(Junior's at the school library one afternoon)

Junior: Oh, this is impossible! There's too many books here! I'll never be able to decide which one I should do my book report on! Never ever! *but the perfect one falls on him* Hey, what's this? *picks it up and reads it out loud* "Julius Seastar: Ruler of all Snorkdum?" *flips through pages* Hmm, not bad. "And all the snorks had to do whatever he said." Wow, that's my kind of snork! *reads it through halls* This guy was clamtastic! 

(he sees Tooter putting up campaign posters for Casey, and Allstar campaigning for her as well)

Allstar: Don't be lazy, vote for Casey!

Tooter: *toots*

Casey: *shakes everyone's hands* I'd sure liek to be your next class president.

Allstar: Hey Junior, how about voting for Casey? *sticks a pin on him saying CASEY FOR PRESIDENT*

Junior: Oh brother! Can't you see I'm busy reading? (tosses pin across the hall)

Allstar: Well excuse me!

(the snorks say the chant three times as Tooter places a poster on top of Junior)

Tooter: *laughs*

Junior: *pops out through her head* This election stuff is silly! Now, back to more important things. "All the snorks adored their leader, Julius Seastar." Hmmm..

(imagines himself as Julius Seastar and the snorks saying "Junior!" five times)

Junior: Then again, maybe a school election isn't so silly. I mean, today class president, tomorrow - emperor!

(Casey is giving her campaign speech in a classroom)

Casey: And the most important thing about this election is that it's your duty as a snork to vote. 

Junior: *blows a whistle and brings out clamburgers and candy* Step right up! Have some treats! Courtesy of your next class president! 

(all the snorks except for Casey run over to get free food)

Casey: Junior's running for president?

Junior: Yes, my fellow snorks. I guarantee a clamburger and candy at every meal!

Daffney: Hmm, yummy! Seaweed sickles, my favorite!

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: A vote for me is a vote for no more homework! *snorks cheer* And longer recesses! *snorks cheer*

Casey: Hold it, hold it, everyone! Do you want a president who's honest, responsible, and trustworthy? Or one that just gives away free food?

(they think about it for a second until they shout "Junior!" repeatedly)

Junior: Gee, I wonder who's going to win the election now? Casey: Oh, this is ridiculous! Junior thinks he can get free votes just by handing out candy and clamburgers!

Allstar: *eats* Yeah, who does he think he is?

(the results finally arrive, and Corky announces them in an auditorium)

Corky: Ahem, the results of the election are final. Junior Wetworth, 999 votes. Casey Kelp, 1 vote.

(the snorks hold picket signs of him as they shout "Junior!" four times)

Junior: Look out, Julius Seastar, here comes Junior Wetworth.

(Junior still reads through that book)

Junior: Now to see what an emperor - I mean, a class president does.

(sees all of them in his dungeons)

Casey: Oh, we're sorry, Junior!

Allstar: Yes, we'll do anything you say!

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: *laughs* 

(back to reality)

Junior: I guess if the kids don't do what I say, I've gotta have my guards throw them into the dungeon. Oh this is gonna be fun! Problem is, I don't have guards.

Daffney: Where's all that candy you promised???

Jojo: Yes, where???

Junior: Um, I've got something better than candy. I want you two to be my personal guards.

Daffney: Ah, that sounds icky!

Jojo: Guard?! Nah uh, I like candy! Junior: That's the point. Guards get twice as much candy as everyone else.

Jojo: Twice?

Junior: Oh, and Daffney, I'll let you pick out the uniforms.

Daffney: Uniforms?! Oh, goody! Let's hit the stores! *takes Jojo with her*

Junior: Heh, that's one down and one to go! *chuckles*

<TRANSITION> (as the snork guards sert up his dungeon, Junior talks to Jojo and Daffney)

Junior: Now this is a dungeon we can be proud of!

Casey: *working hard* Junior, I don't mean to be rude, but what in the whirlpool does the school need a dungeon for?

Junior: For traitors, that's who!

Casey: Traitors?! Junior, don't you think you're taking this class president thing a little too seriously?

Junior: You dare question the class president?!

Casey: Well, no, I --

Junior: My book warned me of snorks like you! Guards, throw this traitor in the dungeon!

Guard 1: I guess this isn't the time to ask for more candy.

