Junior's Octopuppy/Transcript

(We're now at an outdoor restaurant - Allstar, Casey, Occy, and Dr. Gallio are eating lunch together)

Allstar: Enjoying your triple decker seaburger, Uncle Gallio?

Dr. Gallio: *bites into it* I could use a bigger mouth.

Junior: Hey you call this a fast food dive-in?!

Casey: Speaking of big mouths.

Junior: Where's my quarter flounder? I have been waiting here for -- *sees watch is gone* My watch! Okay, hand it over!

Casey: What are you talking about? 

Junior: My waterproof oyster cased day-date digital watch. Which one of you sneaky snorks stole it?

Allstar: Oh keep your snork on, Junior. Everythime you lose soemthing, you blame it on everyone else. 

Junior: Oh you can't fool me, Allwet, I'll bet it's under here! *Occy growls* You're a suspect too, Occy, let me check those tentacles!

Occy: *growls and chases him around*

Junior: Sounds like a guilty bark to me, Allstar. You should keep this beast on a leash! Hey, get away!

(Occy shows his pants to him)

Gallio: *gives Occy his clamburger* Amazing. Occy's as gentle as a lambfish, except when around Junior. 

Allstar: That's becuase he hasn't forgotten when he belonged to Junior. 

Gallio: What? Your Occy was Junior's pet? 

Occy: *growls*

Casey: Easy, Occy. That was a long time ago. 

Allstar: Three years, to be exact. It all started that day at school with Junior yelling. 

(Flashback to Junior High)

Junior: *searches in locker* Thief, help, thief! *Dimmy runsinto him* Dimmy, I shoulda known! The guilty party always returns to the scene of his crime! *slams him in the locker and shuts it* Now hand it over, or you're staying in the slammer!

Casey: Junior Wetworth, you let Dimmy out this instant!

Junior: But he stole my hand-carved pearlin laid hair comb!

Allstar: *finds it in his back pocket* You mean this one? 

Junior: So, you stole it!

Allstar: Oh, this is getting out of hand. 

Junior: I'll say it is. I've got to protect myself from this school of -- *Dimmy escapes and heads off with his friends* sneaky snorks. 

(sends a mail after school)

Mail Clam: *spits it out* Put a stamp on it, cheapstake!

Allstar POV: So the suspicious Junior sent his money to some mail-order company. And 6 to 8 weeks later, he got a package by an overnight express snail. 

Junior: It's here, it's here! If it's a boy, I'm gonna call it Occy, and if it's a girl I'm gonna call it Occy. *read note as he gets out the egg* Instructions: shake well, then step back.

(a little baby Occy pops out of his egg and swims over to lick Junior) 

Junior: Oh, my own attack puppy. Now those jealous snorks will think twice before stealing my things. *laughs* That tickles! Hey no more licking. You're on a strict training program from now on. 

(Now they're both outside) 

Junior: Shred, Occy, shred! One mangled morning paper coming up!

Occy: *gives it back to him*

Junior: No, no, I said shred, not fetch!

Occy: *confused* 

Junior: Here, I'll show you. *shreds it for him* Now, you know what to do?

Occy: *glues it back for him* 

Junior: Oh no!

(Back at school)

Allstar POV: Finally after days of rigorous traning, Junior brought his, uh, attack puppy to school.

Junior: *rides Occy around the halls then ties his leash to his locker* Ha, outta my way! Now don't let anybody near my locer except me.

Occy: *barks that he'll follow his commands*

Allstar: *is at his locker when he sees Occy* What a cute little guy. *Occy barks at him* Hey, take it easy, I'm just dropping off some books in my locker. *things fall out* Are you okay, boy? Don't worry, I'll help you pick it up. Junior will never know. *pats him* You're not so mean after all, are ya?

(At a picnic during lunch)

Allstar POV: That very same day, Ms. Seabottom took the class on a picnic. 

(He and Casey are playing frisbee)

Casey: Oops, missed.

