I'll Be Senior/Transcript

(It looks like a bunch of sharks are swimming inside Shark Grotto around a white plant, but two of them are actually Bigweed and Lil Seaweed in disguise)

Lil Seaweed: Over here. *her and Bigweed pop out of hiding, then spot a small fish* We better wait a minute. *then the sharks scare it away* Why do we have to go to Shark Grotto, anyway?

Bigweed: I told you. We have to get that white kelp. It's the last piece of it in the ocean, and I need it for my potion. I'll take over Snorktown once and for all!

Lil Seaweed: But why do we need THAT potion? What does it do?

Bigweed: You'll see. Now shut up and swim.

Lil Seaweed: Oh, alright. I hope you know what you're doing.

Bigweed: Just do as we planned, and make a big commotion. Then I'll switch the real plant with my phony one, then we can go home, and I'll defeat those slimy little snorks.

Lil Seaweed: But how will this stupid plant help?

Bigweed: Don't worry about that now, let's go. *inside* Hello, nice day. Been to any good feedin' frenzies lately?

Lil Seaweed: Oh my, a nice juicy clam sandwhich. Oh, look how juicy it is! Let's grab it, fellows. 

Bigweed: *the sharks leave as Bigweed grabs the plant* Mission accomplished. Let's get out of here. 

Lil Seaweed: I'm ready. *back to sharks* Oh, it must've only been a rock. Heheh, sorry fellows. *they go back to their normal duties*

Bigweed: *laughs* We made it! Snorktown is as good as mine!

(In town, Junior is reading the latest classified ads)

Junior: Let's see what my shoroscope says today. Hmm, today you will get the chance to make lots of money. Ha! What silly stuff! It will come unexpectedly - boy, how do they expect anybody to beleive this stuff. *runs to an ad* Make Big Money?! Be the first to get the 23 starfish lane, and you'll have the business opportunityof a lifetime. *takes it and laughs* Might as well get rid of the competition. I'll make a fortune!

Grandpa: *whistles by when he sees the same ad* Hello. What's this? Big money? Opportunity of a lifetime? *laughs* That sounds like me! *takes it* I'll make a fortune!

Junior: *after he and Grandpa run into each other* Excuse me - oh, uh, hi Grandpa.

Grandpa: Junior, eh, where are you going in such a hurry?

Junior: Nowhere, uh, where are you headed?

Grandpa: Oh, uh, just over there.

Junior: *sees the same ad* Hey, you're going to that "Make Big Money" place!

Grandpa: So what if I am?

Junior: I saw it first!

Grandpa: Yeah, but I'll get there first!

Junior: Oh no you won't, I can beat you!

Grandpa: Not with your shoe untied! *Junior looks down as he leaves* 

Junior: My shoe's not - hey! *goes after him* Your trick almost worked, but you have to get up pretty early to fool Junior Wetworth!

Grandpa: You're right, Junior. Uh oh, look out for that falling rock!

Junior: Where? Oh, Grandpa! Uh, your shoe's untied. Look out for that falling rock. Oh well, I'll just have to depend on speed. 

(Now Junior gets the ice clam stand)

Junior: Thank you very much. 

Grandpa: *panting* Well, it looks like, it looks liek you beat me this time. 

Junior: Yeah, but you did pretty good for an old guy.

Grandpa: Who's an old guy?

Junior: Well, face it Grandpa, you're not as young as you used to be. Well, excuse me, I gotta go make some money.

Grandpa: Old?! Why, no one in their right mind would think a chipper snork like me as old. *young Snork Scout grabs his hand* What? You want to walk me across the street? Get your hands off me, you young grouper snapper! Old timer indeed! Gee willerkers! First my own grandson, then that pesky chub scout! I'm not old, am I? I guess I have been aroudn a while. I can't snork as fast as I used to, and I get tired very quickly. *sees Music Shop* Wait a minute, I'm gettin' all upset over nothin'! Music! That's what I need! I haven't bought a good record in a long time! This'll cheer me up!

