(Inside a bank, a robbery is taking place, but the robber is another talking octopus)

Robber: Come on, hurry it all up! Put the money in the bag so I can let Stinky here loose! *they give him the money* I wanna thank yas for this little withdrawal I'm gettin'! *laughs* 

Corky: *bolts in* Reach for the surface, you fiend! 

Robber: Oh, shellfish! You can't win with Corky around! 

Corky: *ties his tentacles together* There! That oughta --

Snork Outside: Runaway truck!

Others: HELP! HELP! 

Corky: Oh no! Anotehr job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! *to bank teller* Here, hold this until the police arrive - I've got to go!

All: Hooray for Corky! Yay!

Corky: Thank you, thank you! But it's all in a day's work, good city snorks! *gets into his sub and stops the runaway truck* This will be tricky. *uses back of sub to stop it* Easy now. *it haults* Now I can take a donut break - or maybe even --

Girl: Help! Please!

Corky: Great neptune! Oh well, so much for donuts. 

(sees Girl's puppyfish's fin stuck inside an oyster)

Girl: *crying* oh Corky! You think you can help my puppyfish?

Oyster: *growls at him* 

Corky: Of course! No job is too big - or too small - for the *horn* Snork Patrol! (he tickles the oyster, who lets go of the puppyfish, who licks the girl gleefully - but the oyster gets mad and scoots away)

Girl: Thanks, Corky.

Corky: No problem, young snork. That's what I'm --

Snork: HELP!

Corky: Oh, not again.

(later that night, Corky's very exhausted)

Man: Goodnight, Corky! *all others say goodnight to him as well*

Corky: Phew! I'm sure glad this day is over! And I thought yesterday was busy. It's getting so I can hardly do this alone. *yawns* But, time to turn on the official Snork Patrol city danger alarm. Phew, there. *it's activating as Corky crawls into bed* Oh, I could sleep for a week. *alarm goes off and he jumps out of bed* What is it? What is it? It's the danger alarm! Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming! Oh, I'm going to have to get some help! *arrives at Gallio's lab* Yes, Gallio. *yawns and rings doorbell* Gallio can help.

(Gallio is in his lab making breakfast)

Gallio: This is very delicate. *hears doorbell* Oh, just a second. There. I'm comng now. *opens door* Hello? Hmm, that's strange. *sees Corky asleep beneath him* Ah ha! *takes him inside* You need help.

Corky: Yes, I --

Gallio: No, don't protest, I insist on figuring out how we'll help you.

Corky: But, --

Gallio: Not another peep. Where to start... hmm, hmmm. This is going to be a challenge.

Corky: But Gallio, I know I need help, and I know how to get it!

Gallio: Oh, hush my boy, no matter how difficult it -- you do?

Corky: Yes, sir, here's my thought. First, we must -- *whispers to him*

(the scene now cuts to Bigweed pacing around his lair)

Bigweed: We need something new to get those dratted snorks! 

Guard: Uh, right boss.

Bigweed: I just don't know what it is - yet. But it'll come to me. 

Guard: Uh, right, boss.

(a fisherman is on his boat)

Fisherman: *cleaning boat when giant wave knocks the vaccum overboard* Hey! *he only grabs one end of it* Oh, great! 

(the other end of it falls into the ocean, landing right in Bigweed's lair)

Guard: Is uh, is everything okay?

Bigweed: Yes, no thanks to you! Hmph, some guard! What is this thing?

Guard: Uh, I don't know. But uh hey, what's this for? *turns it on* 

Bigweed: *gets sucked in to it - literally* YAO! Turn it off! Ow, I said turn it off!

Guard: *turns it off, and Bigweed is thrown out of there*

Bigweed: It's like a dungeon in there! *pauses* Did I say "dungeon?" Yeah! Dark, no doors, can't get out! Yeah! Sucked right inside, couldn't do a thing about it! *laughs*

Guard: But I did get you out, didn't I, boss?

Bigweed: Yeah! But when I get those cursed snorks in here, I won't let them out so quick! Not until I've captured Snorkland, and I'll throw every last one of thsoe slimy creatures into the sea salt mines! *slams hand on table* Ouch! 

Guard: Oh, right. Uh, you need a bandage, boss?


(work is taking place in town amongst the Snorkland Army, and Governor Wetworth is supervising it)

Governor Wetworth: Put that sand bag there! *does so* No, not there, THERE! *two snorks bump into each other* Hey you, you go that way! You, go in the line! You, go over there! You, no, there! Oh! Some snorks can't follow a simple direction in the crisis! *takes out telescope* Hey, what's our tactical position? OOH! My goodness!

(he sees Bgiweed and his motley crew coming into town)

Bigweed: Giddyup! I'll have those snorks in my power soon! *laughs* 

Governor Wetworth: oh my, oh my, where is that Corky???

