(In a rural part of the ocean, a few snorkeaters are planning on eating more snorks)

Snorkeater #1: Tonight, we feast! *see ice ahead of them and they swim for it* Incoming! *it lands ona rock*

Snorkeater #2: That was close!

Snorkeater #3: Yeah, but as soon as we get past the town's defenses, we're gonna have a real smorgesboard! 

Snorkeater #2: Forget smorgesboard, we're gonna have a SNORK-esboard! 

(meanwhile, everyone is at the village of Snork Pole)

Father: The snorkeaters are closing in, Esky. You're our village's fastest snork. We're counting on you to get help.

Esky: But, I don't think I can do it. I'll get caught.

All: Go, go, go! *he leaves*

Father: Fire off more iceblocks to distract the snorkeaters, and give Esky a chance to escape.

(the snorks fire the moff)

Snorkeater #3: Oh no! Swim for it! *dodge* one of the snorks is escaping! After him!

Esky: I can't let them catch me! 

Snorkeater #2: Let him go - we've still got plenty of mouthwaterin' snorks left! 

(Esky is panting when a snorkeater-eater approaches him)

Snorkeater-eater: Hey, are you okay? You look pooped.

Esky: I can't talk now! I've got a village to save!

Snorkeater-eater: Sheesh! Everybody is always in such a hurry these days!

(In Snorkland, Allstar and Casey are playing volleysnork with Corky and Jojo)

Allstar: Okay, Jojo! try and hit this serve!

Jojo: *gets ball* I'll try! *blows it with snork, knowing down net and the others* I win again! I love snorkball! *then sees Esky right behind him*

Esky: *pants* You've gotta help us right away becuase the whole town is being attacked by three snorkeaters, and-and we don't know what to do, and so, and so you --

Allstar: Whoa, slow down, we can't understand you.

Esky: Please, my whole village at the Snork Pole is being attacked by snorkeaters, and we need help - desperately!

Corky: Great Neptune! This looks like a job for the Snork Patrol!

Esky: Yes, the Snork patrol! Do you know where I can find them!

Corky: Why, you already have! It's us!

Esky: Are you serious? Great! We've gotta hurry! *sneezes* Beside, all this hot weather's giving me a cold!

Casey: *enters sub with the others* Don't worry, we'll take care of those snorkeaters. 

(all head to the Snork Pole together)

Esky: We're getting close to the Snork Pole. You have to turn to --

Corky: Aha, no need to give directions, my friend, the Snork Patrol's Automatic Navigational System will lead us right to your village.

Esky: Really? Wow!

Corky: *tests it out but it fails* Um, which way did you say to turn?

(all find a decent spot and get out of the sub)

Casey: I'll take the snorkball net with us. Maybe we can tie up the snorkeaters with it.

Corky: Good idea, Casey!

Allstar: The whole town is deserted!

Jojo: That is bad news!

Esky: Listen, it's coming from the town square.

Casey: Now we'll find out what's going on! *all do so*


(Meanwhile, the snorkeaters are preparing for their meals, as they've already placed all of Snork Pole into one giant cage)

Snorkeater #3: Snorks are best when served with a light seaweed sauce!

Snorkeater #2: Nonsense, there's nothin' as good as plain snork on a stick!

Snorkeater #3: Plain snork?! Blah! What are you, a barbarian?!

(The snorks see the village is captured)

Esky: Oh no, we're too late! The entire village is about to be eaten!

Corky: It's never too alte for the *horn* Snork Patrol!

Casey: Yeah, let's get 'em!

Allstar: *stops her* Wait, wait, we need a plan first!

Corky: Allstar's right - a Snork Patroller needs a plan! Uh, like what did you have in mind?

Allstar: We'll lure the two snorkeaters, and Esky will drop the net on 'em, okay?

Esky: I, I think I can do it.

Jojo: Sounds good to me, let's do it!

Casey: Yeah, we'll teach those bullies are lesson!

(The snorks arrive with soem seaweed and head inside a cave with Allstar)

Allstar: Great! That seaweed is perfect! Casey, how's that red ink coming along?

Casey: Well it works alright, I just hope we can get it off.

(all quickly come out, disguised as a snorkeater with Allstar on top and the other four on the bottom)

Allstar: So, what do you guys think? Do we look like a snorkeater or what?

Jojo: I don't know. Do you think I used too much eye make-up?

Allstar: You look fine! Uh, Corky, your snork is showing.

Corky: *covers it* Uh, sorry.

Allstar: Okay, let's go!

(they try balancing themselves over to the snorkeaters)

Snorkeater #3: Mmm, mmm, I LOVE snorks!

Snorkeater #2: There's no finer delicacy! *they take the trapped snorks near the lava pit*

Allstar: *deepens his voice* Hey, hold on there!

Snorkeater #3: Who said that?!

Allstar: Don't worry, it's just me - Spike, the snorkeater! How ya doin'?

