How the Snork Was Won



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Candace Howerton

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 22, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 1, 1988

Paired With

In Junior's Image

"How the Snork Was Won" is the 13th episode of Season 4. Chief Featherfin comes to visit and he and Governor Wetworth tell the story of how Snorkland was founded.

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The story of finding Snorkland

Plot Summary

All the snorks are gathered at Governor Wetworth's house, and Junior claims his dad helped lead Chief Featherfin and Davy Snorkett into finding Snorkland. Governor Wetworth claims this to be true, and Chief Featherfin comes over and introduces himself to the others. After a brief reunion with Mrs. Kelp, he tells the story about how they lead the snorks to the west. 

The snorks once lived in a place out east called Shellguard, and their worst enemies were the slimemamanders, who would eat snorks. They were forced to pay their taxes every so often, and Governor Wetworth tells them of a palce out west called Conk Cove, where they could escape to. Davy Snorkett arrives on his seahorse, and he decides to help guide them on their big expedition out west. 

They go through many hardships as they try to find Conk Cove. They end up getting lost along the way, and then they have to snork their way through seaweed. Mrs. Kelp ends up encountering a snorkeater for the first time, and so she swims away. Then Chief Featherfin saves the day, and then all of them decide to name the town Snorkland. The story concludes, and the snorks were fascinated by the story. 

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Davy Snorkett

Background Info

  • This episode marks Mrs. Kelp's final appearance in the series
  • We also learn Mr. Kelp's first name is George
  • Major Continuity Error: In the first title sequence, the snorks became a town by dicovering humans in 1634, but Governor Wetworth claimed he and the other snorks' parents found Snorkland
  • Maybe the characters being used to portray the story of how Snorkland was found were used as visual aids for the audience (this is done quite often in cartoons and TV shows)

Memorable Quotes

Governor Wetworth: *opens door to reveal closet, and the other snorks laugh*

Junior: That's the closet, dad.

Governor Wetworth: I knew it was the closet, I just wanted to make sure it was clean!

Mrs. Kelp: Oh Chief, oh how simply wonderful to see you again.

Chief Featherfin: Too bad you run away. You are pretty snork-squah.

George Kelp: And she still is, Chief Featherfin.

Mrs. Kelp: Oh George, now stop that. *giggles*

George Kelp: Well, we have plenty to eat now.

Mrs. Kelp: You mean we have to eat our way through this seaweed?

Davy: Well, I hope not.

Governor Wetworth: Then what?

Davy: Don't look at me. I'm a leader, not a thinker.

Chief Featherfin: *as he holds Mrs. Kelp* Like I said, snorks never scared - just friendly. *laughs*


  • George's glasses frames go from clear to black every now and then
  • Mrs. Kelp will occasionally have eyelashes
  • Candace Howertown wrote the episode, so it was unusual for her to call the town "Snorkland" (in her episodes, she had called it "Snorktown")


  • Title is based off of How the West Was Won
  • Davy Snorkett obviously spoofs Davy Crockett



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