• (open with blue fish eating seaflowers, when a young snorkeater who appears to be attacking it goes after the flowers and eats those instead)

Female Snorkeater: Yoo hoo, Gilroy!

Gilroy: Coming, mom. *swims back home*

Male Snorkeater: *punches snorkbag* Well son, were you out snork-hunting on the reef?

Gilroy: No dad, just eating some searaniums, mmm.

Gilroy's Dad: Searaniums?! You're a snorkeater! You're supposed to be eating snorks!

Gilroy: I don't like snorks. I'd rather eat seaflowers. 

Gilroy's Mom: *cries* Ooh, my only son's a vegetarian!

Gilroy's Dad: Look what you're doing to your mother! *kicks Gilroy out* Young man, it's time you go out and act like a real snorkeater.

Gilroy: But dad.

Gilroy's Dad: And don't even think about coming back until you've eaten a snork. *Gilroy leaves*

(off elsewhere, Daffney sits with a casette player and Jojo swims over to her)

Daffney: Hi, Jojo. You're just in time for your language lesson.

Cassette: Hello, I am a snork.

Jojo: Hello, me am a snork.

Daffney: *giggles* I think you better keep practicing, Jojo. Just keep listening to the tape, and you'll soon be speaking like a native. 

Jojo: Oh, me glad. 

Cassette: No, I'm glad. 

Daffney: And I have to jet back to Snorkland to meet Allstar and Tooter. 

Jojo: Okay. Besides, me hungry anyway. 

Daffney: No Jojo, I'm hungry. 

Jojo: You hungry, too? *grabs seaweed* Here, have bite. 

Daffney: Uh, Jojo, that's not what I meant. I said "I'm hungry" because you said "Me hungry." I'm not hungry at all. 

Jojo: No, you am confused. 

Daffney: Bye, Jojo. 

Jojo: Bye, Daffney. *eats it* Good, me get another. *gets some and sees Gilroy* Oops, me not supposed to eat snorkeater.

Gilroy: No, I'm supposed to eat you. *swallows Jojo* I didn't want to, but I did it.

Jojo: *swings him around* Me not like being eaten!

Gilroy: Believe me, I didn't like it any better than you did! *cries*

(see other snorks playing mini-golf in Snorkland)

Junior: Oh, you guys are in trouble now. I'm gonna use my lucky golf ball. Caddyfish, my club. *hands it to him, and then hits the ball* Shar! Looks liek a hole in one!

Allstar: *after it misses* You mean a hole in none.

Junior: Hey, that's my lucky ball! I can't play without it! *goes after it*

Gilroy: *telling story to Jojo and crying at the same time* My dad told me that until I eat a snork, I, I could never come back home!

Jojo: *crying too* That am sad story. How can I help?

Gilroy: A snork help a snorkeater? I'm touched. *cries some more*

Junior: *searching for his ball* That's ball's gotta be around here somewhere. Uh, I borrowed that lucky ball from my dad. If I don't find it, I'm in deep *gulps at the sight* trouble. A sa-, a sa- a snorkeater! 

Jojo: Don't worry, little snorkeater.

Junior: Hey! That's Jojo! *watches it*

Jojo: *shakes hands with Gilroy before they seperate* Me try to help you all I can. 

Junior: Jojo helping a snorkeater?! Why that double-snork, double-crosser!

(meanwhile, Tooter's playing golf while Daffney and Allstar watch)

Junior: *swims toward them* Hey, batten the hatches, swim for the hill! I just saw Jojo promising to help a snorkeater! They're planning to attack Snorkland.

Daffney: Jojo would never do anything to hurt Snorkland. 

Junior: Well I saw it with my own eyes. *swims away*

Allstar: Well I don't know what Junior saw, but we better go see for ourselves. *all swim to find Jojo*

(meanwhile, Jojo is playing the casette for Gilroy)

Casette: Hello, I am a snork.

Gilroy: Hello, I am a snork.

Jojo: No, you am a snorkeater.  

Allstar: *sees it* I don't believe it.

Daffney: Oh, Jojo, how could you?!

Jojo: Daffney, my old friends! You am just the snorks we looking for.

Allstar: What? For his lunch?

Jojo: No, Gilroy friendly, me can explain.

Gilroy: So, until I eat a snork, I can never go home.

(Tooter and Daffney cry)

Daffney: *cries* A vegetarian snorkeater, poor thing. 

Jojo: Don't worry, me think Allstar getting starfish idea.

Allstar: That's starbright idea, and it just might work.

(meanwhile, Junior and Willie are swimming together)

Junior: Ah, this is just clamtastic. An army of snorkeaters loose, and I'm stuck with my little brother. 

Willie: Yeah, your little brother.

(hear shouting)

Allstar: Help! *Gilroy roars*

Willie: Junior, that sounds like Allstar! And a snorkeater! 

