(It's the middle of July, and it's snowing - Gallio is working on another invention inside his lab)

Gallio: *sneezes then gets warmed up by the electric eel* Oh, it certainly is strange weather for July! *he hears a knock on the door* Come in. 

(Daffney and Jojo arrive - Daffney's in winter clothes while Jojo is in a shirt and shorts, sunglasses, and is licking an ice cream cone)

Daffney: Gallio, what's going on? Everyone in town wants to know why it's so cold!

Jojo: Are you guys cold? *licks it* It is not cold.

Gallio: Uh, yes, I, I was just about to run a quick check on my weather monitor. *reads it* Chill factor, current drift, ice formation, alright. *it shakes before it prints out a readable document for Gallio* 

Daffney: What's it say?

Gallio: It's C-C-Cold. 

Daffney: *sarcastically* Big help!

Gallio: Let's try the shellescope. *looks through it* Take a look. *Daffney looks at a large iceberg* That iceberg must be causing this foul weather. But I wonder what that dark shade in the corner could be.

Daffney: What can that ice block do to us, Gallio? 

Gallio: If we don't stop it, it could be the end of Snorkland.

Daffney: Oh no!

Jojo: Don't worry, I will stop it! 

Daffney: You will?

Jojo: Yes. Here is what I will need. *he tells them of his plan* 

(he later gets on the iceberg and has a large hammer)

Jojo: You won't make my friends cold anymore! Take that! *but the hammer breaks* Oops. Okay, so you make my friends cold a little longer! 

(all are back in his lab) 

Gallio: That hammer was made of sea shellion, the hardest substance known to snork. That ice must be super strong. It oculd have been frozen for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years.

Daffney: Well I don't know about that. All I know is that this ice is positively ruining my curls! And I'm cold! *gets in the spot of sunlight in his room* Ah! At least it's a little warmer in front of the window.

Gallio: If we took a bigger hammer -- what did you say?! 

Daffney: I said at least it's warmer --

Gallio: That's it! *kisses her cheek* You're a genuis, Daffney!

Daffney: I've been called a lot of things, but genius isn't usually one of them.

Jojo: Come on, Alberta Einsnork, hurry up! Maybe we can help! 

(they're all up in dry space as a penguin is now sitting on top of the iceberg)

Gallio: Bring the magnifying glass over here, Daffney.

Daffney: *carries it* Did you have to make it this heavy, Gallio? 

Gallio: Well, the weight is a factor.

Daffney: *puts it down* 

Jojo: *carries an ever bigger one with ease* How did you get these things so light, Gallio? 

Gallio: Speaking of light, if the sunlight doesn't come out, this idea will do as much good as the last one. 

(but the sunglight does come out and hit the magnifying lgass)

Daffney: Ooh, saved by the light!

(the light breaks apart the large iceberg in huge chunks) 

Jojo: Take that, you troublemaking iceberg! *then it completely melts* Boy, Gallio, this is fun!

Daffney: I'm glad you like it. My arms are ready to fall off.

Jojo: Well, we're almost done. Why don't you and Gallio take a break? I'll finish up.

Daffney: Thanks, Jojo, don't mind if I do.

Gallio: Snorkland's weather ought to be back to normal soon. 

Daffney: Boy, that's a relief. Um, Gallio, why do I fell like someone's watching us? 

Gallio: I don't know, Daffney. This wall of ice could block anyone's view.

Daffney: *wails then grabs both Gallio and Jojo*

Jojo: Huh? 

Daffney: Ew, ick!

Gallio: What's the matter, Daffney?

Daffney: M-m-m-mosnter! M-m-m-mosnter back there! 

Gallio: Nonsense! Come on, I'll show you. *laughs at his own reflection* There's your mosnter, Daffney! You were scared by your own reflection! *laughs* 

Daffney: N-n-no. Over th-th-there!

(they now see Ork, the prehistoric snork, frozen in a block of ice)

Gallio: *sees it and tries to run off before stopping to take a closer look at it* 

Daffney: B-b-be c-c-careful!

Jojo: What is it?

Gallio: This is incredible! Let's finish up and take this fellow back to the lab! I'll find out what it is. 

(Jojo carries him back to the lab)

Gallio: Imagine, a perfectly preserved specimen of a prehistoric snorkel sepian. It was two million years old! Oh, I'll be studying it for years! But I'll have to keep it cold, so it won't melt!

Daffney: That guy sure gave me a scare! But I guess a frozen snork can't hurt me! *wails again*

Gallio: What's the matter now? I thought you said a frozen snork couldn't hurt you.

Daffney: I kn-kn-know! But this one's not gonna be f-f-frozen for long! L-l-look! 