Allstar: Well I think he was seen going into Gallio's lab. Shall I check, sir?

Governor Wetworth: Yes. And whatever he's doing, tell him to wrap it up and get over here! Oh, I don't like the looks of that can on Bigweed's wagon. Corky's our only hope.

Allstar: Ay yai, sir. Corky will stop him. *goes off to find him* 

Governor Wetworth: *back to the army snorks* A little more to the left, and -- no! To the right! No, no!

(Gallio and Corky are creating something in the lab)

Gallio: Wrench?

Corky: *hands it to him* Wrench. 

Gallio: Speed module?

Corky: *hands it to him* Speed module. 

Allstar: Corky, the Governor says you've got to get ready!

Corky: We are working as rapidly as possible.

Allstar: Okay, but Bigweed's army's almost here.

Corky: Well we must finish here first. Tell the Governor we'll be there in time. *Allstar leaves* If we're lucky.

Gallio: There. That ought to do it.

Corky: And not a minute too soon.

Gallio: Are you ready?

Corky: Yes. Let's do it! 

Gallio: Rise and come here, please. *a robot version of Corky pops out* My son, you are Speeder, a robot snork built to protect wrong snorks. Do you udnerstand?

Speeder: Speeder, protect snorks. 

Corky: Yes, your most important direction is, don't allow any snork to -- *cabinet nearly falls on him when Speeder stops it*

Speeder: Don't allow snorks to get hurt. Allstar: Bigweed's at the border, and he's getting ready to use some -- *startled by Speeder* strange machine he's brought. But, this could be the end of Snorkland!

Corky: Speeder, Bigweed and his evil forces want to hurt snorks. We must stop them. You go to the left, I'll go to the right. Now don't worry if you don't catch bad guys today. This is very difficult work, and it's only your first time out.

Speeder: I will not worry.

Corky: Good! Welcome to --

Speeder: *horn* the Snork Patrol! 

Corky: *laughs* Right, let's hit it! 

Speeder: *breaks down front door* Hit it! 

(in town, Corky tries to catch Bigweed's guard, but misses, although the guards hits a pile of garbage cans instead)

Corky: *ties him up* Aha! I've caught you, you evil creature! I've caught one already, Governor Wetworth! Lock him up!

Governor Wetworth: Best work, Corky, I'll --

Speeder: *with other guards* Here are the snork hunters. I'm sorry the big slimy one got away. I will try to do better next time.

Governor Wetworth: Well done, boys.

Corky: Yes, well done. *pats Speeder*

Bigweed: *watching from afar* That dratted tinsnork threatens even me! I better get out of here while they're still busy! 

(Speeder and Corky are soon honored at a public outdoor ceremony)

Governor Wetworth: And so once again, Snorkland is saved, *gives Corky a ribbon* thanks to the Snork Patrol. *places one on Speeder as well* You're a fine addition to the force, Speeder. 

Corky: Thank you for this honor, your honor.

Speeder: We will protect snorks.

All: Hooray for Corky! Hooray for Speeder!

Corky: Thank you, thank you good snorks! 

Speeder: Please be careful!

Corky: Boy, this is great! I'll finally be able to get some sleep! *swimming in town when he hears more peril*

Kid: Help! Help! 

Corky: This sounds like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! *but Speeder passes him by* Phew, that was some current! 

Speeder: *helps kid out of tangled kelp* Please be more careful when you are around tangled kelp, young snorks.

Kids: Oh, we will, Speeder.

Corky: Oh, very good, Speeder. *watches children playing* It's always good to see children so eager to learn! *but then a giant shark comes near them* This is a job for *horn, but Speeder locks him up in a cage*

Speeder: There you are, school snorks. Please be more careful when you are outdoors. It is a jungle out here.

Kid: Oh, we will, Speeder.

Corky: Gee, that was a job for *horn* Speeder. Kids: Yay, Speeder! Hooray for Speeder!

(weeks pass by)

Corky: Well, I hadn't stopped a crime in weeks. Oh, or helped a snork in need. Oh, or even helped a pet. Oh. *leaves*

Governor Wetworth: Corky! Oh, Corky! 

Corky: *gasps and smiles* Finally, someone does need my assistance! I knew I could help someone! 

Governor Wetworth: Say Corky...

Corky: Yes, Governor, how may I help you?

Governor Wetworth: Do you know where I can find Speeder?

Corky: Oh. Gee, no, I --

(snorks cheer for him as they carry him high)

All: Speeder, Speeder, Speeder!

Governor Wetworth: Oh, there he is now. Nevermind, eh, uh, Corky.

Corky: Well, I can see when I'm not needed. 