(Inside the Music Store)

Front desk girl: Hiya, Gramps! What can I do for ya? *blows bubblegum out of her snork* 

Grandpa: I'm not your Gramps, young lady - and I'd like to buy a Frank Sinorktra record.

Front desk girl: Who?

Grandpa: Frank Sinorktra. You know, Frankie.

Front desk girl: Oh, you mean Frankie and the Fishers, eh dude?

Grandpa: Uh no, that's not it. How about Lawrence Kelp, or Benny Goodsnork?

Front desk girl: Huh?

Grandpa: Look, you must have some good coral music.

Front desk girl: Oh, you mean that stuff for old people? Yeah, I don't think so. But, I'll check in the basement.

Grandpa: Old people? Eh, don't bother, I don't like that stuff either.

Front desk girl: Say, how about some New Wave music, dude? Here's the latest from Susie and the Screaming Squid, or maybe you prefer Anchovies and the Awful Urchins? *turns record on, which blasts him out*

Grandpa: Oh, I change my mind! I'll be back later! Thanks! *leaves*

Front desk girl: Chowmaine! *bubblegun again*

Grandpa: Oh, what terrible music. Music?! What am I saying?! That's jsut noise!

(Dimmy walks around with his little beatbox radio)

Grandpa: Who am I kidding? Young snorks like that stuff. I must be old!

(Grandpa is now feeding the pigeon fish at the local park)

Junior: *with the stand* Get your ice clam cones here! Just 10 - uh, just 50 cents! Hi Grandpa, what are you doing here?

Grandpa: Nothin'! I'm just sittin' here like any old geiser would!

(Allstar, Casey, and Occy swim over to them)

Allstar: Hey Junior, what's with the cart?

Junior: I'm on my way to making zillions. Wanna buy some ice clam cones?

Allstar; Well sure, I'll take -- 50 cents?! Holy macarole! They're usually just 10 cents.

Junior: I know - but mine are special!

Allstar: Yeah, they're special 'cause they'll make you rich at that price! I think I'll pass, Junior.

Junior: Hmph!

Casey: Oh Grandpa, you look a little down in the dumps. What's the matter?

Grandpa: Nothin'.

Junior: Oh, he's just upset about being old.

Grandpa: I am not! Why, you young peopel!

Casey: Come on, Grandpa, you're not old. You jsut need to do some fun things.

Grandpa: You think so?

Casey: Sure.

Occy: *barks in agreement with her*

Junior: Look, just be careful. Grandpa oughta take it easy. 

Casey: Oh Junior, don't be such a worry wart. Come on, Grandpa, we'll help you feel jsut as young as you are.

Grandpa: Okay, Casey. But it won't do any good.

Casey: Sure it will. Now let's see, where should we go?

Allstar: Hey, how about the Snork Board Court?

Casey: Great idea, let's go! *all leave*

Junior: I better snork along to make sure nothing happens to the old guy.


(At the Snork Board Court, even with Daffney and Tooter)

Daffney: Gee, gang way! Oh boy, what fun!

Tooter: *toots as he skates along*

Daffney: Right behind you, Tooter. *he does a trick* Pretty nifty, how about this? 

Casey: Go, guys, go!

Grandpa: I don't know about this.

Allstar: Don't worry about it, you'll do fine.

Grandpa: Okay, I'll try. *he floats*

Allstar: There you go, Grandpa! That's good!

Grandpa: Well, it's not so bad, once you get the hang of it. In fact, it's kind of fun!

Casey: *after she does a flip* See? Isn't it great?

Grandpa: *fails at doing the tricks* Oh, take your board back! That's enough for an old guy like me! Oh, there's only one thing for me - I'll go to the Old Snorks Home.

(Grandpa is now at home packing his things)

Allstar: Gee, don't you wanna take your awards and pictures and stuff?

Grandpa: Nope. They just remind me of how old I am.

