• (Allstar and Junior are playing basketball in a local courtyard - this time, Allstar has the ball)

Junior: No fair, double dribble!

Casey: Keep going, you're doing great!

Allstar: Game point, Wetworth!

Junior: Oh, yeah? *trips him*

Occy: *catches Allstar, snatches to ball from Junior, and throws it into the hoop*

Snorks: Hooray for Occy!

Allstar: *as Occy licks him* That's my Occy!

Junior: *mocking* That's my Occy, that's my Occy! *then the two growl at each other*

(a fancy limo heads their way, and the snorks are completely fascianted by it)

Daffney: Oh, it's a cawagden-gil, howdiloon!

Tooter: *toots a cheer for it*

Hobbs: *steps out of the limo* Excuse me. Would you be so kind as to tell me where I might find a certain octopuppy? I believe they call him "Occy."

Allstar: Uh, well, his name is Occy.

Hobbs: Oh, might I inspect this handsome creature? 

Occy: *growls at him*

Allstar: Occy, behave yourself. Uh, sure, go ahead.

Hobbs: There, there, why, I won't hurt you. *finds a star on his head* It's jewelry! *bows to him* We've been looking for you for such a long time. You're grace!

Allstar: His name is Occy, not Grace!

Casey: Yeah, what's this all about?

Hobbs: Oh sorry, I must seem quite forward. May I present Little Lord Occy?

Snorks: *mouths drop in surprise*

Junior: *laughs* That's crazy!

Hobbs: Silence, young wippersnork! This pup bears the birthmark of the snorks of Eelhampton.

Daffney: *gasps* They're worth 12 billion clams!

Hobbs: Occy is the long lost octopuppy of Lord Snorkington.

Allstar: But, but he's mine.

Hobbs: I apprue that you let me take Occy. You'll make an old snork very happy, and Lord Occy will ascend to his rigthful throne in high society.

Junior: Thorne? Did I hear, THRONE?

Casey: No way, Jose! Occy belongs to Allstar!

Daffney: Yeah! 

Hobbs: Oh, what a pity. His Lordship would make a sizeable donation for Master Occy's return, and wouldn't be lovely to see a deluxe new playground built here? Just think of how everyone would enjoy it. *leaves in limo* I'll be at the Picaroo Plaza if you change your mind.

Casey: Boy, the nerve of that guy!

Daffney: What a slimey-limey fish!

Tooter: *honks at him*

Allstar: Yikes, we gotta get home! *to Occy* Come on, boy, I'll race ya!

Casey: Yeah, it's getting late.

Junior: Hey, guys, don't rush off yet. I've got an idea.

(at Allstar's house (well really, his room) later that night)

Allstar: Now let me get this straight. You want me to give Occy to Lord Snorkington?

Junior: You can't deny his destiny, or our good fortune.

Daffney: Just think - he'll live like a king in that fantabulous Snorkington manner.

Casey: yeah, and he'll go to an exclusive obedient school.

Allstar: But, but -- 

Daffney: Allstar Seaworthy, how can you be so shellfish?

Snorks: Get her!

Daffney: *blushes* Well, heh... you know what I mean. 

Allstar: But I don't wanna give up Occy.

Junior: We know you don't, but you gotta think of the big picture. 

Casey: Snorktown needs a new playground.

Daffney: It's going to be super-deluxe sea-scrumptious, I can hardly wait.

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Allstar: I see what you mean. But, well Occy will never go for it.

Junior: That's simple - just pretend you don't like him.

Allstar: I can't do that, Occy's my pal!

Junior: Sure you can! Go ahead, try!

(Occy overhears this)

Allstar: Okay, uh... Occy, I don't like you anymore. You're, uh, a silly little octopup. I'm, I'm, uh, tired of playing with you, and I've, I've I wish you'd go away.

(a hurt Occy leaves)

Junior: See? It's easy as snorkberry pie.

Allstar: Gee, I don't know.

(Occy is leaving when Hobbs approaches him in the limo)

Hobbs: Would you like a ride, my Lord? *Occy gets in* So good to have you aboard, Master Occy.

(enter Lord Snorkington's manor, and Occy's a little scared, so he grabs a hold of Hobbs)

Hobbs: There, there, Master Occy, there's nothing to be frightened of.

(they both get out of the limo)

Lord Snorkington: By gove, Hobbs, you've done it!

Hobbs: Master Occy, may I present to you Lord Snorkington? Prince of Whales, Earl of Eelhampton, Barron of Bashire, and Master of Snorkington Manor.

Lord Snorkington: My, my, I say, what a bolly creature.

Occy: *growls at him*

Hobbs: Why you impertinent pup?

