(Dr. Strangesnork has an army tank and he's aiming it at Dr. Gallio's lab)

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* I'll get him once and for all!

Finneas: *laughs*

Dr. Strangesnork: This'll put my brother Gallio out of commission for a long time! Finneas, rev up the, eh *Finneas whispers to him* right! Rev up the freezerator! *laughs as it's turned on*

(meanwhile, Tooter and Occy are helping Dr. Gallio with his latest invention)

Gallio: I certainly appreciate your coming over to help me, Tooter. 

Tooter: *toots*

Occy: *says he came too*

Gallio: *laughs* Yes, you too, Occy.

Occy: *spins around*

Gallio: Oh, with this new Reflector lense, I ought to be able to see twice as far as before. Alright, let's move it by the window.

(they all get the mirror and move it)

Gallio: A little more to the left, Tooter. *Occy sees himself in the mirror, growls, and leaves* That's the spot. Let's see what's out there today.  

Dr. Strangesnork: Ready, aim, uh, uh --

Finneas: Fire.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh yes, hire!

Finneas: Oh no! *turns on machine, releasign a target* Dr. Strangesnork: That'll fix him! *but it reflects back and hits him, turning into ice* Oh! Huh? *finneas laughs* That does it! Me, and uh, what's his name, are going to have it out here and now!

Gallio: My goodness. The view is so clear, and -- Huh? *strangesnork flies to him* I've never seen a fish like that before. Uh oh! 

(all get away before he crashes into the lab)

Finneas: *asks if he's okay*

Dr. Strangesnork: no, I'm not okay! Now come out, uh --

Finneas: Gallio.

Dr. Strangesnork: yes! Come out, Gallio, and face me like a snork!

Tooter: *toots*

Gallio: I see it's not a fish - it's my brother, Strangesnork. The ice cubs threw me off for a minute.  Dr. Strangensork: *jumps* I've had it! You've always made my life miserable! You've always tried to beat me at everything! You're always trying to steal my ideas! Mom always likeed you best - you always got the biggest piece of dessert! 

Gallio: Why, that's not true.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh yeah?! What about, eh, what about, eh... *points to 1st place Science Fair ribbon* There! That was the start of you always trying to outdo me! What about having you won that science fair by stealing my idea?!

Gallio: What?! It didn't happen that way!

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, yes it did! I remember exactly how it was!

Gallio: Oh you do, do you?

Dr. Strangesnork: Yeah! it was when we were in, in, that learning palce. *Finenas whispers school* Oh, yes! That's it, school! When were in school, and I was such a nice child. *the scene cuts to a classroom featuring his younger self showing off his lab work* All the other children idolized me. They would beg me to play with them,. But I was always too busy working on my inventions.

Young Strangesnork: I'd love to my friends. *they cheer* But I must work to perfect my great Goofy Glue. *all disappointed* I'd like to play with them, but my work is too important. 

Dr. Strangesnork: Gallio, on the other snork, was lzy and good for nothing.

(see a young Gallio playing pool by himself and looking all tough)

Young Strangesnork: Oh please come home, borther dear. Mother and father are so worried. Pelase enter the sceince fair with me.

Young Gallio: Nah, I got other things to do. 

Young Strangesnork: Alas, I failed. Come, Finneas.

Young Gallio: Nah, fouey on 'em!

(then as Strangesnork sleeps, Gallio steals the glue)

Dr. Strangesnork: Then, on the night before the science fair,...

Young Gallio: What a chimp! I'll win with his own invention! *laughs* Sleep tight, sucker! *laughs* 

(back in present day, Tooter and Occy are crying as Finneas plays a cello)

Dr. Strangesnork: And the rest is history! Gallio stole the, uh, the eh, uh, *Finneas whispers* yeah, he stole the glue I worked so hard to perfect. He got the prize, and I was a shattered snork! *cries* it took me years to recover, and I was never the same!

Gallio: Oh Strangesnork, can't you remember anything right?! The way I remember it was -- *the scene ripples to a young Gallio studying in the library and a young Strangesnork causing trouble* growing up, I was shy, but even though my brother was a troublemaker, I really looked up to him. In fact, the only reason I entered the sceince fair was to be like my brother.

(Young Strangesnork is working in his own lab)

Young Gallio: Hey Strangesnork, what a wonderful machine.

Young Strangesnork: Yeah, yeah.

Young Gallio: I just know you'll win with your sizealizer.

