(Casey is walking along a prestine white beach in dry space)

Casey: I'm bored! Everyday, it's the same stuff - eat, play, the snorkeaters chase us, we chase the snorkeaters, boring! I need an adventure. *she then gets sucked in back to the ocean and sees a giant sandcastle right in front of her* Boy, be careful what you wish for! Where am I? Sizzling snokerama! *rubs her eyes* I must have sand in my eyes! It's a giant sandcastle!

Guard: Hault! Who goes there?

Casey: Where am I?

Guard: You're in Sandland, and you'd better move along. The King doesn't like trespassers.

Casey: The king?!

Sandy: Guards, stop! *gasps* Oh my! You look just like me! *gasps* Who are you? And what is that thing?

Casey: My name is Casey, and that thing is a snork. And you're right, we do look a like. And so, who are you?

Sandy: I'm Sandy, Princess of the Sand People.

Guard: Bow to the Princess!

Casey: *bows to her* Sorry. I've never met a princess before.

Sandy: And I've never met a snork.

Casey: You mean you're not a snork?

Sandy: No. *takes hat off* See?

Casey: *gasps*

Sandy: Come on, I'll show ya around! 

(now they're in Sandy's castle)

Casey: *sits on throne* Wow, a throne!

Sandy: *laughs* Here, put this on.

Casey: *puts drape on but trips* Whoops! I haven't had a lot of practice at this sort of thing!

Sandy: *giggles*

Casey: Oh, what an exciting life you must lead! What do you do all day?

Sandy: All the usual boring things - hold court, knight people, wear beautiful clothes.

Casey: Oh, how snorktastic! All I do is play - talk about boring!

Sandy: I'd give anything to play and just be normal for a while.

Casey: You never get to play?!

Sandy: The King plays with me sometimes, but he's away.

Casey: But what about your friends?

Sandy: Well there's my cousin, Prince Meanie, but he's not much fun. And Morbod, the magician.

Casey: Does the magician do a lot of magic tricks?

Sandy: Sometimes. But I don't really trust him. Excuse me, but what do you do with your snork?

Casey: Oh all kinds of things! Watch! *bounces around with her snork*

Sandy: Oh, my! 

Casey: Watch this! *flips around* Ta dah! 

Sandy: *claps* You really know how to have fun! 

Casey: Sandy, I just had the most snorktastic idea. You wanna play, and I wanna have an adventure.

Sandy: Yeah?

Casey: Why don't we trade places for a littlw while?

Sandy: Gee, I don't know.

Casey: Oh come on, it will work.

(they're switching clothes now)

Sandy: You're right, Casey. With the hat covering your snork, we do look a like.

Casey: Yeah, I look like a princess.

Sandy: And I look like a snorkless snork! *both hug and giggle* 

Casey: But Sandy, what do I do as princess?

Sandy: Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. Everything is done for you. *hands her a ring* If you're ever in trouble or need me, hold my ring up to the magic light and say, "Magic ring so fine and dandy, hear me now and bring me Sandy!" 

Casey: Oh, don't worry about me, Sandy. I can take care of myself. You go have some fun.

(Casey's now looking through Sandy's evening gown closet)

Casey: *gets out a golden yellow dress* Oh boy, Daffney would love to see these!

Maid: Your heiness!

Casey: HUH?! *bows to her* Oh, hi. How ya doin'?

Maid: Oh, do you wish to change your gown? Oh, allow me.

Casey: Wait a minute here. *aaccidentally slams her to the floor* Oh, I didn't mean to hurt you, but I can dress myself.

Maid: But I always dress you, your heiness.

Casey: Right, I almost forgot. When in Sandland, do as the sand people do. But just don't touch my hat!

(Morbod the Magician is talking to Sandy's cousin, Prince Meanie)

Morbod: Now, with the official seal on this proclamation, you'll be crowned Successor to the Thrown before the King returns!

Meanie: But Morbod, what is Sandy won't give you the seal?

Morbod: The Princess always listens to me! Then I will rule Sandland!

Meanie: Morbod, you mean I will rule. I'm the prince, you know.

Morbod: Oh yes, I keep forgetting.


(Sandy tries playing with some kids down in Sandland)

Sandy: Hi, will you play eith me?

Boy: Sorry, we have to work.

Sandy: I am Princess Sandy, and I can order you to play with me!

Girl: You don't dress like a princess.

Sandy: Well I am Princess Sandy!

Boy: Well if you really are the princess, then you'd know that we really don't have time to play! We have to catch fish for the king!

Sandy: *confused*

(Back at castle, the maid is feeding Casey some grapes)

Casey: Now this is what I call living!

Morbod: *he and Meanie step in* Your heiness!

