves*

Guard: Catch him! 

Alexandria: No, let him go. We have his septor, and without it he can do no harm. 

(Alexandria returns to present time)

Alexandria: You probably know more about what happeened after that than I do. 

Casey: Oh, your heiness, tehre's been a terrible mistake. Eli told us you were the evil ruler.

Alexandria: That sounds like something Eli would do.

Casey: Oh please believe me, we only wanted to help.

(Eli still uses his septor and creates a powerful current above Seagypt)

Eli: *laughs* Double the taxes! Get those lazy city snorks to work! I have to make up for lost time! 

Snork: But your heiness, sir --

Eli: *laughs* Just do it, or you'll find yourselves working alongside of the rest! *laughs* 

Alexandria: Oh my! Eli is doing his worst!

Casey: We're at the mercy of that fiend! Oh I dread to think what he's got cooked up for us! 

Guard: Uh oh. *sees movement*

Jojo: I'm afraid to find out what evil monster Eli has set upon us. 

Alexandria: *gasps*

(but only Corky pops out)

Casey: Corky, is that you?

Corky: Casey, Jojo! What are you doing in there? And with those, those criminals!

Casey: Eli put us in here! 

Corky: You betrayed Eli?!

Jojo: No, Corky. I'm afraid we rushed in to help the wrong snork. We should've checked things out befoer we rushed into help. 

Corky: We should have?

Casey: Corky, of all snorks you probably know best, that it's wise to check things out before rushing into them.

Corky: Hmm. *gets out small book* Yes, here it is on page 822 - "check things out before rushing into them."

Jojo: Well, now we've got to correct our mistake. And I'm beginning to get some ideas. Here's what we need to do - 

Corky: *uses a grapling hook to grab a cape* Come on, come on. *grabs it*

Jojo: *uses high waves from his snork to summon his insect friends* I hope this works. 

Casey: It will. It has to.

Woman: This is worse than before! What are we going to do??!!

Man: *sees light* Look! What's that?

Woman: Wonder if he could help.

Man: Yeah, maybe.

(Eli is talking to his guards)

Eli: Ooh, I love the dark, isn't this wonderful?! Hinkey dinkey darkness! *sees light* Ligth! What's this?! OH NO! Take that! *the insects turn into a lighthouse* To the weapons locker! Yes, these will destory them! Get them! I think this is the last one. Let me see...

Corky: No, I'll take this one isntead! *grabs septor* 

Eli: Give that back! YOU! I thought you were lost forever in the land!

Corky: No, not for a long shot, you evil fiend! 

Eli: Ooh, when I get you, you'll wish you had stayed lost!

Corky: Yes, but you'll have to catch me first! *zips off*

Eli: After him! *all go after him* I'll get you! this way! Come on, come on! 

Casey: What's that?

Alexandria: They're coming! 

Corky: *runs into wall*

Eli: I've got you now!

Corky: We'll see about that! *grabs septor* HA! Score on for the *horn* Snork Patrol! Take that!

Eli: *zapped by septor, now in his underwear* Get him! 

Guards: *leave* Nah, get him yourself.

Corky: *gives Alexandria back her crown* I believe this is your's, your majesty.

Alexandria: Oh, thank you, Corky. And now, I have just the thing for Eli. 

(all tie him up)

Guard: There, done!

(he now wears a note saying I AM A BAD SNORK)

Alexandria: Your lies won't fool anyone now! *to snorks* I hope I make up for your mistake. Go in peace, and you are always welcomed in Seagypt.

Casey: Oh, thank you, Princess. We're glad we could set things straight. Boy, that was good work, Corky! And now, we can get on with your vacation!

Jojo: Yes. Say, how about we go hiking through Yellowtail Park?

Corky: No, this time of year it's again regulation number -- um, I mean, um...

Casey: *giggles* No, Corky, don't apologize. That book of your's is okay. Besides, we can still go camping at --

Corky: Um, if it's all the asme to you two, the most restful thing I can think of is a nice, quiet day of is saving Snorkland from peril. That's all the vacation I need!

(c) 1989 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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