My Dinner With Allstar



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Candace Howerton and Jim Pfanner

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: December 2, 1988

USA Premiere: January 14, 1989

"My Dinner With Allstar" is the 36th episode of Season 4 and the final episode of the series. Bigweed and Allstar get lost in a different part of the ocean, where they must work together to escape, even if it involves a magic genie.

Snorks 436 2

Bigweed and Allstar having dinner together

Plot Summary

Allstar is competing in a scavenger hunt when Bigweed spies on him. The two end up finding a magical geenie lamp, which breaks apart and they end up getting sucked together into the fifth dimension, something Allstar's only heard about once before. Once they finally get out of the vortex, everything around them is seemingly weird. While they see a bouncing pink elephant, they keep following a little tunnerfish who keeps playing transcendental music. 

Allstar and Bigweed end up all over the place within the fifth dimension, from dark tunnels to a hall of mirrors, when they get hungry and want the geenie lamp to give them free food. Turns out their wishes came true, when they end up inside an empty little restaurant with Salvador Salamander, a weird snork who seems awfully suspicious to the trained eye, or snork in this instance. The snork and sea urchin get their bread, crab soup, and kelp loaf after a persuasive argument over the availability of the items on the menu. All this time, Bigweed tries stealing the lamp from Allstar for his own nafarious purposes. However, they soon learn that Sal is really the evil geenie in disguise. They dress as girls to distract him and gett the other half of the lamp back, and after a brief battle, this works. Bigweed and Allstar soon learn that nothing in life that's free is good, and they things COULD someday be better between the heroes and villains.

Snorks 436 1

Bigweed and Allstar messing around

Background Info

  • Final episode of the series
  • Final appearances of Allstar and Bigweed (although Junior and Gallio are briefly mentioned)
  • This is also the first (and only) time Allstar and Bigweed are seen working together (the other time involved Lil Seaweed and Daffney in The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)
  • This is the first time Allstar has called his uncle by "Dr. Gallio"
  • The "throwing glass at the antagonists" defense is used once again (Nightmare on Snorkstreet)

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: *finds genie bottle* A golden baby snork booty! 

Bigweed: *watching from afar* Gold?!

Allstar: Well, it's not a booty, but it's golden.

Allstar: Do you see what I see?

(a pink elephant passes by on its back)

Bigweed: *rubs eyes* If it's a pink elephant fish doin' the backstroke, no! *it plays music* Hi! *looks art audience* Ooh, this place is weird. 

Allstar: Where are we? You're the first person we've met here who can talk.

Sal: You are everywhere, and you are nowhere.

Bigweed: Well that certainly clears that up.

Allstar: *after he and Bigweed are dressed in gypsy outfits and wigs* Gee, Bigweed, you look pretty cute.

Bigweed: If you ever tell anyone about this, I'll feed you to a snorkeater!

Bigweed: You know, Allstar, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Allstar: It would never work.

Bigweed: Yeah, you're right. But let me make a suggestion - this time, we pay for our dinner!

Allstar: Absolutely! The price you pay for a free meal these days is just too high!


  • When they discover the lamp, Bigweed's necklace is briefly missing
  • There is a rough transition between the whrilppol and "lights out" scenes
  • Little weed is an informal way of calling Lil Seaweed
  • Bigweed's skin occasionally turn into long sleeves
  • When Bigweed says "Smells delicious, Sal," his mouth doesn't move
  • Allstar tells Bigweed to hide in his office, but he doesn't have one


  • Title references the 1981 film My Dinner With Andre
  • When Bigweed says "We're not in Snorktown anymore," it mimics Dorothy's famous line in The Wizard of Oz, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."
  • When Allstar calls the fifth dimension "wonderland," it could mean Alice in Wonderland
  • The pink elephant moment resembles the actual pink elephants moment in the classic Disney movie Dumbo
  • "There's a crab in my soup!" is similar to "There's a fly in my soup!"
  • Arabia is mentioned by Bigweed near the end of the episode



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