(All of the snorks are playing monster one afternoon)

Daffney: *hanging upside down in a tree* Ah, sunset! Time for the vampire to awaken and have a snack of seatomato juice and a quick bite! *blows bubble with snork and rides on it* Of Junior's neck!

Junior: Not if the full moon rises and transforms mild-mannered Junior into, *with claws* Wereclaw, hairy lobster of the deep! *howls*

Allstar: *swims above him with tentacle feelers and growls* 

Junior: Ah, the dreaded Octostein! Prepare for the monster battle of the century! *bits his bubble and gets knocked down* I'll tear you from tentacle to tentacle, Octostein! Oh save me, Tuten Shark's mommy!

Casey: Not now, Junior, I mean, Wereclaw. Boy, that mail snail is as slow as a - snail. Where's our copy of Seamonster Monthly - it's almost sunset?

Junior: *sees him move slowly* Here he comes.

Casey: At that rate, he won't be here for a week. 

Junior: Or a month! *grabs it out of mailbag* Thanks, Speedy! 

Casey: *opens it* I'd know that plain brown wrapper anywhere! It's our Seamonster Monthly! *looks down in confusion* Sea Science Annual?! Hey Speed, you brought the wrong -- *he leaves*

All: He's gone. 

Junior: Must be on his break. *kicks it*

Occy: *sees a page with their mosnters in it, so he points it to them*

Daffney: Look, all our favorite monsters!

Allstar: *flips the page for further reading* Wow, this well-researched scientific article says that if these so-called mythological monsters did exist, they would come to life and take over the undersea world as we know it during the third convent of the Blue Moon's apex, on the Moon Flower Lagoon's vortex.

Casey: Look! It says here how to break the spell if monsters appear.

Junior: Oh, fouey! Monsters only appear in magazines - anybody knows that.

Allstar: You're right, Junior. Let's go to the Old Petrified Sandcastle and play mosnter there. 

(all go there, with Occy reading it behind them)

Junior: Last one to the castle is a snork zombie! 

Daffney: Let's have a mosnter ralley!

Casey: Dibs on the dungeon! 

(all get to a bluish colored sandcastle)

Allstar: Look, it's a blue moon! This must be the night!

Occy: *looks up and sees a blue colored full moon* Uh oh! 

(as he reads, the drawbridge closes in on him, causing him to fall into the lagoon; hwoever he sees some blooming flowers and becomes happy)

(meanwhile, the castle lights up as Daffney, dressed as a vampire, plays the castle's large organ)

Daffney: Welcome to my castle! I never drink - haha, brime! Far out night, bring on the monsters! 

(what Daffney doesn't know is that the REAL vampire-bat is just waking up - she's supposed to be a stingray, but her physique is like that of a bat)

Vampire-bat: That was a nice beauty sleep. *laughs as she swims out of a ship and across to the castle*

(Casey enters an empty and abandoned library)

Casey: *sees curtains* Perfect! More mummy wrappings! Oh, just what I need - I'll really scare the others now! *wraps herself into a mummy* It's a Blue Moon! Do you know what your King Tuten Shark's mummy is doing tonight? *laughs*

(but the real King Tuten Shark's mummy gets out of his casket inside a nearby tomb)

Shark: *snorts* Freedom! *escapes and swims over to the castle*

(Allstar is inside a mad scientist's lab)

Allstar: *sees a rope* Wow, there's a big one! *pulls it down, causing all the lab equipment to fall over* Oh golly, some gem! Talk about your nodelist equipment! *places it around him* But, nothing to fear! The great, scary Octostein's monster is here! *creates a deep laugh*

(an iceberg from dry land descends onto a volcano, causing it to melt into Octostein)

Octostein: *roars as he swims to the castle*

(Junior is also in a science lab)

Junior: *gets out claws* Alright! Wereclaw lives! *howls, but instead hears an actual howling* Huh?! 

(as it thunders, the actual Wereclaw breaks free from his cage)

Wereclaw: *howls as he swims to the castle*

(Octostein enters the Snorkland Power Plant)

Octostein: Oh, electricity good! Octostein get charge out of this! *grabs eel* Octostein need jumpstart for big monster ralley! *uses electric eel*

Eel: *swims away* Whew!

Octostein: *use of another eel causes a brief powersurge in town*

Casey: *sees what's happening from out the window* Allstar's gone too far this time! *finds the real Octostein in the power plant, throwing stuff around* Allstar, great outfit! *grabs tentacle and twirls him around* But where do you get off making this mess? Shame on you!

Octostein: *growls*

Casey: Yeah, well,same to you! Now clean this up and meet us back at the castle! 

Octostein: *growls as he's still tied up*


(meanwhile, the vampire is outside a seatomato juice factory)

Vampire-bat: Ah, transfusions are on the snorks tonight! I have a thousand year old thirst! *gulps down all the seatomatos* 

Junior: *catches her inside the bottling plant* Man, Daffney, don't stick your face in there!

