Robin Snork/Transcript

(Junior and Casey are swimming together while searching for cars at an auto retailer)

Junior: Now that's the car for me. *gets in a fancy black one* A Shellvrolet - those are the wheels for me.

Casey: 5,000 clamolas. Oh boy. For this price, we better check it out good. *kicks wheel*

Wheel: Watch it, sister!

Casey: How do you plan to pay for a car like this?

Junior: I have my ways.

Casey: You're not gonna get a job!

Junior: Job?! Are you kidding? I break out in a rash just hearing that word!

Casey: Then how?

Junior: I'll just ask my father.

Casey: I wouldn't put too many crab cakes on that one.

(Now in Governor Wetworth's office)

Junior: Dad, this Shellvrolet is beautiful. It's black, with 4 liter eel power.

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, my first car was a bright green Catsan. Now there was a car. I felt so proud to drive it. I used to cruise by the school trying to impress the girls, way before I met your mother. 

Junior: *laughs* What did I tell you? A piece of kelp.

Governor Wetworth: Yes, siree, there's nothing like your first snorkmobile. You'll remember it the rest of your life.

Junior: Will you help me buy it?

Governor Wetworth: Course I will.

Casey: I don't believe it, he's writing him a check already.

Junior: I told you he'd give it to me.

Governor Wetworth: My boy, I may be old fashioned, but I'm going to do for you what my father did for me- give you the chance to earn it. 

Junior: *sees note* Huh? This isn't a check.

Governor Wetworth: Of course not, son, it's a job. Casey's father needs some help at the Kelp Store. Things have been disappearing mysteriously and he could use somebody to help watch things.

Junior: Oh, you mean, like a watchman?

Casey: Yeah, you know, Junior - a job - work. 

Junior: *itches* Oh, Casey, don't say that.

(Outside now)

Junior: Okay, so now I get a job, but how am I supposed to get there without a car? I need a ride.

Shorty: *pulls up on his bike* Did I hear somebody needs a ride?

Junior: Who are you?

Shorty: I'm the new snork on the block. My friends call me Shorty.

Casey: Nice to meet you, Shorty.

Junior: I don't know about that, but I do needa ride to, uh, well, --

Casey: Work!

Junior: *itches* 

(Junior's inside Kelp Store, working and setting up the kelp cakes)

George Kelp: Nice work, Junior.

Junior: Work?! *itches* Boy, how did I ever let myself get talked into this? 

Casey: How's it going, Junior?

Junior: Oh, hi, uh --

Casey: You alright? You're acting weird, even for you.

Junior: Oh sure, I, I just --

Casey: I know this sounds silly, but I thought for a minute there, you may be enjoying your work.

Junior: *itches* Oh Casey, please don't say that word!

Shorty: I have an idea. Why don't you tell your itch you're an executive? 

Junior: Yeah. I'm an executive, I'm an executive. Oh, you're right. It's uh, working already. Thanks, Shorty.

Shorty: Oh you're welcome. Anytime you need something, jsut let me know.

Casey: Oh look, a sale on kelp cakes!

'Junior: 'Allow me. *gets one out and the whole pile fall on him* 

Casey: *laughs* Well, I was going to ask you to lunch, but I can see you're buried in your work.

Junior: *itches* 

Casey: Boy, wait'll I tell the gnag that Junior has a real job. Come on, Shorty, I'll introduce you around.

(Late at night, Junior eats kelpsickles)

Junior: *rubs stomach in pain* Ugh, I'd never thought I'd see the day when I ate too many kelpsickles. Ah, there's no theif here. Mr. Kelp probably forgot where he put things. This is boring. *yawns* I'm tired. I think a little nap is in order, jsut for a few minutes. 

(as he's asleep, the theif enters the place - by next morning, everything's gone)

George Kelp: Junior, wake up.

Junior: *is awake* Huh? 

George Kelp: Junior, the store was robbed again.

Junior: Huh? Gee, Mr. Kelp, I didn't eat that many kelpsickles.

George Kelp: Junior, what happened? How long were you asleep?

Junior: Oh, I wasn't asleep. Uh, it was the theif. It was awful!

George Kelp: Oh, you poor boy. Tell me about it.

Junior: Well, I uh --

George Kelp: Did you see the person who did this?

Junior: Well, um, oh yes - yes! He was big and powerful - he musta knocked me out! Uh yeah, that was it!

George Kelp: I'm so sorry, Junior.

