(all are nervously pacing inside Allstar's house)

Casey: Oh, what's keeping Gallio?

Daffney: Poor Allstar!

(Allstar's in bed sick with blue dots as Mr. Seaworthy cries)

Mrs. Seaworthy: There there, Gallio should be here any minute.

(Gallio's on a taxi squid going there)

Gallio: Can't you go any faster?

Taxi: Hey, I'm already burnin' ink, pal! *stop at Allstar's and he gives Gallio his bag* Ugh, what's in there, rocks?

Gallio: *hands him tip* No time!

Casey: Gallio! Thank goodness!

Gallio: Didn't expect to find you here, Junior.

Junior: Oh, uh, Allstar, uh, promised to help me with my homework!

Gallio: *enters the room* A little blue about the gills, eh?

Mrs. Seaworthy: See? Gallio's here. Now everything's sure to be alright!

Allstar: Yeah, already I feel better. Really, I -- *moans and lays back down as Gallio does some tests on him*

Mr. Seaworthy: *cries* What do you think, Gallio? What could be wrong with Allstar?

Gallio: I'll have the answer to that as soon as I've set up my Auto Diagnostic Analyzer! *sets it up* Hmm, 40 Degrees Shellsius. Imagine that! Snork pressure rising! Interesting.

Junior: Oh, it doesn't look good!

Gallio: *sees the results* Well, all the facts certainly speak for themselves. The conclusion's undeniable!

Mr. Seaworthy: Well, Gallio, what's wrong with Allstar?

Gallio: I haven't a slightest idea. But, there's one creature in the ocean who's sure to know. 

All: Who?

Gallio: King Claw.

Occy: *flips out a little*

All: *gasp*

Daffney: Ew, he's icky!

Gallio: He can answer any question - for a price, of course.

Casey: Well, what are we waiting for? I'll call a flounder!

(all are leaving Snorkland to find King Claw with a sick Allstar by their side)

Junior: Uh, are you sure this is the way to, uh, King Claw's Grotto? Maybe we should go back and double check!

Casey: Well according to Gallio's map, we're right on course. But you're free to turn back anytime you want, Junior.

Junior: I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to the Save Allstar Fund. After all, everyone in Snorkland donated something to give to King Claw. Almost everyone, anyway.

(Enter King Claw's Grotto)

Tooter: *feaks out about its overall apearance*

Casey: *to the flounder who refuses to go in* Come on! You want a big tip, don't you? 

Daffney: Oh, icky! Why don't hermits live in town, like everyone else?

(inside it)

Occy: *growls*

Casey: We're almsot there. I sure hope King Claw likes the gifts we brought him.

Junior: Are you kidding?! We could be keeping half of this loot, and still be in a good deal! *jewel pinches him in the rear* Ouch! 

Daffney: Hey Casey, just out of curiosity, what happens if King Claw doesn't like what we brought him?

Casey: He eats us.

Junior: *gulps and places pearl back in the bag* Well uh, gee uh, I guess he's not here! Too bad! Maybe some other year! What do you say let's go, huh? What do you say, huh? 

Casey: We just arrived, Junior.

King Claw: Who dares to enter here??? 

(Junior yelps while Occy curls up into a ball)

Daffney: Uh, icky!

King Claw: Speak!

Casey: Oh, uh, Mighty King Claw, we uh, have a problem. Uh, we thought, that is, uh --

King Claw: A question, eh? And what have you brought for me?

Junior: *pops out pearl* Uh, get a load of this! This one's worth a fortune!

King Claw: *reveals his other peals and laughs* And now, it's time for lunch!

(all back away as Daffney puts powder on her face)

Daffney: What's everyone looking at? If we're having lunch, I wanna look my best!

King Claw: What is this - this - thing?

Daffney: What?! You mean you've never seen a powder compact?! 

King Claw: *takes it* Uh, not really. *looks at it some more* 

Casey: Well, if you wanna keep that powder compact, you have to answer our question.

King Claw: Well, I suppose. What do you want to know?

Casey: What's wrong with our friend, Allstar? And how do we cure him?

King Claw: *looks at him closely* Say "ah."