Lord Snorkington: I say, Hobbs, don't be too hard on him. The excitement of the trip may have been too much.

Hobbs: I'm afraid Master Occy hasn't received much training in the social graces.

Lord Snorkington: Oh dear, well we can't have that.

Hobbs: Of course not, sir. That's why I've seen to it that Occy's formal education begin today.

Occy: *shakes at this*


(Occy's now in a room with a few other snork butlers)

Hobbs: The first thing we've got to do is to spiff you up a bit. I hope you don't have sea-fleas. 

Occy: *gets cleaned and with a pink bowtie*

Hobbs: Ah, that's much better.

(now at the dinner table with a bowl of soup)

Occy: *slurps out of it*

Hobbs: No, no, no, we must learn proper table etiquette! A soup spoon, salad fork, carving knife, servant spoon, caviar spatula, snd so on and so forth. Oh dear, are we behind schedule? Come, now, we're off to our afternoon activities.

(so far, three epic fails galore - seahorse riding, ballet dancing, and walking while carrying a stack of books on his head)

Opera singer: it goes like this, Occy. *hits piano notes while singing high notes* 

Occy: *fails at getting the notes high enough, and Hobbs has to cover his ears*

(at the dinner table, Occy's not eating very much)

Lord Snorkington: I say, Hobbs, you've doen a smashing job. Occy will be the sensation of the Snorkutante Ball.

Hobbs: That is nothing, sir. There is just one problem, sir.

Lord Snorkington: Problem? What problem?

Hobbs: Our Little Lord has lost his appetite. I'm afraid he misses his friends. 

Lord Snorkington: Well let's invite them to the ball. That'll cheer him up.

Hobbs: Very good, sir. I've already sent the invitation.

(Back in Snorkland, the snorks are watching the new playground being built - sign in front of them says FUTURE HOME OF SNORKTOWN RECREATION CENTER)

Junior: I still think they should've named it after me - it was my idea! 

Allstar: *swims away, quite depressed*

Casey: Cheer up, Allstar, I'm sure Occy's fine.

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Allstar: Well, you're probably right. I ju, I just wish I knew for sure.

Daffney: *with letter* Whoa, hold on to your snorks, gang! Guess what I jsut got in the mail?

Junior: Did you win the Sea Snork Sweepstakes?

Daffney: No, it's even better! We're all invited to the Snorkutante Ball!

Junior: Oh, I'll get to hot knob in high society! 

Casey: I'll get to wear a new gown!

Allstar: And I'll get to see Occy!  

(all arrive to Lord Snorkington's in a fancy limo later that same evening)

Casey: *gasps* This is incredible!

Allstar: I'll say. Get a load of these gardens!

Tooter: *toots in excitement*

Daffney: Somebody pinch me, I msut be dreaming!

Hobbs: *scratching himself* Please, Master Occy, you're a gentleman now. You wouldn't want your friends to be ashamed of your behavior, would you?

Occy: *shakes his head*

Snorks: *get out of limo and are in awe at everything*

Lord Snorkington: Welcome to Snorkington Manor. It's so good of you to come.

Junior: *shakes hands with him* Anytime - this is the lifestyle I was born to live.

Hobbs: Yes, would you like to see your rooms?

Occy: *tries to guide them*

Hobbs: No, no, master Occy, that's my job.

(meanwhile, the Snorkutante Ball takes place)

Casey: Come on, let's dance. Do the Snork Shuffle, Occy. *dances with her, but Hobbs snatches him away*

Daffney: Wee, swing your partners. *grabs Occy, but Hobbs makes him sit on a yellow throne*

Casey: Poor Occy, he doesn't get to have any fun.

Allstar: Boy, is he snooty? He's ignored us the whole time we've been here.

Junior: What's the problem? He's rich now, he's suppsoed to be that way.

Daffney: Don't feel sad, Allstar, you can get another octopup.

Lord Snorkington: I'll hear of no such thing!

Hobbs: Now don't excite yourself, sir.

Lord Snorkington: Don't baby me, Hobbs! A snork and his pup belong together. I was a foolish old snork to think otherwise. It's alright, little Occy, go to Allstar.

Occy: *bounces over to Allstar and licks him*

Allstar: Whoa boy, settle down!

Lord Snorkington: All the riches in the world can't replace the loss of a friendship.

Junior: But, but what about the new playground?

Lord Snorkington: It shall be completed as planned. I never break a promise.

(Casey and Daffney cheer as Tooter dances with the orchestra and Hobbs scratches himself, which the other snorks amusingly imitate)

Lord Snorkington: *laughs* I say, when you take Occy home, would you take his sea-fleas with him? Hobbs won't mind, even though he's gotten very attached to them.

Snorks: *laugh*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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