(the ice breaks apart and unmelts Ork, scaring all of them and causing them to hide behind a table)

Jojo: Hey, wait a minute. Why am I hiding? I am not afraid. *swims over to Ork* 

Ork: *looks around* Where this place? Huh?

Jojo: Huh? 

Ork: Uh, me Ork. Who you? 

Gallio: Amazing!

Daffney: Eww! 

Ork: Glad to meet you, Mazing and Eww!

Gallio: My pleasure. *Ork shakes him instead of his hand* Ork, what's the last thing you remember?

Ork: Villagers hungry. Ork go far from village to hunt near big cold. Then walk sea mammoth fish. Then walk, start to chase in hurry. Ork must have bump head. Then everything go dark. Then Ork wake up here. Wherever he is. Ork better get back to tribe now.

Gallio: Amazing. Ork must have been covered by the iceberg in a matter of seconds. But Ork, even though it seems like only a minute to you, over two million years have passed since your hunt. 

Ork: Two million years, huh? Is that more than, *holds up two fingers* this many?

Gallio: *laughs* I'm afraid it's many, many times more than that, Ork. 

Ork: You pretty smart fellow, Mazing. But Ork think what you say not possible. Ork go home now. Bye!

Gallio: Now wait, hang on! We'll go with you! *he leaves already* Let's go. There's no telling what trouble he might get into.


(Ork is standing on the sidewalk, looking at the road ahead of him) 

Ork: Oh boy! This funny fish make good lunch! Stop, lunch! *a car move towards him, and he beats it down but sees a snork getting out* Oh. Me see this not you, funny fish. Sorry, have good lunch. 

(then he watches a black and white TV)

Man: Get out of town, buddy, or you'll be real sorry.

Ork: Oh yeah?! Ork stay until good and ready to leave! *breaks it* Now me ready to leave! Whoo! It hard being in this village. Not quiet and beautiful like Ork's village. *reads sign* "Snorktown Park - Keep Off the Kelp." No understand what "keep off" menas. Maybe means "help yourself." *sees it* This kelp cabbage just what Ork need for snack. *eats some* 

Police Officer Woman: *speaks in an Irish accent* Save it now, you can't be eatin' plants growin' in the park! Come along, buddy! Move along, and I'll let ya off! 

Ork: *burps in his mouth* Ork excuse me. *eats some more*

Police Officer Woman: Okay, that does it! I'm runnin' ya in! *tries to move him* Resistant officer, eh? *blows whistle* I need a bigger help with this one! *all go after him* 

Ork: Hey, what this? Ork said excuse me! 

(now Gallio and Daffney are at the court house)

Gallio: So you see, he really had no idea he was breaking the law. 

Judge: *also speaks in an Irish accent* Well, Gallio, seein' as it's you, I'll let your friend go. But he's got to stay with you, or I'll throw the book at him.

Ork: That sound like fun! I could catch her! Uh, what is book? 

Gallio: Nevermind, Ork. We've got a lot to find out about you. 

Daffney: Yeah, so hurry up.

Ork: Okie dokie! *breaks out of the jail bars with his two hands, then moves them back together* Ork just want to go home.

(Ork is now sitting in Gallio's lab, and the time has moved from July to September)

Daffney: I'm worried about Ork, Gallio. It's been two months now, and he seems to be doing okay, but, he keeps talking about his village. 

Gallio: He must be a bit homesick.

Daffney: It msut have been really gnarley to have lived in his village. I wish we could have seen it. 

Gallio: Well, I worked on a time machine a while ago. I suppose I could dig it out and finish it. It would be itneresting to go back and observe things first hand. 

Daffney: Wow, I wonder what my ancestors were like! I bet they were really cool!

(now all are waiting for the time machien to be completed)

Jojo: I'm not sure about this time travel business.

Daffney: Oh, we've finally found something Jojo's afraid of?!

Jojo: No, I, I'm not afraid! Well, not really afraid.

(the time machine spins around now, and with Gallio outside of it)

All: Gallio!

Gallio: Hello, children! Here, read this! *gives them a large paper* 

Daffney: So, this is last week's paper.

Gallio: Yes, I went back to get it. 

Daffney: Back? Back where? Keeper papers in the backyard?! 

Gallio: *laughs* No! I went back to last week to test the time machine.

Daffney: It really works?!

Gallio: It works fine! 

Ork: This mena Ork go home soon?

Gallio: Yes! We're ready right now!

Daffney: Gnarley, let's go! *all step in* Coming, Jojo?

Jojo: Sure, why not? 

Gallio: I'll just fill her up with my super fuel! Everyone ready!

Ork: Sure!

Jojo: You bet!

Daffney: Right on!

Gallio: Here it goes! 

