(we open up to an empty area, where Daffney and Junior are help Corky clean his sub)

Corky: Take care of the snork sub, and it will take care of you. Fire it up, Casey.

Casey: Roger Wilcode, Corky. 

(she starts it and it spins around)

Corky: Perfect. This time, we'll pass the smog check for sure. 

Allstar: *comes out of a cave with a golden fleece in his hands* Look what Gallio gave me!

Corky: Sub seat covers - a token of esteem for those who protect and serve! 

Allstar: Not this time, Corky. *pulls it open* It's the fabled golden fleece. It tells all about ancient Greek snorks. Listen to this. There was this famous Snorkelope, who wove this grass beach towel every day. *view picture as Daffney looks at it in wonderment* But she didn't wanna marry this guy who was waiting for the towel. *view Daffney unraveling the towel* So she unraveled it every night. *view Helen of Snork Lee, before revealing herself to be Casey* Then there was this Helen of Snork Lee, the most beautiful snork ever. *Allstar and Junior, dressed as trojan warriors, fight for her affection* The gladiators wrestled to be her date for the Greek Prom. *Allstar wins, and so Casey walks out with him and holds his hand* Oh, here's one - Irene the Siren was this cruel seanip, who protected the sunken treasures of Snorklantis.

(Meanwhile, Lil Seaweed is behind the bushes, watching Allstar tell his friends the stories) 

Allstar: *continuing as a picture of Irene is revealed* She sang this song to get the ships to crash on the Reef of No Return, and then she's steal their treasures.

Lil Seaweed: Now that's my kind of myth!

Corky: Hmm, very intersting, Allstar. But those are just stories, and I need seat covers. *leaves*

Allstar: Hey, this is great stuff! It really happened - didn't it, guys?

Casey: Only in the comics, Allstar. *she leaves with the others* 

Allstar: There's a map, and we could go there. We could become great myths and mythsters. *they get on Corky's sub and leave* Oh, you go ahead! But I'll use this seat cover! I mean map - and find this place! Nothing can stop me! I'll discover all the treasures just like Snorklisios, the adventurer. *leaves as some of the fleece's pieces fall off*

Lil Seaweed: *pops out from hiding behind the bushes* And I'll keep all the treasures for myself, just like Irene, the Siren! *giggles* 

(Allstar swims into an area abandoned and with sunken ships, broken into huge parts)

Allstar: Whoa, look at all this stuff. I think I'm onto something. 

(Bigweed and Lil Seaweed, disguised as plants, follow him)

Lil Seaweed: Anyway, then there was this Greek snork girl who wrote all the map to this treasure island. We're gonna hear a loud siren, and then I'll be the queen of rich ships and treasure and stuff! 

Bigweed: I wish you'd take notes!

Lil Seaweed: Look! Ancient junk! The little horn-head is onto something!

Bigweed: Eh, it's all Greek to me.

Lil Seaweed: Exactly!

(Allstar makes a stop near the ship's parts and opens up the map again - he then hears Irene singing a loud humming song)

Allstar: Eureka! I found it! That's the siren! This is the Reef of No Return! *he gulps at the sight of more abandoned stuff before being spotted by large jellyfish* Ghosts! G-G-Greek ghosts! *runs away* Now I know why they call it the -- *gets grabed on with both legs* Reef -- Of -- No -- Return! *they look at him and want him to follow them, and he does so* When in a Greek Reef, do as the Greek Jellyfish do! 

(outside of what appears to be Gallio's lab, Corky and all the others get out of the sub and fly high inside a bubble) 

Corky: *as the bubble fills up* Hey Allstar, you should see what's -- *then it pops* 

Casey: Allstar's gone!

Corky: Missing in action!

Casey: *picks up a piece of the fleece* Golden fleece, and torn seaweed. 

Corky: My seat cover! 

Casey: *takes out his magnifying glass and looks at it* Evidently evidence! *looks at Corky through it* 

Corky: He's been eaten by a one-eyed seamonster!

