(Allstar swims over to the guys with his latest invention)

Allstar: I can't wait to show Uncle Gallio my new science project! 

Occy: *bounces ball behind him*

Allstar: Stop, Occy, I don't have time to play snorkball with you. *throws it* Now swim along home. Now to jet away before Occy follows. 

Dimmy: Allstar, is that what you've been working on for weeks?

Allstar: Yes, it's a high density bubble gun.

Tooter: *toots as Occy bounces ball*

Dimmy: What's it do?

Allstar: It emits high density bubbles that can carry things many times their weight. Watch. *demonstrates with a clam*

Tooter: *toots wow*

Dimmy: Yeah, that's clamtastic! 

Allstar: And the bubbles don't pop - they're reusable! *Occy throws ball at his head, causing him to drop and break his machine*

Tooter: *toots an uh oh*

Dimmy: Yeah, too bad your project wasn't unbreakable. 

Allstar: Occy, look at what you've done! You ruiend my bubble gun, and now I'll probably fail science class! Well, are ya happy?!

Occy: *moans*

Dimmy: Maybe your uncle Gallio will be able to fix it. 

Allstar: Maybe I should've oicked a nice, gentle jellyfish for a pet!

Occy: *cries and drops ball to go home*

(Occy then packs his things and runs as far away from home as he can)

(at Gallio's...)

Gallio: There is some major external damage, Allstar, but the bubble generator itself appears to be *bubble in him* in working order. 

Allstar: *solemnly* Well that's good news, Uncle Gallio. 

Gallio: *clears throat* You don't sound too pleased, Allstar.

Allstar: I'm not too pleased with myself, Uncle Gallio. I should've never yelled at Occy the way I did. 

Tooter: *toots for him to not feel bad*

Gallio: *gets out glue* Tooter's right. You can make up with Occy when you get home. Now, let's glue this back together. Super Snail Stick should do the trick. There, good as new.

Allstar: I jsut hope Occy and I will be. 

(Occy finds a pack of squid and follows - he almost makes friends with one of them, but the leader shows a sign saying no octopi are allowed)

(meanwhile, Allstar can't find occy)

Allstar: Oh no, Occy's gone!

Tooter: *wonders*

Allstar: No, he's not coming back! I've got to find him! *searches for him later* Occy! Occy!

Tooter: *toots for him as well*

Dimmy: *exhausted and runs into a coral tree* It's no use, Allstar. It's getting too dark to search.

Allstar: You're right. *use flashlights through snorks*

(Occy's still depressed and alone, but the squid friend finds him and places a blankey over him as he sleeps)

(Allstar and Gallio swim to school the next morning)

Allstar: And I've been looking for him all morning, Uncle Gallio.

Gallio: Yes, the ocean is a fine place to hide. You might have to wait until occy decides to come home.

Allstar: No, I'll keep looking - right after my sea science class!

(meanwhile, Occy follows the squid)


(Occy eats some of their food when a grumpy old saltminer finds him)

Saltwater Sam: Get out of here, you ten armed tresspassers! I'll teach ya to jump Saltwater Sam's claim! *grabs one with his lasso* Every year, you migrating varmits cme to slug my salt! *Occy watches and gets angry* But now I've got ya!

Occy: *tries to attack but he gets caught too*

Salwater: Both of ya! Yes, there's salt in them thar hils! But it took years to find, and it's all mine!

Slugwart: That's what he thinks. Huffer, Pluffer, show that snork what real claim jumping is!

Guards: Sure thing, Slugwart! Just let us catch our breath! *blow down all three*

Saltwater Sam: Ooh, who are you?

Puffer: We're with him!

Slugwart: The sanme's Slugwart!

Saltwater Sam: *gulps* Not the salt master!

Slugwart: That's right, fish face! And your salt mine is mine! *laughs* So get to work! I need a hundred pounds by  dinnertime! *Occy and squid* Hmm, they've got plenty of storng arms. Put em to work! *they gripe*

(Allstar leaves school and Dimmy's with the press)

Dimmy: Allstar, wait, you won first prize! Dn't you want your picture in the Snorkland Gazzette? 