Guard 2: Uh, definitely not.

Jojo: *he and Daffney throw her in the dungeon* Sorry, Casey, but traitors are bad.

Casey: Oh don't worry about it. You think I take that Junior seriously?

Junior: Anyone else like to be next? *they all look at each other* Good!

(he's now swimming into another classroom, where all of them are working hard on his math homework)

Allstar: E=MC Squared, carry three, uh, and drop the two. Ooh, uh, pick up the two.

Junior: Is my math homework done yet?

Allstar: We've completed all your assignments from the last two years, which leaves only one more year to go. But Junior, don't you think --

Junior: Good! *opens a closet full of books* And after you're finished, there's some book reports I need done! 

(he then enters the art room ,where snorks draw paintings of himself)

Junior: Well, finally, we'll have some art worth looking at in this school! Now that's what I call masterpieces!

Snorks Outside: Junior, Junior, he's real bad! He's the worst president we've ever had!

Junior: Now what? Oh no! *they repeat the chant* What's going on here?! Get back to work at once!

Allstar: But Junior, this isn't fair! You can't treat us like this! Who do you think you are?

Junior: Your president, that's who! Guards, throw these troublemakers in the dungeon!

Allstar: *as they do so* You can't get away with this, Junior!

Junior: Oh, being class president can be such a snorkache! *now in the Principal's Office, dressed like Julius Seastar* What bunch of traitors! But I guess I can't blame them for being jealous. I'd better protect myself against any further revolts. I wonder what Julius Seastar would do. *sees a trap in the book* That's it! Guard! Guard!

Jojo: Jojo, reporting for duty!

Junior: Jojo, I want you to build a trap, just like the one in this book. And whatever you do, keep it a secret.

Jojo: I'll tell no one, Junior.

Junior: That's President Junior!

Jojo: Sorry.

Junior: *hands him the book* 

(meanwhile, all the snorks are still trapped in the dungeon)

Allstar: Oh, Junior's gone too far this time!

Casey: Well don't blame me. I voted for myself. Wait a minute! Who says we can't get out of here??? 

(all say "We want out!" repeatedly)

Daffney: Okay, okay, pipe down! What's the problem?

Allstar: Junior Wetworth - class pain in the neck!

Daffney: How can you say that? Junior's always treated me nice. He even let me pick out my own uniform.

Casey: But Daffney, you'll have to wear the same thing day in and day out. Won't that get boring?

Daffney: *gasps* The same thing over and over again?! Oh, yuck! I'd better talk to Junior about that!

Allstar: Oh if only we had a sawfish, we could cut right through these bars.

Tooter: *toots as he gets one out*

Allstar: *tries cutting with it* You're weird, Tooter, but I'm glad you're weird!

(meanwhile, Junior's in his office talking to Jojo)

Jojo: Pull this lever, and boom - the trap works. 

Junior: Good work, Jojo!

Daffney: Junior, Junior Wetworth! I am tired of wearing this thing, and I'm tired of being a stupid guard!

Junior: Oh Daffney, not you too! My own guard, a traitor to the school! Jojo, throw her in the dungeon with the others!

Jojo: No way! If there's one thing, Daffney's no traitor! Daffney's a good snork! You are a bad president!

(all the snorks break into his office and revolt)

Casey: Junior, we took a vote, and your days as president are over!

Junior: Over? OVER?! *drops down the trap* Aha! 

Jojo: No, no good! I built this thing too strong!

Junior: Now, I'm even greater than the great Julius Seastar!

Allstar: Julius Seastar?! Who'd wanna be like him?!

Casey: Yeah, he was so bad that he was banished from Snorkland!

Junior: *flips through the book* What? I don't remember that part of the book.

Casey: Just look at the end - he wandered the ocean for years. "Until he was eaten by a snorkeater."

Daffney: Eww, icky!!!

Junior: Whoops. *nervously chuckles* I guess I should've read the whole book, huh? *releases the trap* How embarrassing. But it's not a complete lost. At least I got caught up on my math homework.

Casey: Oh, wait'll I get my hands on you, Junior!

(they all chase after him)

Allstar: Junior, stop!

Daffney: You'll pay for all this!

Corky: We'll get you!

Casey: You're bad!

Tooter: *toots an alarm sound at him*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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