Vampire-bat: *hisses*

Junior: You're hogging all the seatomato juice! Save some for us! *she tries to him* Oh, get off my back! Boy, how lokey can you get? See you back at the castle! 

(Allstar gets out of the castle when he coughs over smoke in the air)

Allstar: I see sea-tanner leaves burning - the sign of King Tuten-Shark's mummy. 

(the real King Tuten Shark's mummy is polluting the air)

Allstar: *coughs* Hey Casey, this is carrying Monster Mania a little too far! Knock it off! 

Shark: *growls*

Allstar: *stops the pollution* You oughta know better, polluting our water with tanna-leaves! 

Shark: *tries to attack him, but is stuck*

(Wereclaw grabs some fish after scaring a snork, but Daffney attacks him back with a large fish)

Daffney: Junior, you big bully, where do you get off?! *tosses him in the sanitation basket* That's the worst Wereclaw outfit I ever saw! It's not even scary!

Wereclaw: *growls and howls as he's being taken away*

Daffney: I'm gonna tell your father! *swims off*

Wereclaw: *breaks free*

(all the snorks reeenter the castle)

Allstar: Coming through! 

Casey: Outta my way!

Daffney: Yikes!

Junior: No fair!

(then they all argue to each otehr about the pollution and town problems)

Allstar: *to Casey* What do you mean by --

Junior: *points to Daffney* She scared me!

Casey: *to Allstar* What do you mean I --

Daffney: I was just --

Casey: *blows whistle to make everyone stop talking* Hold it! I have a feeling us wasn't us! 

(the ground shakes with the monsters' cries, so they all swim over to the window)

Allstar: Maybe that magazine article wasn't just a lot of bu, bu, bunk!

(they see the mosnters coming toward them, so they swim away from the window as the lightening strikes)

Allstar: Batton down the drawbridge! Raise the door! Pull the moats! *shuts the window, which is hit by lightning then caught on fire*

(as the drawbridge is moved, Casey locks the fromt door)

Casey: Door locked! 

Junior: Windows bolted in lightning!

Daffney: Drawbridge drawn at a quarter! 

Allstar: Good work - I think! 

(they try breaking in)

Daffney: Anyone call out for pizza? *they reall do break in* I'll never play monster again, I'll never play monster again, I promise! 

Junior: *stutters* They made me do it! 

Casey: Hi, I'm a big fan of your's. *shark takes off her drapes*

Allstar: *cringes teeth and holds out his fake tentacles* Se, we we, were just playing a game, and I, I, I was an octopus of a *nervously laughs* 

Daffney: *holds cape* Yeah, and I was a vampire. 

(all try to attack them, but they escape behind the library books)

Daffney: Where are we?!

Allstar: Who cares, as long as we're safe! 

(all get confused by the tunnel's many pathways)

Junior: Hey, look at that!

Casey: Which way do we go? 

Daffney: Beats me!

Allstar: This way, follow me!

Junior: *standing* Oh no, not me. I'm staying here where it's safe. *door opens behind him and he falls down* WHOA! *spins around on a circular platform* Oh, the dungeon. At least I'm safe here. 

Vampire-bat: Why hang around? Join me fora bite. Your neck, my teeth! *laughs* 

Junior: Your dungeon or mine. *nervously laughs* 

Allstar: *swims up to the top of the dungeon and enters a science lab* Oh, safe at last. *pampered with a cloth and a drink of water* Oh, thanks pal. Oh, thanks again. Look, if you ever need a hand ,I -- *Octostein grabs him* Nothing personal, some of my friends are horrible, hideous monsters! *opens a window and he flies out* Whew, an octopus in orbit. *goes to the books* Hmm, there must be something in here about this Monster Millenium thing. *gets out a book and skims through it* Nothing. *and another* Nothing. *and another* Nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! What I really need is that dumb science magazine. *sees it outside* There it is! *reads it and gasps* The apex of the vortex of the matrix is nine - whatever that means! 

(Daffney finds her own hiding spot, but Wereclaw goes after her) 

Daffney: Yikes! *hides in a pipe hole*

Wereclaw: *howls and plays, but then notices something's stuck, so Daffney pops out* 

Daffney: Hey, don't you know there's a snork sleeping in the pipe organ?!

Wereclaw: No, but if you hum a few bars, I'll fake it! *laughs and plays again*

Daffney: I had to ask!

Wereclaw: *messes with her as he plays it* Follow the bouncing snork! *laughs* 


Allstar: *still reading it outside, but flips through pages first* UFO citings, Moby Duck's former lives, "how I found tuna in the Bermuda Triangle," oh here it is! Monster Milleniums! *reads it and mumbles* Oh! All we have to do is recite this incantation and get the key from -- *gulps* the ancient tomb of King Tuten Shark's mommy! Oh well, a snork's *gulps* gotta do what a snork's *gulps again* gotta do. *swims over there* 

(Casey's hiding inside the kitchen)

Casey: *breathes heavily* Where can I hide?! Where can I hide?! *Shark enters, so she grabs a plate* Thinking about a bite to eat? Try this! *he bites it as it breaks, and she throws even mroe at him until all the plates are gone* Uh oh, no more ammunition! Well, I guess you've collected a lot of great recipes over the years! 