Allstar: I just want Occy to be back home when I jet there! *but he isn't* But he's not! I've got to find him! He might be in deep trouble!

(Slugwart has them working hard)

Slugwart: If I don't get my salt quarter for supper, you're all going to be in trouble! Faster!

Saltwater Sam: That snake-riding Slugwart is working your tentacles to the bone! maybe we can make a break!

(Allstar finds Gallio)

Allstar; It's no use, Uncle Gallio! I can't find Occy anywhere! It's like he dropped off the face of the ocean!

Gallio: I'm afraid all you can do now is wait - and rest. You look exhauted. 

(Slugwart is still there)

Slugwart: *eating* Oh this is high quality seasalt, delicious! I'm in a good mood, so you can take a break!

Saltwater Sam: It's about time. *all fall down* Yeah, it sure looks desperate. I don't wish to have some friends,  but I could sure use one now.

Occy: *gets out picture of him and Allstar and cries* 

Saltwater Sam: Hey, looks like you've got a friend in Snorkland. Reckon he could help. Does he know you're here?

Occy: *still cries when squid takes picture and swims off with it*

Slugwart: That's not the kind of break I meant! Stop him! *blow him away*

Saltwater Sam: Maybe knowing no friends will find help.

(It's now morning in Snorkland, and the roosterfish sings as the squid keeps findign Allstar)

Allstar: Thanks for letting me sleepover, Uncle Gallio.

Gallio: I'm honored to have had the school's science contest winner as a guest.

Allstar: But even without Occy around, winning first prize isn't fun anymore. 

(Squid finds Allstar, who turns to see the picture)

Allstar: What's wrong, little squid? But that's me and Occy! Where'd you get this? Is Occy in trouble? *gets him to go* Then what are we waiting for?! 

(Slugwart is still eating)

Slugwart: Nothing like breakfast in bed - a salt bed! 

Allstar: Occy's in deeper trouble than I thought. He's a slave to that slimy salt dipper Slugwart. But where are his two bighead blowfish bodyguards?

Guards: *blow him tehre* Oh, I'm sorry I asked. *Occy catches the bubble gun* 

Slugwart: Well, if it isn't that meddling know-it-all Allstar, adn the kid squid! Get to work, boys!

Allstar: Occy, get cranking!

Occy: *uses bubble gum to place the guards in a bubble, for which they can't get out of*

Slugwart: You bubble brains, where do you think you're going?! *they leave* You can't leave me here now! I'm outnumbered! 

Occy: *places Slugwart in a bubble, and the squid kicks him out*

Allstar: Oh, I don't think you'll be seeing him again, *gives the gun to Sam* as long as you have this bubble gun around.

Saltwater Sam: *shakes hands with him* Hey, thanks son. Saltwater Sam owes ya one. 

Allstar: And I owe you an apology, Occy. I should learn to control my temper.

(squid cries and Occy comforts it)

Allstar: Suffering seashells, Occy. Why is your little friend so sad?

Saltwater Sam: yeah, I'm afraid that's my fault. I cahsed all his friends away.

(squid asks for Allstar to let him in)

Allstar: Gee I'm sorry, little fella, but mom would never let me have another pet. 

Saltwater Sam: *lassos it* Eh, it's a might lonesome out here. *gets licked by him* And I could use a creature around the place, especially one who's already used to salt mining. 

Allstar: Looks like your friend's found a good home, Occy. Now we better jet home too. 

(but Occy wants to say goodbye first)

Saltwater Sam: Well come back and see us soon, ya hear? 

Occy: *says goodbyes*

Allstar: Come on, Occy, we don't have all day. I mean, I mean, take your time, Occy. Don't rush on my account.

Occy: *quickly swims back home*

Allstar: *follows him* Occy, wait up! Occy, wait up! 

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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