(a giant fish is eating kelp out of a kelp field when Dr. Strangesnork zooms in on his large telescope attached to his latest machine)

Dr. Strangesnork: Move it, you two-tonned tunner! *it leaves* Much better! *laughs* There's our target, Finneas - Snorkland! With my Patentant Permanent Wave Machine, I'll flatten the city, and rebuild it in my own image! The image of *forgets until Finenas holds a picture of him* of course, Finneas, I'd know that face anywhere - Dr. Strangesnork! Now back to your paddle wheel, Finneas. I need power! *he moves it* More power, that's right! Put your tailfin into it! *the giant hand flattens the kelp* Now I'll really give Snorkland a great big hand! *laughs* We'll soon see how the city sells up to my permanent wave!

(Everyone is doing some spring cleaning at Gallio's lab)

Gallio: Spring cleaning in my lab is such a chore. *giggles* I don't wonder the whirlpool what I'd do without you.

Allstar: Oh don't mention it, Uncle Gallio. Dimmy, that vaccum snail's getting pretty full. 

Snail: *pants* He sure said a mouthful!

Dimmy: Okay, out you go, *it leaves and another one comes in* and in you go.

(Allstar places all the dirt and garbage outside when Daffney shows up)

Allstar: Aren't you a little late, Daffney? You promised to help us with Uncle Gallio's spring cleaning this morning.

Daffney: Sorry, but I just had to get the newest Jane Flounder poster. I'm getting my hair done just like her's.

Dimmy: *looks at the poster* It, uh, sure looks different.

Daffney: Exactly, Dimmy. Just look at yourselves! Everyone in Snorkland dresses exactly the same - dull and boring! *all look at themselves, including Occy* Jane Flounder doesn't look like that - she has style, she's unique, she's -- *sees off in distance* what's happening?!

(wind blows them back to lab, all from Dr. Strangesnork's machine)

Dr. Strangesnork: Something's wrong! Snorks are flying, but no buildings are being flattened! Faster, Finneas, faster! *Finenas pants*

(Gallio's lab is even dirtier than before)

Gallio: *with head in cone* I've never felt a current like that before.

Dimmy: *out of Occy* Me neither.

Allstar: *pounces on spring on snork when stuck in dirt*

Casey: Calm down, Allstar, I've got you. *helps him back up*

Allstar: Oh, thanks, Casey. I've never had a spring-loaded snork before.

Daffney: Oh, great! Now I've got sea depris all over my nice new poster! *sees shiny, magnetic red ball* Hey, what's this?

Gallio: What's what? *Daffney takes off his cone and shows it to him* Oh, that. It's just an old perpetual power pearl. It was supposidly the greatest source of power in the whole universe. But it never worked why, I *throws it away* I forget why.

Daffney: Ooh, can I have it then? Can I?

Gallio: Certainly. But what in the whirlpool for?

Daffney: *takes off star in hair* Oh, it'll make a sansational hair ornament! Just like Jane Fliounder's!

Finneas: *pants in exhaustion*

Dr. Strangesnork: Don't give up! Faster! Faster! Oh, what's the use?! You're a washout, Finneas! 

Finneas: *budges but can't move* Dr. Strangesnork: My permanent wave machine works, but you don't. It's times like these, I wish I had a dogfish for an assistant. Hold it! I know where I can get the sea power I need! *puts on disguise again* Here, we'll put this on so we can sneak into the lab of my brother, uh, what's his name. *Finenas whispers it to him* Right, Gallio. This way, Finneas! 

(back at Gallio's...)

Allstar: But Daffney, you just got here! 

Daffney: *leaves* Sorry, I'm late for my weekly jane Flounder workout!

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* I'll just sneak in and grab that power pearl! *Daffney passes by* Hey, watch your jet, young lady!

Daffney: Sorry! 

Finneas: *points out power pearl to him*

Dr. Strangesnork: Ow, what are you doing?! *he sees her with it* You're right, Finneas. She is wearing the perpetual power pearl. *laughs* And my stealing it will be as easy as *forgets until Finneas throws a cream pie at him* Right, pie! *spy on her out of gournd* There she is, going into that health club! *follow her*

(Inside is a macho snork named Bruno jumping with a jump rope)

Bruno: 4,002, 4,003, --

Daffney: Nothing like a little jetrope to keep in shape, eh, Bruno?

Bruno: You know it, Daffney! 4,004, -- *Sees Strangesnork and kicks him out* Sorry, pal, it's ladies day at the gym! 

Dr. Strangesnork: Now see here, you muscle-bound macarole, --

Bruno: And no puny pets either!

Finneas: *screeches as he's thrown out*


(the workout instructor is on her snork and bouncing lightly with it)

Workout Lady: This is advanced aquarobics, girls. Work those snorks! Now, you're jetting it! Up, down, up, down, keep those snorks on the ground!

