(At Shellmont Race Track, where the Great Snorkel Chase is about to begin)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlesnorks, welcome to Shellmont Race Track. *snorks cheer in audience* Here's thsoe starring for the semifinals of this year's Great Snorkel Chase. *Daffney primps herself with powder, and then the horse* At the starting gate, we have Daffney Gillfin aboard Neptune's Daughter. *Dimmy eating* Dimmy Finster riding Lips Sludge. Tooter Shellby on Seasnail. *but it's the other way around* Or, is that the other way around?

Tooter: *toots in annoynace*

Announcer: Case Kelp on Clam Dancer, Junior Wetworth on Snorkaway. *audience boos at him* And Allstar Seaworthy atop Seabiscuit. *audience cheers* They're all in line.

Tooter: *toots the ready melody* 

Announcer: *all being the race* And there they go! And it's Allstar Seaworthy grabbing an early lead.

Mr. Seaworthy: That a boy, Allstar!

Announcer: And the racers are now approaching the Coral Hoop. And through the hoop, it's Allstar, Casey, Dimmy, Daffney, Junior. *Seasnail and Tooter switch again* Uh oh, Tooter's having trouble with his seahorse. 

Tooter: *goes through loop multiple times* 

Announcer: And it appears that Tooter Shellby's out of the race. 

Tooter: *shows up in announcement box, exhausted*

(all go through a maze)

Announcer: And as they appraoch the homestretch, Allstar's in the lead, with Junior Wetworth in last place.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, this is terrible! Quick, give me my binoculars! *grabs fish ones instead* Ooh!

Announcer: It would take a miracle for Junior Wetworth to win now!

(Willie then shows up near the finish line with a brief case)

Willie: *pushes it* Miracle.

Junior: *magnet on Snorkaway attracts the suitcase ahead* Look out, Allwet, here I come! 

Announcer: And nearing the finish line, it's Allstar. Wait a minute! What's this?! *passes by everyone else way too quickly, causing it to hit the suitcase at the finish line* This is incredible, folks! Junior Wetworth wins the race, in the fastest time ever! 

Willie: Did I do good, big brother?

Junior: *pants* Yeah, now get out of here.

Announcer: Allstar Seaworthy comes in second. 

Casey: How did Junior do that?

Allstar: I don't know. If Snorkaway can sim that fast, our horses don't have a chance. 

Tooter: *returns below his horse at last place*

Governor Wetworth: As you know, the two finalists - my son, and that Seaworthy boy, Allstar - will face off in the Great Snorkel Chase one week from today. And the winner of that event will, as usual, ride at the head of next month's Flounder's Day Parade. 

Junior: It's in the bag, Seabiscuit's all washed up.

Allstar: *Seabiscuit cries* Don't worry, Seabiscuit. You did your best.

Casey: Seabiscuit's not washed up! this was just - a fluke!

Junior: Oh yeah?! Well I bet you a date that I'll win the Great Snorkel chase!

Casey: You're on! *swims away* Allstar, Allstar!

(Allstar is cleaning Seabiscuit at her stable)

Casey: There you are, Allstar! Listen, I, I hope you weren't upset about that bet I made with Junior.

Allstar: Nah, it's just that Seabiscuit's never lost a race before.

Junior: Face the facts, Allwet! Seabiscuit's passed her prime! You better put her out to pasture! *Seabiscuit moans*

Allstar: Seabiscuit's a great seahorse!

Junior: Oh yeah?! Well Casey and I have a bet that says she isn't! *Occy growls and chases him* Yipes! I was only kidding!

Allstar: Seabiscuit's gotta win that Snorkel Chase!

Casey: She can do it, Allstar! She just needs a little training!

Allstar: *to Seabiscuit* Casey's right! You can do it, old girl! You just got to - for me! 

Casey: And me! I don't wanna have to go out with Junior!

(the snorks are now training Seabiscuit)

Casey: On your mark, get set, go!

Allstar: *jumps through Occy's loop*

(Allstar then places clams over Seabiscuit's eyes)

Allstar: These'll keep your eyes on the race track.

Casey: Okay, Dimmy, ready? Go!

Dimmy: *does fine at first until he sees Totoer's clamburger and stops* Whoa, Seabiscuit! *takes it and eats it*

Tooter: *places the clams over Dimmy's eyes and snatches the burger, only for Seabiscuit to eat it instead* 

Allstar: *has her follow a fake fish* Faster, Seabiscuit, faster. Try to catch the fish. 

Casey: *looks at stopwatch* Oh, we're still too slow.

Junior: I'm ready for our big date, Casey. *chuckles*

Allstar: *face turns red in anger*

(now Allstar and Casey seek some help from Gallio, who's working on another invention of his)

Allstar: Hi, Uncle Gallio.

Gallio: Allstar, Casey. How did the training session go?

Allstar: Not very well. We still can't beat Junior's time.

Casey: What's that?

Gallio: Is what? Oh yeah. This is a new self-steering mechanism I'm working on for the Silverfish. It's run by this compass, and the compass will always point to magnetic north, or anything magnetic for that matter. Then the compass triggers the rudder, like this. *turns it on for sheer demonstration* Allstar, I'll need you to help me install it in the Silverfish. *sees his distress* Allstar...

Allstar: Huh?! Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was thinking about the race.

Casey: If only we could figure out Junior's secret.