Junior: Oh, come on, Grandpa, put your clothes back. You don't have to leave.

Grandpa: Oh yes I do.

(Now at the eel-evated)

Ticket snork: Uh, one round trip to the Old Snorks Home is 12 clams, sir.

Grandpa: Here's 6 clams - I'm not coming back! *Occy pulls on him and cries* Oh, for goodness sake!

Junior: Are you sure we can't change your mind, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Nope.

Junior: Aw, sea wizz, Grandpa.

Grandpa: *gets on the train* Goodbye, kids.

Occy: *howls and cries some more*

Junior: *cries* Bye, Grandpa, bye!

Casey: *cries* We'll miss you, Grandpa!

Allstar: *cries* That's for sure!

(Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are in their lair with their crew planning out their latest scheme)

Bigweed: *stirring up the potion* At last, it's done! Almsot ready! *inserts the mixture into four different tubes* That's the end of the last piece of white kelp in the ocean, and it'll be the end of Snorktown! *laughs some more, then hands Lil Seaweed a mask like his* You better put this on. This stuff is nasty.

Lil Seaweed: But what does it do?

Bigweed: *laughs* You'll see. Now put on that gas mask, and help me finish these bombs!

(Now he elaborates the plan on a map)

Bigweed: This will be the most important campaign I've ever waged against those slippery snorks! And my secret formula, X Vapor Bombs, will make up victorious! I will drop the bombs into the city, at these strategic points! When the gas takes up that, all you'll have to do is clean up the town! Now, any questions?

Lil Seaweed: What does it do?

Bigweed: *facepalms* Ooh!

(Now at the Old Snorks Home, where a lot of older snorks are asleep)

Al: Hello, my name is, uh *snores then wakes up* Methul Snorkda, but you can call me Al.

Grandpa: *shakes his hand* Pleased to meet you, Al.

Al: *shakes* You're gonna love it here. I should know.

Grandpa: Great. What do you do for fun?

Al: Well, I get up and come downstairs for breakfast. And then I nap to lunch. And then after lunch, I nap until dinner. And then it gets good - I go to bed.

Grandpa: Gee, that sounds, uh, great, Al.

Al: Yeah, and -- *falls asleep some more*

Grandpa: Hey Al, what's the music? *hears it playing, but Al's asleep* Uh, I guess I'll have to find out for myself. *finds Rosie dancing* What's going on here? That's no way to sweep a floor. 

Rosie: Oh, I'm dancing with this broom because the fuddy-duddies in the old room won't dance. Say, do you like Frank Sinorktra music?

Grandpa; Do I?! May I cut in? *they both start dancing together* My name is, uh, everyone calls me Grandpa.

Rosie: Hiya, Gramps, I'm Rosie.

Grandpa: You cut a pretty mean rung, Rosie.

Rosie: You're doing pretty well yourself, Gramps.

Grandpa: I guess not everyone's here as slow as Al.

Rosie: Oh, don't let him give you the wrong idea. He thinks sleeping is a sports event.

(both laugh - back in town, Junior struggles to make any money)

Junior: What do you mean 50 cents is too much?!

Tooter: *explains himself*

Junior: Oh alright, 49 cents! *Tooter ignores him and swims away* 48? 47?! Gee, I'm not making near the fortune I expected. In fact, I'm not making any money at all! I better check with Grandpa, and see what's wrong with all these people who won't buy for me. Hey, I can't check with Grandpa - he's not here. Oh, I wish I knew what to do. Hey, nothing's stopping me from going to the Old Snorks Home and asking him! 

(Junior gets a ticket and waits for a train)

Junior: Grandpa, here I come! *gets on the train*

(Meanwhile, Bgiweed and Lil Seaweed are flying around town, getting ready to disberse the bombs)

Bigweed: Be on the alert! Victory is as good as our's!

Lil Seaweed: *sees Corky in his cub* Uh oh, it's the Snork Patrol!