Junior: Oh I don't mind admitting that I was a bit scared.

George Kelp: That's okay, Junior, I'm sure you were very brave.

Junior: I'm really sorry about the store, Mr. Kelp.

George Kelp: That's alright. The important thing is that you're alright.

(later that night, the snorks are discussing Daffney's party)

Casey: Oh, I'm really looking forward to Daffney's party tonight.

Junior: I can't go now, because Mr. kelp was robbed again.

Allstar: We'll miss you, Junior, but helping Casey's dad is more important.

Junior: I guess. I mean, of course it is.

Shorty: I can watch the store for you, Junior.

Junior: Are you kidding? You're too small. You're a shorty snork.

Shorty: I may be small, but I'm mighty.

Junior: No way, I'd probably wind up in trouble.

Shorty: Ooh, oh, I can do it Junior, please. Give me a chance to be one of the gang.

Junior: Well, it really isn't fair that I should slave while my friends are having fun.

Shorty: It isn't fair at all.

Junior: Alright. You can watch the store.

Shorty: Yippee! Oh thanks, Junior. You'll see - I'm not afraid of any theif.

Junior: Okay Shorty, but remember, this is our secret.

Shorty: Right.

(Shorty guards the store that same night)

Shorty: Just let a robber try to break into this store. Why I'll, I'll ninsnork um, I'll do - *falls down* anything. It's a small setback for the keeper of the Kelp Store. What do we have here? The Shadow Man! Hey, you lookin' at me? *laughs* Catchin' a theif is a sinch for Slick Shorty!

(Meanwhile, at Daffney's party)

Casey: *after Junior arrives* Junior, what are you doing here?

Junior: Oh I got someone to replace me at the store.

Casey: Junior, my dad hired you, not someone else.

Junior: I'm sure your dad wouldn't want me to miss the best party of the year.

Allstar: Uh, who did you get to do your job, Junior?

Junior: Shorty.

Casey: Shorty?! But he's just a little kid!

Allstar: What if something happened to him?

Junior: Well as Shorty would say, he may be small but he's mighty.

(Back at the store)

Shorty: Slick Shorty walks away form the Shadow Man, only to turn again, and face his enemy! Nobody messes with Slick Shorty! *sees someone there* Ooh, what's this?! The Shadow Man's not copying Slick Shorty! Oh!! *hides* Oh, go away! Leave me alone, Shadow Man!

(Now back to the party)

Casey: Junior, you are totally being irresponsible! It was your job, not Shorty's.

Junior: Boy, you guys are making me feel awful.

Casey: Well if the snork fits, wear it.

Junior: What could I do? he begged me. he wanted to show me how big he is.

Casey: Well I know one thing. Shorty might be short, but you just proved how small you are.

Allstar: I don't like this guys, come on.

(They find Shorty still crying inside the dark and empty store)

Casey: Oh no, we've been robbed again!

Junior: Shorty, are you alright?

Shorty: *cries* Yes, but I didn't catch the theif. Now I'll never fit in.

Junior: Oh brother!

Casey: It's not your fault, Shorty. Junior should've been watching the store, not you.

Allstar: Did you see who it was, Shorty?

Shorty: Yes! It was big, and ugly, and it was a monster!

Casey: That's okay. I would've been scared too, Shorty. *to Junior* Does that sound like the same thief you saw?

Junior: Huh? Oh, the robber. yes, yes, sounds like the same one, alright.

Casey: Boy, now what'll we do?

Allstar: I think tomorrow night we should all watch the store. 

Shorty: Oh goodie! Then Slick Shorty will capture the theif after all!

Junior: Slick Shorty better go home. We're in enough trouble as it is.

(All watch the next night)

Casey: Boy, being a thief must be a sleepless job. *yawns* What time is it?

Junior: Uh, it's late, Allstar. He's not coming tonight. Let's go home.

Allstar: Let's wait a little longer. 

Junior: *he and Casey hear popping noises so they cuddle near Allstar* Uh, what was that?

Casey: *sighs* it's only Daffney's bubblegum. *gasp* That wasn't her this time!

Junior: *sees the shadow* It's the burgler!

Casey: Maybe it's just Santa Snork doing some early shopping.

Allstar: No wonder Shorty was scared .That's a big burgler.

Junior: Now what do we do?

Allstar: We follow him and capture him, of course!

Casey: While you two are talking, he's getting away!