(the time machine spins around, then they all end up in prehistoric times)

Daffney: Far out, we made it!

Jojo: What a strange place!

Ork: *breathes* Ah, smell clean water!

Daffney: *a large fish tries to chew off a piece of her hair* G-G-Gallio!

Gallio: Goodness - a steggaswordfish! *takes a picture of it, and it gets scared off as Gallio sees another dinosaur fish swim above him* A brontoswordfish! Look! Even and eleswordfish! Ooh! I must get a picture! What beautiful teeth! Say cheese! 

Ork: *saves Gallio as it tries to eat him* You be careful here, Gallio!

Gallio: Yes, of course. 

Daffney: Come on, let's go to the village!

Gallio: Right! But first,we must tally the tie machine. *they cover it up with bunches of brown seaweed* A few more trips will do it.

Jojo: *throws one large* Or one like this one!

Daffney: Good work, Jojo! 

Ork: Ork show you village now. You will like it. Snorks very friendly. They give you warm welcome. 

(but they end up attacking them)

Daffney: YAA, HELP!

Jojo: LET US GO! 

Gallio: What's the meaning of this?! *they end up about to be used for food* Put me down immediately!

Jojo: Yes, me too!

Daffney: Ork, do something!

Ork: Wait, Ork got news for you! 

(all are above a lava pit, about to be cooked)

Jojo: Phew. What is that bubbly stuff, Gallio?

Gallio; It's a lava pit.

Daffney: A warm welcome! It's downright hot!

Ork: STOP! These not strangers, *to audience* although Ork admit, they do look strange, them Ork's friends.

Cavesnork 1: Friends?

Cavesnork 2: Why you not say so? 

(all mumble in embarrassment as Ork lets them go and they swim away)

Ork: Boy, you really going to like village. 

Daffney: Neato! I can hardly wait to see the mall!

Ork: Mall? Oh, yes, mall! What is mall?

Daffney: Oh, nevermind!

Gallio: Is it a large village, Ork? 

Ork: Oh yes. Very large. Many snorks. Lot houses. When we turn at kelp tree, you get good view of village. *arrive to a bunch of rock houses* Ta dah! There village! 

Gallio: Is that it?

Ork: Hmm, me not remember it so... small. Hmm, let's see. Snork's, Prok's cave, Gork's cave, yes, that whole village. 

Gallio: Yes, uh, it's very interesting, Ork.

Daffney: *sarcastically* Yeah, interesting.

Jojo: Say ork, uh, pretty nice village. Very modern.

Ork: Oh, uh, glad you like it, Jojo. Here, uh, let me show you exciting tourist sites. There are traffic signal! *see twig* It be really something as soon as we build street there. 

Daffney: Oh, and when will you build the street? 

Ork: Right after someone invent cars. Uh, that our weapons factory. *cavesnorks build spears* And that, our park. 

Daffney: *moans* Gee, this is all very nice.

Gallio: But we'd like to meet some of your village snorks, Ork.

Ork: Okay. Wait till you meet Galliork. Him great inventor. He near by.

Gallio: I cannot wait to see what incredible things he's invented. Let's go! *they follow him*


Ork: Galliork, very smart thinker. 

(they hear noises)

Jojo: Soudns like Galliork could use some help. 

Gallio: Yes, hurry. 

(they go inside to see Galliork moving a machine)

Gallio: My word. 

Jojo: Square wheels?!

Daffney: What an invention!

Galliork: *groans* These wheels no good! *kicks it and hurts his toe* Well, what me doing? Me have another design! *sees triangle wheel drawings on walls* These triangle wheels sure to work! 

Ork: Hey, great Galliork, you ever think of trying round wheels? 

Galliork: You hunt, Ork! Me, inventor! We not need amateur cubics, sir!

Ork: Right. Sorry, Galliork. 

(they all swim to another part of the village together)

Ork: Daffney, Ork know you will love Daffnork. She most beautiful snork in all of village. 

Daffney: Oh, beauty's one of my favorite things!

Ork: Oh, they're beautiful Daffnork now! Brace yourself for visional beauty! 

Ork: Hello, Daffnork!

(a cavesnork version of Daffney turns around, but she's green, has black hair, and has large buck teeth)

Daffnork: Ooh, hello Ork, who your friends? 

Daffney: *nervously* Uh, how do you do? 

Ork: It is nice to see you again, Daffnork.

Daffnork: *giggles*

Jojo: *hearts off his chest* Mees to pleat, I -- tease to pleat -- I mean, uh, hi.

Daffney: *gives her a bone* Here, honey, try this. 

Daffnork: *bites it*

Daffney: *ruybs her hair* No, like this.

Daffnork: *brushes with it and laughs* Ooh, thanks.

