(In dry land, a fisherman is observing a fish with his binoculars)

Fisherman: Ah, there ye be, Sydney. For fourteen years, I've been tryin' to hook ya, but you've been too clever, but not clever enough. As soon as ya get a hook at this new lure... *throws a lure resembling a female octopus, and it bounces down into the ocean*

(A carnival is taking place in Snorkland, and Allstar and Casey are riding the Shell Wheel together)

Casey: *as she eats cotton candy* Wee, isn't this fun, Allstar?

Allstar: Uh Casey, maybe you shouldn't eat that stuff up here. You might get sick or soemthing.

Casey: Oh Allstar, whould could get sick on a Shell Wheel?!

Governor Wetworth: *moaning with Mrs. Wetworth)

Occy: *tries sneaking in*

Ticket guy: Sorry, no octopi allowed.

(Dimmy and Daffney are playing soem games)

Dimmy: I'm gonna win ya a snorky doll, Daffney.

Daffney: *hugs him* Oh, Dimmy, you're so sweet! 

Junior: *on water dunking bar* Nya nya, nya nya nya, you can't dunk me! Nya nya, nya nya nya, yuo can't dunk me!

Dimmy: Oh boy, Junior Wetworth, my favorite target! 

Daffney: Oh, sock it to him, Dimmy!

Junior: *catches it as Dimmy throws the ball with his snork* You wanna try again, fish face? Nya nya, nya nya nya!

Daffney: Don't let it bother you, Dimmy. *throws the ball with her snork, causing it to get swallowed by a fish, then spat out and onto a turtle*

Junior: Nya nya nya nya! *laughs then the water hits the target, causing him to fall and get wet* No fair!

Vendor: *hands him doll* Here you are, fella! The little lady won ya a snorky doll!

Dimmy: *blushes in humiliation*

Tooter: *inside love boat with a blonde snork - kisses her and toots*

Girl: Oh Tooter, you're so cute! 

Tooter: *giggles and hands worker a clam*

Worker: *laughs* Back again?!

Tooter: *toots*

Worker: *gets Occy off of the ride* Hey! No pets allowed!

Occy: *moans as he leaves*

Ringmaster: Hurry, hurry, hurry! See the amazing Snorktella! She jumps, she wiggles, she shakes like a jellyfish! 

Occy: *sees the octopus lure bounce, and instantly falls in lvoe with her/follows her around*

Marina: *performing an act on stage* Has anybody here seen Fishy? F-I-S-H-Y? 

(all are now looking at Occy following the lure)

Allstar: *laughs* It looks like Occy found himself a girlfriend!

Daffney: Oh, that poor creature! It looks like she's caught on a string! 

Occy: *hearts in his eyes, still follows her*

Casey: We've got to cut her loose!

Allstar: Come on, gang! 

(as they follow Occy, a house being worked on gets fallen down)

Occy: *tries giving her flowers, but doesn't respond*

Tooter: *toots as a swordfish comes near*

Casey: Yeah, we see them, Tooter.

All: *stop* A swordfish!

Occy: *grabs her and tries getting away from it*

Dimmy: Give that sucker a bong on the snout!

Casey: Yeah, but lok at the size of that snout! 

Tooter: *scared*

Allstar: Oh no! Not that way, Occy! You're gonna be trapped!

Occy: *sees it as he hides in a small cave with the lure, and inks the swordfish in defense* 

Allstar: *tries pushing boulder* Okay, everybody! 1, 2, 3, snork! *push it down* Hooray!

Casey: It worked!

Occy: *licks Allstar*

Allstar: *laughs* Hey easy, boy, I love you too!

(but the boulder moves) 

Casey: Yikes! That swordfish is gonna break out any moment!

Allstar: We better snork out of here and warn Snorkland! 

Tooter: *toots a horn* 

(the swordfish break out)

Marina: *still performing on stage* And now a scene from one of my greatest triumphs, "Snorkio and Juliwet!"

Tooter: *toots alarm and everyone leaves* 

Girl: It's a swordfish!

Marina: Darlings, you're offstaging me! What daring herrings do Carring Herrings do? *sees swordfish* there will be a short - intermission. *faints*

(house still being worked on still breaks by the swordfish - but the snork faints this time as well)


(now all inside the Council of Elders' place)

Allstar: Tooter, sound the alarm!

