(Corky, Jojo, and Daffney are camping out in the wilderness and making marshamllows with steam)

Corky: *takes a bite* Mmm, I just love toasting marshsnorkels over an open lava pit, Jojo.

Jojo: *eats them all in one bite then pats his stomach* Me too, Corky.

Daffney: *her's are sticky and she has trouble getting them off* Oh, my marshsnorkel is so icky! *as she tosses it aside, she sees a large shadow coming towards them and gasps* What's that?!

Jojo: *sees it above them* it looks like a human ship!

Corky: Whoa, I've never seen one that big aroudn here before!

Jojo: Let's go in and get a closer look! *all get in the sub*

Corky: That sounds like a great idea! 

(as they all head toward it, the large passenger ship passes by a major city - an Indian boy named Rahji and his father look out into the skyline from the ship)

Rahji: America is so beautiful!

Father: It certainly is, Rahji. And in just a few minutes we'll be docking, then you can claim your inheritance.

Rahji: I can hardly believe this is happening. Two weeks ago, I was on the other side of the world in my small village, and now I'm on my way to America. 

Father: Oh, your Uncle Singh loved you very much. He wanted you to inherit his beautiful seapark. 

Rahji: We'll take good care of it. 

(two guards for a businessman named Mr. Billson are watching him nearby - they also kidnap some waiters and put on their clothes so they could be in disguise) 

Guard 1: Now to make sure the kid never claims the seapark! 

Rahji: *pulls out letter* To think, this letter took 11 months to get to me. 

Father: Ooh, you weren't easy to find. But luckily, you saved it before the time ran out. 

Rahji: When is that?

Father: If you don't claim the seapark by 4:00 today, it goes to Mr. Billson, the vice president of your uncle's company, but don't worry. We have just enough time to get there now. 

Guard 1: We need the boy to come with us to rpepare for docking. 

Father: I am the boy's guardian. I go where he goes.

Guard 1: Eh, okay. Come with us. *they follow him as the sub pops out* 

Corky: This is the biggest boat I've ever seen. 

Daffney: It msut be as big as all of Snorkland at least. 

Father: I do not trust these men, Rahji. Stay close to me.

(but they all make a sudden stop) 

Father: What's that?

Guard 1: Eh, I didn't hear anything.

(the waiter pops out, tied up)

Father: I say, you men are imposters! *he fights the guard* Run, Rahji, run!

Rahji: Oh no! I can't be captured! *runs* I have got to claim my uncle's seapark! 

Guard 1: *he and Guard 2 run after him* Don't let him escape! Mr. Billson is paying us plenty to catch in on the boy!

Jojo: Look! That human boy is being chased! 

Daffney: Oh, I hope he gets away! 

Rahji: *runs past a man and a woman playing a croquet game* I hope Idid not disturb your game! 

Guard 1: He went this way! *trips and falls into the pool* 

Rahji: *runs up the stairs* Got to get away! *sees them coming* He's gaining on me! *jumps to lower level, and as Guard 2 falls, cake falls on him* It loks like I got away!

Guard 1: That's what you think! We've got you trapped! HA! Now you'll never claim your uncle's seapark! 

Rahji: That has yet to be decided! *jumps into the ocean*

Corky: I wonder what happened to that human boy. 

Daffney: There he is, and he's coming right at us! *he lands past time just as the sub escapes* 

Rahji: Haha, I outsmarted them! *swims away*

Jojo: We have to make sure the boy is alright.

Corky: Yes, indeed. This is a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Daffney: Let's go after him!

(they follow him)

Daffney: Why are thsoe men after you? I mean, what are you? 

Rahji: I don't know, but they won't catch me. Hey, who are you? 

Corky: We're snorks. And don't worry, the Snork Patrol is at your service.

Daffney: Yeah, those bad men should pick on someone their own size. 

Jojo: *he and Daffney jump back in the water* the harbor is over here - follow us. 

Rahji: Oh, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. 

(an even larger sub moves on top of them, causing Rahji's turban to fall off and Daffney to bounce into it)

Rahji: *puts it back on* I've come too far to be caught now! 

