Allstar Seaworthy and Junior Wetworth are rivals and most of the time Junior is mean to Allstar. But even though they are frenemies, they still care about each other.

Junior Being Mean to Allstar

  • Junior's Secret: Junior makes fun of Allstar for carrying baby toys.
  • Allstar's Double Trouble: Junior thinks Allstar should have been pummeled.
  • The Shape of The Snorks to Come: In the future Junior banishes anything to do with Allstar from Snorkland.
  • Junior's Empire: Junior throws Allstar, along with other Snorks into the dungeon.
  • A Snork Guilded in a Cage: Junior makes fun of Allstar's situation.
  • In Junior's Image: Junior scares Allstar, later threatens to beat him up with a club, and at the very end he rips off the tuxedo he lent him.
  • Summer and Snork: Junior scares Allstar into giving him his role.
  • Jaws Say the Word: Junior steals Tooter, Willie,and Daffney's friendship from Allstar.
  • Snorkerella: Junior blames Allstar for his failure to date Celia
  • The Story Circle: Junior makes Allstar the butt monkey of Jack, Jill and the Bean Stalk

Allstar Being Mean to Junior

Despite wanting to befriend Junior, Allstar can sometimes be mean too sometimes, but most of the time it's for the right reason.

  • Junior's Secret: Allstar calls Junior "weird".
  • Junior's Octopuppy: Allstar thinks it's funny that Junior gets attacked by Occy.
  • Junior's Empire: Allstar has a sign with Junior and a "NO Symbol".
  • A Snork Guilded in a Cage: Allstar throws the doll clothes at Junior.
  • In Junior's Image: Allstar wants Junior to go into the mirror instead of Ditto(at first).
  • Snorkerella: Allstar blames Junior for his failure to date Celia.
  • The Story Circle: Allstar ends the story with Jack being stuck to the floor.
  • The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth: Allstar says there is no hope for Junior.

Junior Being Nice to Allstar

  • Guess What': Coming to Dinner: Junior is horrified when Allstar, Daffney, and Tooter are "eaten" by Gilroy and says that not even Allstar deserved it.
  • Allstar's Last Hour: Junior helps the others cure Allstar and Casey says that "he cares about Allstar."
  • The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth: Junior lets Allstar buy one of his old toys.
  • Jaws Say The Word: Junior apologizes to Allstar for calling him a "scaredy-fish."

Allstar Being Nice to Junior

  • The Whole Toot and Nothing But...: Allstar catches Junior when he faints and asks if he's okay.
  • Jaws Says the Word: Allstar saves Junior from a whirlpool.
  • In Junior's Image: Allstar helps Junior up after getting shocked by his double, Ditto.

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