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Written by:

Laren Bright

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 9, 1988

USA Premiere: November 12, 1988

"Prehissnorkic" is the 20th episode of Season 4. Dr. Gallio, Daffney, and Jojo discover a frozen cavesnork from dry space, so they thaw him out and then use the time machine to return him to his time.

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Plot Summary

It's very unusual weather in July, as it is snowing and every snork is wearing winter clothes. Daffney and Jojo go visit Dr. Gallio to find out what's causing the coldness, and through his shellescope, they see a large iceberg in dry space. After they fail at destroying it althogether, they use a giant magnifying glass to allow the sun's reflection to melt it. Once it melts, they discover a frozen cavesnork. They unfreeze it inside the lab, and his name is Ork. he goes off into town and then causes trouble. Two months have passed, and so Gallio decides to perfect his time machine so that Ork can return to his village.

Ork is excited that his new friends are visiting his village, and after they are about to be cooked, he saves them and shows them around. they also meet some cavesnorks named Galliork and Daffnork, prehistoric parallels of Gallio and Daffney. Then they go eat at a restaurant. Not only does Daffney not like the music, but the grottofish soup isn't served with a bowl or utensils. Hwoever, Jojo enjoys eating it with his hands, even consuming everyone else's servings. Because the village isn't like Ork remember, he decides to go back to Snorkland. But some pyrannafish lbock the time machine, so they try to fight them off, and this proves to be successful. Everyone is then glad to be back home with Ork. 

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Eating dinner together... ANCIENT dinner

Background Info

  • This episode reveals that Daffney can't lift anything heavy, although she lifted weights with ease, as opposed to Dimmy, in Which Snork Snitched
  • First time Allstar nor Casey join Gallio on a major journey
  • The time machine makes its second and final appearance in Oh Brother!
  • Ork must have learned the real names of Gallio and Daffney during his two month stay, rather than "Mazing" and "Ew"
  • First time Jojo is shown to have an out-of-character moment, when he doesn't appear to be hungry like everyone else in Ork's village

Memorable Quotes

Gallio: Uh, yes, I, I was just about to run a quick check on my weather monitor. *reads it* Chill factor, current drift, ice formation, alright. *it shakes before it prints out a readable document for Gallio* 

Daffney: What's it say?

Gallio: It's C-C-Cold. 

Daffney: *sarcastically* Big help!

Daffney: Well I don't know about that. All I know is that this ice is positively ruining my curls! And I'm cold! *gets in the spot of sunlight in his room* Ah! At least it's a little warmer in front of the window.

Gallio: If we took a bigger hammer -- what did you say?! 

Daffney: I said at least it's warmer --

Gallio: That's it! *kisses her cheek* You're a genuis, Daffney!

Ork: Uh, me Ork. Who you? 

Gallio: Amazing!

Daffney: Eww! 

Ork: Glad to meet you, Mazing and Eww!

Jojo: I'm not sure about this time travel business.

Daffney: Oh, we've finally found something Jojo's afraid of?!

Jojo: No, I, I'm not afraid! Well, not really afraid.

Ork: Ork hungry - take you to best restaurant in village.

Daffney: Good, I'm famished!

Gallio: Good idea, Ork!

Jojo: *stares at Daffnork lovingly* I'm not hungry! 

Ork: Yes, you are! *grabs him*


  • When Gallio says "Its C-C-Cold," there are actually 3 C's before "cold" isntead of 2
  • Jojo says there are 4 pyrannafish heading their way, but it was really 6 pyrannafish
  • When Gallio pulls the lever inside the time machien as they head back home, his moustache is gold
  • At first, the snorks were eating grottofish soup - then Jojo made pyrannafish soup


  • Blue Stingray is a parody of either Sting or Bruce Springsteen
  • Title is a play on "prehistoric"
  • Alberta Einsnork is an obvious reference to Albert Einstein



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