Mr. Billson: *catches him* You're not going anywhere, Rahji! 

Rahji: Who are you?

Mr. Billson: The name's Billson, and you're coming with me! 

(the guards try to catch Jojo and Corky)

Mr. Bilson: Forget them, whatever they are, we got what we came for! Let's go! 

(as the sub leaves, Corky and Jojo watch with despair)

Corky: They've captured Rahji, and where's Daffney?

Jojo: She fell into the boy's hat. Now she's captured inside the human's submarine - jsut like the boy.

Corky: Then it's time for *horn* the Snork Patrol to save her! *gets in the sub* I've got the human sub in sight. There they are. 

Jojo: But the door is closing.

Corky; Don't worry, I can make it. *they do* 

(Mr. Billson gets out of the large sub as the guards keep a hold of Rahji, who tries to break free)

Rahji: Let me go! Let me go!

Mr. Billson: *laughs* We'll let you go, alright, after your uncle's seapark is turned over to me! *laughs again as they all get in a fancy car* Take us to the hotel, quickly! *the car drives away*

Corky: There goes the human's car! 

Jojo: With Daffney inside - now what can we do?!

Corky: I'm afraid to say that we've got to follow them into the human city, and find Daffney.

Jojo: But we have never been to a human city before. I hear everything there is so dangerous - they're all giants!

Corky: Well, no matter what the danger, *horn* the Snork Patrol will save her! Luckily, we knwo where they're taking Daffney - to the hotel.

Jojo: Yes, to the hotel! What's that?

Corky: I don't know, but it shouldn't be too hard to find. Let's go. *they run off to find her and Rahji*


(the car finally stops in front of a large plaza hotel, as the guards have put Rahji in a large basket)

Mr. Billson: Now that the kid's tied up inside that basket, he shouldn't give us any more trouble. 

(as they try to enter the hotel nonchilantly, the bellman hears noises)

Guard 1: Hey, what are you lookin' at?! 

(then they all enter a large suite) 

Mr. Billson: Quick, bring the boy in here! 

(the guards dump him out of the basket, and Mr. Billson removes the cloth from his mouth as they put him on a bed)

Mr. Billson: Stay in this room and keep quiet, or you'll be sorry! *shuts the door and locks him in*

Rahji: Oh, now what do I do? This is terrible. 

Daffney: What's going on around here?! Let me out! It's dark in here!

Rahji: *drops her out* Ooh, it's you. I'm so sorry you got dragged into all of this.

Daffney: That's alright. Why are thsoe men being so mean to you?

Rahji: I don't iknow. But I've got to get to the seapark in 3 hours, or I'll never inherit it. Then that bad man will get it instead! And I sure won't get there if I'm cooped up in here! 

(meanwhile, Jojo and Corky avoid getting hurt as they wlak acorss the sidewalk and try to pass moving human feet)

Corky: They're all so, so, big.

Jojo: Watch out! *they jump onto the sidewalk* 

Corky: *pants* Alright, Jojo. Now we've got to find the hotel, whatever it is, and save Daffney.

Jojo: Maybe it's that way. 

(they run across the street as they try to avoid mocing cars until they finally make it)

Jojo: That was close - but at least we can relax for a minute.

Corky: Well if I were you, I'd make it a short minute! Look!

(they see a yellow bulldozer come their way, and they run from it)

Corky: It's gaining on us!

Jojo: *stop in front of a water entrance* This is our only chance!

(they jump inside it)

Corky: Phew, we made it! 

(a bunch of gold eyes surround them, and they scream and run back up)

Jojo: That was too close!

Corky: It sure was! Now, we've got to find Daffney! I'm just glad we know which building she's in.

Jojo: Yes, look! There it is over there! The hotel! *a low budget hotel is seen* 

Corky: But a hotel's over there, too. 

Jojo: *they see tons more hotels* And over there! And over there! Oh no! There must be hundreds of them! This will take forever!

Corky: But we've got to start somewhere! Let's go!

