(View Snorkland High, and Allstar approaching Casey in between their classes)

Allstar: Hi Casey. Guess where I'm taking you tonight for our date? The Plankburger Palace!

Casey: The Palace?! Oh Allstar, it'll be so romantic! *they both sigh*

Dimmy: Hey, you guys are late for history class!

Allstar: What makes you think that?

Dimmy: Cause I'm late for history class! *the bell rings, and Allstar and Casey swim without him* Hey, wait for me!

(Junior sees the empty chairs in class)

Junior" Ms. Seabottom, Allstar, Casey, and Dimmy are late for class. *they sit down behind him*

Ms. Seabottom: That's not very funny, Junior. 

Junior: Huh?! *sees them sitting quietly with angelic smiles across their faces*

Ms. Seabottom: Today, class, we have a special treat. Dr. Gallio is going to show us part of his collection of ancient Snorkian relics.

(all clap for him)

Gallio: If everyone will move in closer, I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. 

Dimmy: What's this? 

Gallio: This is very interesting. Our ancestors used this stone as a writing tablet. They carved the words with these. *gets out large pin and hammer* You have to be very careful. It's quite *Dimmy breaks it* fragile. 

All: *moan*

Gallio: Don't worry, Dimmy, I have a dozen of these at home. And now, the oldest Snorkelogical find of all. *gets out a pair of handcuffs*

All: OH!

Casey: Oh, what interesting bracelets. 

Dimmy: They're not bracelets, they're a, they're a, what are they?

Gallio: They were used to control snorks in the days before they lived together in peace. 

Allstar: *Junior nudges him* Hey!

Junior: What do ya mean, "control"?

Gallio: It's very simple. *demonstrates it on them* You simply stack them in palce like so. 

Allstar: Wow, this is pretty strong. *Junior tugs it* Hey take it easy, Junior!

Junior: You're under arrest! *snickers*

Allstar: I've had abotu all the fun I can stand! Where's the key, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: The key?! I, ugh, I never did find the key. 

Allstar and Junior: Huh?!

Allstar: Well then how do we get out of this?

Junior: Yeah, I don't wanna spend the rest of my life chained to this drip.

Gallio: Boys, if you come with me to my lab, I'm sure I can find a way to cut through the metal.

Ms. Seabottom: Oh, let's hope so. I can't have my students in chains. On second thought...

(Inside his lab, Gallio uses a heat blazer to try and cut through, but it doesn't work)

Gallio: I've never seen metal like this before. Oh, this may take a little time.

Junior: Well, you better make it fast. I got big plans for tonight.

Allstar: Tonight?! Oh no! Tonight's my big date with Casey!

(Allstar imagine him and Casey ordering spaghetti on their date, and nearly kissing each other and laughing)

Allstar: Are you having a good time, Casey?

Casey: Oh yes, Allstar. There's just one thing. *points at Junior*

Junior: *on the other side* Pass the seasalt, Allwet!

Casey: I'm going home, Allstar. I hope we do this again real soon - alone.

Allstar: I'll walk you home, Casey! 

Junior: Hey!

Casey: I like going out with you, but, now you know what they say.

Allstar: Yeah, two is company.

Casey: And Junior is a crowd. *she leaves*

(now Junior imagines his family on stage in front of hundreds of snorks)

Governor Wetworth: And now, fellow members of the Society For Deciency in Snorkland, the time has come for me to make a special announcement. Taxes will have to be raised.

Snorks: *goan at him*

Mrs. Wetworth: *whispers in his ear*

Governor Wetworth: Wrong speech. Oh yeas, of course. Well, I meant to say is, the time has come for me to announce the winner of the Junior Achievement Award. *Junior and Allstar peek through the curtains* For reaching out his hand and for helping snorks make Snorkland a better place, the winner of the Junior Achievement Award is my son, Junior Wetworth.

Junior: *bows on stage as everyone claps for him*

Willie: Hi, Junior!

Junior: Beat it, Willie!

Willie: I didn't do nothin'! *pulls curtain to reveal he and Allstar in the chains*

Snorks: *gasp*

Snork 1: He's being a prisoner!

Snork 2: The governor's son is a criminal!

Snork 3: It's a scandal!

Mrs. Wetworth: *gasps* My baby, a criminal! *faints*

Governor Wetworth: What is the meaning of this???

Allstar: Hi, Governor. Um, uh, Junior was just reaching out his hand to join with his fellow snorks, that's all. Let's get out of here. *drags Junior away*

Mrs. Wetworth: After this, you'll be lucky to get your old job back - octopus catcher!

Governor Wetworth: Oooh! *shutters*


(Occy's noe using a chainsaw to cut the metal loose)

Gallio: It's no use. This ancient Snorkian metal is amazingly storng. There is one thign we haven't tried.

Both: What?

Gallio: Finding the key.

Both: The key?!

Gallio: I discovered those handcuffs in a secret cave I discovered a long time ago atop of Snork's Peak. I didn't think to look for a key. But I'm far too old to climb the mountain now, but --

Allstar: We can go back to the cave and find the key!

Junior: Yeah!