Casey: Corky!

Corky: Just testing your alertness! I suspect foul seaweed - if you catch my drift. *they get in the sub* Quick - while the trail is fresh! 

Casey: You two stay here and warn the others!

Corky: Snork Patrol to the rescue!

Casey: Follow that fleece! 

(Allstar leaves the ships)

Allstar: *to the jellyfish* Thanks, guys. 

Lil Seaweed: *watching* Quick, he's getting away! Do what I do!

(they both get squished by the two colliding ships) 

Lil Seaweed: Oh, there must be an easier way!

Bigweed: I wish you'd take notes! 

Lil Seaweed: *escpaes* I have a plan. We'll disguise ourselves as jellyfish and follow him.

Bigweed: Uh, I have a better plan. You go, and I'll stay here and unwrinkle. 

(Irene sings again)

Lil Seaweed: Listen - he's following that siren song! *she spins around* 

Bigweed: How can I hear a siren with all that singing?! 

Lil Seaweed: How do I look as a jellyfish?

Bigweed: I think of you more as the peanut butterfish type! 

(Allstar stops as he heads near a castle to hear her sing once more)

Allstar: A mere tiptoe through the sea eneminies, two, three, four, dip! *kicks a rock* and it misses the crushing boulders* Some welcoming. *reads it* A snork can reach the promiseland like that. This must be the crushing boulders. *picks up a rock and throws it* 2, 3, 4, crush! *it misses* 2, 3, 4, crunch! 2, 3, 4, got it! 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, *escpaes* that siren lady digs her privacy! *reads map* Let's see what's next...

(Corky uses the claws on his sub to catch the pieces of the fleece as Casey uses sub-equipped binculars to find Allstar)

Casey: Turn left, right. Just keep picking up that golden fleece.

Corky: Oh, we'll never have enough for my seat cover.

Casey: Left, hard left. 

(but they get caught on a ship part)

Corky: Oh, now you've done it, Casey. We were in hot pursuit of truth, justice, and a snorky seat cover, and you got us lost in this Greek junkyard.

Casey: Corky, I think we need to talk.

Bigweed: *uses telescope to see them escape, then randomly gets out phone to contact Lil Seaweed* bigweed to Lil Seaweed, snork sub approacing the area at 45 degrees on the north bow.

Lil Seaweed: Which way *moans* are you facing? Ugh!

Bigweed: Wait, now it's at 50 degrees. No, 90 degrees. Uh, 40, uh 30, no, oh barnacle buildrat! It's out there somewhere! *behind him*

Lil Seaweed: Well -- stop them! *in jellyfish disguise after getting past the ships* Be aware of ships that go bump in the night! Now, where did that meathead snork go? *sees him* How'd he get past those boulders? He must have rocks in his head! 


(now Allstar faces a bunch of venus fly traps as Irene continues her song) 

Allstar: Hello? Any snorks in there? Uh, it's only me, Allstar, a round, good time snork! I come bearing a great gift. *they chew off of the fleece* Whoa! Oh, I hope they're vegetarians. Or they've better have eaten at a place I've already been. *reads map* I must be right here by this sea serpant plant garden. *they try to eat more of it* get back! You tear my fleeces to pieces! *tears some off* Eating time at the zoo! *feeds it to them* Chowdown, vegetable brains! *leaves* Oh, talk about family feud! Phew! Made it! *but it bites on his snork* Yikes! You're not vegetarians! *more try to eat him* Speak! Think! Uh, roll over! *feeds more of the fleeces to them, and he escapes* Graveyard of the Gallians, check. But where's Irene, the siren? 

Irene: *singing in the castle* A brave soul with promotions gold, may have someone I'm waiting for! 

Allstar: Holy snorks!