Allstar: *opens his mouth*

King Claw: Bluemonia, a rare snork affliction! The only known cure is a potion made from the hair of an evil sea urchin!

Junior: Oh no! Not the evil sea urchins!

Casey: Thank you, King Claw! *her and the others leave*

Daffney: And not so heavy on the rouge!

King Claw: *has some fun playing with the powder compact*


(after taking Allstar home, they go to the lair of Bigweed and Lil Seaweed)

Daffney: Gee, and we thought King Claw lived in a tacky neighborhood!

Casey: There it is - the castle of the evil sea urchins. 

(guards keep by)

Junior: Uh, I think I maybe better go home - you know, uh, to take care of Allstar.

Casey: Allstar has everyone in Snorkland to look after him, Junior. If we can just get past those weird looking guards...

Tooter: *makes up a suggestion*

Casey: Hey, Tooter, that's it!

(after Tooter distracts the guards and gets everyone inside, Bigweed is stirring up a potion of his)

Bigweed: *laughs* Just a few minutes over the fire, and my hypnotic dust will be complete! *to his blue electric eel* Have you seen Lil Seaweed? *electric eel shakes his head* Muh, she didn't even do her chores! *electric eels cleans it for him* 

Casey: First, we have to get that brond away from him.

(Tooter distracts it by dressing up his snork as a lady electric eel, which it follows)

Bigweed: Hey, come back here! 

Casey: Okay, now! *her and Junior try to redirect the machine while the electric eel is still distracted by Tooter's snork ina blond wig*

Bigweed: Hey! What do you think you're doin'? I oughta -- *the machine grabs him in the rear* Hey, put me down! Cut it out! Snorks! How did you, what?! Oh, I'll get you for this!

Casey: Sorry we had to do that. But we'll leave you alone as soon as we have what we need.

Bigweed: Nah, what's that?

Casey: Just a strand of your hair! It's the only thing that will help cure our friend!

Bigweed: Oh yeah?! I never help snorks!

Casey: *grabs a pair of lobster scissors* Yeah? Then we'll jsut have to take some!

Bigweed: That's what you think! Watch this! *makes his hair disappear in an instant, grossing everyone in the room out*

All: OH NO!

Junior: All this way for nothing!

Daffney: Ick! I didn't think anyone could get any uglier! Ugh, was I wrong?

Bigweed: So what? *laughs* It's worth it!

Lil Seaweed: Okay, I got the stuff, so now can I go out? Hey, what's goin' on?!

Daffney: Yuck! Dob't tell me you're an evil sea urchin too!!!

Bigweed: Lil Seaweed, don't -- *Casey places some plants in his mouth*

Lil Seaweed: You bet I am, and I'm better than him! 

Bigweed: Lil Seaweed, don't let the snorks get your hair!

Lil Seaweed: *runs from them* Nah nah, can't get me!

Tooter: *grabs a lasso and ties her up*

Lil Seaweed: Hey, let me go! 

Tooter: *ties her up some more*

Bigweed: Lil Seaweed, quick, make your hair disappear!

Lil Seaweed: No problem! *tries, but only more hair grows on her*

Casey: *cuts one off of her* At least you've got plenty to spare! *then they leave* Bye! Thanks for everything!

Lil Seaweed: What's the trick to get out of this?

Bigweed: Just start eatin', you little troublemaker!

Lil Seaweed: *chews on the rope* Yuck! I hate vegetables!

(back at Allstar's house, Gallio gives him the cure in the form of soup, and he feels better)

Gallio: Let's hope we caught it in time.

Allstar: Say, what's everyone doing here? What happened? Is everything okay?

Casey: Yes, everything's fine. It's a long story. 

Allstar: *sees Junior slowly walking out of there* Oh. So how come you're over here, Junior?

Junior: Oh, I um, that is, uh, --

Casey: Junior, I think you came along becuase you actually cared about Allstar.

Junior: No, no, no! Hey, maybe Allstar lost his memory! I, uh, I hear that's one of the symptoms of bluemonia!

Casey: Oh, Junior! *winks at Allstar*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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