(The snorks are helping Corky map out routes)

Corky: Remember snorks, we're the first to map this area, so it's very important that we don't make any mistakes. A little to the left, Casey. *she moves the stick* Good. Add that to the map, Allstar. *he does so*

Daffney: Would you like me to help draw the lines, Allstar?

Allstar: Oh, uh, oh that's okay, Daffney. Um, thanks anyway. *leaves*

Daffney: Hmm. I'll bet Casey needs some help.

Tooter: *sees a fish through snorkoculars and chases after it*

Daffney: *swims over to Casey* Gee, Casey, that's an important job, uh maybe I should help.

Casey: Uh, that's okay, Daffney. Thanks, anyway. *she leaves as well*

Daffney: Oh, I can't do anything important! *sighs in despair* Wow, jewels! *her and Tooter see a mountain of jewels off in the distance* Ooh, I'll bet these jewels are important! *they swim over to them* Come on, Tooter, let's gather them up and show the others! 

Corky: *wrapping things up* Now, that takes care this neck of the reef. Next, we'll --

Allstar: Wait, where's Daffney?

Casey: And Tooter?

(the three go search for them)

All: Daffney! Tooter! 

Corky: Daffney!

(but they all get caught in a giant fishing net by a family of ogres on dry land)

Son: Look, dad! I got three fish!

Casey: *gasps* Oh no! Ogres! And I don't see Daffney anywhere!

Papa Ogre: Ooh, they don't look like fish, son.

Son: So? Maybe they taste like fish!

Mama Ogre: Well, we're not having any lock-catching flounder!

Allstar: Flounder? Oh, hey, uh, thanks for saving us from all those flounder down there! We're their favorite snacck, you know! Yes, sir, there's nothing those fresh plump flounders like better! 

Corky: But Allstar --

Allstar: Than to nibble on one of us!

Corky: But Allstar, flounders are completely tame, they --

Allstar: *covers his mouth and gives the ogres a nervous smile*

Papa Ogre: That so? Then you can be the bait!

(all now back into the ocean tied to a fishing lure)

Casey: Great idea, Allstar! But where do we go from here? 

Daffney: Oh hi guys, look what we found! Hey, what is that? Some kind of exercise machine? That looks like fun! Can I take a turn?

Casey: Daffney! Ugh, we came looking for you and got captured by ogres!

Corky: And now we're fish bait!

Daffney: Ogres?! Ick! Ah gee! I guess I can't do anything right!

Allstar: Sure you can! You can do anything you set your mind to, Daffney, like sutting us loose! 

Daffney: Really? But, what with? Ah gee! I have a nail file but I left it in the sub! I'll go get it!

Corky: Better still, bring the sub. Then you can use the rotating blade attachment. The red button!

(Daffney enters the inside of the sub and analyzes all of the different buttons)

Daffney: Now how does this work?

Tooter: *points it out to her*

Daffney: Uh, let's give it a try. *pulls lever, causing sub to go back and forth* Uh, which button did he say?

Tooter: *points that out to her as well*

Daffney: No, I think it was this cute pink button. *presses it and the claw comes out and grabs the lure*

(Meanwhile, the ogres are on the beach with the lure)

Papa Ogre: I got a bite! *all come out with the sub* Hey, what do you know? My favorite - a submarine sandwhich! *tries biting it* Ouch! *throws sub back into the water, leaving Daffney and Tooter upside down in it*

Mama Ogre: Oh, we're not gonna catch any flounders! We never do!

Son: Yeah, I say we eat the bait!

Papa Ogre: I'm gettin' awful hungry! Okay, let's go! *head inside their house*

Mama Ogre: We'll make a fire in the stove. There's nothin' like a nice homecooked dinner, eh boys?

(as they both laugh in response, Daffney and Tooter are still stuck in the sub)

Daffney: Weeds! I forgot to bring along my nail polish! Oh well! *lever's stuck* Uh oh! Now I suppose we're gonna have to dig ourselves out! *presses a button but it causes them to spin* How do I open the hatch?

(meanwhile, Mama Ogre places a fire below Corky, Allstar, and Casey, who are all tied to skewers and getting prepared to be the ogre's meals)

Allstar: We gotta buy some time so Daffney and Tooter can get help.

Papa Ogre: *drools in front of them*

Casey: Stop looking at us like that, or I'll -- *growls and tries to set herself free*

Corky: Yes, don't you know it's impolite to drool?

Mama Ogre: *gets out a cook book* Now let's see, what's a good recipe for, uh, what are these things called, dear?

Corky: Why, don't you know? We're --

Allstar: *covers his mouth once again* 

Papa Ogre: Gerbs?

Allstar: Uh, gnorbs! Yeah, that's it! We're gnorbs!

Mama Ogre: Oh, let's see *flips through the books* Guardfish, gulper, no gnorb recipes!

Corky: *shakes Allstar's hand* Oh well done, Allstar.

Papa Ogre: Well, we can eat 'em raw!

Mama Ogre: Nah, we had sushi yesterday. I say we barbecue 'em!

Papa Ogre: How about deep frying?

Son: Or broiled? *tongue out*

Allstar: Or left to bake in the sun! Outside, alone, until we slowly turn a nice golden brown?