Bigweed: I knew Corky would be the first one to try and stop us! But I've got just the thing for him - fire! *shoots bomb at him*

Lil Seaweed: Listen away! *but the bomb only turns Corky into a baby* Wow, Bigweed! It turned everyone into babies!

Bigweed: *laughs* Now let's get the rest of the town! With the Snork Patrol call out of the way, they haven't got a chance! *laughs* 


(Now at the Snorkland Zoo, Allstar and Casey are feeding some lion fish)

Casey: Wow, what a big fish!

Allstar: Yeah!

Casey: *bombs fall down* What's that noise? *turns them into babies*

(At a seahorse race, it does the same thing)

Bigweed: *laugh* it worked like a charm! Everyone in Snorktown is a baby by now!

Lil Seaweed: I gotta hand it to you! You're a genius!

Bigweed: I knew it all along!

(Now they're at their lair again)

Bigweed: It's all clear to take over the town. There's plenty of tiem before the gas wears off. The town's as good as mine!

Lil Seaweed: You mean, good as our's?

(Back at the Old Snorks Home)

Junior: *sees the old snorks sleeping* Uh oh. I never shoulda let Grandpa come here. *meets Al* Uh excuse me, do you know where I can find my grandfather? He just arrived a few days ago.

Al: Oh yeah, he's over by the *falls asleep again*

Junior: Thanks.

(Grandpa and Rosie are playing cards together)

Grandpa: Do you have any 3's?

Rosie: Hmm, nope. Go fish.

Junior: Hi, Grandpa!

Grandpa: Junior, what are you doing here?

Junior: Well, business was a little slow, and, uh, oh Grandpa, I really missed you!

Grandpa; Aw, I'm glad you did, Junior.

Junior: And I need your help. Those dumb snorks back in town just don't wanna buy my ice clam cones. I thought you might have some ideas. *chuckles*

Grandpa: Well, I might. But I usually get a lot of money from my help. Tell you what, let's have lunch and you can fill me in. Rosie here will join us. Rosie, say hello to Junior.

Rosie: Hello to Junior. *laughs*

(They're eating lunch now)

Junior: And I haven't even sold once ice clam cone! You think you could come back and give me a few pointers? Even if it's only for a little while?

Grandpa: *smiles* Well, I might be persuaded to help you out for a little while - if you make me your partner.

Junior: *gulps* Partner? You sure drive a hard bargain. 

Grandpa: Yep!

Junior: Well, okay, I guess half of something is better than all of nothing.

Grandpa: What do you say, Rosie? Wanna come with us?

Rosie: Oh, neato! I haven't been to town in a long time!

Junior: Great! Let's get your stuff and be on our way!

(All are in town now, observing weird things still happening)

Junior: Gee, I wonder where everyone has gone.

Rosie: Let's get a Kelpa-Cola and ask someone.

Grandpa: Good idea!

(notice at the clamburger stand the chef is a baby)

Grandpa: Three Kelpa-Colas, please. Uh, make 'em large. 

Rosie: Well who would leave a little baby alone in a place like this?

Grandpa: Something's fishy here. We better check with the police. *all leave*

Junior: Right, Grandpa.

Baby: Bye, bye. Bye, bye. *giggles*

(All gasp at more babies at the police station)

Rosie: Oh no!

Junior: What's going on?

Rosie: Beats me.

Grandpa: This looks liek big trouble. We better be extra careful.

(Still investigate in town)

Grandpa: Someone's coming. Hide.

(as they hide, they see Allstar, Casey, and Governor Wetworth babies being carried in a stroller by Wood and Weed)

Junior: *tries going after him* Dad!

Grandpa: Shh, look!

Lil Seaweed: Ah, fouie! You've already got Bigweed Boulevard, Bigweed Square, Bigweed Avenue, Bigweed Place, even Bigweed Alley! I want just to be Lil Seaweed Street!

Bigweed: Uh, I don't know. Bigweed Street has such a nice ring to it.