Young Strangesnork: You bet I'll win! No one's got a chance against my precision work! *hits finger with hammer* ow!

Young Galliio: Oh, I wish I was a great inventor like you.

Young Strangesnork: Oh, forget it! You'll always be, uh, *picture* oh, that's right, a blimp! 

Young Gallio: Don't you mean a whimp?

Young Strangesnork: Oh yeah. That's what you'll always be - a whimp. *laughs*

Young Gallio: *cries*


(Young Gallio is still studying)

Gallio: I really wanted to earn my brother's respect. So I went to work on something - anything - that might get me into the science fair.

Young Gallio: *makes the glue* Gee, won't Strangesnork be proud of me for this sticky stuff? It's nowhere as good as his sizealizer, but at least it'll get me into the science fair. *tests it out with a stick onto a wall* I'll show Strangesnork what I've made - then he'll see I'm not a whimp. *visits him* Strangensork, look what I've made! It's something that's sticky underwater, and I call it "glue." Yeah, glue. I'm gonna enter the science fair with it, isn't that neat?

Young Strangesnork: Boy, jsut liek a whimp, you stole my idea of entering the, uh, science fair, right! But I don't care, HA! That's such a dumb idea! Something that's sticky udnerwater, it's no good! It's, uh, goofy, that's what it is! Sheesh, what a dummy!

Young Gallio: He's right. How could I ever thought I would be good enough to enter the science fair like him. *cries and throws the glue away, but his teacher takes it out)

Mr. Blackshell: Uh, Gallio?

Gallio: Luckily for me, my science teacher Mr. Blackshell overheard the whole thing.

Young Gallio: *sniffs* Yes?

Mr. Blackshell: I think you're uh, glue, is it, is a fine idea.

Young Gallio: You do?

Mr. Blackshell: Sure. I don't know if you'll win with it, but so what, at least you will have tried.

Young Gallio: Oh, I don't know.

Mr. Blackshell: Really? How far do you think Tom Edisnork would've gotten had he gave up? Or, what about Sir Albert McHuton, or Fionardo de Fishy?

Young Gallio: Yeah, but --

Mr. Blackshell: Go on, Gallio. Stick with it. *laughs*

Young Gallio: I guess you're right. Okay, I'll enter. Even if I don't have a chance at winning.

Mr. Blackshell: That a snork! Go get 'em, tigerfish!

(the day of the sceince fair happens) 

Gallio: And so, the big day arrived. 

(all are in awe by Strangesnork's machine)

Young Strangesnork: Yes. It is quite impressive, isn't it?

Young Gallio: Gee, maybe this was a mistake. 

Judge: Yes, what is this, Strangesnork?

Young Strangesnork: it's a sizealizer. It makes things, it makes them, oh yes, it makes things even bigger or smaller.

Judge: I see, very well done. Well, let's see it work.

Young Strangesnork: Finneas, please flip the uh, that thing.

(machine explodes on them)

Judge: If this is your idea of a joke, Strangesnork, it's not very funny!

Young Strangesnork: Wait, it's just an adjustment. I'm sure I can make it work. (they all visit Gallio)

Judge: Okay, what's thing, young snork? Speak up.

Young Gallio: *stutters* Well, well, I call it glue, sir. Actually, thanks to my brother's suggestion, I'm gonna call it Goofy Glue.

Judge: *opens it and smells it* Glue, eh? Strange name - what's it do?

Young Gallio: Well, not much. It just makes stuff stick together. *demosntrates with two shells* I just put it on here, and they stick together. 

Judge: Here, let me try that. *breaks shell apart because glue is so strong* Hmm, pretty impressive. Let's just see how strong this glue is. Oh,Coach Musselsnork, would you come here?

Coach Musselsnork: Yes, how may I help you? 

Judge: *places glue on floor with shell* Would you kindly pick that up, coach?

Coach Musselsnork: Surely. *attempts it but breaks floor* There you are.

Judge: Most impressive, young snork. yes, so impressive that I see you've easily won - first prize at the science fair!

(all cheer for him)

Young Gallio: Gee whiz!

(back in present time, Tooter and Occy are angry at Strangesnork)

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, yeah, that's right. Oh, I forgot! So what if that's how you won?! The grand rule was my idea!

Gallio: OH! That's it! That's the last snork! You have so many holes in your memory, you can't even remember your own name let alone what happened at the science fair!

