(The snorks are at the station preparing Corky's sub)

Corky: Allstar, you drive. *gets in with Daffney* Daffney's in charge of the map, and Junior, better load up some extra fuel.

Junior: *reading a comic book on top of the sub* Yeah, yeah, don't worry. *flips over*

Allstar: Hurry up, Junior, or we'll be leaving without you.

Junior: Alright, hold your seahorses! I was just finishing Super Snork!  *gets in*

Corky: Good luck finding plant specimens for the science contest, and remember Allstar, no speeding.

Allstar: You got it. Thanks again. *leaves* Bye!

(now in an empty field)

Allstar: Let's stick together.

Junior: No way! I'm gonna win that five clam prize, and I'm not sharing with anyone! *goes off on his own until he finds some* Oh, these'll do nicely. *unknowingly, they're eyestalks* Hey, what's the big idea?! Get out of my way! I'm busy, you big -- *ground shakes* Huh?! *crab pops out* Uh oh! *nervous laugh* Just kidding! Here, want a flower? *crab chases him until he find a rock* Whew! Boy, am I lucky? *falls into a burrow where he finds some rare ruby kelp* Ruby kelp! Wow, I've never seen this before! *takes out book* Jumping jellyfish, it's not even in the book! *steals some and places large amounts into his backpack* I've got this science contest in the bag! *leaves to find the others*

(meanwhile, Daffney and Allstar are gathering their plant specimens)

Daffney: Don't you love my sea lily, Junior?

Junior: Pretty boring compared to this! *shows off the ruby kelp*

Daffney: Wow, it's so pretty! Can I have one?

Junior: Keep your hands off my prize winning specimen! 

Allstar: Come on, you guys, we better get the sub back to Corky. *turns it on but won't start* Better add some more fuel, Junior. 

Junior: Oh no! I forgot!

Daffney: You did remember the fuel, didn't you?

Junior: Huh? Oh uh sure, of course I did. Oh uh, this'll take just a minute. *to fuel tank* Oh, think Junior, what would Super Snork do? Hey, I know! I'll try some of this weird kelp! I mean, kelp is kelp! *places some in* What do ya know? It works! Uh, just a minute! I'll feed in some more!

Allstar: *it finally starts up* No, that's okay, that's plenty! Buckle up everyone!

(the sub speeds itself back to the station)

Corky: What in the whirlpool?! Allstar, I told you to take it easy! I'll have to give you a speeding ticket now, you know!

Allstar: Well it's not my fault, Corky. The sub is acting really weird. One little tap on the fuel peddle and it goes to warp speed. 

Corky: Well, I'll just check out the old girl myself. 

Allstar: Be careful, it's got a lot of *speeds* kick.

Corky: *after the ride, and with fish surrounding him in dizziness* I don't know what turned this cunker into a, super high performance vehicle, but I'd pay money to find out!

Junior: Huh? Why it's the new Wetworth Wonder Fuel! That's what! And for just five clams, I'll sell ya three whole stalks!

Corky: You've got yourself a deal.

Allstar: But Corky, he just found that plant out in the wild somewhere. 

Junior: Yeah, but you don't know where in the wild! I do! *Corky gives him the money* And that's worth five clams, isn't it, Corky? 

Corky: Yes!

(Junior is playing around with a toy submarine outside of his house)

Junior: Let's see what else this stuff can do. *places some of the ruby kelp in the toy and it flies by* Wow! *dollar signs in his eyes* I'll be able to sell this to everybody! First, I have to stock up! *returns to the spot where he originally found the ruby kelp so he could gather some more* Heh heh heh, I've got a gold mine here! I'm gonna be rolling in clams!

<TRANSITION> (Junior's now selling his kelp to make a big profit)

Lady: Will this new fuel work on sea vaccums?

Junior: *hands some to her* Sure, it works on everything!

Lady: How much?

Junior: Four clams a stalk!

Lady: What a good price! Thanks!

Junior: It is?!

Man: I'll take a stalk, too.

Junior: Uh, that'll be seven clams.

Man: Seven? But she only paid four.

Junior: Supply and demand. You're still getting a bargain, don't ya think? *hands some to him* 

Man: No, but I guess I can't kelp it.

Nerdy snork: Uh, one stalk, please.

Junior: That'll be 10 clams.

Nerdy snork: Oh no fuel's worth paying through the snork!

Junior: Wait, wait, I made a mistake. It's nine and a half clams.

Nerdy snork: Oh alright! *pays up and leaves*

Junior: *laughs* This is going great!

Daffney: Can I buy one?