(inside her castle filled with large amounts of gold and treasures divine, Irene sits on a throne, still singing to herself)

Irene: For soon great snork and place come towards, for five minute I've been born! *turns on crystal glass ball to see Allstar swimming her way* 

Allstar: *at front door* She sounds great! I wish I had something fancy to slip into. *rings doorbell, and falls down into another room* Whoa! Fancy enough! *he sees lots of silver and then lands in Irene's palace into a large pile of gold* 

Irene: You rang?

Allstar: You sang?

Irene: *sings again* If you are the chosen one, your cares are over, worries done. But if you do not show the sign, *turns into a vampire-like monster* then rathful vengence will be mine! *hisses*

Allstar: YIKES! *slowly backs away* Well I can always come back another time. It looks like you're not feeling so good today. 

Irene: Stay. *puts him in a drop-down cage*

(meanwhile, Lil Seaweed is trying to get past the crushing boulders)

Lil Seaweed: Now what did that briny bratwarst do to get through these crushing boulders? Oh yeah! He just threw a rock, and counted to three! *throws a rock* 1, 2, 3, *the boulders crush her* Two and a half! Two and three-quarters! *moans as she strugglews to break free* Two and seven-eighths! *takes out phone* Bigweed! I need some HELP! I'm turning into seaweed jam! In a jellyfish outfit! Are you there? *a turtlefish with a phone swims by*

(in the meantime, Corky and Casey are going through the junkyard)

Casey: This thing's broken again, Corky.

Corky: This time, everything's working. The ocean current is broken.

Casey: Give me the wheel. *he breaks it apart* We're heading right for that cave! What'll we do?

Corky: Change the subject!

Casey: Too late!

Corky: The subject is closed! *the "mechanical cave" shuts his mouth, and it was really Bigweed trying to trap them*  

Bigweed: This is more fun than a barrel of sea monkies! *laughs* 

(Allstar is still in his cage, as Irene tries to talk to him) 

Irene: There's an old Greek expression - he who does not bring a gift to my lair has come like a thief to steal something there. *turns back to her normal self* So, what have you got for me, cutie?

Allstar: Gold and silver, I do not have. But if you ever need any sand--

Irene: *now a mosnter again* I warned you!

Allstar: Wait, I was only kidding! I've got the golden fleece! 

Irene: *back to normal again* Ah, you're the one - the chosen snork for who I've waited 5,000 years. *releases him from his cage* Oh, sorry about the cage. A siren living alone, can't be too careful. Now, at last, I can read the final scroll! *copies it on a modern printer and reads it out loud* Welcome, glad tidings to the chosen snork. Hail, farewell, and bolt the trap door on your way out. 

Allstar: Wait a minute, we were getting acquainted. 

Irene: Well, that's how ancient scrolls go, kid. Weakened ones must follow, so you must take a powder. *shows him to the door* You do win a door prize - after all, you are the chosen snork. 

Allstar: But --

Irene: Some gold dratmus? A genuine replica of Snorkis DeMilo? Perhaps a Greek earn?

Allstar: What's a Greek earn?

Irene: Oh, about three dratmus a day! *laughs* But seriously, kid, make your choice and hit the road. *turns the hourglass upside down* You've got thrity seconds.

(meanwhile, Lil Seaweed is trying to get past the ever-so hungry venus fly traps) 

Lil Seaweed: Now, how did that nautical knuckwart get through these vicious sea serpant plants? I sure hope they're not vegetarian! *they try to eat her up* Yikes! They're vegetarians! Talk about security! I feel like a tossed salad! Bigweed! 

(Irene watches the hourglass)

Irene: The sands of time have run out. That, or, my egg is done. Hurry up, kid. Evil lurks without. 

Allstar: *carries the earn* Without what?

Irene: I don't know, I have to wait another 5,000 years to read the final scroll. 

Allstar: *points at her necklace* I'll take this to remind me that a poor snork's dreams about a beautiful siren can come true. 

Irene: *gives him her neckalce* You have chosen well, for that is the pearl of wisdom. He who is pure of heart can talk to me through it. *turns the snork of the statue, and another door opens* Now hasten and be gone. Stop by and see me anytime when evil isn't lurking. 

