(Allstar and Casey are taking toys to the local toy drive)

Allstar: Seems like everybody in town is giving us toys for the Toys For Snorks drive, Casey. 

Casey: Yeah, it's gonna be a big success this year.

Junior: *in front of them* Well, look at this! I knew you were a big baby, Allstar, but this is ridiculous!

Casey: Oh dry up, Junior!

Junior: *laughs*

Allstar: These toys are for the school drive, as if you didn't know, and it's about time you give us a hand, instead of a lot of lip!

Junior: Now now, we musn't lose our little tempers! *laughs as they leave*

(Later that night at his house, Junior takes out his stuffed sea turtle and goes to bed with it)

Junior: Ah! *but Willie drops by unexpectedly* Dah!

Willie: Excuse me.

Junior: Don't you ever knock?!

Willie: I just wanted to say good night. Gosh, I didn't know you slept with a toy too!

Junior: A toy?! What toy?! Oh, that! Well, uh, it must've, um, fallen off my bookshelf and onto my pillow. Now get out of here, you nosey little nuscene, and let me get some sleep!

Willie: Okay, okay!

Junior: And next time, knock!

Willie: Phew! *shuts door* What's the big deal?!

Junior: Ah! *falls asleep*

(the next day, everyone goes to donate something at the toy drive)

Allstar: Don't forget, everybody, bring your toys to Toys For Snorks for other kids to enjoy! Make a little snork happy!

Tooter: *brings a toy to Casey*

Casey: Thanks, Tooter. How does it work? *he spins it for her, and a lobster pops out* That's a great toy, Tooter, thanks!

(Dimmy and Daffney carry a huge box together)

Dimmy: 1, 2, 3! *pours it into the donation box* 

Allstar: Wow, what a collection! You guys made out like bandits! 

Casey: Yeah, where'd you get all those toys?

Dimmy: From the Wetworths! We knew the governor's kids would have a lot of extra toys lying around!

Daffney: *holds up Junior's stuffed sea turtle* Oh, isn't this just adorable? Little Willie gave this to us himself!

Allstar: Willie's a good kid!

Dimmy: See ya after school!

Junior: *shows up as well* Everybody happy in the playpin?

Casey: As a matter of fact, we are, Junior! The toy drive's going just super!

Junior: Well I'm glad you itty bitty snorks are so ha -- *realizes what he had just picked up* Hey! Where'd you get this?

Casey: From your house, why? is it your's?

Junior: Uh, mine? You don't think that I -- oh, don't be silly! Uh, it, uh, it was Willie's! 

Allstar: Yeah, we figured he gave it to the toy drive.

Junior: Why that little, uh, wonderful kid.

Casey: Allstar, give me a hand with these other toys.

Allstar: Right!

Junior: *tries sneaking out with it when Allstar catches him*

Allstar: Aren't you forgetting something?

Junior: Forgetting?

Allstar: *points out the turtle to him*

Junior: Oh, this! I must be getting absent minded! *nervously laughs*

Allstar: *takes it* Tell Willie we really appreciate his generosity!

(later that night, Junior can't sleep)

Junior: Uh, it's no use! I can't sleep a wink! 4:00 in the morning already! I gotta get my stuffed sea turtle back, or I'll never sleep again!

(Junior tries to sneak into the school at night, hoping to not get caught by the police)

Junior: Now's my chance. This must be easy, a piece of fish cake! *opens door* Oh, what luck, the guard locked it! Oh, he's coming this way! Now I gotta get in, or I'm trapped! *sneaks into the window* Phew! Just in time!

(guard dog sees this)

Police Officer 1: Easy boy, what's wrong? *sees Junior's handprints* You're right, Maxo, somebody's broken in. Easy, now, easy! You'll get your chance at him!

(Junior finds it in the pile of toys)

Junior: Oh, there it is! My very own turtle! I did it, I did it! Oh, but I shouldn't have done it! *sees guard* Oh, it's the guard! I gotta hide! *hides with other toys*

Police Officer 1: Easy, Maxo, easy! *dog sniffs around* What's the matter, Maxo? Lost the trail? *dog catches Junior* Good work, Maxo! You're under arrest, sonny!

Junior: No, no, let me go! You can't do this! I'm the Governor's son!

(the phone rings as the Wetworths are asleep in bed)

Police Officer 2: Governor Wetworth! Governor Wetworth!

Mrs. Wetworth: Wake up dear, it's the announciator. Someone's at the door.

Governor Wetworth: *answers phone* Uh, what's that? What? WHAT?! Oh, you've got the wrong place! *hangs up*

Mrs. Wetworth: Who was it, dear?

Governor Wetworth: Oh, some idiot wanting the police. *it rings once more* I told you, this is not the polcie station! This is the Gov -- oh, you're the police!

Police Officer 2: I regret to say that your son Junior is under arrest.

Governor Wetworth: What? My Junior?! But, but that impo -- he did? But, but, but but but --

Mrs. Wetworth: What are you but-butting about? *gasps* Has something happened to Junior?

Governor Wetworth: He's in jail!

