Junior's Empire



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Written by:

Mary Jo Ludin

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 3, 1987

Paired With

The Golden Dolphin

"Junior's Empire:" is the 7th episode of Season 3. Casey's running for class president, but Junior bribes everyone with food so that he could win and take over like Julius Seastar.

Snorks 307 1

Junior gives out free food

Plot Summary

Junior is inside the school library, when he finds a book for his upcoming book report on Julius Seastar, who once ruled Snorkland. Meanwhile, Casey is campaigning to be the next class president. He thinks the election stuff is stupid in regards to class president, but thinks it would make him a "great emperor." So as Casey campaigns some more, Junior gives out free clamburgers and candy, and offers less homework and more recess time. Casey pleads for a more honest president, but all they want is Junior.

Turns out 999 students voted for Junior as opposed to Casey, whose one voted was voted by herself. Soon enough, Junior begins to take over the school. Not only does he have Jojo and Daffney become his guards, but he has them do all his homework over the last several years as well as draw art of him. Snorks begin to protest, but they are all thrown into the dungeon. Daffney and Jojo begin to realize their ways and begin to protest, as well. Junior becomes obsessive and traps all of them. Then Casey convinces him to read the back of the book, which says that Julius Seastar was banished from Snorkland, and that he was eaten by a snorkeater. Then they all attack Junior.

Snorks 307 2

All trapped

Background Info

  • We learn that Jojo goes to their school
  • Dimmy's very first cameo appearance since his sudden disappearance from the series is in this episode near the end
  • We learn that Snorkland High has approximately 1,000 students
  • Junior being called a "class pain" is stated again in The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
  • Tooter carries a sawfish

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Oh, this is ridiculous! Junior thinks he can get free votes just by handing out candy and clamburgers!

Allstar: *eats* Yeah, who does he think he is?

Daffney: Where's all that candy you promised???

Jojo: Yes, where???

Junior: Um, I've got something better than candy. I want you two to be my personal guards.

Daffney: Ah, that sounds icky!

Jojo: Guard?! Nah uh, I like candy!


  • When Junior's handing out clamburgers, Daffney's hair is pink
  • If Junior's taking over the school, where are all the faculty members?
  • Daffney hates the idea of having to wear the same thing everyday, but everyone else does in the series, including her
  • In the trap, Allstar's outfit is white
  • At one part there's a fountain; however they are already underwater!


  • Julius Seastar is a parody of the famous Julius Ceasar, Roman emperor



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