Snorks Minor Characters and Theme Songs 020

Long John Wetworth

Long John Wetworth is a kind old pirate who only appears in Snork Ahoy. He has a pet parrotfish named Penelope, and is the older brother of Governor Wetworth. That means he is Junior's and Willie's uncle, and Grandpa's eldest son. His ship is called the Annabella, and Stinky Dan is his cabin boy. He returns to Snorkland to ask the Governor for a grant for his final expedition to find the treasure before he retires. Allstar and Casey overhear this and decide to follow along, even sneaking onto the ship. However, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed find out about the reasture and sneak onto the ship disguised as the "Barnacle Brothers" to help him out.
Snorks Minor Characters and Theme Songs 019

Long John with Governor Wetworth

Long John soon finds Allstar and Casey in hiding, and he invites them for dinner. He tells his tales of how he got Penelope, his days on the Jolly Roger, and his encounter with Moby Snork. As he sleeps that night, the villains steal the treasure map, and then they throw the heroes off the ship. Long John and the teenage snorks encounter Moby Snork, who swallows them whole. They manage to escape by making fire, and they end up on the other end of the Forgotten Isle, where they meet Hugo who tells them that treasure is cursed. They catch the villains in the act, who escape with the treasure and end up getting "swallowed" by Moby Snork. Hugo then invites Long John and Penelope to live with him in his luxurious island home.

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