Rahji: *back in the hotel* We can't let Billson find you. *door opens* Someone's coming! Quick! Get back in my turban!

Daffney: Okay! *she jumps back in as he puts it back on him*

Mr. Billson: *walks in with a model of the seapark* This model is the closest thing you'll get to your uncle's seapark.

Rahji: But why are you stopping me from reaching it?

Mr. Billson: Because if you fail to claim it in 3 hours, the seapark will be all mine, and then I will make millions by tearing it down, and building skyscrapers, and oil fields.

Rahji: But what about all the fish that live there?

Mr. Billson: Ah, who cares about them?! All that matters is that I get rich! *laughs* You see this merry-go-round? 

Rahji: Oh, yes. Kids love merry-go rounds.

Mr. Billson: *destroys its model* Well it takes up too much space! It's gone! *replaces it with an oil rig model* An oil rig will be much more profitable. And this picnic area? *replaces it with a skyscraper* It's history! 

Rahji: But the children won't have any place to play or have fun.

Mr. Billson: Sorry, kid. It's the price you pay for progress. Once it's mine, the entire seapark will be destroyed. 

Rahji: But, why are you telling me all this? 

Mr. Billson: Because, it feels good to rub it in! *laughs* And, there's nothing you can do about it! *walks away and locks him back in*

Rahji: *he and Daffney moan*

(Corky and Jojo finally find the right hotel)

Corky: How are we going to get inside? 

Jojo: Follow me! *he blows on the spining doors, then they spin around and into the hotel's main lobby* 

Corky: What happened?

Jojo: I guess I snorked a little too hard. 

(they walk around and see a yellow fish inside a giant aquarium) 

Corky: Excuse me, have any of you seen Daffney? 

All the Fish: No, not me.

Jojo: Maybe she's in there. 

Corky: Let's go! *they see a large dining room* Hurry, before we're trembled! *run in there, and because they were on some plates, they get washed down into the sink* Oh, which way do you think we should go?

Jojo: We could try that way.

Corky: Or maybe we should go -- 

(they get washed by the water and then into a bathtub right as a blonde woman is about to take her bath) 

Corky: Excuse me, ma'am. Have you seen Daffney?

Woman: *mouth drops, screams, and runs off*

Corky; I wonder if that means "no." *they jump out and enter another room* 

Jojo: She could be anywhere! We'll never find Daffney!

Corky: Don't give up, Jojo. After all, how many rooms could there possibly be in this hotel?

(they both look up to see a room number that says 2036)

Both: 2,036?! *moan then look at each other* Daffney! Daffney! 


(Rahji and Daffney are still in the bedroom)

Rahji: Oh this is terrible! If they close down the seapark, the kids won't have a place to play, and everyone who works there will lose their job!

Daffney: You're right! We've got to get out of here! 

Rahji: But this place is air tight.

Daffney: But not water tight! *they go into the bathroom and its sink* I'll go get some help!

Rahji: Good idea! 

Daffney: Hit it, Rahji! 

(he runs the water and she jumps down into the sink, riding through the water

Daffney: Wee! *she then falls into what appears to be a sewer* Ooh, what an icky place! Is anyone out there? *the rats find her* AHH, get me out of here!!! *runs off* 

(Jojo and Corky are now outside the hotel) 

Jojo: This city's much too big! We will never find Daffney! 

Corky: Well I hate to admit it, but this may be the first time *horn* the Snork Patrol has ever failed. 

Daffney: *jumps out of the street, running* Ah, help! This isn't funny! Help! *rats chase her too* 

Corky: It's Daffney!

Jojo: And she's being chased! I'll teach those, whatever they ares, to chase Daffney! *all go after them* let's get 'em!

Daffney: *up top on a basket* Yo, get away from me, you icky things!

Jojo: If you think you're so tough, why don't you come after me, you slimy creatures?! *they go after him*

Corky: Um, maybe this is even too much for you to handle, J-J-Jojo, and b-b-besides, you didn't have to c-c-call 'em names. *covers his eyes as they tackle Jojo, but opens them once he sees Jojo has tied up the rats by their tails* is it over?

