Snorks Minor Characters and Theme Songs 025

Icky, Blicky, and Sticky

Icky, Sticky, and Blicky are three clownfish (well, clown SNORKS) who work for P.T. Bass at the Clownfish Circus. They only make an appearance in The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze. They meet Daffney and Lil Seaweed after they both have decided to join the circus and replace Tessie as the flying trapeze girls. They appear to be nice and joking around at first, but then they too try to claim the girls as "their own" and "circus property." Bigweed tries to stop this as well, but Daffney and Lil Seaweed work together to bring them down. Icky, Sticky, and Blicky are voiced by Barry Gordon, Nancy Cartwright, and B.J. Ward respectively.  

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