Tooter: *does so* No Tooter, I meant the real alarm. *pulls lever, and it goes off*

Governor Wetworth: *storms in* Oooh, stop, stop that racket! *turns it off* That will be enough out of you, Tooter!

Tooter: *confused*

Governor Wetworth: Yes, you.

Daffney: But Governor Wetwoth, it's an emergency.

Governor Wetworth: Emergency? What emergency? Is this some kind of a joke?

Allstar: If it is, he's not laughing.

(swordfish causes chaos all over town)

Governor Wetworth: Sound the alarm! Call out the troops! On second thought, snork for your life! *bumps into Occy and her, then caught by swordfish* Oh help me! Get me off this thing! 

Allstar: Here he comes! *all jump, but lure's stuck* We've got to help Occy! *swordfish defeated*

All: Yay!

Governor Wetworth: Allstar, this is all your fault! *soon, Occy and the lure have to leave Snorkland as a police officer plays with the drums* And so, for the sake of all Snorkland, I hearby banish, beyond the limits, all octopuses, all octopeses, oh all pets with eight legs! *to Occy* He qualifies!

Occy: *moans and leaves*

Allstar: Well, *sniffs* so long, old pal.

Casey: *cries* Goodbye, Occy.

Daffney: *cries* I'll miss you.

Dimmy: Yeah. *sniffs* Me too.

Tooter: *wails as he leaves*

Governor Wetworth: And now I, I mean Snorkland, will be safe from that monstrous swordfish!

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him*

(in the middle of town, Allstar's depressed)

Casey: *her and the otehrs swim to him* Allstar, Allstar!

Allstar: *sad* Oh, hi gang.

Casey: Allstar, the swordfish!

Dimmy: It's headin' out beyond the limits!

Daffney: *gasps* Poor Occy!

Casey: If we don't do something quick, Occy and his girlfriend are in big trouble!

Allstar: *realizes* The Silverfish! We'll take my Uncle Gallio's ship, and take care of that swordfish ourselves!

Dimmy: *salutes* Ready for action, Skipper!

Allstar: *swims out with others* Then let's go!

(meanwhile, the snorks see Occy and the girlfriend barely escaping the swordfish once more)

Casey: Look, there's the swordfish!

Allstar: Open the Snork Scoop!

Dimmy: Ay yai, Allstar! *it opens, and Occy and the swordfish follow it*

(back in dry land, the fisherman's ship moves, thinking he got a really big one)

Casey: He's taking us down too fast!

Allstar: Let go, and back up! *do so*

Casey: He let go of the line. *all follow Occy*

(now back inside the Silverfish, Occy licks everyone there)

Daffney: Oh Occy!

Allstar: *laughs* I missed you too, Occy! 

Occy: *grabs a hold of his "girlfriend" with love*

Daffney: Aww! 

Occy: *watches the lure break in front of him, and he cries*

Dimmy: I knew it - it's a fake!

Casey: That line must be connected to something - *points* up there!

Allstar: *as Occy sheds more tears* My Uncle Gallio is right - there is soemthing in dry space! 

Casey: We better take this back to Dr. Gallio as evidence. 

Daffney: Poor Occy!

Allstar: *with hook* This thing looks dangerous. We better get rid of it. *do so with the Snork Scoop*

Dimmy: That's that! Let's head for home!

Tooter: *points to something out the window, and they all swim towards it*

Allstar: *sees swordfish dangling for life* Oh no, it's caught on that hook! 

Daffney: The poor thing, we've gotta help it!

Allstar: Okay then! Powered about! *cuts the hook with the Silverfish and frees the swordfish*

Casey: There he goes! 

Daffney: *gasps* It's coming back! 

(the swordfish meets eye to eye with them in the Silverfish)

Casey: It likes us now! 

Allstar: It's greatful! I think we have a new friend! 

(back in town, standing behind a rock)

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, what's that octopi, octopu, what's that thing doing here?! They're banished!

Dimmy: Yeah, but for how long??

Governor Wetworth: Until that swordfish leaves us in peace!

Allstar: *pats it* Oh, he's peaceful, alright.

(the swordfish is now an attraction at the carnival)

Governor Wetworth: *pale* I, that is, -- *faints*

Occy: *depressed and leaves, only to find a real purple, female octopus, and they kiss each other*

(meanwhile, the fisherman is still sitting in his boat, waiting for his perfect catch)

Fisherman: It's getting mighty late. *pulls lure in* Well, Sydney, you got away again. Eh, I guess I'll just have to come back tomorrow. 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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