Nightmare on Snorkstreet



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written by:

John Bates and Evelyn A-R Gabai

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 16, 1988

USA Premiere: November 26, 1988

"Nightmare on Snorkstreet" is the 24th episode of Season 4. Allstar and his friends play monster after getting the latest issue of Sea Science Annual, but the monsters they portray turn out to be very real.

Snorks 424 2

All are "monsters"

Plot Summary

All the snorks are playing monster one afternoon while they anxiously await for their Monster Monthly Magazine. However, the snail mail messes up and gives them Sea Science Annual instead. They read through it and learn that their "mythical monsters" are possibly real, and that they could take over life during a Blue Moon on the Moon Flower Lagoon Vortex. They decide to put all that aside and visit the Old Petrified Sandcastle to play their games. Allstar dresses as Octostein, Junior as wereclaw, Daffney as a vampire-bat, and Casey as King Tuten-Shark's mummy. However, their monsters come out of the Blue Moon sleep after 1,000 years and take over town. Allstar believes Casey's polluting the town, Daffney believes Junior's doing the same, and vice versa.

They soon learn that their monsters are real, and so they try to hide from them. They try hiding when their individual mosnters pop out. However, Allstar's trying to find any books on the so-called "monster millenium" phenomenon. He can't find anything except in the magazine, where he reads that a spell needed to be said to stop the mosnters from taking control, but it's in the tomb of King Tuten-Shark's mummy. He gets it while the others are tied up in a lab, about to turn into mosnters themselves. The spell is stated and they're all cured. As all this went on, Occy spent some time with Octostein and made friends with him, hence the "Frankenstein" reference.

Snorks 424 1

Sea Science Annual - the magazine that started it all

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Look! It says here how to break the spell if monsters appear.

Junior: Oh, fouey! Monsters only appear in magazines - anybody knows that.

Daffney: *to Junior, not knowing it's Wereclaw* I'm gonna tell your father!

Daffney: Hey, don't you know there's a snork sleeping in the pipe organ?!

Wereclaw: No, but if you hum a few bars, I'll fake it! *laughs and plays again*

Daffney: I had to ask!


  • When Allstar explains to his friends what the magazine says about their monsters, Casey's pants are too shorts
  • At one point in the castle, Casey is discolored
  • Some scenes of Allstar inside the tomb are recycled
  • There are several continuity errors throughout regarding the monsters (Wereclaws not being "werewolf-fish," etc) 


  • Title references the 1984 horror film Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Blue Moon legends are referenced here
  • All of the monsters are references to the famous ones (vampires, werewolves, mummies, and Frankenstein)
  • When the vampire-bat says "far out right," it sounds like a lyric to the famous song Monster Mash
  • When Junior demands his rights, he wants his Miranda Rights
  • Occy giving the flower to Octostein and becoming friends with him resembles the scenes that took place in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein



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