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh yeah?! I too can remember my name! It's, it's, it's... oh right! My name is Strainer Snork! Anyway, you cna't fool that the glue wasn't my idea! HA! Gallio: OH! Actually, tehre is a way to settle this once and for all! 

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh? What's that?

Gallio: We can go back in my time machine and see exactly what happened.

Dr. Strangesnork: Well atually, I just remembered that I have to, eh, go to the dentist. That's right, the dentist. To, eh, get my hair cut. Gallio: Oh no you don't, Strangesnork, you're coming with me! Come along Tooter, Occy - you fellows come along and see too! *all enter the machine* Then Strangesnork can't change the story again! Now you remember, Strangesnork, don't fool with the past! And don't change anything.

Dr. Strangesnork: Who, me? I'd never do that!

Gallio: Hmm. *turns it on* now you behave yourself. Here we go.

(soo enough, allstep outside into the past)

Gallio: Alright, let's find out the truth so you can quit harbording me about it. 

(all to the school)

Tooter: *toots*

Gallio: Yes, Tooter, it is odd to see Strangesnork as a little snork.

Occy: *growls* 

Dr. Strangesnork: See? it's just like I said.

Young Gallio: Strangesnork, look what I made! It's soemthing that's sticky underwater! I'm goonna call it, um, glue, yeah, glue! I'm gonna enterr the science fair with it, isn't that neat?

Dr. Strangesnork: Well, it's almost like I said.

Gallio: Shh, pay attention. Now this time, remmber how this happened.

Young Strangesnork: That's such a dumb idea - soemthing that's sticky udnerwater! It's no good - it's goofy, that's what it is!

Dr. Strangesnork: Well, it isn't unusual. 

Young Strangesnork: Gee, what a dummy! 

Occy: *growls*

Dr. Strangensork: Well...

Young Gallio: He's right. How could I ever thought I was good enough to enter the science fair liek Strangesnork. *throws it away and cries*

Gallio: There, see? That's how it was! have you seen enough? 

Dr. Strangesnork: *sees Mr. Blackshell talking to a young Gallio* Watch this, I've got an idea. This doesn't prove anything. You already stolen my idea by this point in time. take us back a few minutes.

Gallio: I don't know what that'll show. But I'll do naything to settle this. *all return to the time machine* This'll be very quick. 

Dr. Strangesnork: *to Finneas* come on.

Gallio: Well this is, heh? uh oh. I'm afraid my brother has tricke me. He could already be in up to no good.

Tooter: *toots* 

Gallio: I'm afraid that's the sixty-fourth thousand sandollar question. *steps out* Where, or should I say, whene is he gone? Oh well, come on. *all go out with him* 


(Dr. Strangesnork visits his younger self working on his sizealizer in his lab) 

Dr. Strangesnork: I'll be talking to you later! 

Young Strangesnork: Huh?

Dr. Strangesnork: Just be sure to tell my, eh, your brother how dumb his idea is. *then he visits Mr. Blackshell* 

Mr. Blackshell: Eh, may I help you?

Dr. Strangesnork: Quick! The principal has called in an emergency meeting on the other side of town!

Mr. Blackshell: A meeting? but, but --

Dr. Strangesnork: *takes him* Come on, it's about the, eh, state fair.

Mr. Blackshell: What's a state fair?

(Gallio and the others find the room to be very empty) 

Gallio: Oh, and my brother promised not to change the past! Now I see his evil plan! If Mr. Blackshell's not there to give Gallio, uh, me a pepe tlak, I'll never enter the science fair.

Tooter: *toots* 

Gallio: My whole life could change. Wait right here. *puts on labcoat*

Young Strangesnork: Glue - what a dumb idea! HA!

Gallio: *visits his younger self* Uh, Gallio?

Young Gallio: *sniffs* Who are you?

Gallio: Well my name's Gallio, that is, um, I'm a visiting inventor, yeah! Your teacher, Mr. Blackshell, is offended by. I think your glue is a fine idea. 

Young Gallio: You do?

Gallio: Of course. Why, it has a lot of uses that you never even thought of.

Young Gallio: It does?

Gallio: You'll bet it does! But you'll never know unless you enter the sceince fair. 

Young Gallio: Gee, I guess I won't. Oh. maybe you're right. Okay, I'll enter, even if I don't think I'll have a chance at winning. 

Gallio: That a snork! You never know - you might grow up to be a famous inventor. 

Young Gallio: Well, I don't know about that.

