(Allstar and Casey are searching for plant speciments outside) 

Allstar: Quick, Casey, hide in there! *they hide inside a cave as they watch Bigweed on his sub* 

Casey: I think we lost him.

Allstar: Whoa, trust Bigweed to show up when we have to collect plant speciments.

Casey: Yeah, there goes my A in Marine Biology! *sees strange looking plant* Hey, look at that!

Allstar: *sees it change color* Wow, what is it?

Casey: *collects it* Maybe Gallio will know. But one thing's for sure, no one else is going to have one of these in their collection. 

Allstar: Looks like the coast is clear. *they leave before Bigweed's sub arrives again*

Bigweed: The Neptunia plant has to be around here somewhere. What?! *sees Allstar and Casey with it* They have it! But not for long!

Lil Seaweed: Yeah!

(the snorks visit Dr. Gallio and Governor Wetworth)

Gallio: Why it's a Neptunia plant. It's such a rare plant, we thought it was extinct. But the things we can do with just one leaf, it's clamtastic!

Governor Wetworth: *places it in his fridge for possible safekeeping* I better keep it somewhere safe!

Bigweed: Bah! They could be hiding the Neptunia plant anywhere! It could take months to find it - unless I can force them to hand it over! *evilly laughs*

Lil Seaweed: *laughs along with him*

Bigweed: But first, I need a victim. *spots Daffney and laughs* Perfect!

Daffney: *with a high number of shopping bags and a long list of things to purchase* Hmm, I wonder if I bought enough shoes. I wonder if I should move on to sweaters. Gee, life is full of hard decisions. Oh wow!

Bigweed: *disguises himself as a shoe salesman* That's right, little lady! All shoes 90 percent off!

Daffney: Oh, it's like a dream come true!

Bigweed: Yes, step right in! Take a look around! See for yourself! *locks her in there and place ransom note outside*

Corky: *catches it* Oops, we missed a package. *reads it* Great Neptune!

(Governor Wetworth reads it out loud)

Governor Wetworth: "Unless you bring me the Neptunia plant at noon tomorrow, you'll never see the girl again! Signed, Bigweed."

Gallio: We can't let Bigweed have the Neptunia plant!

Corky: This sounds like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! With your permission, Governor, my hand selected rescue force will find Daffney, and bring her back safe and sound! 

(inside the sub...)

Daffney: Ew, icky! This is a really weird shoe store!

Bigweed: But I've got news for you - I'm not really a shoe saleman!

Daffney: Huh! I should've guessed that from yor shoes! Your taste is terrible!

Bigweed: You don't understand, you unfortunate snork! *reveals his true self* 

Daffney: Ew! I liked your other face better!

(they take her up to her jail cell in the lair)

Daffney: This is an awfully long way to go for a shoe sale. I hope it's worth it!

Bigweed: How many times do i have to tell you?! There are no shoes!

Daffney: Oh really? Then what do you sell? Sweaters, I hope!

Lil Seaweed: *laughs* 

Bigweed: Allow me to explain - you have to stay here until your friends bring me a certain plant - in their possession.

Daffney: *as she walks in her jail cell* Oh, you're into plants! I guess a few plants would look nice in here! 

Bgiweed: *to Yucks* Guard her! *he walks away*

Daffney: See ya later! *to Yucks* You guys should really get in shape. In fact, I just heard about the funnest new way to work out. It's in here soemwhere. Aha! *finds her cassette player with stereos attached to it* Ready? *plays upbeat workout music*

(Bigweed enters his lab)

Bigweed: Now, all we have to do is prepare a salvent to destroy the essance of the Neptunia plant. *dumps ingredients into a couldren* Hmm, eyelash of jellyfish, what of a whale -- *ceiling crumbles a bit* What i nthe whirlpool?! *goes up to see Daffney exercising with the Yucks*

Daffney: 1, 2, 3, kick! 

Yucks: 1 yuck, 2 yuck, 3 yuck, --

Bigweed: Stop that! Get out of here, you sludge brains! *they leave*

Lil Seaweed: Never trust a yuck-yuck.

Bigweed: Crustaceans, guard her! *they do so*

Lil Seaweed: Ha!

Daffney: Hi! *they only mumble to her*


(back in Bigweed's lab...) 

Bigweed: A pinch of perdust, the tears of a shark, yes that's everything. Oh, this is gonna turn Snorkland into the nastiest place in the seven seas! *evilly laughs* At last! *hears noises* What was that?

Lil Seaweed: *shurgs*

Crustaceans: Mine! Mine! Gimme mine!

Bigweed: What on surf?!

