(Junior is casually swimming by himself when a great white shark appraoches him - but then, Gallio's latest invention shirnks it to pint size)

Woman: Wow, what great decoy!

Governor Wetworth: Whew, thanks Junior.

Junior: That's okay. You couldn't have done it without me. Snork ya later. *leaves*

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, that was a most impressive demonstration, Gallio. 

Gallio: Thank you.

Governor Wetworth: Gallio, Snorkland is a safer place to live thanks to your many inventions. *pulls out metal* Because of your valiant work, I hearby make you my Assistant Governor.

(all in awe)

Gallio: *as it's palce on him* Ouch. Ooh, that's quite an honor, sir. I accept.

(the snorks cheer and their pictures are taken in the newspaper, which Dr. Strangesnork happens to be reading inside his home)

Dr. Strangesnork: Fooie! This is the last strawfish! My My brother always gets all the attention! *throws paper down into a ball* I'm going to get even with hey, oh, I've forgotten his name again.

Finneas: Gallio.

Dr. Strangesnork: Yeah, Gallio. I'll get even with him once and for all, and I'll take over Snorkland too. 

Finneas: How?

Dr. Strangesnork: How? I'll show you how. *rummages through closet* I didn't want to do it, but now I have to. Oh, if only I could remember where I put it! He forced me to use my most dreaded weapon - 

Finneas: *gasps*

Dr. Strangesnork: Now where did I... aha, the door! *opens it and reveals the stinkbomb* There it is, Finneas - eh, uh, it's the, ehm...

Finneas: The skunkfish bomb.

Dr. Strangesnork: Yes, the skunkfish bomb!

Finneas: *hides in a skull*

(Back in town, Corky's on duty for the Snork Patrol)

Corky: Hup 2, 3, 4, Snorkland is safe this night, with the *horn* Snork Patrol on the job! Nothing can escape my notice! Hup 2, 3, 4, --

(Unknowingly to him, Finenas steals his hat

Corky: Hup 2, 3, 4, hup --

Finneas: *rolls eyes* Oh brother! *returns Corky's hat then sticks his tongue out at him*

Corky: Hey, that's my hat!

Finneas: Oh, boy! *takes it again*

Corky: Stop, thief! *chases after him* Give me back my hat! 

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs and watches from a distance before placing the bomb elsewhere* Snorkland is doomed! *laughs*

Corky: *finds his hat* Hmm, here's my hat. *puts it on* But where's the fiend who stole it? Oh well, I'd better get back to my post.

Finneas: *pops out of clam as Dr. Strangesnork approaches him* 

Dr. Strangesnork: Yes, I hid the bomb in a place where no one will ever, ever find it. Now for part 2 of my pmaster plan!

(Corky, Governor Wetworth, and Gallio are now at the Wetworth mansion)

Governor Wetworth: I've called you all here because I received a strange package this morning. *reads note* "I have sent this to give you a small smaple of what will happen if you don't meet my demands." It's signed, "Dr. Strangesnork."

Corky: Stand back, sir! I will open the foul box! 

Governor Wetworth: Careful, Corky!

(a smaller skunfish bomb is inside and sets off, causing all of them to leave at once)


(right now, everyone frantically swims out of City Hall)

Gallio: Holy macarole, Corky's still in there!

Corky: *with mask on, and looks rahter faint* I'm sorry to report that even the smell can get through an official Snork Patrol gas mask. *faints*

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* I've got you by the snork now!

Finneas: Yeah!

Dr. Strangesnork: A skunkfish bomb a million times more pwoerful than my little sample is within the city, where you'll never find it. *laughs* So meet my demands, or pay the price!

Corky: That's terrible! You're under arrest! *faints again*

Governor Wetworth: Um, what are these demands?

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, nothing much. Just eh, uh, I want, eh, I forgot. *Finneas whispers it in his ears* Ooh ,right. I want you to make me the new Governor, and I want my brother, eh, what's is name, kicked out of Snorkland for good!

Governor Wetworth: And what if we don't meet your demands?

Dr. Strangesnork: I'll decinate my skunkfish bomb, then the sea for 100 miles will stink for 1,000 years! I rule Snorkland forever! *laughs* 

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, you leave us no choice, how terrible.