Junior: *covers Willie's mouth* Shh, keep undercover, and follow me.

Daffney: Please, don't eat us, please! 

Gilroy: *acting out for them*

Allstar: I'm too young to be a snork snack! Oh, have mercy! *winks at him*

(Gilroy's parents come outside and see the "action")

Gilroy's Dad: What's all the racket?

Gilroy's Mom: Look dear, it's Gilroy!

Junior: *watching* Great guppies! That snorkeater's got them cornered!

(Gilroy chases them)

Daffney: So far, so good.

Allstar: Now, for the big finale. Okay, guys, let's hit it.

(all squeal and scream)

Junior: *watching* Oh, how horrible. Even Allstar didn't deserve a fate like that.

Gilory: *rubs stomach* Those three snorks I ate sure tasted good, yuum!

Gilory's Mom: Oh, Gilroy, I'm so proud of you!

Gilroy's Dad: I knew you could do it, son.

Willie: Look, it's Jojo!

Jojo: It worked! Me am so happy! *giggles*

Junior: That fiend! 

Willie: Yeah, that fiend! Let's get him!

Junior: *grabs him* Hold it, that Jojo's plenty tough. Better let the Snorkland Guard handle him. *swim away*

Gilory's Mom: Oh, I can't wait to tell the neighbors. *swims away with Gilroy's Dad*

Gilory: *to cave* Psst, coast is clear.

Jojo: Now you official snorkeater.

Gilroy: Thanks to you nice snorks. It was a pleeasure to meet you, and not have to eat you. 

Daffney: I wish more snorkeaters felt that way.

Tooter: *nods his head in agreement*

(meanwhile, Junior tells his dad what he had seen)

Junior: And then, the ferocious snorkeater closed in on the kids, and, oh, it's too horrible to go on. *snorks rant* Gee, I wonder if I can have Allstar's snorkball mitt now.

Governor Wetworth: My fellow nsorks, we must find this vicious snorkeater, and stop him, before he eats again.*all go after him*

Allstar: I never thought I'd see the day that snorks helped a snorkeater.

Tooter: *warns them of Snorkland Guards*

Allstar: You're right, Tooter. it is the Snorkland Guard. 

Gilroy: Thanks again, Jojo. You helped make me, and my whole family, very happy. *both he and Jojo get captured and tangled up in nets*

Junior: Your days of helping snorkeaters get snork snacks are over, Jojo! 

Willie: Yeah, over!

Jojo: Wait, me can explain. Me innocent, so is Gilroy.

Junior: What did I tell you, dad? Jojo's on a first-name basis with these guys! 

Governor Wetworth: Junior's right! Tie him up!

Jojo: Me not like be tied up! *escapes* 

Governor Wetworth: Stop him! *falls over*

Junior: Yeah, stop him!

Jojo: *as guards chase him, he breaks free from the nets*

Junior: *after Gilroy is tied up* Well, at least we got the snorkeater.

Willie: *sees above him, and he and the others swim away from Gilroy's Dad*  

Jojo: *gets out of clam* Thanks, Clifford.

Clifford the Clam: It's alright.

Jojo: *sees chase* That snorkeater not play around! *stops him* Pick on someone your own size!

Gilroy's Dad: I like a snack with spirit! *chases him* 

Gilroy: *chews himself out of seaweed trap* Most snorkeaters hate seaweed, but I love it.

Governor Wetworth: Say, if Jojo's in cahoots with the snorkeaters, how come that big snorkeater's chasing him?

Junior: It's just a trick, dad - to confuse us. *shoulder's tapped* Willie, stop it.

Allstar: What's going on?

Junior: Aaah, ghosts, keep away!

Governor Wetworth: Junior saw that little snorkeater eat you!

Allstar: *laughs* That was just a trick to make his parents think he ate snorks.

Daffney: Because he'd really rather eat seaweed.

Tooter: *laughs himself silly*

Junior: Very funny, you mean it was all a big act?

Gilory: Yes, but that's no act out there. My dad loves snorks, and he's about to eat Jojo!

Jojo: *stops* Keep away, me warning you.

Gilroy's Dad: *laughs* I like supper with a sense of humor!

Gilroy: Dad, this one's mine.

Gilroy's Dad: Alright, son, bon appetit.

Gilroy: Better make it good, Jojo.

Jojo: Me make it real good. *tears off sticks and throws it around while screeching*

Gilroy's Dad: You need some help, son?

Gilroy: Nope. He was one tough snork, though. Tough, but tasty.

Gilroy's Dad: *Ah. *laughs* That's my boy.

(back at mini-golf)

Allstar: I hope you learned a lesson, Junior.

Daffney: Yeah, jumping to conclusions can be hazardous to your health.

Junior: Junpimg to conclusions?! Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em! And I say you're gonna be seeing a hole in one!

(it misses yet again, but lands in Junior's mouth)

Jojo: *laughs* For once, Junior right! 

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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