Allstar: Junior's secret... that's it! Junior must have some secret way of training Snorkaway! Maybe if we watch them train, we'll figure out what it is. 

Casey: It's worth a try.

Allstar: We better get going. *bumps into the machine, and Gallio, and both drop the compass and stopwatch*

Casey: Looks like that rutter threw you guys off course!

Allstar: The race is tomorrow. If we're gonna check up on Junior, we better do it right away.

Casey: Oh, don't forget the stopwatch!

Allstar: Oh, yeah. *picks up compass by accident* See ya later, Uncle Gallio!


(Junior is at Snorkaway's stable, sitting and relaxing while the chefs feed the horse) 

Junior: How's the training going, Willie?

Willie: Good.

(Allstar and Casey watch from afar)

Casey: This is Junior's secret training method?!

Allstar: That horse eats more than Dimmy.

Junior: Okay, Willie, that's enough for today. Tell the chefs to go home, Wilie.

Willie: Go home, Willie. *they leave and Snorkwaway acts up* Who,a seeahorsey, whoa!

Junior: *stops them* Uh oh.

Allstar: *feels vibration in chest* Holy jumping catfish!

Casey: Gallio's compass!

Allstar: I must've grabbed it by mistake.

Junior: *calms Snorkaway down by giving it more food* Whew, quick, lead him to his stall while he's happy.

Willie: While he's happy. *does so*

Allstar: *sees it* The needle's folowing Snorkaway.

Casey: I've heard of animal magnetism, but this is ridiculous.

Allstar: We better get a closer look. 

(All enter his stall)

Allstar: Come on.

Casey: Now we'll see where Junior gets his horse power!

Allstar: *going to magnet* The compass is pointing to that yolk - the magnet. 

Casey: So that's how he's pulling Snorkaway down the track!

Allstar: He must have another magnet planted somewhere near the finish line. 

Casey: Let's take this so that little hceater can't win the race!

Allstar: No, wait. I have a better idea. Oh, Junior's gonna wish he never dreamed up this magnet scheme! *whispers the plan in her ears*

Casey: *giggles*

(Junior and Willie are at the race track with another suitcase)

Junior: *whispers* Now, the magnet's in here. You know what to do.

Willie: The same like last time?

Junior: Shh! In the same place. 

Willie: In the same place!

Junior: I said, shh!

Allstar: *whispers* Just as I thought. Now, do you guys know what to do?

Dimmy: Yup! We got all the stuff around back!

Allstar: Good goin', team! I'll see you at the finish line!

(the race goes on as planned)

Governor Wetworth: *making a big speech before the race begins* Fellow snorks, the Great Snorkel Chase is about to begin! As you know, the racers will follow the coruse through town, finishing at the race track. The first snork to reach the finish line will lead the Flounder's Day parade next month. 

Announcer: Correct post!

Junior: *ties a rope to Allstar*

Allstar: Okay, Seabiscuit, do your stuff.

Announcer: Ready, there they go!

Allstar: *thrown back into the starting course*

Junior: So long, Allwet!

Announcer: *follows them on manitee* Junior Wetworth's off ot an early lead. *Allstar gets back on Seabiscuit* And Allstar Seaworthy comes from behind. This is going to be an exciting race, folks. 

Junior: *changes arrow from right to left* This oughta slow Allstar down!

Allstar: Left?! Oh well. *then gets inside a bus, carrying some snorks with him*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlesnorks, I've heard of mass transit, but nothing like this!

Green snork: *as light blinks* Uh excuse me, this is my stop. *all drop down*

Junior: *laughs as he places down some plankton cubs* A few plankton cubes oughta slow down any seahorse! 

Allstar: *as she eats them* No, Seabiscuit! *enters shopping boutique with clothes* Whoa!

Announcer: Amazing! Allstar Seaworthy has just completed the fastest shopping trip on record!

Junior: WHOA! *stops of seasnails crossing* Oh no, seasnails?! Well hurry up! Move it, move it!

Allstar: *passes him* Fancy meeting you here!

Junior: Huh?! OOH! *catches up to him*

Announcer: The contestants are now neck and neck!

Junior: Yeah, but not for long! This tunnel isn't big enough for both of us! Nya nya, nya nya nya! *light approaches him, sounding like a train* Yikes! *swims out of there* YIKES! *Allstar enters the tunnel* Huh?! *sees it was really Tooter with a giant black fish* 

Announcer: And as they head toward the race track, Allstar leads by three lengths.

Junior: But Allstar doesn't know about my secret weapon - named Willie! *laughs*

(as Willie places the suitcase, the others place their suitcases, causing Snorkwaway to act out and go crazy)

Junior: Huh?! What in Salmon Hill?!

Announcer: What's this?! Junior is having trouble with his seahorse. *Allstar crosses the finish line* Allstar Seaworthy wins the race! *he and Casey wink at each other*

Dimmy: Okay, Occy, take 'em away!

Junior: *runs into a clamburger stand, and Dimmy and Occy dodge him*

Announcer: And Junior Wetworth is disqualified!

Junior: Aw, get lost!

(the Flounder's Day parade happens, and Allstar and Casey are atop of the main float, waving at snorks down below)

Casey: You sure fixed Junior's cheating scheme!

Allstar: Yeah! *laughs* This time, the yolk's on him!

Casey: Oh, did you have to say that?

(but Junior tags along behind with the magnet wrapped around him)

Junior: *to audience* Did you ever have one of those days?

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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