(Allstar and Casey are walking Occy at the local amusement park)

Snork: *swimming away* Chainsaw fish! Swim for the hills! Chainsaw fish on the loose! 

(they see a chainsaw fish destroying the rides with his nose and causing havoc)

Casey: Someone's got to stop him!

Allstar: Yeah, but who? *find Corky's sub* Hurry, Corky!

Corky: Stand back! The Snork Patrol will take care of this! Halt! *it flips the sub backwards*

Allstar: There's only one hope!

Casey: Jojo!

Allstar: Hit the alarm bell! 

(they both ring the bell at city hall, where it can be heard as far out as Jojo's treehouse)

Jojo: *working out* Huh? Oh, there must be trouble! *goes into town, where he grabs a plant upon seeing snorks lives in danger by the chainsaw fish* On guard! *it destorys the plant* Uh oh. *nervously chuckles the swins from it before reaching a dead end* Whoops. 

Daffney: *sees from a distance* Oh no!

Jojo: *grabs a rock and the nose hits it, breaking it and causing it to swim away*

Allstar: Way to go, Jojo!

Casey: That a snork! 

Corky: Great job, Jojo!

Jojo: Ah, it was nothing.

Corky: Oh well. I better get back to my sub. The Snork Patrol never rests.

Casey: Oops, that reminds me - I'm late for my sculpture class.

Allstar: Hey wait up, I'm goin' that way!

Daffney: Uh oh, what happened to my purse?

Jojo: *shows off his "guns"* Aww, they only want me for my muscles.

Daffney: Poor Jojo!

Allstar: We have to do something.

Casey: Yes, but how can we show Jojo we think he's more than just a big, brave, simple-hearted hunk?

Allstar: Okay, I've got it. *he whispers the plan in their ears*

(Jojo is back at the treehouse, playing arm wrestle with a giant crab)

Jojo: Oh, I win. The big strong nobody wins again. 

Daffney: Oh, Jojo! *he looks down to see her* Hi! 

Jojo: Daffney, what is wrong? Another chainsaw fish is attacking?

Daffney: Oh no, nothing like that! Casey and I thought you might like to come to our sculpture class.

Jojo: Me? Really me?

Daffney: Oh, for sure. *bats eyelashes* I mean, with your pwoerful, uh, sensitive hands, you're bound to be good at it!


(the sculpture class is taking place outside)

Casey: The important thing, Jojo, is to just follow your instincts. Right, Ms. Seabottom?

Ms. Seabottom: Exactly, and don't forget, you have a model for your inspiration.

Jojo: *thumb out* Oh, yes, my inspiration.

Allstar: I think he's getting into it.

Jojo: *can't use the equipment right* Oh, maybe I am only good for brute force. 

Casey: Oh no, no. It's just a matter of technique. Isn't that right, Ms. Seabottom?

Ms. Seabottom: Oh yes. Once you get used to the texture, you'll get a feel for the form. 

Jojo: Oh, now I understand! *takes out a large boulder instead, then creates a sculpting of a giant monster with it* There! It is finished! How do you like it?

Allstar: It's so, interesting.

Casey: And so, one of a kind.

Jojo: In that case, I will present my creation as a monument for all of Snorkland forever. *picks it up and palces it in front of the Wetworth home* There, this is the perfect place for it.

Governor Wetworth: *inside, reciting a speech* And so, fellow snorks, -- *sees the sculpture* ooh! Good grief! What in the waters of Neptune?! Help! Call out the Snork Patrol! *gets out phone* We've been invaded by an alien creature! 

(outside, Corky and the rest of the Snork Patrol are surrounding Jojo's sculpture, not knowing it's actually fake)

Corky: Surrender! We have you surrounded!

Jojo: *sighs* They don't like my sculpture.

Casey: Well, I guess the artistic route didn't pan out too well.

Allstar: Oh, if only there was some other way to make Jojo feel useful.

Mrs. Seaworthy: *pulls out of the garage and in the family car* Oh there you are, Allstar. We're gonna visit Grandma Seaworthy for a while.