Papa Ogre: Hmm.

Casey: Just a thing for a picnic on the beach! Out of the house!

Mama Ogre: Oh, that sounds kinda nice! Hey! We could be eating by now! I'll jsut make up my own recipe!

Casey: Yuck!

Mama Ogre: What do you mean, "yuck"?

Son: Uh I didn't say anything, ma!


(Daffney and Tooter finally get the hatch open and escape, then go search for the others)

Daffney: Where are they? *gasps* You don't suppose -- *they swim up top and she gasps once more* Oh, they're gone!

(Meanwhile, Mama Ogre prepares the butter)

Allstar: You know, if I were you, I'd leave us to marinate for 24 hours!

Casey: Oh yeah, everyone knows that's how you prepare a gnorb!

Allstar: Otherwise, we're inedible!

Papa Ogre: *grabs him* You keep quiet! *slabbers him with butter*

Allstar: It needs more pepper!

Papa Ogre: Comin' up! *put some on him and he sneezes it out, which causes him to sneeze as well* 

Mama Ogre: Oh I'll take care of that! You light the fire!

Papa Ogre: *tries doing so, but Allstar and Casey blow out the match at eat attempt* Hey, cut it out! *he brings out an ever bigger stick and light the fire in there* Hmm, there!

Daffney: *sees the smoke from a distance* We're too late! *cries* Oh I can't do anything right! 

Tooter: *reminds her*

Daffney: Huh? Hey, that's right! Allstar said I could do anything if I put my mind to it! *tumbles onto the beach* Okay, you dig out Corky's sub and meet me here! I'll be right back with the guys!

Tooter: *wishes her the best of luck*

(Daffney sees the flour and puts some on herself)

Papa Ogre: Sweetheart, where's the garlic? I ain't eatin' these gnorbs without no garlic! 

Mama Ogre: Oh pack, here it is - right in front of your nose!

Papa Ogre: Okay, I got dibs on that fat one!

Allstar: Hey, who you calling fat?!

Mama Ogre: No way, I get the fat one!

Allstar: *flexes his arm* This isn't fat! It's all muscle! *it drops once the knock on the door is heard*

Mama Ogre: *opens it and looks around* Who's there?

Daffney: *covered in flour* I am, and what I say goes, so let go of my friends!

Mama Ogre: Oh yeah?! And what do you think you are, shorty?

Daffney: I am the terrible gnorb ghoost! 

Mama Ogre: Gh-gh-ghost?!

Papa Ogre: *stutters* Did somebody say, ghost?

Daffney: If you eat my friends, I will haunt you for a million years! No wait, make that a zillion years!

Mama Ogre: *gulps* A zillion years?!

Papa Ogre: No don't so that, please! Anything but that!

Daffney: Then let my friends go, and I will leave you in peace! 

Papa Ogre: Anything you say!

Mama Ogre: Don't worry, we'll let all your friends go!

Daffney: What do you know? It's working. Hey, I'm pretty good at this!

(water falls on top of her, revelaing her true self)

Mama Ogre: Oh no, the ghost! Are you okay? Oh don't get m-mad now! Hey, you were just a fake ghost! Like the other gnorbs! Haha! *grabs her* We can eat you with the others! 

Daffney: *as she's tied to a skewer and placed next to the others* Hey, you're messing my hair! *to Allstar* I thought you said I could do anything if I put my mind to it!

Allstar: Well I didn't quite mean it like thta!

Papa Ogre: Okay son, you get the fat one, Ma gets the scrawny one becuase she's on a diet, and I'll take this funny looking one!

Casey: Scrawny?!

Corky: I am not funny looking!

Daffney: What about me? Oh sure, nobody even wants Daffney for dinner! I'm no good for anything! *cries*

Son: Hey Pa, who gets the extra one?

Papa Ogre: I do, becuase I'm bigger!

Son: Yeah, but I'm a growin' kid, remember pop?

Mama Ogre: *grabs him* Who says I'm on a diet?

Papa Ogre: I did, and I get the extra one! You jsut take your salad and leave!

Mama Ogre: No! *pours it on him* You take the salad!

Papa Ogre: Oh, so you think that's funny? Well if you think that's funny, you're gonna think this is even funnier! 

(As they fight, Allstar and the others escape)

Mama Ogre: Oh no you don't! 

Papa Ogre: You see what you did?!

Casey: Daffney.

Daffney: *sees them setting themsleves free*

Papa Ogre: You see what you did?

Mama Ogre: Hey, what do you think you are?!

Son: *yelps as he's covered in butter*

Mama Ogre: My bowl!

Papa Ogre: Look what you did!

Mama Ogre: You mean what you did! 

(all the snorks leave)

Son: Look what you both did!

Papa Ogre: Hey! There goes our dinner!

(as they chase after them, Tooter gets them back underwater)

Papa Ogre: *tries grabbing them but they escape*

Son: Why does this happen every time??!!

(back in the ocean...)

Allstar: That was a great idea, Daffney!

Daffney: It was? Oh, uh, what was?

Allstar: Getting them to fight over you like that!

Casey: You sure had me fooled!

Daffney: Huh, me too! *giggles* Gee, I guess you really can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Tooter: *hums a very familiar tune* 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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