Junior: It'll cost you nine and a half clams.

Daffney: *holds it to her face* That's a lot, but it's so pretty, it's worth it.

Junior: Well, since you're such a close friend, for you, I'll make it nine and a quarter clams.

Daffney: Wow, thanks! Now I can by that gumball I've been saving up for!

(the snorks are driving around town with the new fuel in their cars)

Man: Gee, are you using that new Wetworth Wonder Fuel?

Nerdy snork: Oh yeah, it's great! Highest octane I ever saw!

(the speed causes a snork's clothes to be ripped off, leaving him only in his underpants and the bus door opening for him)

Naked snork: Uh, thanks anyway, but, I think I'm goin' back home. *leaves in embarrassment*

(Construction workers are currently on the job)

Snork worker: Try this new brand of fuel, Alice.

Alice: *uses it* Ay, this stuff is great!

(a farmer tests it out on his Grind-O-Matic machine)

Farmer: Let's see if this new fangled fertilizer is worth anything. *it works perfectly*

(meanwhile, Gallio is fixing himself some lunch)

Gallio: Nothing like a broiled clamburger patty for lunch.

Radio: And now Snork Watch brings you up-to-the-minute news on Junior Wetworth's new Ruby Kelp Wonder Fuel! 

Gallio: Did he say "ruby kelp"? *grabs a book and reads about it while also looking it up on the computer*

Radio: A single leaf excelerates ordinary snork vehicles to the speed of light, drives machinery through a month's work in minutes, and sprouts seeds into full grown plants while you watch! It has burned a hole in the competition, and taken over the fuel market!

Gallio: *prints out some information about it* Just as I thought - the discovery of the decade! *lunch boils over* Hmm, rather well done. Oh well. No time to eat anyway. I must alert the town!

(Junior's still trying to sell his ruby kelp to the general public)

Junior: Sorry, I'm all out of kelp today. Come back tomorrow. *places a sign up saying CLOSED: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK as snorks leave in growling mumbles - and then he's able to count all the money he earned* 1, 2, 3, --

Snork in hat: Come on, Junior!

Junior: I said come back tomorrow! I'll have more then!

(he goes off to the same burrow to find some more)

Junior: I'm on a roll now! I'll be a zillionaire by next week! Oh no! *hardly any ruby kelp left* Oh, even at 15 clams a piece, that's still only 30 clams! Hey, I know! *laughs* I could squueeze a few more clams out of this deal yet! 

(back at the stand with a bunch of maps laid out in front of him...)

Junior: Get your maps to the ruby kelp! Only five clams a piece!

Another snork: I'll buy one!

(all scram to buy some as well)

Junior: Oh, I'm so smart, I can't stand it!

(all go inside the burrow, only to fight over what's little of the ruby kelp)

Same snork as before: There's not enough for all of us! Let's get that Junior! He cheated us! 

(meanwhile, Junior places his money in the bucket)

Same snork: You slippery little town snork! We demand a refund!

(all outraged at him when Gallio appears)

Gallio: Has any snork seen Junior? It's urgent that we find him! *Junior pops out from hiding under the table* We thought ruby kelp was extinct until you found some. Good work! Now we have a chance to preserve the species.

Snork in business wear: Yeah, except he used it all up!

Snork with blue hair: And then sold us these worthless maps!

Gallio: What?! Oh no! If only we'd known in time!

Snork: Oh swell, way to go Junior!

(all growl at him)

Junior: Well you didn't exactly save any kelp yourselves! 

Woman: *gasps* Look everyone! *Daffney swims by* 

Daffney: *to her ruuby kelp plant* I knew you'd like to go for a walk. Isn't it nice out here?

Gallio: That's a very rare plant you have there, Daffney. May I see it?

Daffney: *hugs it* Oh, I always thought you were special! *gives it to him*

Gallio: Seedpods! With these seeds, we can raise more kelp plants!

Snorks: Hooray! 

Gallio: You'll have to pay back the clams for all those maps, Junior. 

Junior: Whoa! Well, at least I still have the clams from my kelp sales!

Gallio: Sorry! But that will have to go for a greenhouse to raise the seeds! Besides, those plants were on public property! 

Junior: *cries in frustration*

(later on, he gives some clams to Daffney)

Junior: A fortune in clams, and all I have left is my science prize! Oh well! At least I didn't go to jail or anything!

Daffney: And, we still have my pretty plant to look at!

Junior: Uh, say Daffney, you wouldn't wanna sell, would you?

Daffney: *growls at him*

Junior: *nervously laughs* That's what I thought.

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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