(Allstar is sleeping on his bed when Occy barks at him, causing him to jump out awake)

Allstar: What's wrong, Occy? is Bigweed attacking? Another seastorm? Snorkeaters sneak attack? *Occy shakes his head* It's wrose?! Oh no, what is it??? *Occy takes out his leash* You have to go swimmies?! Oh brother, okay, let's go.

Occy: *barks in content*

Allstar: Wait a minute, Occy, I have to get dressed! *Occy pulls him out the door*

(as he swims, Allstar reads a book)

Allstar: If you can't fight 'em, join 'em.

(Junior and Willie are standing in front of a lionfish in his cage)

Junior: I am too!

Willie: Are not!

Junior: Am too! 

Willie: Not!

Junior: Too!

Willie: Not!

Junior: Too! 

Junior: *sees Allstar* Hey Allstar, come over here. My brother think that I -- *sees him up close* Hey, what's with the cure jammies? Forget to get dressed this morning? *laughs but Occy growls at him* Hey! 

Allstar: Huh? Oh, very funny, Junior. Look, it's a long story, and I really don't -- Junior: Anyway, my own brother here think I'm not as brave as you are. Can you believe that?

Allstar: Well, I have --

Willie: You and Casey are the bravest snork kids in the whole world, right?

Allstar: Well, not exactly the --

Junior: Oh yeah?! You think you're so brave? Ha! I'll show you! Allstar, I dare ya to take that bone away from the lionfish. *it growls*

Willie: Oh, he'll do it! You're not afraid of any old lionfish, are ya, Allstar? 

Occy: *nods his head* 

Allstar: Cut it out, you guys. I don't have to do something stupid to prove that I'm brave. 

Willie and Occy: Huh?

Junior: See? What did I tell ya? Allstar's just saying that because he's a chicken fish. *makes chicken sounds* But I'm not! Watch! I'll take the bone! Wow! *takes the boen and laughs as it growls* Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't get all wound up about it. Ta dah!

Willie: Wow, Junior, you are brave!

Occy: *nods his head*

Junior: Well, Allstar? *chicken sounds*

Allstar: Oh Junior, all that proves is that you've got your brains on vacation. You're missing the whole point.

Junior: The only point that's missing is on your head, Allwet. Come on, Willie, let's go show the others.

Willie: Okay!

Junior: See ya later, chicken-fish!

Allstar: Occy, I think there's no hope for that boy. *hears crying* Do you hear that? It's coming from outside the zoo, maybe from behind those trees. Come on, let's go see. 

(they find a shark named Joey with a fish hook stuck in his fin)

Joey: *cries* Ouch, oh, poor me! What did I ever do?!

Allstar: Oh, is there anything we can do to help?

Joey: No, no! Don't touch it, don't touch it! *cries* 

Allstar: Well, you're gonna have to take it out sometime.

Joey: Well, uh, I suppose you're right. Okay, you convinced me. I'll take it out. I'll tkae it out tomorrow, or maybe next month. *cries*

Allstar: *rubs him* there there, don't worry, it won't hurt. Here, I've got an idea. How about I pull it out when you count to three?

Joey: Okay, fine, that sounds good. Okay, let's, let's, let's do it. 

Allstar: Ready when you are.

Joey: Okay, one, two, three-one, three and three-quarters, two-and-seven-eighths, two and thriteen-fifteenths, two and twenty-seven thrity-eights 

Allstar: Oh, this is gonna take forever! Look, I'll just do it on the count of three! 

Joey: On the count of three? Oh, dear!

Occy: *closes his eyes*

Allstar: One, two, --

Joey: Well, wait, three.

Allstar: *has already pulled it out* Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Occy: *opens his eyes again and smiles*

Joey: Hey, it's out! And it didn't even hurt! That's great! You're great! *laughs* My name's Joey, what's your's?

Allstar: I'm Allstar, and this is Occy. Nice to meet ya, Joey. 