(Dr. Strangesnork is applying makeup and disguising himself as a girl)

Dr. Strangesnork: *Sees Daffney swimming backwards* There she is, Finneas!

Workout Lady: That's it! Work up a snork sweat!

Dr. Strangesnork: *with plier* Piering plunger, now! *it misses her*

Workout Lady: Up, down, remember girls, no pain *but it gets her in the face* no gain!

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* The power pearl is all mine! And it must be full of energy, because it sure is heavy! *realizes he got her and not it* Whoops!

Workout Lady: Okay, lady, playtime is over! *places him on the treadmill* You'd better shape up - that means 20 miles on this treadmill - now!

Dr. Strangesnork: Twenty miles?! Since when does a bad guy have to be in good shape?! *moans*

(Daffney is lifiting some weights)

Daffney: Come on, guys, I can lift more weight than this. *puff up* Okay, enough is enough! *breathes heavily* I can't believe Jane Flounder does this everyday!

Dr. Strangesnork: *tries stealing it during her sit-ups, but is caught again*

Workout Lady: So, practicing for the ballet? Well this'll slim those thighs, lady! *places him on slingshot, when he shakes and sees her pass by again* Finneas, Daffney is coming this way. Now's our chance! *but he spins around* I don't know which is going to be destroyed first, Snorkland or me!

(at the end of the day, Bruno is handing out a piece of paper to Daffney)

Daffney: Wow, Jane Flounder's making a personal appearance today!

Bruno: Sure is - at the Neptune Vitamin Shop to sign watergraphs!

Daffney: Oh, I'll show her I'm a true fan and go dress just like her!

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh no, she's trying to jet away!

Bruno: So, trying to steal our town, eh? Now put em back!

Dr. Strangesnork: Yes, sir, right away. *then thrown back out with Finneas*

(Daffney is at a shop trying on some clothes a la Jane Flounder)

Stylist: Oh it fits you perfectly, dear.

Daffney: Is it really me?

Stylist: Absolutely.

Daffney: I'll take it!

(now she's getting her hair done just like her idol)

Hair Dresser: If you want to look like Jane Flounder, you'll have to remove that pearl, sweetie! *she does so*

Dr. Strangesnork: *as hair stylist* Psst, Finneas, did you hear that? Now's our chance. When I finish this customer's snail sket, you get the power pearl. *he does so*

Hair Dresser: First to rinse and blowfish dry. 

Dr. Strangesnork: *has it* at last, it's mine! And it's still working, I see! 

(his distraction makes the Workout Lady's hair all pointed)

Workout Lady: Hey! *looks at mirror* What have you done to my beautiful hair?! *grabs him* You're not gettin' away with this! *drops power pearl*

Hair Dresser: All finished, Daffney.

Daffney: *looks at her new Jane Flounder look in hand mirror and smiles*

(meanwhile, Strangesnork is using the machien again)

Dr. Strangesnork: Yes, Finneas, I should've thought of this sooner! I'll disguise myself by getting the pearl as *forgets until he sees poster* Right, Jane Flounder! And I think I hear her coming! *sees her* Yes, there she is! *hides machine* Hurry, Finenas! *laughs when she's passed by* It worked! *puts on her disguise* That's the long way into Snorkland! *gets on an eel-limo* Giving us plenty of time to get to the Neptune Vitamin Shop! Step on it, Finneas! *he leaves* Finneas! What kind of showfur are you?! Back up! *gets him on* 

(Daffney is swimming over there in her new outfit)

Daffney: I can't wait to meet Jane Flounder and get her watergraph! *is shocked by the number of fans dressed like her* Suffering seashells! Everybody looks like Jane Flounder! *they cheer on* How depressing! Everybody acts the same and looks the same! *tears up poster and leaves* 

Dr. Strangesnork: Finding Daffney in a sea of Jane Flounders will be like finding a snork in a kelp sack! These fans are out of their snorks! Come on, Finneas, we're leaving! *they hide behind the trash*

Fan: Oh, there goes Jane! Oh, she hasn't even signed my poster! *they leave with her*

Allstar: *swimming with Casey and Daffney* You didn't get Jane Flounder's watergraph?

Daffney:*sitches the hairstyle and power pearl* Who wants it now that everyone looks like her?! I figured out an easier way at being different - by just being myself! 

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs as it drops into his hands* Well, well, after all the garbage I've been through, the perpetual power pearl just drops into my lap! *tests it out* It's working, Finenas! When Snorkland is flattened, I'll rename all the streets after me! That'll make them easier to remember! *sees it going out of control* Great groupers! The permanent wave machine is getting out of hand! *smashes him* Oh no, now I jsut remembered why my brother threw out that power pearl - *runs for it* it short circuits every machine, because it's permanently cracked! *Finneas mumbles* And no more cracks out of you, Finneas! 

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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