Mrs. Wetworth: Jail?! 

Governor Wetworth: For stealing a stuffed turtle!


(now the governor has to go bail him out)

Police Officer 2: Here's the boy, governor.

Junior: Dad!

Governor Wetworth: Start talking, Junior, and it better be good!

Junior: It's all a big mistake, dad. I wasn't stealing that sea turtle.

Governor Wetworth: Of course not. You just happened to be going by the school in the middle of the night, and decided to drop in. Don't toy with me, Junior!

Junior: I can explain, really. Remember that stuffed sea turtle you gave me when I was Willie's age?

Governor Wetworth: Vaguely.

Junior: Well I got to thinking last night about all those little kids who don't have toys.

Governor Wetworth: Go on.

Junior: *cries* And, and I couldn't sleep! So I got up at went straight to school, and give that toy to the Toys For Snorks drive!

Governor Wetworth: Oh, that's a touching story, son.

Junior: *smiles* Thanks, dad.

Governor Wetworth: And since I don't believe a word of it, I suggest you make a real donation to the toy drive to make up for what you did!

Junior: Uh, a real donation?

Governor Wetworth: Yes, your next month's allowance.

Junior: Oh, not a whole month!!!

(all about to leave)

Governor Wetworth: It was just a childish prank, officer. I'll see that Junior stays out of trouble from now on. 

Police Officer 3: Very well, Governor. Junior, you are free to go.

Junior: Thanks, Officer. Oh, I'll return this to the school for you.

Governor Wetworth: Junior!

Police Officer 3: Thanks, son, but we'll do that.

Junior: Oh, ratfish!

(the next day, the actual Toys For Snorks drive takes place)

Allstar: Welcome everybody to our big Toys For Snorks victory party! In a moment we'll start drawing the names of the little snorks who get to choose their favorite toys! But first, let's give a hand to our faculty helper, Ms. Seabottom!

Snorks: *cheer for her in audience*

Ms. Seabottom: Thank you, my boy. We collected a record number of toys this year, and they're all backstage ready for their new owners, but first, I wanna thank your co-chairman of the drive, Casey and Allstar!

(Meanwhile, Junior tries finding the turtle backstage)

Junior: Now it's my turtle!

Ms. Seabottom: And let's not forget our champion collectors, Daffney and Dimmy!

Junior: I found it! *loves on it*

Ms. Seabottom: And now back to our victory party! Here's Casey!

Casey: Thanks, Ms. Seabottom. Raise the curtain, please.

(and it reveals Junior walking out with his turtle)

Casey: Junior Wetworth, what are you doing?

Junior: *blushes in embarrassment* Helping... *stutters some more* with the toys?

Casey: Well come here, Junior, we wanna congratulate you too.

Junior: You do?

Casey: Governor Wetworth tells us that Junior is donating an entire month's allowance to our toy drive. Thank you, Junior.

Junior: *blushes some more* You, uh, *stutters some more*... glad to do it.

Casey: And now it's time to draw the name of the lucky snork child. Ready, Tooter?

Tooter: *spins wheel excitedly*

Casey: Round and round she goes, *opens it* and the fist little sork to have a choice of her toys is Baby Smallstar! *she cheers* Pick your toy! *she picks Junior's stuffed turtle*

Junior: OH! *facepalms*

(Smallstar's about to go to sleep in her crib)

Casey: Baby Smallstar sure loves her new toy.

Allstar: She sure does. We better let her sleep. It's been quite a day.

(Junior watches through the window and breaks in)

Junior: I thought they'd never leave. *steals it from her, but when she cries he has to give it back* Shh!

Occy: *wakes up and growls at Junior, and then chases him out of there*

Junior: D-d-down, boy! Oh no! HELP!

(the very next morning, Junior looks at a few stuffed toys through the window of a local toy shop, and tiredly enters)

Employee: Ooh, you look a sight, sonny! You oughta get more sleep!

Junior: *yawns and moans* I know, I know. *whispers* Do you have any stuffed sea turtles?

Employee: Oh no, they're hard to get!

Junior: Oh, you're tellin' me!

Employee: But I've got something new that's just as cute - a stuffed sea horse! 

Junior: No thanks.

Employee: It's made by the Beddy-Bye Toy Company as a sleep toy!

Junior: It is?!Is it, uh, cuddly?

Employee: *laughs* it sure is!

Junior: *sings* Rock-a-bye horsey, --

Employee: Is this toy for you?

Junior: Uh, no. Oh no no no. No, it's, it's for my little brother. He's such a little, little brother. *they both laugh*

Allstar: *bumps into Junior as he heads out* Watch it, Junior!

Junior: Sorry.

Allstar: What's in the bag?

Junior: Bag? Oh, this bag! Uh, just a little gift for Willie.

Allstar: You're sure gettin' generous lately. Hey, wanna go play ball with Dimmy and Tooter and me?

Junior: *yawns* Uh, maybe later. I gotta take uh, a nap now.

Allstar: Okay. When are you getting up?

Junior: *yawns again* In about a week.

Allstar: A week?! Boy, that is one weird snork!

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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