Jojo: *after the rats run from him* Yes, it's all taken care of! 

Daffney: *gets down to them* 

Corky: Oh, we finally found you, Daffney! We're so glad you're safe! Now, let's go back to Snorkland.

Daffney: No! We can't leave before we help the human boy! He really needs us!

Jojo: But how do we find him?

Daffney: I know where he's being held prisoner - follow me! *they do so* 

(meanwhile, Mr. Billson is talking to some of his employees)

Mr. Billson: There's only an hour left - Rahji will never make it now! I better get ready to claim the seapark - MY seapark! *laughs* 

Rahji: *tries breaking out* I haven't much time left! 

(the snorks get back through the sink) 

Daffney: We made it! *find him* Rahji, we've come to get you out of here!

Rahji: Oh, it's useless. I can't get the lock open.

Corky: Maybe a little snork action will do the trick. *gets on his hand and uses his snork to unlock the door* it's open!

Rahji: Great!

Daffney: We'll distract the guards so you can escape! *they head out*

(the guards are playing cards with each other)

Jojo: *jumps up there* I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll blow your cards down! *literally blows them down*

Guard 1: Hey, what's the big idea?! Get him! *they miss*

Daffney: Rahji, let's go, now!

Guard 1: *as Rahji escapes* Get the kid! *Jojo pulls a rug over the two, tripping them* WHOA!!! 

Daffney: *as they run* Hurry, Rahji, they're right behind us! 

(they get a cart and get on an elevator together)

Dafney: Oh, that was close!

Rahji: *gets down to lobby and sees the spinning doors* Oh no! The revolving doors!

Corky: We can't stop now! 

(they end up runing on the street)

Rahji: We've got to hurry! There's only fifteen minutes left to claim the seapark! 

(they end up stoppng at a red stoplight behind traffic, right before the light turns green)) 

Man: *in car talking to his wife* After we go to the market, --

Jojo: Come on, wake up! *blows horn out of snork, and they drive away* 

Rahji: Oh no, a drawbridge! *sees one ahead of them moving up*

Corky: There's no time to stop! We can make it! 

(they jump high over the bridge) 

Daffney: Did we make it? *they open their eyes* Watch out! A tree's up ahead! 

Rahji: Oh no! *they spin around it* We've got to move faster! We have only five minutes left before Mr. Billson gets my uncle's seapark! 

(aside from a view of the seapark with a pond and swans surroinding its lush green beauty, protestors are standing outside, holding picket signs and wanting to save the seapark) 

Mr. Billson's Boss: Well, unfortunately, it looks like Rahji was not going to make it by the deadline. So, the seapark is your's, Mr. Billson.

Mr. Billson: Well, yeah yeah, let's get on with it. 

Rahji: *storms inside* Wait, wait, I'm here! And here's the letter which gives me ownership of the seapark! 

Mr. Billson: Uh, this is, this is impossible! Rahji can't be here, I had him locked in a hotel!

Mr. Billson's Boss: *glares at him* Locked in the hotel? Hmm, sounds like that's illegal, Mr. Billson. *the cops arrest Mr. Billson* 

(the guards also return to see him)

Guard 1: Boss, we couldn't help it. The kid got away. *see him in handcuffs* Oh, hello. *but they get arrested as well* 

Rahji: *looks at the snorks and smiles at them* 

(everyone is now happy at the new seapark - kids are playing baseball as the swans still bask in their natural habitat)

Rahji: Thank you so much for all your help. If you ever need any help from humans, please call me.

Daffney: I'm jsut glad we were able to save your Uncle's seapark. 

Corky: Yes, this is what being good is all about. 

Rahji: Would you like to stay a while and celebrate with us? 

Daffney: *shakes her head* No, I think we'd just like to get back to Snorkland. We're all very tired. Right, Corky? 

Corky: *yawns* Yes. Saving people from bad guys is very hard work. Are you tired too, Jojo?

Jojo: *playing a game of catch the ball with a dolphin* What was the question? 

(Rahji and his father clip for him as he performs more tricks with the dolphin) 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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