Allstar: *falls down another door again* 

Irene: By the way, your pearl of wisdom also entitles the fairer to three, get acquainted wishes!

Allstar: *back to the junkyard, but is easily fooled by Lil Seaweed dressed as her* Irene, has evil stopped lurking? 

Lil Seaweed: I forgot to give you a farewell hug! *pushes him inside a clam and locks him up* 

Allstar: You sirens have some funny customs! *gets out pearl of wisdom* Irene, I thought we did the jailhouse bit already! Why did you lock me up in here?

Irene: Remember the evil I said was lurking? You just got lurked!

Allstar: Maybe I should use one of my three wishes to get out of here. 

(but Lil Seaweed opens it up and snatches it away) 

Lil Seaweed: *giggles* Three wishes? Thanks, my tiny tubesteak! I owe you so wisely! 


(meanwhile, Bigweed still has Corky and Casey trapped) 

Bigweed: *laughs* This time, the might snork sub will conk out! *laughs again* You're not goin' anywhere! It's time to put a cork on this snork, of the mighty Corky!

Corky: Casey, this isn't a real sea serpant. It's our lucky day!

Casey: *uses the steers* I knew it when I stepped my snork on that four leaf sea clover. There must be a way out. If only we had the golden fleece. 

Corky: We do! *takes out a bottle of fleas* I always pack my official golden fleas on rescue missions!

Casey: Fleas?! Who wants fleas?! They're itchy and yucky!

Corky: *laughs* And they love seaweed! *releases them* 

Casey: Oh! come on, little fellas, it's uppertime! 

(the fleas head out and point an errow toward Bigweed)

Bigweed: Ooh, I'm just itchin' to see how Lil Seaweed is doin'! *the fleas get on him* Oh! Curses! Fleas! 

(the trap opens up, and the sub escapes) 

(meanwhile, Lil Seaweeed rubs Irene's necklace with content) 

Lil Seaweed: Three wishes! It won't take more than one to take this place over! *looks at necklace blankly* Why isn't that thing talking to me?

Allstar: Because you're not pure of heart.

Lil Seaweed: is that some kind of an insult?! *slaps it* 

Irene: *spins around and reveals herself* Many have tried before you. The continent of Snorklantis is mine. 

Lil Seaweed: One wish, and you're history! *slaps it again* watch me make a tricky deal! Then you'll see my power's real! *she turns into a giant worm*

Irene: So, you want to play dress-up? *turns into a giant Zeus and her voice gets deeper* Just call me the old Zeus! These are my lightning bolts! *throws them at her* Take that!

Lil Seaweed: *her voice has gotten deeper as well* What an electric performance! You oughta get a charge out of this! *turns on the decorative lights in a hose with her tail, because really, she's an eel* Welcome to my hosuewarming! *grabs a pience of seaweed and sparks literally fly* 

(Irene throws rods at her, and it not only hits the ship, but causes an electric charge the break Alsltar free of the clam's grip)

Allstar: YIKES! Uh, coochie coo!

Irene: *to Lil Seaweed* Over here! No here, spinach breath! Behind you! Heads I win, tials you lose!

Lil Seaweed: *she zaps herself back to normal*

Irene: Show me right here!

(meanwhile, Corky and Casey are still searching for Allstar)

Casey: Alright! We lost Bigweed!

Corky: Good always triumphs over evil, Casey! 

(Bgiweed disguises himself as a fish and throws a metal rod at the sub)

Casey: *sees it* Now, all we have to worry about, is a big, ugly, tuna-throwing atrident!

(it stops the sub completely)

(Irene is also back to normal) 

Irene: Guess I showed her who's all powerful Queen of Snorklantis. *breaks Allstar free* You've got to get up pretty early to put one over on the age of a ciren --

Lil Seaweed: *turns into a cyclopse as she shuts Allstar back in the clam* it's about time I put my foot down! How do you like my second wish? 

