(Corky and Jojo are riding through town in the sub)

Corky: Those rocks up ahead will hag us from view. 

Jojo: Not if we crash into them. 

Corky: Don't worry, Jojo, I have an excellent sense of direction. 

(crashes into the rocks)

Corky: See? Nothing to it. 

(sees Bigweed and Lil Seaweed)

Corky: Hmm, I knew Bigweed and Lil Seaweed were up to no good. But I didn't know HOW no good.

Jojo: But they are just moving a rock.

Corky: Yes, but that is the rock that imprisons the horrible Ooze! And if Ooze gets out, it could mean the end of Snorkland - the end of the ocean, even! 

Jojo: *gasps* Holy macarole!

Corky: This is definitely a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Bigweed: It won't be long now. 

Lil Seaweed: Haul! *commands the electric eels to move the door to the hole* 

Bigweed: As soon as the top's off this prison, Ooze will be free, and he hates snorks even more than we do, if that's possible! 

Corky: Bigweed, stop! You can't release the horrible Ooze! It's too dangerous! 

Bigweed: Yeah, too dangerous for snorks! Besides, you're too late, Corky! Look! 

(steams comes out, and so does Ooze)

Ooze: Ooze is free at last! 

Bigweed: Get those snorks!

Ooze: Snorks? Yes, Ooze hate snorks! 

Bigweed: *laughs* That's what I was counting on!

Corky: Uh oh - swim for it!

(Ooze gets them, and knocks them out)

Bigweed: *laughs* This Ooze is my kinda guy!

Ooze: Soon, all of Snorkland will feel the might of that horrible Ooze!

(In town...)

Snork woman: Oh, I love swimming to work. 

Snork man: Yes, it sure beats all the traffic on the snorkaway. 

(they see Ooze)

Snork woman: Of course, there are worse things than traffic. 

Snork man: You said it! 

(Ooze laughs)

Snork 1: It's Ooze!

Snork 2: Let me outta here!

Snork 3: We've got to escape!

(as they flea, he destroys houses and gets bigger)

Ooze: Ooze like electricity! Ooze get bigger! *laughs* Ooze not like anyone escape! All my prisoners! *zaps them and takes them away*

(Bigweed and Lil Seaweed watch all the commotion from afar)

Snork 4: Who could've left the horrible Ooze out?

Snork 5: Yeah, who'd be stupid enough to do that? 

Bigweed: Did you hear that, Lil Seaweed? They're talkin' about me. 

Lil Seaweed: Yeah, you sure showed them who was stupid enough. 

(Ooze places snorks in cave)

Ooze: You bad snorks! You made Ooze stay in the hole for 500 years. Now snorks stay in cave for 500 years. 

Governor Wetworth: But our ancestors had to imprison you. You tried to destroy our homes. 

Snork 6: Yeah!

Snork 7: That's right!

Snork 8: They had no choice! 

Ooze: Gee, that's right. Ooze forgot. But you all stay in cave, anyway. *zaps them in with spiderweb-like substance*

Bigweed: Good work, ooze, you captured all the snorks. The next thing I want you to do is attack the sea merchant village of Nor.

Ooze: Okay, but first, ooze want you to do something. 

Bigweed: Sure, what is it?

Ooze: Get in cave with others! 

Bigweed: What?! But I let you out! Don't you have any gratitude?

Ooze: Yes, ooze do. Thanks a lot. Now get in cave! *zaps him and Lil Seaweed in too* 


(Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are thrown into the cave, and every snork is angry with them)

Bigweed: Uh, hi guys. Let me guess, that you are a little upset with me, aren't you?

Jojo: I am way past upset! 

Lil Seaweed: Yeah, I told you it was a dumb idea! 

Bigweed: Thanks, Lil Seaweed, I knew I could count on your support!

Corky: Bigweed, you know I'll have to arrest you for this and send you to jail. *snorks get angry* um, as soon as we get out of this jail. 

Allstar: Stop it, everyone. We can take care of Bgiweed later. Right now, we all have to get out of here before Ooze grows to his full size. 

Jojo: And you'll help us work on a plan, won't you, Bigweed? 

Bigweed: Oh sure, no problem. Come to think of it, maybe I was a bit hasty at hating all of you. 

Ooze: Ooze tired, Ooze need energy. *sees electric eels* Electric eels are jsut what Ooze wanted. *zaps them, and he gets bigger as they run away* Ooze loves those energy lunches, so nutritious. 

Casey: Oh, we've no more time to waste. We've got to find a way out. 

Bigweed: As much as I hate to help you guys, I have an idea. You know where the old sunken ship is? *whispers* And then after that, -- *whispers some more* 

Casey: *standing near cave entrance* Oh, we better not let ooze know there's agiant electric eel in here. 

Allstar: Yeah, that would just give him mroe power. 

Ooze: You have electric eel in there? Stand back! *he zaps it and they all escape* 

Allstar: It worked! Now swim, swim! 

(Ooze zaps cave as he finds Bigweed escaping)

Bigweed: Uh, hi, again. 

Ooze: Ooze deal with you later. Right now, Ooze got to capture snorks. 

Bigweed: *yelps*

Ooze: Ooze really angry now! 

Allstar: We've got to reach the sunken ship before Ooze catches us! 

Corky: Don't worry, it's just up ahead. 

Jojo: This way, quickly!

(Jojo goes through sunken ship)

Jojo: Now to stop Ooze.

Ooze: Ooze angry, very mad! 

Jojo: *ties him up* Now we'll give you a teste of your own medicine! 

(Ooze's electricity gets sent to ship, making it come to life)

Casey: Wow!

Allstar: The ship's coming to life! 

(Ship leaves with Ooze tied to it)

Ooze: Ooze not like this at all! Ow! Ow!

Corky: Sailing, sailing, over the bounding man!

Ooze: Ooze losing energy! Ooze being drained! It's not working!

Allstar: And that's not all! You're shrinking! 

(Ooze continues to shrink)

Casey: I guess you're not such a big shot after all, Ooze.

Corky: Bad guys are never big shots, Casey. If they were, they wouldn't be bad guys. 

(As he still shrinks, Bgiweed returns with a jar)

Allstar: Bigweed, why have you come back?

Bigweed: Well, since I let Ooze out, I should be the one to put him back in. 

Ooze: *higher pitched voice* Ooze will get you for this! You are in big trouble!

Bigweed: *places him in jar* Oh yeah, you got me real worried! *seals him up* Boy, that sure was a mistake.

Corky: Yes, being a bad guy is always a mistake.

Bigweed: No, that he turned on me was a mistake. If he hadn't, things would've worked out great! *snorks look at him angrily* I mean, uh, would you believe I was just kiddin'? I didn't think so! *swims away*

Casey: That's it, Bigweed! You've gone too far this time!

Jojo: Get him! 

(They chase after him)

Corky: hault! You are a prisoner of *horn* the Snork Patrol! 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International