Gallio: Wait a minute - how can you rule Snorkland if you destroy it first?

Dr. Strangesnork: Why, I'll, uh, I'll, gee, I forgot about that.

Finneas: Good grief!

Corky: *wakes up* Say, isn't your lab within 100 miles? it would be destroyed with us.

Gallio: Yes, well, um, I forgot about that too.

Governor Wetworth: Then you have just as much to lose! Forget your demands, and tell us where the bomb is!

Dr. Strangensork: Aw, shucks I guess you're right. Okay, I'll tell you. 

All: Good!

Dr. Strangesnork: Eh, as soon as I remember. 

Governor Wetworth: You mean you can't remember where you hid the bomb?!

Gallio: You even forgot that?!

Dr. Strangesnork: Well, I do remember that I hid it.

All: Yes, yes!

Dr. Strangesnork: Where no one would ever find it!

All: *sarcasm* Oh, great!

Governor Wetworth: We'll organize a city wide search!

Corky: *pulls out radar* Yes, sir! *then puts it on his hat* I'm ready with my official Snork Patrol Bomb Detector, sir! Let's go! 

(the search is on everywhere - even Dr. Strangesnork is searching for himself in the steam pits)

Finneas: *laughs as one explodes on him, but the doctor chases him around in anger*

(Gallio searches within snork's hats, and they search in their yeards as well - mwanwhile, Junior walks around with a giant statue of himself)

Governor Wetworth: *walks over to him as he places his things near a taxi squid* Aren't you going to help us, Junior?

Junior: Nah, I'm busy.

Gallio: Too busy to help us find the bomb?

Junior: You bet. I'm leaving to protect my most valuable possessions. I'd like to help, but *shrugs* let's go!

TaxI: *budges* What you got back there, elephant fish?*finally moves*

Corky: *with woman* I've found it, I've found the bomb!

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, good work, where is it?

Corky: *points to her wristwatch* There! Hear its evil ticking?

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, no, it's much bigger!

Corky: Ooh, ratfish! 

Junior: When the skunkfish bomb goes off, I'll be miles away! I'll find a nice, comfortable place to stay!

Taxi: Where will that be, buddy?

Junior: Why, in a nice, uh, gee, I don't know. But Allstar will help me!

Taxi: Does Allstar guy live out this way?

Junior: No, he's back in, in Snorktown. Gee.

Taxi: *stops* Eh, which way, buddy?

Junior: Uh, uh - back to town!

Taxi: You got it! *to audience* I thought he would never figure it out!

(but the search only keeps going)

Gallio: We've looked everywhere! There's no hope!

Governor Wetworth: *gets out his shell pocket watch* Only 2 minutes left!

Corky: I've found it! *points to watch* Oh, not again! 

(As Finneas leaves, Junior returns home)

Governor Wetworth: Junior, I thought you were leaving!

Junior: *laughs* Yeah, well, I forgot my pigfish bank and had to come back for it. 

Corky: But your bank is right here.

Governor Wetworth: I knew you couldn't run out on Snorktown, son!

Junior: Uh, I guess it was a dumb idea.

Dr. Strangesnork: *now remembering* I remember now! It's in there - in the head of that statue!

Junior: *shocked* What?! I was trying to get away from the bomb, but I took it with me?!

Gallio: *laughs* sometimes, it seems we take our problems with us*

Governor Wetworth: Twenty seconds left!

Corky: *opens the head* How do you shut this off??

Dr. Strangesnork: Well you, eh, I forget!

Governor Wetworth: 3, 2, 1! *all duck down, but it doesn't go off* 

Gallio: It didn't go off!

Dr. Strangesnork: *looks at it* I remember, I remember! Hey, I know how to turn it off!

Corky: How?

Dr. Strangesnork: Remove the detinator cap!

Corky: Where's that?

Dr. Strangesnork: *searches through his labcoat* Here! 

Gallio: You forgot to arm the skunkfish bomb?!

Dr. Strangesnork: Yes, I guess I did. Oh well. *laughs* Nobody's perfect! *tosses it out*

Junior: *about to strangle the mad scientist* PERFECT?! Oh, when I catch up with you! *starts chasing him* 

Dr. Strangesnork: AH! HELP! HELP! MAD CHILD! HELP! HELP!

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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