Joey: Thanks a lot, Allstar. I owe ya for that one. Oh, boy. *shakes his hand too hard* You are my pal foever, and ever and ever! And ever and ever and ever!

Allstar: *shakes* You're welcome! 

Joey: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, how can I ever repay you???

Allstar: *falls down* You don't have to. Really, I was glad to help.

Joey: No, really, I have to do something! Somethign! Anything, anything, anything! I gotta pay ya back! Anything at all, I'll do it! *hugs and squeezes him* Just say the word!

Allstar: Hey, do whatever you want. Personally, I'd like to get a clamburger - I'm starved.

Occy: *nods his head in agreement*

Joey: Oh, why didn't you say so? After you, old budddy, old pal, old pal!

Allstar: *laughs* Thanks.

(Allstar and Occy are swimming through town when a saleman approaches them)

Salesman: Hey this is your lucky day, young snork. Observe an ordinary water potato as miraculously transformed in a colossal culinary feast! *laghs as he turns on the machine* it dices, it slices, it cuts fish fries! It's colossal! It's unbelievable! 

Allstar: *pops out of the fish fry pile* No really, I don't want one. Whatever it is. Thanks, anyway.

Salesman: But everybody wants a water potato mattic!

Allstar: Look, I don't even have a water potato!

Saleman: No problem! *laughs* ta dah! For you, my boy, only nine and three-quarter clams!

(Joey's shadow shows up from behind)

Joey: He said he doesn't want it! Now, beat it! 

Salesman: *shakes and leaves* Yeah, sure, no problem!

Joey: After you, my pal.

Allstar: Why, thank ya, Joey.

Occy: *pops out of pile too and spits out the fish fries while also growling at Joey*

Allstar: *passing by some school kids* Hi, uh, good morning.

(they see Joey's shadow and run - even the rest of the town folk are scared of him)

Allstar: Joey, uh, why don't you hide behind those trees? I don't want you to scare any of my friends.

Joey: Anything for my mostest of bestest of buddy! Just say the word!

Allstar: Um, right.


(Allstar and Occy are eating clamburgers at a local clamburger stand)

Junior: Well, there he is, Mr. Chickenfish himself! 

Allstar: *accidentally squirts an enitre tube of mustard all over his food* Thanks, Junior.

Junior: *still holding bone* Say, why don't you have a little clamburger with your mustard? *laughs* 

Occy: *growls then chews on his pants* 

Junior: Yikes! Allstar, call off thids animal before I call the police!

Allstar: It's okay, Occy.

Occy: *still growls at Junior* 

Junior: Take it easy, can't ya take a joke? 

(all the others come over)

Willie: And I thought you were brave - ha!

Allstar: What?

Daffney: You, a sniveling coward? Oh, Allstar, say it isn't true!

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: Junior, what have you been telling everybody?

Junior: Just the truth! *chicken sounds*

Allstar: Knock it off! I'm just as brave as you are, and you know it!

Junior: Oh yeah? Then prove it! Allstar, I dare ya to cross Devil's Bridge with me tonight at 5:00!

Occy: *hides*

Daffney: Do it, Allstar! Show Junior that you're no chicken-fish!

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: Listen, I was telling these two before, you don't have to do stupid stuff to prove that you're brave. 

Joey: *pops out* ooh, what smells so good? I'm starved!

(all swim away and hide)

Daffney: AH, SHARK!

Tooter: *toots an alarm*

Junior: Ah, wait for me!!!

Allstar: Oh, hi Joey. Anyway, like I was saying, --

Junior: *covers eyes* Oh, I can't watch!

Daffney: Allstar, look out - behind you!

Allstar: Oh, he's nothing. Don't worry about it.

All: Huh?! Junior: Boy, was I wrong. I guess Allstar really is brave.

Daffney: You said it. He's not even afraid of that big, icky shark.

Joey: Well, why should he be? We're the bestest of buddies, forever and ever! *hugs him* 

Junior: Bestest of buddies, huh? Now I get it. That shark is your bodyguard.