(the shadow of the burgler is being followed)


(Enter a mine field late at night)

Miner 1: I'm too hungry and tired to work.

Miner 2: *gives him a crab cake* Here, eat this, it's from our friend.

Bigweed: HEY!

Miner 1: Uh oh, it's the sheriff, we're in for it!

Bigweed: Did someone lose their hammer?

Miners: Not me.

Bigweed: Oh yeah? Then why aren't you working? What are you eating?

Miner 1: *chews* Nothing.

Bigweed: Oh no, it sounds like crab cakes to me! You two better get back to work, and from now on you only eat what I give you! You understand?

Miners: Yes, sir. You're the sheriff.

Bigweed: Someone's feeding my workers! I'll find him, or I'm not the Sheriff of Snorkwood Forest!

(The thief is seen wlaking with a bag)

Casey: Look Allstar, the thief is going into Snorkwood Forest.

Allstar: Yeah, and we've got to stop him.

Junior: How do you stop a thief?

Casey: What do you mean?

Junior: I mean you don't just call out "Stop, thief!" do you?

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Allstar: Sure, why not?

Casey: Yoo hoo, Mr. Thief! We're over hear! There's nothing to it.

Allstar: Excuse me, you stole food from our store, and we want it back.

Casey: That's tellin' him.

(he ignores them) 

Allstar: Now what?

Junior: Beats me.

Casey: Maybe he's hard of hearing.

Allstar: I said we want our food back, and we want it now! *grabs bag and it pops*

Bigweed: Jumping crabcakes! That's where the food is coming from! 

Allstar: Give it to me!

Bigweed: *pops out in front of them*

Junior: Who's that?

Bigweed: I'm the Sheriff of Snorkwood Forest, and I want the bag! *thief fights him off* Put me down!

Theif: Whatever you say, Sheriff! That takes care of him, and now it's my turn. *reveals himself to be none other than Jojo*

All: *gasp* Jojo?!

Allstar: Jojo, you're the theif?!

Casey: How could you steal from my father?

Junior: Yeah, you have your nerve.

Jojo: It's not what you think. I can explain.

Allstar: I think that would be a good idea.

Jojo: I was feeding hungry snorks in Snorkwood Forest.

Casey: Hungry snorks? Snorkwood Forest? Where?

Jojo: It might be easier to show you. Come with me. *they do so* 

Miner 1: It's Jojo, and he's brought mroe food.

Jojo: This might be the last of it.

Casey: Not if we can help it. Everyone should have enough to eat.

Miner 2: We'll share this food with the others.

Miner 1: Thank you for helping, Jojo.

Allstar: What others? What's going on?

Miner 1: Well the Sheriff made us work in the sea salt mines, and didn't give us enough to eat.

Miner 2: Then Jojo came along with some food!

Jojo: I gave them what I could find.

Miner 1: But it wasn't enough.

Jojo: Then I remembered a story about a snork who lived a long time ago.

Allstar: Robin Snork!

Jojo: Yes!

Casey: Oh, I know! He stole from the rich, and gave to the poor!

Jojo: And that's what I did.

Allstar: I get it. Jojo took from your father's store, and gave it to the poor.

Jojo: *to Casey* I was going to give it back. Here.

Casey: No, Jojo, keep it for your friends. But where did this so-called Sheriff come from?

Jojo: No one knows.

Miner 1: He just showed up one day, and he and his half-sheriff put all of us to work in the mines.

Casey: Half-sheriff?

Miner 2: Yeah, a mean little thing.

Allstar: Something is not right in Snorkwood Forest. We better check things out.

(Meanwhile, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are swimming around)

Bigweed: I tell you, Lil Seaweed, that Jojo is storng!

Lil Seaweed; Stronger than you, Bigweed?

Bigweed: Course not, nobody is stronger than me. Do you see what I see? 

Lil Seaweed: *sees Shorty swimming towards them* Yeah, a little snork squirt.

Bigweed: Change into your costume, Half-sheriff, I have a plan.

(they both do so)

Shorty: I have to find the theif, but where is he? Maybe they've seen him. *to fish* hi, I'm Slick Shorty, and I - *they swim away from him* wait, wait, I won't hurt you. I only go after bad guys. *to sea eneminies* Hi. Oh please don't go away. Hi, I'm looking for a thief, have you seen him? No, well, thanks anyway. I'll find him, and when I do, everyone will call me a hero. Maybe they'll even have a parade!