Irene: Cyclopse, huh? Can't take my eye off you for a minute. This calls for a colossal --

Lil Seaweed: *shuts her mouth* Got to get you covered, I mean! This place isn't big enough for the two of us!

Irene: *turns back into Zeus* Did I say colossal? Make that big colossal for snorks!

(they fight again)

Allstar: *opens up clam* Whoa! A battle of the Titanisis! 

(Lil Seaweed the cyclopse throws stones at a Zeus statue, thus knocking over the ship once again)

Lil Seaweed: That was too easy! *octopus hits her, and then strangles her* Yuck! An octopus!

Irene: Correction! An octopus squid! *laughs* 

(it inks her, so she ties him up as the venus plants grab Irene, still as Zeus)

Irene: Help me!

Allstar: I can't! I've gotta help you, Irene! *he pops out of the clam and hits Lil Seaweed's giant tow* let her go, you big toxic waste dump!

Lil Seaweed: *ficks Allstar off of her* You can't talk this way to the new Queen of Snorklantis, you seagoing Seaworthy head! See you later, tiny! I'm needed in my throne room! 

Allstar: *snork stuck in sand* Easy for you to say! You're as big as a garbage scalp! You wouldn't talk that way if you were small! *gets out of sand*

Lil Seaweed: *laughs* I'm Queen of Snorklantis, no matter what size I am! 

Allstar: not if you were the size of an eensy weensy sardine! I bet you can't even say it!

Lil Seaweed: Oh yeah? If I say, "I wish I was an eensy weensy sardine, --" 

(she literally turns into a sardine)

Lil Seaweed: *as Allstar grabs the necklace* Yikes! I'm a sardine! Gimme back my pearl, you shrimpy!

Allstar: Come back here, you shark bait! *chases her to the treasure chest*

Lil Seaweed: Can't you take a joke? I was just fooling around! *gets in the chest through the keyhole* nya nya nya nya nya nya! Can't catch me! *Allstar locks her in* hey, who turned out the lights?!

Allstar: *takes the pearl with him* First wish - set Irene free - turn her loose and come to me. 

(the plants untie the statue and she pops out of there)

Irene: You have a way with wishes, chosen snork. But your friends are in danger.

(view Bgiweed still as a tuna about to boil Corky and Casey in the sub) 

Allstar: Danger? My biddies? Set it! I wish Bigweed to join Lil Seaweed, as I spend time with my friend Irene. 

(this is done as Corky escapes)

Lil Seaweed: You're here! 

Bigweed: This is your idea of -- treasure?! You should've taken notes! 

Allstar: What kind of box is that, anyway?

Irene: Pansnorkis Box. It's filled with all the evils of the world.

Allstar: Well at least they're with friends. And speaking of friends, I should be getting back.

Irene: You still have one wish left. 

Allstar: I thought I'd save that for when I really needed it. 

Irene: I love your logic, kid. Did you ever think of running for President?

Allstar: Well, when I was 3, but I outgrew it.

Irene: *swims away* Don't forget me, chosen snork. I like your style.

Allstar: Oh how could I forget you? You taught a young snork to follow his dreams. 

Irene: *blows a kiss at him, which turns into a heart*

(Allstar is telling the story to Casey and Corky in the sub)

Allstar: So then there was this castle full of treasure, and crushing boulders, and Irene -- well, she wasn't Irenen then, she was a rock giant, and the sea serpant warriors had her all tangled up.

Corky: Oxygen deprivation - keep him warm. We'll be home soon.

Casey: You always did tell the best stories, Allstar. *gives him a blanket and puts it around him*

Corky: By the way, what ever happened to my seat cover? 

(Allstar's now in his room, talking to Irene inside the pearl)

Irene: So chosen snork, did you use your last wish yet?

Allstar: No, but I know what it is.

Irene: Fill me in, kid. I promise not to tell. 

Allstar: When times are tough, and I really need a friend to talk to, I'm gonna use it to visit you, Irene. 

Irene: That's what friends are for, Allstar. I'll be here waiting. 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International