Big City Snorks



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

David Schwartz

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 15, 1988

USA Premiere: November 26, 1988

"Big City Snorks" is the 23rd episode of Season 4. The snorks get lost in a huge city, where they not only search for a lsot Daffney but help a boy retrieve his park from a nasty villain's grip.

Snorks 423 2

Daffney and the boy

Plot Summary

Corky, Jojo, and Daffney are camping out and roasting marshsnorkels over a lava pit not far from town. A giant passenger ship swims above them, so they go check it out. On that ship is a 12 year old Indian boy named Rahji and his father, who are about to dock in America for the very first time. Rahji is coming because he is claiming his Uncle Singh's seapark. However, he has until 4:00 that afternoon to claim his inheritance, or else Mr. Billson will take over it. Mr. Billson's guards are watching nearby, and so they tie up the waiter and disguise themselves so they could chase Rahji down. Rahji escapes by jumping off the ship, and after he meets the snorks, he gets kidnapped by Mr. Billson on his large submarine. he is then taken by car into a large plaza hotel. Because Daffney gets stuck inside Rahji's turban, Corky and Jojo try to find them, although they keep getting lost in the big city. 

Mr. Billson has locked Rahji in a hotel room, and he explains to him that he wants to claim the seapark for himself so he can build skyscrapers and oil rigs, assuming all that will make him a millionaire. Daffney pops out of the turban, and she decides to go get help. However, she ends up in a sewer getting chased by rats. Meanwhile, Jojo and Corky have searched for her in the hotel, but as they're about to give up, they find her being chased, so they stop the rats. They also help Rahji by distracting the guards and running down the street to the seapark. In the midst of all the protestors wanting the seapark to be saved, Rahji arrives right before Mr. Billson claims it. Mr. Billson's boss has learned that he had locked Rahji in a hotel, and because it's illegal to do so, he has him arrested along with his two guards. The seapark is back to normal, and everyone is having a good time, especailly Jojo with a dolphin. 

Snorks 423 1

Jojo and Corky trying to find Daffney

Background Info

  • First time there is a real and positive itneraction between humans and snorks
  • The snorks live in an area of the ocean, possibly along the East Coast
  • Jojo and Corky are unfamiliar with what hotels are

Memorable Quotes

Rahji: *runs up the stairs* Got to get away! *sees them coming* He's gaining on me! *jumps to lower level, and as Guard 2 falls, cake falls on him* It loks like I got away!

Guard 1: That's what you think! We've got you trapped! HA! Now you'll never claim your uncle's seapark! 

Rahji: That has yet to be decided! *jumps into the ocean*

Corky: I'm afraid to say that we've got to follow them into the human city, and find Daffney.

Jojo: But we have never been to a human city before. I hear everything there is so dangerous - they're all giants!

Corky: Well, no matter what the danger, *horn* the Snork Patrol will save her! Luckily, we know where they're taking Daffney - to the hotel.

Jojo: Yes, to the hotel! What's that?

Jojo: She could be anywhere! We'll never find Daffney!

Corky: Don't give up, Jojo. After all, how many rooms could there possibly be in this hotel?

(they both look up to see a room number that says 2036)

Both: 2,036?!

Mr. Billson's Boss: Well, unfortunately, it looks like Rahji was not going to make it by the deadline. So, the seapark is your's, Mr. Billson.

Mr. Billson: Well, yeah yeah, let's get on with it. 

Rahji: *storms inside* Wait, wait, I'm here! And here's the letter which gives me ownership of the seapark! 

Mr. Billson: Uh, this is, this is impossible! Rahji can't be here, I had him locked in a hotel!

Mr. Billson's Boss: *glares at him* Locked in the hotel? Hmm, sounds like that's illegal, Mr. Billson. *the cops arrest Mr. Billson*

Rahji: Would you like to stay a while and celebrate with us? 

Daffney: *shakes her head* No, I think we'd just like to get back to Snorkland. We're all very tired. Right, Corky? 

Corky: *yawns* Yes. Saving people from bad guys is very hard work. Are you tired too, Jojo?

Jojo: *playing a game of catch the ball with a dolphin* What was the question? 

(Rahji and his father clip for him as he performs more tricks with the dolphin)


  • Corky and Jojo don't know what hotels are, although there is one in Snorkland, in which Tallulah Bankfish stayed at in Summer and Snork
  • When Daffney declines to stay with Rahji at the seapark, her neck is clearly visible
  • When Daffney shouts "There he is!" her pupils are sort of connected on the top instead of completely covered in


  • Title possibly parodies the classic film Big City Blues
  • When Jojo says he'll huff and he'll puff, this is a line from the classic Three Little Pigs fairy tale
  • The city itself might possibly resemble New York City



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