Bigweed: How are you, kid? What are you doin'?

Shorty: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Bigweed: Well you were talkin' to the fish and the flowers.

Shorty: I know who they are, but you're still a stranger.

Bigweed: Well allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Sheriff of Snorkwood Forest, and this is my half-sheriff. 

Shorty: Oh, hi, I'm Slick Shorty, and I'm on a trail to find the thief who ribbed Mr. Kelp's Store.

Lil Seaweed: Pleased to meet ya.

Shorty: You haven't seen him, have you? 

Bigweed: Not me, have you?

Lil Seaweed: Can't say that I have.

Shorty: Then, I want to find him! Somebody has to catch that thief!

Bigweed: Well maybe we could help you.

Shorty: Uh, no thanks, I have to do this alone. See, I goofed it up, and now I have to fix it.

Bigweed: Well, little mini snork, I hate to mess up your plans, but I insist.

(he tries catching him when Shorty knocks him with coral)

Shorty: Suffering seaweed, who are you?

Bigweed; I'm the meanest, awfulest, most rottenist thing in the ocean! My sea enemies call me Bigweed!

(Shorty's now locked in a cage)

Shorty: What are you gonna do with me?

Lil Seaweed: What are you gonna do with him?

Bigweed: What is it, an echo in here?

Shorty: Are you, going to eat me?

Bigweed: Nah, you're too little! I got bigger plans for you!

Shorty: Phew, sometimes it pays to be short! So, are you the thief?

Bigweed: What is this, 20 Questions?! Be quiet while I think!

Shorty: Are you really rotten?

Bigweed: Who said I was rotten?

Shorty: You did. But you wouldn't be if you'd let me go.

Bigweed: Well let me tell you kid. I make my reputation being rotten.

Lil Seaweed: Yeah, Bigweed, ain't that grand? You're rotten!

Bigweed: Yeah, it's good to be rotten.

Lil Seaweed: And you're the rottenist!

Bigweed: Keep reminding me.

Lil Seaweed: You're the --

Bigweed: But not now! This little smelt doesn't mean sea salt to me, but it might to his friends!

Lil Seaweed: What's the plan, Bigweed?

Bigweed: I'll send a mesage in to tell Jojo I'll trade the squirt here for his stolen goodies. Someone I can trust, and who won't mess it up.

Lil Seaweed: But you don't have any messengers.

Bigweed: You're right. And I don't have a choice. So I'll have to send you.

Lil Seaweed: Me?!

Shorty: *chuckles* 

Bigweed: You think you can get it right?

Lil Seaweed: Sure. I go to Snorkwood Forest, I find the pesky snork, and tell them Bigweed --

Bigweed: No, no, no, not Bigweed! The Sheriff of Snorkwood Forest!

Lil Seaweed: Okay, okay! The Sheriff and you are holding Shorty for ransom!

Bigweed: Yeah, and what do I want?

Lil Seaweed: I haven't a clue, believe me.

Shorty; Boy, talk about twenty questions.

Bigweed: Tell them I'll trade the Shorty snork for the bag of crab cakes! Ya got it?

Lil Seaweed: Got it! And if I don't, I'll get it. You got that?

Bigweed: Nevermind! Just go do it!

Shorty: She's got it, and he's gonna get it. That means somebody else has it, and I gotta warn 'em.


(The bag of crab cakes is now empty)

Jojo: That's the last of the crab cakes.

Casey: Oh son't worry, Jojo, we'll get more - somewhere.

Allstar; Look! It's the half-sheriff!

Lil Seaweed: I have a message from The Sheriff.

Jojo: We're busy right now.

Casey: Yeah, too busy for you and your games.

Lil Seaweed: This is a game I think you wanna play. It's about a friend of your's. *sharades*

Casey: What are you doing?

Lil Seaweed: That's for you to figure out.

Junior: She's playing sharades.

Lil Seaweed: Oh, you're smarter than you look.

Junior: Uh, get down?

Lil Seaweed: Whoops, I spoke too soon.

Junior: Come on, guys, start guessing.

Allstar; It might be important.

Casey: Oh alright, uh, small?

Allstar: Little?

Lil Seaweed: Come on, just get with it!

Casey: Don't push us, we're playing your silly game!

Lil Seaweed: Come on, it's going to be a long day!

Junior: I get it, it's Shorty!

Lil Seaweed: Oh, finally!

Allstar: What about Shorty?