Lil Seaweed: So has Lil Seaweed Street! *jumps* I want, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it!!!!

Bigweed: *gives it to her* Okay, okay, here!

Lil Seaweed: *places it* Thank you!

Bigweed: I think I'll call city hall the Bigweed Building.

Lil Seaweed: Oh, that'll be nice!

Junior: Wow, this is bad.

Grandpa: This is too big for us. We need help.

Junior: Yeah, but everyone here is a baby! Where are we gonna get help?

Grandpa: The only place where there's shoes full of adults. Let's go. 

(Return to the Old Snorks Home yet again)

Grandpa: My friends, a real emergency is happening, and our senior snorkizens are Snorktown's only hope! So let's go! Uh, what are you waitin' for?

Al: Well, we can't help. We're too old.

Grandpa: Oh, I get it. Okay, if you think you're too old, then you stay here. I thought I was too old for anything, but I changed. I'm alive, and might as well act like it! *all mumble* Maybe I can't snork the 100 yard dash, but I can do lots of things to have a good time! 

Rosie: *takes his hand* Me, too!

Al: Well, it is true. They did change. it sure looks like they're havin' fun. Okay, I'm in! *all cheer*

Grandpa: With our combined experience, our senior snork patrol will beat the pants off of Bigweed and his nasty crew! If they had pants. Now let's make a plan. What do we know about Snorktown that will help us?

Rosie: Everything! We built that town! Say Al, didn't you build the town hall?

Al: By golly, I sure did!

Grandpa: Did I hear there are still construction passage ways in the walls?

Al: Yeah, but how will that help us?

Grandpa: I'll tell ya how. First we, go *whispers the plan to his ear*

(Meanwhile, Junior and Grandpa are underground somewhere)

Junior: These passages go everywhere.

Grandpa: Yeah, and I think we're just about where we wanna be. *drills and looks to see Bigweed and Lil Seaweed with more bombs* 

Bigweed: There are just a few more snorks to round up, then Snorktown will be mine!

Grandpa: Are you just about ready, Rosie?

Rosie: Just say the word, Gramps.

Bigweed: The gas will wear off soon, but not soon enough to save Snorktown, and there's jsut enough gas to spray once more, and finish the town for good!

Grandpa: Now, Rosie!

Rosie: Okay, Senior Snork Patrol, here we go! 

(they take down Wood and Weed)

Bigweed: What the?!

Grandpa: *with gas mask and bombs* Bigweed, the jig's up!

Bigweed: Hey, how did you -- no! That's the last of the gas, and there's no white kelp to make more!

Grandpa: Now isn't that just too bad?

Bigweed: *catches bomb* 

Grandpa: Nice catch! *throws another, which he fails at catching at*

Lil Seaweed: Uh oh! *all are now turned into babies*

Grandpa: Okay, let's take the last of these bombs, and clean up the rest of these yuck-yucks!

Al: *has them in a stroller* I'll deliver these bad babies to Bigweed's volcano where they belong. I'll be back in a little while.

(They're still surrounded by baby snorks)

Grandpa: Eh, the gass should be wearin' off by now.

Junior: *with baby Allstar* Gee, I hope so. Allstar's a cute baby, but *Allstar's back to normal* welcome back, Allstar!

Allstar: Huh? What happened?

Grandpa: *laughs* It's a long story, Allstar.

(The senior snorks are enjoying some of Junior's ice clam cones)

Rosie: Oh, these ice clams are delicious, Junior.

Junior: Thanks, Rosie. Boy, Grandpa's idea to lower prices sure worked. I sold ice clams for 9 cents instead of 50 cents. Grandpa, we sure learned the hard way that we really need you around.

Grandpa: Well, I learned something too, Junior. You're only old if you act old. And you can sure act young, if you're young at heart.

(the snorks cheer for him)

Casey: Let's celebrate!

(music plays on the record - New Wave, to be precise - as Junior and Casey dance while Grandpa and Rosie dance)

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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