(All the snorks are swimming together one afternoon)

Casey: Snorkland Aquatorium, dead ahead!

Allstar: Oh, I've been looking forward to this science show for months. I can't wait to jet in. *then he has to tie Occy on a leash outside* 

Occy: *mopes in despair*

Allstar: But don't cry, Occy, I'll try not to be long.

Gallio: And now my friends, I bring you my latest invention - *unveils it* the Minnow Too Riser. 

(all awe at it)

Allstar: What does it do, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: Do?! Oh, good question, Allstar. Let's see. *tests it on Junior's chair*

Junior: Hey! *it shrinks to the size of a minnow*

Allstar: Suffering seashells, now the chair's as small as a little minnow.

Gallio: Precisely that's why I named it the - *stutters as he remembers* Minnow Too Riser!

(they cheer for him, he takes a bow, and Allstar has to keep guard of the invention as he talks to people)

Junior: Hey Allstar, let me try that thing out. I wanna shrink my report card so my dad can't read it.

Allstar: Sorry, Junior. Uncle Gallio asked me to keep anyone from touching it.

(Dr. Strangesnork and his pet catfish Finneas pop out, in disguise form, from a bush)

Dr. Strangesnork: I'm not just anyone, I'm Dr., Dr, ... *Finneas whispers in his ear* Strangesnork. *uses clam catcher to grab the invention behind Allstar's back*

Junior: Oh come on, Allwet, I won't break anything. I just wanna use it for a second.

Allstar: No way, Junior. *Finneas pops out from the clam catcher and grabs it* If anything happens to Uncle Gallio's invention, I'd never forgive myself.

Dr. Strangesnork: *he and Finneas leave with the Minnow Too Riser* 

Occy: *sees them and barks*

Junior: Oh come on, I'll give it right back. Hey, where is that Minnow Too Riser, anyway?

Allstar: *sees it's gone* Oh no, it's gone! *to friends* Somebody stole Uncle Gallio's invention!

Casey: Then we'll help you find it! *go outside as Occy barks some more*

Allstar: If we split up, we can cover more water.

Dimmy: Then let's jet going!

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: Occy, this is all my fault. *Occy only barks some more* Occy, what is your problem? *the octopus breaks free* Occy, jet back here! 

(Dr. Strangesnork is heading back to his lab on the outskirts of town)

Dr. Strangesnork: Fishsticks, I'm being followed! *Occy follows him as Allstar follows his pet* Home sweet home! *Occy bumps into door as it closes*

Allstar: Nice going, Occy! Instead of helping to find the missing invention, I'm out here in fornt of this mysterious laboratory helping you! *looks up at the lasers on the lab and gasps* Mysterious laboratory?! I wonder who lives here...

(they both get sucked in, only to be tied to some tables as the villain laughs)


Dr. Strangesnork: *takes off disguise* So, you've come to stop me, eh?

Allstar: Suffering seashells! I don't know who you are, but, you do look awfully familiar.

Dr. Strangesnork: You don't know who I am?! *laughs* You don't know who I am! Why I'm, uh, um, who am I? *sees himself in Finneas' hand mirror* I know that face, I'm, eh, why yes, Dr. Strangesnork - that's me! *caresses the invention*

Allstar: So it was you who stole Uncle Gallio's invention!

Dr. Strangesnork: yes! I need my brother's device to help me conquer Snorkland!

Allstar: Brother?! Oh no! You won't make me cry "uncle!" And how come Uncle Gallio never mentioned you?

Dr. Strangesnork: He probably forgot - you know how absent-minded he is! *laughs* Now, where was I? Oh yes! 

Allstar: I know your scheme, but you'll never be able to shrink all of Snorkland!

Dr. Strangesnork: *takes out what looks like a giant camera* Wrong scheme! I only want Gallio's Minnow Too Riser, so I an shrink my Mind Swapper! *does so, shrinking to a small hand-held camera* There! *laughs* I've made my Mind Swapper portable!

Allstar: Mind Swapper?! 

Dr. Strangesnork: It swaps minds from one creature to another - and I intend to, *stutters* what am I trying to do?

Finneas: *whispers it to him*

Dr. Strangesnork: Right! I intend to swap minds with Governor Wetworth when he gives his closing speech.

Allstar: Then every snork will think you're the Governor, and you can take over!

Dr. Strangesnork: Now you've got it right, nephew! But first, I must try out my device. And to keep it in the family, I'll test it on you. *flashes it, and Occy storms out, but not without crashing into some props first - Finneas also tries going after him* Finneas, let go! Well that waterlogged mutt messed up my experiment! *hear barking* cancel my last remark.

Occy: *in Allstar's body, barking*

Dr. Strangesnork: it worked! The mind of that obnoxious octopus now inhabits this snork body, and my nosy nephew now has eight arms! *laughs*

Allstar: *in Occy's body as he leaves the lab* Whew, I'm not being followed. *sees himself* These aren't my hands! Suffering squids, my mind is in Occy's body! Octopus or not, I have to warn the governor before it's too late!