Lil Seaweed: The Sheriff is holding him, and will trade him for your crab cake goodies.

Casey: We don't have any here, but we can get more.

Lil Seaweed: Come to the kelp beds outside of the forest, and Bigweed, um, I mean Sheriff will bring the kid.

Allstar: So the Sheriff is really Bigweed!

Jojo: And half-sheriff is Lil Seaweed!

Junior: What if Bigweed does something bad to Shorty?

Casey: You should've thought of that before you let him watch the store for you!

Allstar: Don't worry, we'll get Shorty back.

Casey: But how? We've got to make a plan.

(Shorty's still in his cage)

Shorty: When I get out of here, you'll wish you hadn't snorked at me!

Bigweed: Quiet you! Little Shorty Snorks should be seen and not heard!

Shorty: Oh yeah?! Well this is one short snork --

Bigweed: With one short speech! *shuts cage* Now clam up! *to Lil Seaweed* So where are there?

Lil Seaweed: Don't count out, Bigweed, they'll be here.

Bigweed: Oh here they come!

Jojo: You get back in those costumes, Bigweed, we know who you are!

Bigweed: So, you botches!

Lil Seaweed: So, the next time you want a message deliveered, send a telegram.

Junior: I wanna see Shorty, and he better be alright!

Bigweed: Get the mini snork.

Allstar: You'll never get away with stealing, Bigweed.

Bigweed: What do you mena? I didn't steal - it's called free enterprise!

Junior: Not when you steal from the poor!

Casey: Junior, did you say that?

Junior: Uh, yeah, I guess I did. Bgiweeed, you're a rotten theif!

Bigweed: You can say that again,l it's good for my reputation!

Junior: Bigweed, you're a rotten --

Bigweed: Okay, okay, I get it! Now where are the crab cakes?

Junior: You can't have 'em until you give us Shorty!

Bigweed: Oh no! I want the goodies first!

Allstar: We're meant to trade at the same time.

Junior: Shorty, are you alright?

Lil Seaweed: *nods while dressed as Shorty, and grabs the bags from Casey* 

Casey: Shorty, what are you doing?

Shorty: That's not me! *gets out of cage with snork* That's not Shorty, I am, and that's a trap!

Bigweed: *tries grabbing him* I'll teach you to come between me and my crab cakes!

Shorty: You're talkin' to me, Slick Shorty! *they fight each other*

Jojo: Bigweed, you're rotten!

Bigweed: Thanks for the kind words, now take this! *sprays Jojo but he dodges it in time* 

Jojo: Nice try, Bigweed! Now it's your turn! *flips him over*

Lil Seaweed: Look, Bigweed, I still ahve the bag! 

Bigweed: Nice goin' partner!

Lil Seaweed: I always come through for you in a pinch, Bigweed!

Allstar: Did she say "pinch"?

Casey: You can say that again!

Junior: Ah, --

Casey: But don't!

(bags reveal crabs, and they run off)

Junior: Shorty, are you alright?

Shorty: Sure. I helped capture Bigweed, huh?

Casey: You sure did, Shorty.

Shorty: Will I fit in now?

Casey: Well, what do you say, Junior?

Junior: Well, I, uh, --

Allstar: Come on, Junior!

Junior: Oh okay. I guess sometimes the shortest snorks are the ones who stand the tallest. Shorty, welcome to Snorkland.

All: yay!

(In town the next day)

Governor Wetworth: Jojo, even though you took the food for a good reason, it's still wrong to steal.

Jojo: I know, Governor Wetworth. It will never happen again.

Junior: Dad, it's just not right that some of the snorks don't have enough to eat.

Governor Wetworth: I agree, and from now on, Snorktown will guarantee every snork 3 snorky meals a day.

All: Yay!

Governor Wetworth: You will all donate to the casse.

Junior: Each and every one of us.

Governor Wetworth: Because it was Junior's idea, I'm sure he'll be the first to contribute.

Junior: Oh, there goes my Shellvrolet.

Governor Wetworth: You'll have your snorkmobile one day, son, and you'll thank me you earned it the old fashioned way.

Shorty: Junior, you can always ride with me!

Allstar: What a rad looking snork scooter!

Governor Wetworth: Hmm, and it even has a horn.

Junior: Yeah, and I love to blow my own horn. That's something a Shellvrolet can't do. *toots like Tooter* Let's go, Shorty!

All: *laugh*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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