Lil Seaweed: I'll go see, Bigweed! *goes upstairs* Uh oh! 

Crustaceans: *fall down stairs with Daffney's hair accessories* Let go! Mine! Mine! *all fall on Lil Seaweed and tumble into Bigweed's lab*

Bigweed: I must be losing my brine!!!

Crustacean #1: It's mine! She gave it to me!

Crustacean #2: No, for me! I am more beautifuller!

Bigweed: Enough, you idiots! *all then turn to Daffney, who somehow came downstairs*

Daffney: Guys! I told them they had to take turns!

Lil Seaweed: Never count on a crustacean!

Bigweed: Seaweed, get her back to her cell!

Lil Seaweed: With pelasure! *takes her*

Bigweed: And don't fall for any of her tricks!

Lil Seaweed: *laughs* You kidding?!

Daffney: Tricks?! What tricks? By the way, have you ever considered redecorating? Some coral pink wallpaper, nice pictures, seascapes maybe?

Bigweed: *obviously irritated* Ooh! She can be my first into the essance of the Neptunia plant!

(back at her cell, Lil Seaweed is watching while Daffney does her nails)

Daffney: You know, if I had hair like your's, I'd give myself a permanent weight. Seriously, then I'd curl my lashes, then I'd do a mudbath for my skin.

Lil Seaweed: Mud?!

Daffney: Of course. I don't suppose you have any though, huh?

(back inside the lab)

Bigweed: Stings of jellyfish, lips of a leech, my last one. Maybe after I've taken all the fun out of Snorkland, I'll put corks in their snorks! *laughs* Corks in their snorks! *laughs some more until he sees Daffney and Lil Seaweed together and gasps*

Crustacean #1: *putting up pictures* A little to the left.

Daffney: *doing Lil Seaweed's nails after giving her a mud facial wash* Did you hear about that new Plankton Diet?

Lil Seaweed: No, how is it? *to Bigweed* Oh, hi boss. I won't be a sec.

Bigweed: *angry* My lab!!!

Daffney: Lab?! Oh, that icky stuff? *all the essance is destroyed* We found the perfect place for it.

(meanwhile, Jojo and Corky are searching outside of Bigweed's lair)

Corky: So far, so good. But now comes the real test. Bigweed and his guards are tough, but somehow we have to win - for Daffney's sake, and for the future of Snorkland!

Jojo: You can count on me, Corky.

Corky: When I say "charge," go for roke. Ready, Jojo?

Jojo: I am ready for anything.

Bigweed: Wait! Please, take her! *runs out to them* I'll do anything you ask! Give you anything I've got! I'll even leave you alone for a year, if you just take her away! *wails and grabs Corky's leg in mercy*

Corky: Oh, sure! *he and Jojo look at each other and shrug in confusion*

Bigweed: Oh, thank Neptune!

(Daffney leaves now inside Corky's sub)

Daffney: Bye bye! Don't forget to write!

Yucks, Crustaceans, and Lil Seaweed: *all wave goodbye to her*

Yuck #1: Bye bye! *sheds a tear*

Bigweed: Alright, you spineless bunch of jellyfish! Back to the castle!

(a town meeting is being held outside Governor Wetworth's mansion)

Governor Wetworth: And not only did our intrepid Snork Patrol risk everything to save their fellow --

Willie: Pop, I'm hungry, pop. I want bacon and lettuce kelpburger.

Governor Wetworth: Not now, Willie. You'll have to make it yourself. *back to Corky* As I was saying, their heroism sets an example for all snorks.

Willie: *opens the fridge and sees the Neptunia plant* Huh, funny lookin' lettuce.

Governor Wetworth: *gives Corky the metal of honor*

Corky: No, it's Daffney who deserves this. *places it around her* She's the one who saved Snorkland.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, why didn't someone tell me? Now now, the important thing is, now we're safe.

Gallio: Great news! I found a way to put the plant's power into countless practical uses! This will change the way snorks live forever! I must get to work on the plant immediately!

(during this conversation, however, Willie eats his sandwhich)

Governor Wetworth: Excellent, follow me! *to fridge, where they see the plant's gone* This is preposterous!

Allstar: What could've happened to it?

Willie: *lightly burps* That was the best bacon, lettuce, and tomato kelpburger I've ever had! There was somethign special about it.

Gallio: *moans* I guess we'll just have to wait another thousand years!

Corky: *comforting an upset Daffney* Well don't feel too bad, Daffney. At least Bigweed didn't get the plant either. 

Daffney: Yes, but to think! A 90 percent off shoe sale, and I missed out! Oh no! *moans and runs out of the room*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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