Allstar: We'll take the Silverfish and the gang, and --

Gallio: Not so fast! The currents up there would make it impossible to stear, and it's far too dangerous to take the others. You'll have to climb up the mountain alone. 

Junior: Is it dangerous? On second thought, I'll stay here. You go find it.

Allstar: Sorry, Junior. Where you go, I go.

Junior: Oh, I feel like a barnacle! 

Gallio: This will be a very difficult expedition. You must both promise to cooporate with each other at all times. 

Both: *sigh* Let's go. *they try sperating, but can't*

(now they're below Snork's Peak, trying to climb up the top)

Allstar: I say we go that way.

Junior: I say we go that way!

Allstar: This is not cooporation! 

Junior: It is too! You get one vote, I get one vote, it's a tie! That's cooporation!

Allstar: *looks up* Junior, I, uh, I think we have a tiebreaker!

(All look to see a giant fish heading their way)

Both: YIKES! *they get grabbed by it* 

Allstar: *sees plant ahead of him* Hold on to the plant, Junior! 

Junior: Huh?!

Allstar: *grabs it* Hold on tight! *they slingshot it back* Whoa, that was a close one.

Junior: Yeah, good thig we cooporated on my slingshot idea. 

Allstar: *glares ath him*

(both look up at the really tall and pointy mountain)

Allstar: Well, there it is.

Junior: You mean we have to climb that?!

Allstar: Don't worry, Junior. We'll climb it snork style. 

Junior: I don't know. *gets pulled* Yipe! 

Allstar: *as the winds get stronger* Now hold on! *jumps over top of him* Now it's your turn, Junior. Snork up over me.

Junior: *does so* Hey, this is easy. *trips on rock* Whoa! Pull me up, you fishbrain! *does so* I could've been killed or soemthing, I -- huh?!

Allstar: *they see the cave* Wow, this must be the cave. Let's go.

Junior: But it, but it's dark in there.

Allstar: Afraid of the dark, Junior? 

Junior: No, I'm afraid of what's in the dark. Why don't I stay here and -- *pulled* yipe!

(they use random flashlights in palce of their snorks inside the cave)

Junior: Uh, what's that?

Allstar: It looks like some sort of guardian.

(they both see a guardian snork wearing a rope right in front of them with a triangle for a necklace)

Allstar: The ancient snorks must've believed it would protect the cave. Well, the key must be in here somewhere.

Junior: But where? 

Allstar: *hands him a shovel* Well, I guess we'll just have to dig for it. 

Junior: Nah uh, nah uh, I don't dig digging.

Allstar: Well how else are we gonna find it? You don't expect to just stumble over it. 

Junior: *actually does that, and it opens to reveal more keys* Huh?!

Allstar: Wha?! 

Both: Oh no!

(they try all of them on, but none seem to fit)

Allstar: Well, that's the last one. Not one of them fits! 

Junior: *to statue* Oh, this is all your fault, you moldy old snork! I hate you, I hate your cave, I hate that stupid triangle around your neck! 

Alsltar: Triangle. *see triangle on chain and on the neckalce* The key! 

Junior: Where?

Allstar: There! It was right in front of our snorks the whole time! *Junior goes to it* Wait, Junior, I have a funny feeling about this.

Junior: What's the amtter, Allwet? Afraid? *pulls it off, and the cave crumbles* Yao!!! 

Allstar: Let's get out of here! 

Junior: WHOA!

(all swim away from a giant boulder, now heading towards town)

Junior: The key - I dropped it!

Allstar: That boulder's heading right for Snorkland! We have to stop it somehow! *seperate, but bump in again* Where are you going?

Junior: I'm going back to get the key!

Allstar: That's not important now, we've got only seconds to save Snorkland.

Junior: And I say we get the key first! *Allstar pulls him back* HEy!

Allstar: Junior, we have to cooporate with each other, or Snorkland will be smashed, even if it means never getting out of these handcuffs.

Junior: Oh, for once, you're right, Allwet. What do we do?

Allstar: I've got an idea. Let's go. *they swim* Remember what we did to that big fish?

Junior: Oh, you mean my idea?

Allstar: *sighs* Yeah, your idea. Well I think it can work again.

Junior: Yeah, sure it can. It can?!

Allstar *grabs it* Our timing has to be perfect!

Junior: Timing is my middle name! 

Allstar: Okay, Junior, let her rip!

(they slignshot a rock to stop the boulder from moving any further)

Junior: We did it!

Allstar: We saved Snorkland!

(then their handcuffs fall off)

Both: Huh?!

(Gallio tells all about the handcuffs inside his lab)

Gallio: And so it appears that the ancient snorks were very wise indeed. They designed these handcuffs so that the more you struggle, the tighter they become. 

Allstar: So when Junior and i stopped fighting, and cooporated with each other, they fell right off.

Casey: Can I borrow these, Dr. Gallio?

Gallio: Why of course.

(Casey chains them to Alsltar and herself)

Allstar: Hey, what's the big idea, Casey?

Casey: We have a date tonight, and I'm not taking any chances.

Allstar: *raises eyebrows at the audience and smiles*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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