Allstar: Well he's not exa-- *flips over from Joey's nose*

Joey: Yeah, that's it, a bodyguard! I mean nothin', nothin' hurts my buddy old pal!

Junior: HA! Allstar's so afraid, he has to have a body guard just to go outside! 

Daffney: Gee, and I always thought you were brave.

Tooter: *toots*

(all of them walk away)

Allstar: Wait, where are you all going? Hey, you don't actually believe Junior, do you? Huh. I've got no friends, Occy.

Occy: *pouts*

Joey: Uh, you got nothin' to worry about.

Allstar: I don't?

Joey: I'll be your friend!

Allstar: Oh...

Occy: *moans*  

(Allstar and Occy are very tired as they swim to school the next mroning)

Occy: *yawns*

Allstar: *yawns* I didn't get any rest at all last night. Well I didn't know you snored, Joey.

Joey: Well if you asked, I would've told ya in a second old buddy old pal. 

(a fish trying to eat another fish is scared off at the sight of Joey)

Allstar: *in front of school* I think you'd better wait outside.

Joey: Okay, alright. But ALlstar, I'm still hungry.

Occy: Huh?!

Allstar: What?! Oh, how could that be possible?! I mean, you ate our refridgerator for breakfast, you know!

Joey: *cries* I know! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, buddy!

Allstar: Oh here, you can have my lunch. It's in my backpack.

Joey: Thanks, buddy. *swallows it hole*

Allstar: WHOA!

Joey: What's wrong, pal?

Allstar: I said IN my backpack! You were supposed to take my lunch out, THEN eat it! 

Joey: Uh, I'm sorry.

Allstar: Oh no! And my homework's in there! open up! *Joey opens his mouth* Oh great! Just great! *hears school bell ring* Oh, I'll be late! *swims inside*

Joey: Uh, I think I messed up, huh?

Occy: *nods his head*

(Allstar is falling asleep in the middle of his math class)

Teacher: Allstar, wake up!

Allstar: Huh? What? What?

Teacher: Where's your homeowrk, young man?

Allstar: Oh. Well you'll never believe this. You see, a giant shark ate my homework on my way to schol. *yawns*

Teacher: Now I've heard a lot of fishy tales in my time, but that one is the weirdest.

Allstar: No, really. I know it sounds ridiculous, *yawns* but I swear it's the truth. 

Teacher: Now Allstar, don't lie.

Joey: *breaks in* It isn't sister!!!

Teacher: *shakes* Okay, you can hand it in tomorrow.

Joey: uh, thanks. *giggles*

(Allstar walks by himself in the halls, still very tired)

Allstar: I've had it up to here! Junior's made all my friends think that I'm a coward, and, and I just got a D in math! 

(all the kids are swimming from Joey)

Joey: Hiya buddy, old buddy, old pal! Just chekcin' to make sure you were safe and sound!

Allstar: *stomps over to his locker* Ooh, that shark is one big pain in the snork! *all the books fall on him* My life is falling apart! I gotta do something - anything! I know! I know, I'll do it myself! *laughs* And I know just the thing, just the place! Oh, Joey!

(later on, Allstar goes to an abandoned building, replacing a "To Be Demolished" sign with "Bank")

Allstar: Joey.

Joey: I'm comin', I'm comin'! What's the hurry?

Allstar: I have to go in the bank for a second. You wait here, buddy old pal. 

Joey: Oh, just say the word! *giggles*

(Allstar and Occy go inside, and he places on a disguise as a bank robber)

Allstar: *holds Occy* Say uh, this is a stick up, see? So stick your hands up, so I can see 'em, see? *shouts to a whistling Joey* I said, this is a stick up, see? 

Joey: UH! Did somebody say "stick up?!"

Allstar: Now, put the money in the bag, or I'll ink the whole 'jin with my octopus, see?

Joey: *gasps* Uh oh, a bank robber! *sees emptiness* Hey, where did he go?

