(Junior has soemhow volunttered to walk the neighbor's poodlefish for her)

Neighbor: Oh, and make sure you take little Bootsy to the park. I promised she could go there today. *leaves*

Junior: Sure, anything for Bootsy! *to dog* I wouldn't walk ya across the street if I weren't gettin' paid two clams!

(Meanwhile, another neighbor is mowing his lawn)

Other neighbor: Hey, Junior! How about mowin' my lawn? I'll give ya four clams!

Junior: Four clams?! Uh, make it five, and ya got a deal!

Other neighbor: Well, okay! But I need it done right now!

Bootsy: *tugs Junior*

Junior: Uh, now? Well how about if i do it in a little while?

Tooter: *offers to mow the lawn instead*

Other neighbor: You'll do it? *shakes his hand* Gee, thanks Tooter, I'll give you the four clams when you're finished. Sorry, Junior, but it looks like you were too busy anyway. 

Junior: *to Bootsy* I just lost five clams, and it's all your fault! 

(now Junior tries selling portraits of himself to make up for it)

Junior: Get your very own picture of the Governor's son! Only one clam! Ooh, look at that! Free ice cream! I hope they have fishtacio! *tries swimming inside but the owner stops him*

Owner: Hey! You can't bring your dog in here!

Junior: But this isn't my dog, I'm just walkin' her!

Owner: I'm sorry, but that's the rule.

Junior: Oh yeah?! Well it's a stupid rule! And I didn't want any of your ice cream anyhow! *leaves*

(Gallio and Casey are swimming in downtown Snorkland)

Snailsman: *approaches them* Magic formulas for sale! What can I interest you in today? Perhaps my famous euthalixier. It'll make you feel young again. Or maybe a girl on the go like you could use my gourmet meal in a bag. No must, no fuss, just add water and poof, instant clamburgers.

Casey: Oh no you don't! We don't care what you're selling, we're not buying! 

Snailsman: Oh come on! I'll sell them to you cheap!

Gallio: Oh yeah?! Well, they may be cheap to buy, but the price you pay later isn't worth it! *he and Casey leave*

(meanwhile, Junior gets his clams)

Neighbor: Oh thank you so much, Junior. Poopsy just loves her little walks, don't ya, Poopsy?

Bootsy: *tries biting and attacking Junior*

Junior: AAH! *leaves* Oh, there's gotta be an easier way to earn money! If only I could be in two places at once! Then I could really make some clams! 

Snailsman: Sounds like you could use my help.

Junior: I don't need anybody's help! Who are you, anyway?

Snailsman: *laughs* The person with the solution to your problem, that's who! Just look at all I have to offer you! Now, what do you need? A formula to clean a messy room? A powder to produce your homework? *with a clam robot now* Or, how about a robot that walks dogs? 

Junior: Hmm, I could use all this stuff. *gets out his clams* But, I don't have much money. Can't you sell me something that'll do all those things?

Snailsman: *gets out a glass* Ah, do you have a picture of yourself?

Junior: Sure! *gets them out* You wanna buy one?

Snailsman: No. I want you to buy this. If you sprinkle this magic powder on your picture, it will come to life.

Junior: Wow! With more of me around, there'll be no stopping me! Uh, how much is it?

Snailsman: Uh, *snatches money* only two clams! *gives it to him* Good luck, kid!

Junior: Heh! Who needs luck when I got a surefire formula for success?!

(Junior visits the other neighbor again)

Junior: And after I weed the garden, I'll rake the leaves.

Other neighbor: You're certainly going to be a busy fellow, Junior.

Junior: *laughs* Busier than he thinks! *pulls out long list* I've got jobs lined up all over town! *then gets to an empty part of town and pulls out his portrait* Now, with a little help from myself, I'll be a zillionaire in no time! Hmm, why make just one of me? The faster I do the work, *pulls out more pictures and sprinkles the formula on them* the faster I get my clams! *three Juniors pop out* Uh, hi. Nice to meet me. Okay, troops, listen up! We've got a lot of work to do!

Junior Clone #1: I'm not doin' any work! You do it! *walks away*

Junior Clone #2: Nobody tells me what to do! You do it! *he too walks away*

Junior Clone #3: You're the one with the stupid list - you do the work! *stomps away*

Junior: Ooh, sometimes I can be so difficult! Wait, stop! This isn't just work - this is work for money!

Junior Clone #3: Money?! *all go back to him* Why didn't ya say so?!

Junior Clone #2: Yeah! *takes list* Let's see that list, Junior, old pal! Hmm...

Junior Clone #1: Hey, what makes you so special?! *snatches list* Give me that!

Junior Clone #2: Hey! 

