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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Laren Bright

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 29, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 2, 1988

"Robosnork" is the 15th episode of Season 4, and the first 22 minute episode. Corky is tired from doing so much work, so he creates a robotic double to help him out, but he ends up taking over the Snork Patrol.

Snorks 415 2

Governor with Corky

Plot Summary

A robbery takes place at the local bank, and Corky is called in to stop the robbers. Afterwards, he has to save a dogfish from a clam. Once all his hard work is done, Corky decides to finally go to sleep, but he wakes up again to stop mroe crime. The next day, he visits Gallio in his lab, and Gallio already know he needs some help. Meanwhile, Bigweed is in his lair, trying to come up with new ideas to take over Snorkland. A vaccum lands into the sea from dry space, and his big idea takes place. 

Governor Wetworth sees Bigweed causing trouble, and during this time both Gallio and Corky create Speeder, the "robosnork," in the lab. He proves to be a quick success. Allstar comes in and warns of Bigweed in town, so Speeder helps the Snork Patrol stop him. He is then honored for his courage and bravery, and Corky is even honored for creating him. However, Speeder soon helps others just a little too much, disappointing Corky and putting him out of duty. Speeder then gets a metal of honor and the snorks celebrate, so Corky decides to leave town. Speeder then takes things too far by putting everyone in jail for nearly putting themselves in danger for doing every little thing. Corky returns to town and sees everyone in jail. After so many attempts, they say goodbye to Speeder and Corky is honored onced again for his valiant efforts.

Snorks 415 1

Corky leaves town

Background Info

  • First thrity minute episode in the entire series
  • First episode completely centered around Corky
  • Casey, Daffney, and Junior make non speaking cameos
  • First time Bigweed is seen without Lil Seaweed by his side
  • Allstar's clumsiness is shown once again (Learn to Love Your Snork)

Memorable Quotes

Corky: Of course! No job is too big - or too small - for the *horn* Snork Patrol!

Corky: Yes, your most important direction is, don't allow any snork to -- *cabinet nearly falls on him when Speeder stops it*

Speeder: Don't allow snorks to get hurt.

Corky: Gee, that was aa job for *horn* Speeder.

Speeder: *grabs Governor* Snorks must not be hurt. I will keep you safe in jail.

Governor Wetworth: Speeder, this is outrageos! Put me down! 

Speeder: There is one chance in 93 million --

Allstar: YAO!!! *jumps high* 

Speeder: 709,602.4 that you could hurt your hand hitting that solid surface. I will put you in jail where it is safe. 

Allstar: No, wait! I've gotta warn Corky! I've gotta -- *takes him away*

Governor Wetworth: Your devotion to justice is admirable, my boy. But, get us out of here!!!

Allstar: Take it easy, sir, Corky will set things straight!

Governor Wetworth: Of course, Corky, sorry. I just usually don't spend time in jail. 


  • At the bank, one snork is not completely covered in
  • During his brief slep, Corky's gloves are missing
  • Young snorks don't usually have big eyes


  • Title and episode parody the famous 1987 film RoboCop



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