Shark: *puts her in a pot*

Casey: I was kind of hoping snork soup wasn't one of them!

(it's still storming outside as Allstar tries going into the tomb)

Allstar: Oh no! Someone, or something, must've triggered the sandlocks! *enters the tomb anyway* 

(he misses a few boulders, but opens the mummy case and finds the key)

Allstar: Oh great little kidder! *grabs it, but nearly misses a boulder* Phew, made it! *door shuts on him as a boulder nears* Yikes!

(meanwhile, Junior's in the castle, tied to a bed table as vampire-bat nearly drains him)

Junior: Ooh, when my father finds out what you've done, you're gonna be sorry. 

Vampire-bat: Ooh, delightful! Have him call me! We'll get together - for lunch! *laughs* 

Junior: Now you're really in for it! 

Vampire-bat: *laughs as she places a wire on his snork*

Junior: Maybe I'm going about this wrong. How about a bribe?

Vampire-bat: *laughs* I laugh at your bribe!

Junior: *tries breaking free* What's the matter? Don't snorks have rights?

Vampire-bat: Oh certainly! You have the right to snivel, whine, and beg for mercy! Oh, to no avail!

Junior: Don't I have the right to one call?

Vampire-bat: Of course, call away! *laughs* But please, no long distance! *turns up notch on machine*

Junior: Help! Save me! HELP!

Vampire-bat: Oh, I was hoping he'd choose the right to remain silent. *laughs*

Junior: HELP! Save me! This is a monstrous mistake!

Allstar: Junior! *sees tomb* The key! I should go back and save Junior, but if I get the key, I can save everyone! Hang in there, Junior!

Junior: That's easy for you to SAAAAY!

(the shark is carrying Casey in a bucket)

Casey: Hey, where are you taking me??

Shark: *snorts*

Junior: Help, somebody! Follow the sounds of the terrified screams!

Casey: I'm coming - I think! hang in there, Junior!

Junior: That's easy for you to say!

Shark: *snorts as he enters the castle*

Vampire-bat: Ah, King Tuten Shark's mummy. As long as you've brought potted luck, put it over there. 

(as Casey's strapped to a bedtable next to Junior, Wereclaw brings out Daffney)

Daffney: Ew, get your icky claws off me! *gets on wired bed table next to Casey*

All: Daffney!

Wereclaw: *howls*

Daffney: That's easy for you to say! 

(the mosnters turn on the machine, and the tables rise)

Vampire-bat: Very simple to victim! Tuten-Shark, dear, go fetch! 

Shark: *snorts as he goes outside in the thunderstorm*

(meanwhile, Allstar is back in the tomb, trying out the key)

Allstar: Yikes! *sees a boulder and dodges it* I gotta get this key to the vortex and stop the monsters! But first I gotta get out of here! Maybe there's a secret panel that'll open a door. *knocks on it until he sees the keyholes* Uh oh. Lucky there, heyholes - and keyholes are made for keys to open doors! *tests them* Too big, no, too small, ah, too fat. There's gotta be another way out. *sees the rolling boulder again* oh no, the boulder is back! *jumps over it, and it breaks the side of the tomb into the ocean* And there's the other way out! *quickly leaves* 

(the other snorks are still in their traps - lightning hits the top of the machine, igniting electricity to the tables and slowly affecting the snorks)

Daffney: Oh no, I'm starting to feel funny! *turns into a monster* 

(as Casey and Junior start to feel the effects, Allstar tries saying the spell outside the vortex with the key)

Allstar: The vortex whirlpool thing! It's pulling me! *reads magazine* The key must be insterted into the center of the vortex, by a pure spirt to break the spell. *loses key* Oh no! *Shark grabs him and the vortex spins* Yaoooo!!!!

(Occy has made friends with Octostein, but it still doesn't want to play, so he throws Occy into the lagoon)

Allstar: *now trapped with the others* All is lost! I've failed!

Wereclaw: *laughs and uses the machine*

Occy: *Allstar looks dow nto see he has the key* 

Allstar: Occy! The key, Occy! Put it in the center of the vortex's matrix! Stick the key in the whirlpool! I'll do the incantation! Storm clouds cease, winds of eight, --

Vampire-bat: The sea-mutt has the key! Octostein's monster, stop that little calamari!

Allstar: Hide thee monsters, seal thy fate --

(Vampire-bat shuts his mouth, but Occy places the key in the center of the vortex, dying down all the electricity and making the others return to normal - everyone leaves, including the monsters, and the castle itself disappears)

Occy: *gives Octostein the flower*

Octostein: *waves back at Occy, smiling* 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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