Frank Nelson


May 6, 1911


Colorado Springs, Colorado


September 12, 1986 (age 75)


Hollywood, California


Actor and voice actor

Characters Played:

Governor Wetworth

Frank Nelson

Frank Nelson

Frank Nelson (May 6, 1911 - September 12, 1986) was an American comedic actor and voice actor. On the Snorks, he provided the voice of Governor Wetworth for the first two seasons until his death, when Barry Gordon assumed the role. 

Characters Played

  • Governor Wetworth

Other Voice Roles

  • Clerk, Rockbind, and Rocky Stone - The Flintstones
  • Narrator - Mr. Magoo
  • Uncle Dudley - The All New Popeye Hour
  • Wizzar - Monchhichis
  • Ralph - The Jetsons (1985)
  • Dr. Pavlov - Foofur

Notable Acting Roles

  • Mr. Fischer - Our Miss Brooks
  • Ralph Ramsey - I Love Lucy
  • Various - The Jack Benny Show
  • Co-Pilot - Sanford and Son
  • Spiffy - The Oddball Couple
  • Richard J. Remington - Malibu Bikini Shop

Personal Life and Legacy

Frank Nelson was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He began his career in radio before moving to television. His most notable roles took place during the 40s and 50s, when he numerous roles on Jack Benny's radio show, and eventually his own television show. Portraying a sales clerk or a customer service worker, his most notable catchphrase was "EEE-yeeeeeesssss?" This has allowed other aspects of pop culture to reference or parody his famous catchphrase and television roles. The most known out of that batch would have to be the "Yes Guy" from The Simpsons. Frank Nelson was married to Mary Lansing from 1933 to 1970, and then Veola Vonn from 1970 until his death in 1986. He died in Hollywood on September 12, 1986 after battling cancer for several years. 

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