(a young Strangesnork is still working on his project)

Dr. Strangesnork: I've got to straighten out that kid so he, that is, so I, win the -- eh, you know --

Finneas: *moans, then a young Finneas sniffs him*

Young Strangesnork: You again?! Just who are you???

Dr. Strangesnork: Don't worry about that now. I'm here to make sure you win the county fair.

Young Strangesnork: You mean the sceince fair?

Dr. Strangesnork: Yeah, that too. Now listen to me, you forgot the, eh...

Young Strangesnork: The shrinkpile?

Dr. Strangensork: No, the, eh --

Young Strangesnork: The evil fatser?

Dr. Strangesnork: No, you forgot the, eh --

Young Strangesnork: The Canewton scream?

Dr. Strangesnork: NO! You forgot the best way to win is to make sure the other snorks' inventions don't work! Sheesh!

Young Strangesnork: Hey, that is a smart rule! I'll get on it right away! *destroys the other inventions and laughs* 

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* What a good kid! 

(the day of science fair happens)

Young Gallio: Oh, I don't know. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. It sure doesn't do much.

(young Strangesnork walks in with his invention, and everyone's fascianted by it)

Young Strangesnork: How's your glump doing?

Young Gallio: It's glue. I guess it's fine. How's your sizealizer?

Young Strangesnork: You'll see, when I win this, eh, *sign* the Science fair! I think I'll see how the competition is doing. *laughs* See you in a few minutes.

Judge: You say the machine takes water and actually separates the salt into this bag? Okay, are you reeady to show us how it works? Okay, show us. *the girl turns it on, but it takes her instead* Somehow, I don't think that's exactly what this machien is supposed to do. *she shakes her head* I don't udnerstand it. That's the seventh project that didn't work right. Well, Strangesnork, I hope your invention is working better than most of the others here today. I've never seen so many inventions fail at one science fair before. 

Young Strangesnork: Gee, I wonder why. That's too bad. Well, very, my invention will grow on you. *laughs* 

(the future snorks see it)

Gallio: I don't know what you've done. But I bet you've been up to no good.

Dr. Strangesnork: Who me? Uh, eh -- why Gallio, how could you think such a thing?

Gallio: It wasn't hard!

Judge: Well, it certainly looks impressive. Jut what does your device do?

Young Strangesnork: It's my Sizealizer. it makes things, uh, make things, uh -- right. it makes things bigger or smaller with a simple pull of the lever. Now watch this. 

(young Finneas pulls the lever and a giant lobster grows)

Judge: Truly amazing! Uh, return it to his normal size now. You easily won the science fair prize for such an amazing invention.

(but the lobster continues to grow)

Young Strangesnork: Uh oh. 

(all flip out)

Young Gallio: This is terribble. Gee, maybe this will help. *glues the crab to the floor* 

(the police then arrive to take the lobster away)

Judge: That was soem demonstration, young snork. Exactly what do you have there?

Young Gallio: It's jsut something I put together so I could enter the science fir with my brother. i call it "glue." Actually, thanks to my brother who suggested it, I call it "Goofy Glue."

Judge: Glue, eh? Just what exactly does this glue do?

Young Gallio: It doesn't really do much, except make things stick.

Manufacturer: I heard about it from the officers. that glue's the most amazing stuff I've ever seen. Here, sign this contract.

Young Gallio: What does this contract mean? 

Manufacturer: That means I can manufacture and sell your glue, and you can get rich.

Young Gallio: *signs it* Wow, here you go!

Judge: Congratulations! Your Goofy Glue is probably the best entry we've ever had at the sceince fair! And it looks liek the first place ribbon isn't all you've won today! *police show Snorkland Hero metal*

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, this is terrible! I've made thigns better for you! 

Gallio: Let's go, Strangesnork. You've caused enough trouble around here for a lifetime.

(all finally return to the present)

Gallio: I hope you've learned your lesson, Strangesnork.

Dr. Strangesnork: Back! That stupid kid, eh, uh, 

Finneas: Strangesnork.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, yeah. That stupid kid, Strangensork! *Tooter and Occy laugh* Huh? Oh, I'm Strangesnork! Oh, fouey!

Tooter: *points out the Snorkland Hero metal on wall*

Gallio: Well, Strangesnork. Thanks to your meddling, I've got a new metal.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh no! I'm afraid that's one thing I won't be able to forget! *storms out of lab*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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