Ork: Ork hungry - take you to best restaurant in village.

Daffney: Good, I'm famished!

Gallio: Good idea, Ork!

Jojo: *stares at Daffnork lovingly* I'm not hungry! 

Ork: Yes, you are! *grabs him*

(after they say goodbye to her, they go to a restaurant)

Jojo: You know, Gallio, being in the past isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Ah, I like Ork's village.

Ork: Uh, thanks Jojo, but it not at all like Ork remember. 

Daffney: *tries to play a song on the jukebox* Oh boy, a jukebox! I hope this is good! I never heard of the group Tyrrana Swordfish Rocks before. *it plays loud, off key jungle music* Eww! *turns it off and goes back to the table* No offence, Ork, but that was -- eww!

Ork: Uh huh. Ork notice. They no Blue Stingray. Ah, here come good food.

(soup without bowls drops at their table in front of them)

Daffney: Eww, what's this?

Ork: It grottofish soup. 

Daffney: Didn't they ever think of using bowls? 

Ork: Bowls! Great idea! What are bowls/ 

Daffney: Oh, nevermind. *tastes it with her finger, and it makes her so hot that steam coems out of her ears and snork* Oh, this stuff is spicy! Ow, ow, ow!!! Oh, I guess I wasn't so hungry after all!

Jojo: Then I guess you won't mind if I finish your soup for you. This soup really great. *consumes it* May I? *eats Gallio's serving too* Thanks!

Ork: Hmm, this not tasy like Ork remember. 

Jojo: *eats his too* Thanks, Ork pal. Don't mind if I do. Waiter, double order of grottofish soup to go, please! *water brings it in a take out box* Thanks!

(they swim away now) 

Gallio: I think it's time we started back to our own time. Ork, I'm glad we could get you home.

Ork: Uh huh. That the problem. This not what Ork expected. This not feel like home anymore. Me want to go back to big city with friends. 

(they see a Gallio like cavesnork rolling on a wheel) 

Scientist: Hey Ork, watch this! I invented the wheel! *trips over it* 

Gallio: Yes, Ork, I understand what you mean. You certainly can ocme back with us.

Daffney: Ooh! *hugs him*

Ork: Gnarley! 

(they find the machine)

Ork: Machine just over next hill. 

(but they see it covered in seaweed and a giant fish trying to eat it)

Gallio: Oh no! If that Tyranna Swordfish hurts the time machine, we'll be stuck here forever! 

Daffney: *gasps* Without a mall?! I can't survive like that, do something!

Jojo: You go left, I go right.

Ork: Uh, okay. Uh, which way left?

Jojo: That way. 

Ork: Okay. 

(they surround the Tyranna Swordfish as he eats, then blow a large sound out of their snorks, causing it to leave)

Daffney: Alright! 

Gallio: You did it! Hooray! Alright! Let's uncover the time machine! *looks at it* Well, it seems to be intact. Let's go. 

(everyone gets inside)

Gallio: Next stop, Snorkland. *tries turning it on, but it stops working*

Daffney: What's wrong? 

Gallio: Oh no! The fuel tank is completely drained! We're... stranded.

Daffney: Stranded? *moans* 

Jojo: Being stranded's not our only problem. *a group of more Tyranna Swordfish head their way* One, we could handle - four, I doubt it! 

Ork: Tyranna - when not even finished, they find pieces of time machine.

Daffney: Imagine beautiful me? A tyranna swordfish dinner! Ooh!

Gallio: Where in a prehistoric world can I get soem high octane fuel? 

Jojo: Get ready, Ork. We will go off fighting.

Gallio: Wait, don't go out anywhere. *grabs box and dumps the soup for fuel* This soup could work. Cross your fingers. Here goes nothing. 

(as they cross their fingers, Gallio pulls the lever and more come their way )

Daffney: Hurry, Gallio, hurry!

Gallio: *tries it again* Come on, come on! 

(the machine finally turns on, spins around, and ends up back in Gallio's lab)

Daffney: We made it!

All: Hooray!

Gallio: Oh, it was nothing!

Ork: That not nothing, Gallio. That really something.

Gallio: Thanks, Ork. 

(now eating outside together as Jojo cooks up some lunch)

Gallio: Thanks for inviting us to this picnic, Jojo.

Jojo: Sure. I thought we should celebrate with our new friend, Ork. *smells soup* Ah, yummy yum yum!

Ork: Me glad to be here.

Daffney: I'm glad to be here too, because I'm hungry! In fact, I'm so hungry, I could even eat -- yuck! Some of that pyranna fish soup! 

Jojo: That's good, because that's exactly what I made!

All: Huh?! *leave*

Jojo: Hey, where did everybody go? 

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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