Junior: *frisbee hits him but he sees* Oh, what a great time to practice your shredding, Occy. Shred, Occy, shred! *Occy goes after it, but gets stck in a small round bin* 

Casey: Oh, Junior's little octopuppy's stuck! But I'm afraid we'll get attacked if we help. 

Allstar: Don't worry, follow me.

(He and Casey try getting him out of the jam)

Junior: Hey! Get your tentacle picking hands off my pet!

(Occy's now free, and licks Allstar)

Allstar: You're welcome, Occy, you're welcome. You see, Casey, he's not mean. 

Junior: Hey, what do you think you're doing to my pet? 

Occy: *whimpers* 

Allstar: Cut the act, Occy. Occy just wants to play.

Junior: He's not supposed to play, he's supposed to shred! *picks him up* Nice going, Allwet! You've ruined weeks of rigorous training, he'll never be the same again! *takes him away* Quiet, I don't wanna hear any excuses!

Casey: Oh, poor Occy.

Ms. Seabottom: Attention, class, time for our nature swim. *they swim to her* Today, we're going to observe butterfly shrimp in their natural habitat. Now whatever you do, don't disturd these timid creatures. They're very, very shy.

Junior: Don't disturd, just observe. Who wants to watch butterfly shrimp when you can catch 'em? Come on, Occy, we'll show everybody how well I trained ya to track! Occy, go get a butterfly shrimp!

(Occy sniffs and tries finding one near cave)

Junior: Wait'll Allstar sees me bring back a real live -- butterfly shrimp! Got ya, you little -- *baby snorkeater pops out* snorkeater?!

(sees it and runs for it) 

Junior: Oh, some roguh puppy you are. Can't you see it's just a baby? They're cute and harmless until they become adults like that one. Like that one?! *sees it and swims* Oh great guppies, they're both after us! Back to the park, we'll lose them in the crowd!

(Butterfly shrimp field, where they hear noise)

Ms. Seabottom: What in the whrilpool is all that racket? 

Casey: Oh, it's just Junior and his pet being chased by a couple of snorkeaters. 

All: Snorkeaters?!

Mrs. Seabottom: Swim for your lives!

(all swim for it and frantically scream)

Junior: Oh, it worked. We're off the hook, now let's jet out of here. *Occy stays put* Occy, that's a direct order!

Allstar: Distract them!

Junior: For the last time, you come right now or - or I'll disown you!

(Occy sees Allstar and saves him from being eaten alive) 

Allstar: I'm all out of starbright ideas this time.

(Occy gets Alsltar to hide with him)

Allstar: Occy, why are we stopping? 

(Occy gets baby snorkeater stuck)

Allstar: Nice work, Occy.

(but Snorkeater rescues baby and they leave)

Ms. Seabottom: You saved our lives, Allstar.

Allstar: And Occy saved my life. Now give me five. *Occy twirls him around* Oh wow, he gave me eight!

(Junior kicks Occy out)

Allstar POV: Well, Junior really meant what he said - Occy was disowned. 

Junior: *tosses his stuff out with Occy* What good's an attack puppy that doesn't obey commands?

(Allstar waits outside as Occy whimpers)

Allstar: Please, Occy, on't cry, you can stay with me if you want. *Occy whimpers* of course I mean it. 

Occy: *licks him to death* 

Allstar: Okay, okay, Occy, you're welcome.

(Back to the present)

Allstar: And we've been together ever since.

(Occy licks him yet again)

Junior: What, it's still not ready?! Look, I've been waiting fifteen minutes, you got snails working back there?

Casey: Oh, I see you found your wristwatch, Junior. 

Junior: Sure, I left it under my bed. So what?

Allstar: Well, so it at least lets us "theiving snorks" off the hook.

Junior: Wrong, Allwet! The aqua-line batteries are missing, and I know one of you has 'em!

Occy: *growls at him and tries chasing him yet again*

Junior: No, get away, scram! Allstar, call your mutt off!

Allstar: Well I'll try, Junior, but you know as well as I do, Occy's not good at obeying commands! *laughs* Occy, come back here!

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International