Mr. Seaworthy: So maybe you can finish your chores by the time we get back.

Allstar: No problem.

Mrs. Seaworthy: And don't forget to clear the barnacles off the roof, dear. 

(in the meantime, Allstar and his friends do some yard cleaning around the Seaworthy house)

Allstar: *on the roof with Casey, cleaning off the barnacles* Jojo seems to be enjoying the yard work.

Casey: Yeah, he's a synch. And he's doing such a good job, too.

Jojo: *raking the leaves* Oh, hmm. What do I do with this? *lifts house, causing the others to fall off* That takes care of sweeping. Now, what do I do? 

Allstar: Jojo!

Jojo: Oh, you want me to help you with the barnacles? *swims up there*

Casey: Jojo, you forgot the crawbar! 

Jojo: *picks one off with his bare hands instead* Hmm, I have a big idea. *he sweeps the off of the roof by lifting up the roof itself*

All: Oh no! *leave before they get hit* 

Jojo: Ha! Not one barnacle left!

Allstar: *stutters* Uh, uh, uh, uh...

Jojo: Is there soemthing wrong?

Allstar: Uh, *coughs* hey, what a super *coughs* idea that was!

Casey: Incredible! One shake, and the roof's all fixed!

Daffney: Oh, so that's why they call it a shake-roof!

Allstar: My folks are coming back any minute!

Casey: We've got to get Jojo out of the way. Uh, Jojo, you've been working so hard, you need a snack.

Jojo: I do?

Allstar: Yeah. Why don't you see what you can find in the refridgerator, okay?

Jojo: Okay, Allstar. Whatever you say. *goes in the house*

Allstar: Hurry! We have about one minute to fix everything! 

(they frantically clean the yard, fix the roof, and take off all the barnacles off the grass)

Allstar: *pants with the others* Finally.

Mr. Seaworthy: My goodness. I have to hand it to you, Allstar, you did a terrific job.

Allstar: Well, actually, it was, um, it was, uh -- *sees Jojo eating a large sandwhich* Jojo, who did most of it.

Casey: Yes, he's an expert at gardening and home repair. 

Mrs. Seaworthy: In that case, Jojo gets the biggest slice of Grandma's cake. Follow me, Jojo. *he does so*

Allstar: It's no good! I can't take it anymore! We've got to set Jojo straight!

Casey: But we have to let him down easy, or he'll feel even worse. 

Jojo: *after swallowing that cake slice* Hmm, I wodner what I will do next. *leaves* After all, now I know I can do anything. There must be other snorks I can help.

Allstar: Daffney, please! It's up to you to tell Jojo the truth!

Daffney: Oh, okay. *walks into the kitchen* Oh Jojo, there's something I have to tell you. Jojo?

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh, Jojo said something about going out to contribute to society. 

Daffney: Oh no! *runs out* Hurry, we have to stop Jojo before he helps anyone else!

(they leave, only to find a billboard sign he had added on to - "Brush with Mermaid Toothpaste - "It's Good For Everybody")

Allstar: Yeah, it looks like Jojo tried to help here, too. *they see he as actually stopped traffic all over town, causing a big pile-up and angry snorks* Oh no, not that!

Elderly Snork Woman: I would've waited for the light.

Jojo: Ah, but you have the right of way. *he walks her across the street*

Casey: Daffney, you have to tell Jojo to quit before it's too late.

Daffney: Here it goes.

Elderly Woman Snork: Oh, thank you, young man.

(traffic finally moves again, but rapidly)

Jojo: *waves back at her* Anytime, ma'am. Daffney, want to cross the road?

Daffney: No, Jojo. I hate to have to tell you this, but, you're making everyone feel small.

Jojo: Small?

Daffney: You know, like, nobodies. 

Jojo: Because of me?

Daffney: Jojo, if you can do everything better than anyone else, the rest of us are bound to feel like we're not needed. Get it?

Jojo: Hmm, I was thinking, maybe I will stick to just being strong. Nothing wrong with strong, right?

Daffney: Right, Jojo.

All: *sigh, kick back, and relax* 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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