Dr. Strangesnork



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Glenn Leopold, Cynthia Friedlob, and John Semper

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 5, 1985

Paired With

Allstar's Freshwater Adventure

This article is about the episode. If you're looking for the character, go here: Dr. Strangesnork.

"Dr Strangesnork" is the 8th episode of Season 2. Dr. Strangesnork - Dr. Gallio's evil brother - steals Allstar's invention at the local science fair, and he wants to use it for his evil deeds.

Snorks 208 1

Allstar and Occy in his lab

Plot Summary

The snorks go to a local science show one afternoon, where Gallio displays his Minnow Too Riser, a device that is supposed to shrink anything. A test is done on Junior's chair, and it proves to be about the same size as a minnow. Allstar stands guard of it and tries to not let anything happen to it, even not letting Junior use it to shrink his report card. But behind the yellow snork's back is his evil uncle named Dr. Strangesnork, who steals the Minnow Too Riser and takes it back to his lab. Allstar and Junior both notice it's gone, and so he tries to stop the thief as Occy chases after him.

Both Allstar and Occy end up finding Dr. Strangesnork's lab along the outskirts of town, and they get sucked into it and tied to some tables as the evill villain speaks. They soon learn he is Allstar's uncle, but Gallio has never mentioned him. Dr. Strangesnork, in between him forgetting his recent memory, tells Allstar of his mind swapper (resembling a camera), and how he plans on using it to swap minds with Governor Wetworth so that he would be called the governor and eventually take over Snorkland. But first, he tests it on "the family," and Occy ends up inside Allstar's body and acting just like him, and vice versa. However, Allstar can only bark in Occy's body and not say any real words. 

"Occy" tries to warn Governor Wetworth of the impending situation, but he only assumes it's the real Occy, so he and the police try capturing him. As the other snorks believe Allstar's chasing Finneus, Casey is trying to find the real Allstar when Allstar in Occy's body hides behind her and away from the guards. He then takes her to the lab, where they are put in cages. Meanwhile, Occy in Allstar's body is eating, and Daffney believes Allstar's lost it. Gallio then explains that he's not really Allstar, and that only his evil brother would swap minds. They end up back in the lab where Casey and "Occy" are freed, and then they stop Strangesnork from using the mind swapper during a ceremony. Allstar and Occy end up back as normal, and Allstar's considered a hero for his duties.

Snorks 208 2

Allstar's a hero

Background Info

  • First appearances of Dr. Strangesnork and Finneas
  • In fact, this episode marks one of the few times he stays in character
  • The second time Allstar literally "becomes" Occy takes place in Wish Or Wish Out

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: Brother?! Oh no! You won't make me cry "uncle"! And how come Uncle Gallio never mentioned you?

Dr. Strangesnork: He probably forgot. You know how absent minded he is.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! *tries going after "Occy" (really Allstar in Occy's body) but fails* On second thought, you do it.

Casey: Who are you???

Dr. Strangesnork: Who am I! Who am I?! *stutters* Oh, why does everyone have to ask me that?!

Casey: You're weird!

Dr. Strangesnork: Dr. Weird! That doesn't sound familiar.


  • As Allstar in Occy's body leaves, the mind swapper temporarily vanishes
  • Dr. Strangesnork's outfit switches from being long to short throughout
  • When Allstar ties Occy to a leash outside, for a moment his eyes are white instead of yellow


  • The character of Dr. Strangesnork strongly resembles Dr. Strangelove



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