Allstar: *in a high pitched, girly voice and a green wig* Oh my, whatever you say, don't shoot! I'll get the money right away! *takes off disguise*

Joey: *gasps* It's my buddy!

Allstar: Oh no you don't, you villainous villain! Put that octopus down before I get tought!

Joey: You tell 'em, Allstar!

Allstar: *as robber* Oh yeah?! Well take that, see! And that, see! *takes it off and whispers* Okay, Occy, ink me.

Occy: *spits ink on him*

Allstar: Help, me, Joey! Help! 

Joey: *gasps* My pal, old pal, is in trouble! Oh no!

Allstar: *puts back on robber disguise* I think it's working, Occy. Now all I need to do is --

Joey: *breaks in and grabs him* You're a bad, bad snork! Don't worry, Alsltar! I caught the bank robber! *laughs* Allstar?

Allstar: That's right, see? Now you paid Allstar back for the favor he did for you, see?

Joey: Huh? Hey! He saved me, I saved him, now we're even! 

Allstar: So that means you can go back home now, and leave Allstar alone - forever! See?

Joey: Well, I uh, I guess so.

Female Officer: Allstar, is that you?

Allstar: Ooh, just my luck!

Joey: Don't worry, officer, I caught this bad snork robbing the bank.

Female Officer: That's not jsut any snork, that's *gasps* Allstar! I'm ashamed of you, young man! I never knew you were a bank robber! How terrible!

Joey: Allstar! Hey, you're not a bank robber!

Allstar: Well, you see, actually, I was --

Joey: Oh, now I understand. You were jsut tyrin' to get rid of me, weren't you? Tryin' to make me leave.

Allstar: Yes, Joey, but --

Joey: But fine, just fine! I know when I'm not wanted! *cries and stutters* And, and, and, I thought you was my bestest of pals, but I gues, that maybe I, -- *cris and leaves*

Female Officer: *shakes her head* First you rob a bank, then you make your best friend feel sad. I'm sorry, Allstar, but I'm still gonna have to out you in jail. 

Allstar: Um, officer, can we talk? It's a long story.


(a lonely Allstar is playing jacks with Occy)

Allstar: Well, I don't have anymore friends, thanks to Junior and that Joey. 

Occy: *moans*

Allstar: But at least now I have my peace and quiet.

Occy: *barks* 

Allstar: Oh, I hope Joey's okay out there.

(at the bridge where Junior's about to do his dare)

Junior: *gulps as he looks down* 

Daffney: Having second thoughts, Junior?

Junior: Uh huh. Nah, no, no, no way. I'm not a chicken fish like that Allstar. Oh well. Here I go. *walks across*

Daffney: *swoons* Oh, isn't he brave?

Tooter: *toots*

Willie: That's my brother!

Junior: WHOA!!!! *falls down then sees the current* Relax, I'm okay! Uh, I think. *all watch* Ta dah! 

Daffney: Hooray! Woo hoo!

Junior: I'm braver than Allstar! Nya nya nya nya nya! And that Allwet said this was dangerous! HA! *puts one foot out* Watch this! Look, one foot! *laughs then literally falls over*

Willie: *gasps*

Daffney: Junior!

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: *caught on snork* Now don't, don't, don't panic. Everything will be okay. *cries* WHOA! HELP! HELP! Someone go get some help!

Daffney: Help, HELP!!!! *leaves*

(Allstar and Occy are still playing)

Allstar: Okay, your turn.

Occy: *grabs the ball and takes all the jacks*

Allstar: Hey, how come you always win? 

Daffney: Help! This is a seamergency! Somebody help!

Allstar: I can help.

Daffney: Oh Allstar, we need somebody who's brave, not a scaredy catfish like you!

Occy: *growls* 

Allstar: Knock it off, Daffney! It's Junior, isn't it? He's in trouble, right?

Daffney: Hey, how'd you know? 

Allstar: Oh, I'll tell ya later. Come on! 

(Junior's still stuck on his snork)

Junior: YAOOO!