Dr. Strangesnork: Time to become governor, Finneas! You stay here and guard that snorky squid! 

(however, Occy only chases after him, but back in town Governor Wetworth and Junior are talking in his office)

Allstar: *hears him reciting his speech*

Governor Wetworth: And remember, fellow snorks, progress is my middle name. *Junior writes all this down* Got all that, Junior?

Junior: Yes, dad. 

Allstar: *trying to talk, but only barks like Occy*

Junior: It's that loudmouth pet of Allstar!

Governor Wetworth: No! Junior, get the telephone and call the octopus catcher! 

Allstar: *thoughts* They can't understand me! I've got Occy's voice as well as his body!

Junior: *talking to octopus catchers once they arrive* It's about time you got here! Catch that beast! 

(but as Allstar leaves, the octopus catcher catches Governor Wetworth by accident)

Governor Wetworth: Oh, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! *but Allstar escapes and closes the door on him* On second thought, you do it!

(Daffney, Dimmy, and Tooter see Occy (still in Allstar's body) trying to chase Finneas)

Dimmy: Hey, there's Allstar!

Daffney: And that catfish must be the theif. Come on!

Tooter: *toots a horn*

Casey: *in town still* I can't find Allstar anywhere.

Allstar: *finds her and barks*

Casey: Occy. *they see the octopus catcher, and he hides behind her*

Octopus Catcher: Hey, did an out-of-control octopus pass this way, about so high, in a big hurry?

Casey: Oh yes, sir, he swam that way.

Octopus Catcher: Thanks.

Allstar: *grabs her*

Casey: Occy, where are you taking me?

Allstar: *thoughts* There's only one way to make casey understand, and that's to drag her bak to Strangesnork's lab.

(they both enter the lab)

Casey: Occy, what is this place?

Dr. Strangesnork: My laboratory! *laughs as they're both palced in seperate cages* It's a good thing I didn't forget my Mini-Mind Swapper, or I would've missed the pleasure of capturing you!

Casey: Who are you?

Dr. Strangesnork: Who am I? Who am I?! Oh, why does everyone have to ask me that?!

Casey: You're weird.

Dr. Strangesnork: Dr. Weird! That doesn't sound familiar. Anyway, you are my prisoners! *laughs* And I have a date with the Governor!

(all see Occy eating his food, assuming he's still Allstar)

Daffney: Poor Allstar! He's really flipped his snork!

Gallio: Great Grunnions! This isn't Allstar. It's Occy! Only one twisted snork would be responsible for this - my brother, Dr. Strangesnork! *Occy still chases Finneas* Quick! Don't let Occy, eh, Allstar, eh, whoever jet away! *all go after him*

(all end up back in his lab)

Casey: Suffering seashells, are you a sight for sore snorks?

Gallio: *releases them* Where is Strangesnork?

Casey: On his way to the Aquatorium. We've got to stop him!

(all follow Occy out as he's still chasing Finneas - at the same moment, the Governor is giving his speech)

Governor Wetworth: And so fellow snorks, ask not what sea science can do for you, but you -- *all enter* I thought we got rid of that octopus!

Junior: But, but that's no octopus! That's Allstar! *octopus catcher catches Allstar in Occy's body*

Octopus Catcher: Got ya!

Governor Wetworth: Now, where was I?

Dr. Strangesnork: *now disguised as a newspaper photographer* I'm with the Daily Snork, Governor. How about a Mind Swap, eh, snap shot?

Governor Wetworth: *laughs* ANything for the press.

Dr. Strangesnork: Say mind swap - Finneas!

Governor Wetworth: "Mind Swap Finneas?!" Whatever happened to "cheese?!" *Occy bumps into him* Allstar Seaworthy, you just ruined my picture! Oh here, son, you take it.

Gallio: *grabs the Mind Swapper* No, I'll take it!

Dr. Strangesnork: But you won't take me!

(Governor and Occy bump into each other)

Junior: Boy, are you in trouble, Allstar.

Gallio: That's not Allstar, governor. That's Occy in Allstar's body, and visa versa. Observe. *snaps it, and they're all back to normal - the real Occy even licks the real Allstar in response* My evil brother intended to take over your body, and take over Snorkland. 

Allstar; Yes, Occy, I'm glad to see you. Now I know what it's like to be you. Oh, what is that horrible taste in my mouth?!

Dimmy: That, uh, Occy's dinner. He ate it when he was you.

Allstar: *moans and looks green around the gill*

Governor Wetworth: I hate to admit it, but you are a hero, Allstar.

Allstar: I am?! Well if I am, so is Occy!

Occy: *barks*

Governor Wetworth: *clears throat* And now to finish my closing address.

Gallio: Aren't you forgetting something? We must capture that bad brother of mine!

(back in his lab...)

Dr. Strangesnork: I bet that good brother of mine wants to capture me, but he'll have to find me first! *powers seaturtle and the lab leaves with it* Those waterlogged fools haven't heard the last of Dr, Dr, eh uh...

Seaturtle: Oh, come on, Dr. Strangesnork!

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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