Guess What's Coming to Dinner!



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV and Lane Raichert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 2, 1985

Paired With

Gills Just Wanna Have Fun

"Guess What's Coming to Dinner!" is the 16th episode of Season 2. A young snorkeater happens to be a vegetarian, so the snorks help him pretend he eats snorks. Meanwhile, Junior catches them in the act and believes they're out to destroy the town.

Snorks 216 1

Jojo helping out

Plot Summary

The episode begins with a young snorkeater named Gilroy in the meadow eating some searaniums. His parents catch him doing so, and they kick him out and tell him to not come home until he's eaten a snork. Off in the distance, Daffney is giving Jojo a grammar lesson, but this ends quickly because she has plans on going mini-golfing with Allstar and Tooter. As Jojo eats some seaweed, Gilroy swallows him whole, although he manages to escape.

Gilroy apologizes and tells him he's really a vegetarian, but that he's not allowed to come back home until he's actually eaten a snork. Meanwhile, the other snorks are playing mini-golf. Junior loses his ball, so he tries to find it, but when he does so, he sees Jojo telling Gilroy he'll help him with his problem. Of course, Junior automatically freaks out, so he swims back over to the snorks and tells them Jojo's helping a snorkeater attack Snorkland. They go over to the scene, where they too listen to Gilroy's sob story. They agree to help him, and their plan works. Gilroy's dad is convinced Gilory had actually eaten a snork, so he returns home. 

Junior and Willie spot this, and then Governor Wetworth sends the Snorkland Guards after Gilroy and his family. Gilroy ends up getting captured, and so his parents chase the guards. Gilory goes back to pretending to eat snorks while secretly eating batches of seaweed on the side. Governor Wetworth is now aware that Gilroy is really a vegetarian, and that he had only pretended to eat Jojo to make his dad happy. Junior then learns a lesson about not jumping to conclusions. 

Snorks 216 2

The Wetworths in action

Background Info

  • First (and only) time a snorkeater vegetarian is portrayed during the show
  • Casey and Dimmy are the only two main snorks absent in this episode

Memorable Quotes

Jojo: Besides, me hungry anyway.

Daffney: No, Jojo, I'm hungry.

Jojo: You hungry too? *gets seaweed* Here, have bite.

Daffney: Uh, Jojo, that's not what I meant. When I said "I'm hungry," you said "Me hungry." I'm not hungry at all.

Jojo: No, you am confused.

Junior: Looks like a hole in one.

Allstar: You mean a whole in none.

Jojo: Don't worry. Me think Allstar getting starfish idea.

Allstar: That's starbright idea, and it just might work.

Junior: Willie, stop it!

Allstar: What's going on?

Junior: *runs* Aah, ghosts, keep away!


  • Willie's colored lighter than normal throughout the episode
  • Junior's turtleneck is blue at first, then it becomes white


  • Title spoofs popular movie Guess Who's Coming to Dinner



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