Junior Clone #3: Hey, give me that!

(now all the Junior clones are fighting over the list, but then they tear it into threes)

Junior Clone #1: *laughs* I got the best job!

Junior Clone #3: Yeah, that's what you think! *they all seperate*

Junior: *exhausted* Hey, maybe this is gonna work after all!

(Junior's swimming around town in content)

Junior: This is great! With all those Juniors out there working for me, I'll be richer than my dad! *he stops when he sees Casey on his bike* Hey, watch where you're going on my bike! My bike?! What are ya doin' with that???

Casey: *rolls her eyes at him* Oh Junior, quit kidding around! You know you just sold it to me!

Junior: I did not! Give it back!

Casey: No way! Not unless you give me back my money! Well why did you sell it if you didn't want to?

Junior: Ooh, something tells me I wasn't myself! 


(All of the Juniors are now in his room, gathering and counting all the money they got)

Junior Clone #3: 25!

Junior Clone #2: 26!

Junior Clone #1: 27! 

Junior: *finds them* I thought I'd find me here! *sees the mess* What have I done to my room?!

Junior Clone #3: I got 20 clams for your bike!

Junior Clone #2: I got 5 clams for your snorkboard!

Junior Clone #1: And I got 30 clams for your collection of snorkball cards!

Junior: Oh, not my snorkball cards! I've been saving those for years! *sees money* On the other hand, I do have 55 clams.

All Juniors: *grab them* Yeah, and we can't wait to start spending it!

Junior: *sees note* "Dear Junior, i thought I told you to clean your room. Signed, mom." But I didn't make this mess! "P.S., I must admit it's hard to believe you could do all this by yourself. And don't forget your paper route." Oh, paper route! I've gotta hurry! *cleans up room then waits outside* Well, at least today there's not that many papers. *but sees more coming his way* 

Paper Snork: Here's the rest of your papers, kid. *dumps it all on him*

Junior: Well, I guess I better load up my bike and -- oh no! He, I mean I, sold it! Oh, wait'll I get my hands on myself! How am I ever gonna deliver all these papers without a bike?! *but he finds a way, through a machine pwoered bike, but sees his clones ocming* Oh no! What have I done now?! 

Junior Clone #1: It's a long story!

Junior Clone #3: It sure is! Junior Clone #2: Ditto! *they hide* 

Blue Snork: *with Corky and other snorks* That's him, officer! 

Orange Snork: Junior Wetworth, you owe me for my broken window!

Junior: *wails and tries gettign away from the angry crowd as fast as he can before hiding in a trash bucket* I gotta get rid of me once and for all! *disguises himself as seaweed as the Snailsman comes closer* Psst, *pops out* you gotta help me! How do I reverse the potion?

Snailsman: Sorry, kid, but there's no way to reverse it.

Junior: What?! Why didn't ya tell me?!

Snailsman: You didn't ask. Sheesh! What do ya expect for two clams? 

Another Snork: There he is! *Junior swims away once again*

(At his lab, Gallio is testing his latest invention)

Gallio: Just one more twist ought to do it.

Junior: *barges in quickly and grabs his leg* Gallio, you gotta help me stop myself!

Gallio: My goodness! What could possibly be the matter?

(Time passes by...)

Junior: And I didn't know I could be such a problem!

Gallio: Well, Junior, I guess you learned that the more is not always the merrier.

Junior: Yeah, and I learned it the hard way. Can help me get rid of these impossible imposters?

Gallio: I think I might just have something here. I don't know why, but I invented this carbon copy machine years ago. If we could use it to reverse, it just may do the trick. All we have to do is get the phony Juniors inside.

Junior: That's impossible! I'll never be able to trick myself into doing that!

All Juniors: *barge in and grab onto Junior* 

Junior Clone #2: Junior, help us!

Junior Clone #3: Yeah, you got us into this mess, now you gotta get us out!

Junior Clone #1: Where can we hide?

Junior: I've got the perfect place! *opens door to copy machine* Right this way! 

All Juniors: *enter* Thanks, Junior! 

Junior: *shuts door* You're welcome, Juniors! *Corky swims inside with Casey and Tooter* Don't worry, everyone. I've got me under control.

(Gallio pulls the lever, and while it bounces out of control at first, a picture of Junior pops out, meaning no more Junior clones)

Junior: Looks like from now on, there will only be one Junior Wetworth!

Casey: That's mroe than enough!

Tooter: *toots in agreement* 

Junior: *rips his pictures* I don't ever wanna see another one of me again - ever! *sees reflection in the mirror and gets scared*

Tooter: *laughs at him* 

(in fact, they all laugh and Junior smiles with himself)

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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