Daffney's Not so Great Escape



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

John Bates

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: September 10, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 24, 1988

Paired With

Willie's Best Fiend

"Daffney's Not So Great Escape" is the 1st episode of Season 4. Daffney is excluded from doing important activities, but proves she can be just like the rest, even when Allstar, Casey, and Corky are captured and held hostage in dry space.

Snorks Wiki DA Pics 132

Daffney tries to do her best

Plot Summary

Corky has the snorks map out various routes one afternoon. Daffney is eager and willing to help, but they claim to already be too busy and not needing her help. This makes her feel very guilty, although she and Tooter are soon distracted by various jewels off in the distance, which they choose to collect. However, as the snorks notice they were gone, they search for them, only to get caught by a few ogres with a giant fishing net.

Word soon gets out that Allstar, Casey, and Corky are about to be bait (for some flounder, they claim), so Daffney and Tooter try to set them freee with Corky's sub. Unfortunately, Daffney pushes the pink button instead of the red button, which only makes matters much worse. The ogres caught them once again, so they decide to just go and eat "the bait." Although Daffney and Tooter have the chance to escape, the ogres try cooking the other three snorks. When they ask what kind of creatures they are, Allstar quickly lies and says they're "gnorbs." While they look up recipe ideas out of a cook book, Daffney realizes they're gone, and in the meantime Allstar gets brushed with butter sauce and is put over top of the fire with the others. 

Daffney sees the smoke and cries, believing it's too late to save her friends. But she decides to go in there and save them herself, and she's covered in flour as a distraction. After she has claimed to be "their ghosts" who would haunt them for a zillion years if they weren't set free, water falls on top of her, revealing her true self and thus being placed on the fire next to the others. Once they try to eat her, they fight over which snork they should eat first. The fighting allows the snorks to escape into the sub, and they thank Daffney for her quick thinking skills. Daffney learns that she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it.

Snorks Wiki DA Pics 133

Snorks captured

Background Info

  • This episode marks the first use of the word "shorty" in the series (before Shorty of Robin Snork fame came along)
  • First time Allstar is called "fat," Casey "scrawny," and Corky "funny looking"

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: Flounder? Hey, ooh, uh, thanks for saving us from all those flounder down there! We're their favorite snack, you know. Yes, sir, there's nothing better those lump flounders like better!

Corky: Uh, Allstar --

Allstar: Then to nibble on one of us.

Corky: But Allstar, flounders are completely tame, they *Allstar covers his mouth* 

Papa Ogre: That so? Then you can be the bait!

Daffney: *sees them as bait* Hey, what is that? Some kind of exercise machine? That looks like fun! Can I take a turn?

Casey: Yuck!

Mama Ogre: *to her son* What do you mean, "yuck"?

Son: I didn't say anything, ma!


  • The object Casey was holding was at first black and white, then it turned peach and black
  • Mama Ogre's dress appeared to be much darker in the end
  • The salad the ogres fought over turned from green to yellow and soft, almost like melted butter


  • Tooter hums his own variation of a very familiar tune at the end of the episode (let's figure out what it is)



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