Fine Fettered Friends



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 24, 1984

Paired With

Time Out For Sissies

"Fine Fettered Friends" is the 21st episode of Season 1. Allstar and Junior get chained by magic handcuffs, and they have to figure out ways to break free while also learning a lesson along the way.

Snorks 121 2

Stuck together, torn apart

Plot Summary

One day during school, Allstar and Casey discuss their big date coming up at the Plankburger Palace. But then it's time for history class, and Dr. Gallio visits to show the students ancient Snorkian relics such as a writing tablet and a pair of handcuffs. Junior puts them on Allstar with him, but they can't seem to get it off now. Gallio has no idea where the key is, so he has them come into his lab where he tries everything in his power to remove the cuffs. Nothing seems to work, and now Allstar's worried his date with Casey will go horribly wrong and that she'll leave him. Junior's worried too, but his fear is more about his mom thinking he's in jail and his dad losing his job as Governor of Snorkland

After trying everything, Gallio comes to the conclusion that Allstar and Junior have no choice but to climb up Snork's Peak and find the key themselves. Once they arrive there, they argue over which way to go, and it's proven to be very difficult because they're supposed to be cooporate and they aren't at the moment. They both go up together, where they end up finding the ancient statue. They continuously search for the right key, but it turns out it was on that statue in the first place. Junior pulls it out, and it causes the interior cave to rumble and a boulder to head into Snorkland. Both have to cooporate in order to figure out a way to stop the boulder from destroying the town. After arguing for a bit, they end up creating another rock which blocks the boulder. In a second, their handcuffs fall off. Gallio soon explains to them that once they've cooporated, they're supposed to fall off.

Snorks 121 1

Allstar's "nightmare"

Background Info

  • This is the second time Junior gets in toruble for fibbing (The New Neighbors)
  • This is the only instance where Allstar and Casey get close to kissing, although it was only a worst case scenario visual by Allstar involving him still being chained to Junior
  • We learn that Governor Wetowrth used to work as an octopus catcher

Memorable Quotes

Dimmy: You guys are late for history class! 

Allstar: What makes you think that?

Dimmy: 'Cause I'm late for history class!

Casey: I like going out with you, but, you know what they say.

Allstar: Yeah, two is company.

Casey: And Junior is a crowd!

Allstar: Wow, this must be the cave. Let's go!

Junior: *stutters* But it's dark in there.

Allstar: Afraid of the dark, Junior?

Junior: No, I'm afraid of what's in the dark!


  • The snorks in class sometimes change color


  • The title is a play on the expression "fine feathered friends"



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