Casey: Who?

Meanie: You! You're the princess, aren't you?

Casey: Oh yeah, you're right! I am!

Morbod: The king left some papers to be signed. We need the seal.

Casey: Seal? I don't see a seal.

Morbod: The official seal, Princess, hand it over!

Casey: I smell something rotten in Sandland!

Morbod: Silence! I think time spent locked in the tower will bring you to your senses! 

Casey: *jumps up before he grabs her* Think again, magic breath!

Morbod: After her! *he and Meanie do so, but bump into each other*

Casey: Now that I have your attention, i think this is a good time to tell you that I am not the princess. My name is Casey, and I --

Morbod: *freezes her with his ray* That will silence her for now! *laughs*

(In Sandland, Sandy is crying to herself)

Sand Person: Why, what's wrong, little girl?

Sandy: Nobody believes that I'm the Princess, and I'm hungry!

Sand Person: Oh we don't have a lot to eat, but I'll share it with you.

Sandy: But Morbod the magician says that everyone has plenty to eat.

Sand Person: No. The king keep raising taxes, so we have to give him most of the fish. And what's left, Morbod takes.

Sandy: That's not rigth! And since I'm the princess, I'm going to see that it's changed! *leaves*

Sand Person: Poor little thing. She's so hungry, she thinks she's the princess.

(Back at the large sandcastle where things keep getting weirder by the second)

Casey: *holds out ring* I have to warn Sandy. What was that rhyme? "Little ring," -- oh, that's not it. 

Morbod: Princess! *with potion* This magic potion will bring you to your senses!

Casey: Don't bother me now, I'm busy! "Magic ring, bright" -- *kicks Morbod before he comes any closer* Take that, you maigy magician!

Meanie: This isn't like you at all, Sandy! 

Casey: *grabs rug and throws it off with them* King's Ex, have a seat! Maybe you're right, this isn't like the princess. *takes off her hat to reveal her snork* Now do you believe I'm not Sandy? I'm a snork!

Meanie: She's really flipped her head!

Morbod: Snork?! What's a snork?! You must've hit your head! 

(Sandy's walking outside the castle)

Sandy: I must talk to Morbod. Things are not right in Sandland. 

(Inside, Meanie still grabs Casey)

Casey: Stop pulling my leg!

Morbod: *after meanie falls on him* get off me, you twit!

Casey: "Magic ring so fine and dandy, hear me now and bring me Sandy!" That's it! *Sandy shows up* Hi! What took ya so long? They're trying to take over your kingdom, Sandy.

Sandy: From what I've been hearing, I'm not surprised!

Meanie: Morbod, I'm seeing double!

Casey: Double trouble! *her and Sandy jump down and chase them around* 

Sandy: Just wait till i get my hands on you, you pretender to the thrown!

Morbod: You've given me enough trouble, you sneaky snork!

Casey: Sticks and stones will break my bones! Batter up! *throws potion out the window with her snork* Don't you know when to quit? *Morbod tries zapping her, but she uses her snork to blow him out the window too* Have a nice flight, Morbod! *laughs* 

Meanie: And I would be ruler today if she gave me the seal!

Sandy: Casey, give me my ring, please.

Casey: *does so* Oh, you mean the seal - the king's stamp of approval! 

Meanie: Y-y-yeah!

Sandy: *puts it on* If you want the stamp so much, I'll give it to you. *places it on his head* Here's your stamp!

Casey: That really is a magic ring!

Sandy: Guards, take him away! And no more fish until the king returns!

Meanie: *as guards take him away* But I'm hungry!

Sandy: Now you know how the sand people feel! *back to Casey* Casey, you saved Sandland!

Casey: Oh, we both saved it!

Sandy: You know, I had fun!

Casey: And I had an adventure! But, I think it's time i went back to Snorktown.

Sandy: Oh, I know!

Casey: But, Princess, how will I get back?

Sandy: Oh, that's easy. *holds up ring* "Magic ring of the king's crown, take Casey home to Snorktown!"

Casey: *as she's transported back home* Bye, Sandy! I won't forget you! 

Sandy: Me either, Casey! You've helped my people, and you'll always be welcome in Sandland!

(Back home, Casey swims over to Daffney and Allstar) 

Allstar: Where have you been, Casey?

Casey: Well, I was in Sandland, and I met and Princess, and we traded places!

Daffney: Oh, that's nice! Look what i bought at Snorkendale's - a new ring!

Casey: I had a magic ring!

Allstar: Uh huh! *he and Daffney laugh*

Casey: I was Princess for the day, and I got locked up in the tower --

Allstar: You know, Daffney, I think Casey's been spending too much time in the sun lately.

Daffney: *laughs* I think so too!

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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