Allstar: Oh my. I knew Junior would get hismelf into trouble with this stupid dare!

Tooter: *toots*

Willie: Daffney, Junior needs help, not Allstar!

Allstar: Oh brother!

Willie: We have to get the Snork Patrol, or the police - anybody! But they have to be brave! 

Junior: HELP!

Allstar: There's not enough time - I'll do it! 

(all go "huh?" as he walks across that bridge)

Willie: I don't believe it! Allstar is brave!

Tooter: *toots*

Daffney: Wow, I didn't know Allstar had it in him! 

Allstar: Neither did I.

Junior: Allstar? Allstar Seaworthy, is that you?

Allstar: Yes, unfortunately.

Junior: Oh. And all those times I called you "chicken-fish." How embarrassing! Can't you get someone else to rescue me?

Allstar: Junior!

Junior: *nervously chuckles* Just kidding! *then falls over before Allstar catches his snork* 

All: *gasp as they watch him pull Junior out*

Junior: I'm sorry I called you a chicken-fish, Allstar, old buddy. I really didn't mean it. You see, I was just tyring to give you a hard time because I wanted to look good by making you look bad when I'm sorry I did it and I never promsie to do it again! WAH!!!

Allstar: Okay, okay! *pulls him up* 

All: Hooray!!!

Allstar: *see bridge splitting in half* Uh oh. *all fall down* Now it's my turn! HELP! HELP! I can't hang on much longer! *fall down* 

All: *gasp when they see a blue flash of speed pass by*

Willie: What was that? 

Daffney: Look, it's Joey!

Joey: Don't worry, little buddy, here I come!!! 

Daffney: How terrible!

(Tooter and Occy cuddle each other and cry)

Willie: Look!

Daffney: Hooray, hooray! Woo hoo!!!

Joey: *has saved the two boys* Hang on, help! We're almost there! 

Daffney: You can do it! Come on, Joey!

Tooter: *toots*

Daffney: Hooray, you did it! Woo hoo! 

Allstar and Junior: Oh...

(now at a clamburger stand)

Allstar: Good work, buddy! Thanks!

Joey: Well, what did I tell ya, old buddy, old pal? Just say the word, and I'll come swimmin' I said, and that's what I said, and I meant it!

Junior: Yeah, and thanks for saving me, too. Don't you realize how much more money I'm worth when I'm alive?

Allstar: Oh brother!

Occy: *facepalms*

Daffney: Gee, we just stood around and watched while Allstar was brave enough to try and do something. 

Willie: Yeah, and we said Allstar was a chicken-fish.

Tooter: *toots in shame as he covers his face with a paper bag* 

Daffney: We're sorry.

Allstar: Oh, forget it. I'm just glad to see that you guys don't do something stupid to prove thta you're brave. 

Junior: Hey, are you callin' what I did stupid?!

Joey: Uh, yeah! What's it to ya, shorty?

Junior: Um, uh, nothing. He was right, it was stupid. Idiotic! I can't believe I'm such a blockhead! *leaves* Never again! 

Allstar: Joey, I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have tried to get rid of you. You're a good friend, and, and I didn't know it. 

(Tooter, Occy, and Joey cry)

Joey: Oh, shucks! *blows tissue with a table cloth, blowing them all away*

Allstar: What I'm trying to say is, boy was I wrong? Maybe I needed Joey to stay around after all.

Joey: Really?! Wow, if you need me for anything, you name it, and I'll come swimmin' old buddy, old buddy, old pal! Hey, maybe I should move in to your backyard! Yeah, and make sure nothin' bad happens, swim you to school, and when you go on summer vacation, maybe I coudl even go with yas, and later on, I --

Allstar: Uh, Joey, how about we just keep in touch by shellephone? Uh, long distance shellephone. 

All: *laugh* Well, whatever you say buddy, old buddy, old pal! *hugs him* Just say the word!

Allstar: *is squeezed, but smiles anyway* 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International