Snorkeater #2: We're doin' fine, now get lost!

Snorkeater #3: Yeah! We're not sharin' any of these juicy snorks with no one!

Snorkeater #2: Yeah! We caught 'em and we're gonna eat 'em!

Allstar: *laughs* Ah, don't worry about nothin', boys! I ain't here to eat your snorks!

Snorkeater #2: I don't believe ya! Are you sure ya ain't gonna try soemthin' funny?

Allstar: Nah, no way! In fact, I found a whole mess of better snorks up yonder myself! I was wonderin' if you boys would, uh, help me!

Snorkeater #3: A whole mess of 'em?! How many?

Allstar: How many? Uh, well there's so many of 'em, I can't possibly get 'em all msyelf!

Snorkeater #3: I'll help ya!

Snorkeater #2: Me too, where are they?

Allstar: They're just, uh, over that - hill!

Snorkeater #2: Go ahead! *licks lips* I could taste 'em now!

Allstar: Okay, folow me! *as they do so, his voice returns to normal and he whispers to the others* It's working, you guys!

Casey: Yeah, we've got' em now!

(but the disguise pops out of the bottom)

Allstar: Uh oh!

Snorkeater #2: You weren't kiddin'! 

(all swim from them)

Casey: I think you've already got your dinner! Care for dessert?

Snorkeater #3: More snorks!

Snorkeater #2: Get 'em!

Allstar: This better work!

(while the snorkeaters chase them, Esky plans the net portion of the plan)

Snorkeater-eater: *shows up again* Say, this is a small world! How ya doin'?

Esky: Oh no, not you again! I don't have time to talk to you now - I'm in the middle of a big plan!

Snorkeater-eater: Well, excuse me for livin'! *leaves* Boy, this guy's always busy!

(still chasing)

Snorkeater #3: After them!

Casey: Just a little farther!

Allstar: *stops* Oh no, another one!

Snorkeater #3: Dinner time!

Esky: This is terrible! Now everyone's captured!

Corky: *tied up with the others* We had the perfect plan to capture these two!

Allstar: Yeah, too bad nobody told us there were three of them.

Snorkeater #2: Wait, I smell anotehr snork! Up there, look! 

Snorkeater #3: *he too sees Esky* Hey, that's the snork who escaped from the village!

Snorkeater #2: He must've brought these new ones!

Snorkeater #1: Should I catch him? Huh? Huh?

Snorkeater #3: No! Let him go! Maybe he'll bring us back mroe snroks for tomorrow's dinner!

Esky: *moans as the snorkeaters laugh* My friends are doomed! My village is destroyed, and it's all my fault! Oh, what a lousy day!

Snorkeater-eater: Boy, you sure look depressed. Things that bad?

Esky: Worse - I've had terrible luck today!

Snorkeater-eater: Huh, me too. hey, maybe I can help!

Esky: A little fish like you? You've gotta be kidding! Besides, I'm jinxed. You'd only get eaten.

Snorkeater-eater: Eating? Who's eating? I haven't had any food in days! You know, I'm so hungry, I could even eat you!

Esky: You?! Eat me?! Aren't you a little small for that?

Snorkeater-eater: *opens his mouth and accidentally blasts him away* 

Esky: *stutters nervously* Wh-wh-wh-what in the whirlpool kind of fish are you?

Snorkeater-eater: I'm a snorkeater-eater! *opens mouth once again*

Esky: Are you serious? Well I happen to be having trouble with some snorkeaters!

Snorkeater-eater: Snorkeaters? Oh, where, where? Oh tell me, tell me, you better not be kiddin'!

Esky: I'm not. They've captured my friends.

Snorkeater-eater: Show me, now! Hurry! Oh, hurry!

Esky: Okay, okay, they're this way!

(meanwhile, all the snorks are still trapped in the big cage)

Snorkeater #1: Uh, I get the fat one there!

Jojo: Hey, who you calling fat!

Allstar: Look, it's Esky!

Snorkeater #1: Hey, it's that snork who let go! And he's brought a little mino with him!

Snorkeater-eater: *opens mouth wide and scares him*

Snorkeater #2: *shakes* That's no mino, it's a snorkeater-eater!

(all swim away)

Snorkeater #1: Oh, so that's what they look like!

Snorkeater #3: Let's get out of here!

Snorkeater-eater: Hey, thanks! See you all after dinner! *continues chasing them around*

(in the end, the entire village has dinner together)

Father: We will always be in your debt.

Corky: The snorkeaters should've known better than to challenge, *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Father: And a special thanks to Esky, who saved our entire village.

Esky: I'm just glad I could help. I guess I can do things after all.

Father: And now, it's time to eat! 

(the villagers bring the snorks icecile dinners)

Allstar: Well this certainly is, uh, well, preserved.

Casey: *licks it* I've never had popsicle soup before.

Jojo: *takes a bite of it whole* Mmm, crunchy! May I have seconds? *all stare at him funny*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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