(he's now at home packing his things and planning on leaving town)

Corky: *looks at photo* Here I am helping my friends after the seaquake. Oh. *sees another ribbon* Oh yes, I got this metal for scaring off that nasty family of snorkeaters. Oh. And here's my award for Best Kelpberry Pie at the Snork County Fair. Oh, those were the good old days when my friends needed me. Now, I guess I'll have to find some new friends in a new town that, really needs me. *his suitcase opens up and everything falls out* Oh. *he picks everything back up and places it on his sub with the rest of his things* All my Earthly posessions. *sighs* I might as well get going. *but all his stuff falls behind*

(meanwhile, a party for Speeder is taking place)

Allstar: *sees the sub* Hey, I wodner where Corky's going with all his stuff. I'll be back in a minute, Casey. *follows him* Where are you goin', Corky? Did you get a distress code?

Corky: I haven't had a distress code in weeks. There's the problem. But I'll find a place where someone needs me. 

Allstar: Well that almost sounds like you're leaving.

Corky: Yes, I am. Thanks to Speeder, you're well protected here. You, *gulps* no longer need me. 

Allstar: Oh come on, Corky, we'll always need you. No one can replace you.

Everyone else: Speeder! Speeder! Speeder!

Corky: No, no, I'm sure Speeder will do a fine job filling my place here. I must go some place where I'm truly needed. Goodbye, Allstar. *leaves*

Allstar: Gee, goodbye, Corky - my friend.

Corky: I'm sure I will be welcomed in some community where there is need for assistance. *reads a note from the townsfolk, saying they love him* Yes, I'm sure I will be welcomed with open arms. *stops to see a giant squid batting away some fish* I can help these poor, defenseless creatures. Hols on, little friends! pardon me, but I believe I can be of assistance here. *the fish opens its mouth and large teeth are revealed* Then again, maybe not! *heads back into his sub* This may not be as easy as I thought.


(construction workers are doing their daily job)

Woman: Did you read about that Speeder? He stopped the rampaignin' taxicrab, rescued a whole school from a tidlewave, and untangled the kids from a kelpfish and the cotton of trees. 

Man: Yeah, but I hear Corky's not around anymore. 

Woman: Well, with Speeder, who really needs Corky? 

Man: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Speeder: *shows up and stops the hammer* There is one chance in 327 that you will strike your partner with the hammerhead. I cannot allow snorks to be hurt. *ties them up* I will put both of you in jail for your own safety. 

Man: Let go!

Woman: Hey, what are you doin?! Let me go! Get me out of here!

Hammerhead: Well I was gettin' a headache anyway! *laughs and goes on his break* 

(a father is on the playground, waiting for his young daughter to slide down the slide so he can catch her)

Little Girl: Wee! Wee!

Father: You wanna go again?

Little Girl: Wee, yeah! *she slides down again* Wee! *but Speeder grabs her*

Father: Huh?!

Speeder: There is one chance in 2,817 that you will drop the child. I must protect snorks! You will be safer in jail! *grabs him*

Father: Jail?! Oh, but Speeder, that's ridiculous! I think -- whoa!

(Governor Wetworth is givign a speec to his captive audience)

Governor Wetworth: And now, it won't seem to hurt us, help included. But we must raised taxes! 

Speeder: *grabs Governor* Snorks must not be hurt. I will keep you safe in jail.

Governor Wetworth: Speeder, this is outrageous! Put me down! 

(Speeder grabs all the other snorks)

Gallio: *making a drink in his lab* A healthy kelp shake for lunch will do nicely.

Speeder: There's one chance in 17,892,602 that you will get a shock from the electric blender! I must rpotect! *grabs him* I must protect!

Corky: *pacing around outside of town* Snorkland does not appear to need me. But as I also said, those snorks are my friends. But Speeder has certianly captured their appreciation. But still, they may need me! But, Speeder is quite effective. But I think I left my toothbrush at the Snork Patrol headquarters. I better go get it. Yes, it is important that I return!

Allstar: *sees snorks going to jail* Speeder has really gone banana-fish. There must be a way to stop him. Huh? Oh, thank goodness Corky's come back! *sees Occy* Occy too?! That does it! I've got to get Corky to stop this! I guess the coast is clear! *kncoks on door* Come on, Corky. 

Speeder: There is one chance in 93 million --

Allstar: YAO!!! *jumps high* 

Speeder: 709,602.4 that you could hurt your hand hitting that solid surface. I will put you in jail where it is safe. 

Allstar: No, wait! I've gotta warn Corky! I've gotta -- *takes him away*

Corky: *opens door* That's strange. I thought I heard someone knock. No, that's not possible. Everyone's probably at another party for Speeder. Hmm, that's odd. Maybe I need to find otu just where everyone is. I can't find a soul, or a hammock, or even a flounder. Hi, everybody. *realizes they're in jail* Great Seasnork's ghost! I can't believe my eyes! I can't believe it! All my friends are - criminals!

Allstar: We're not criminals, Corky. Speeder thinks he's keeping us from harm by locking us up.

Gallio: Yes. Speeder is overprotecting the town.

Corky: Hmm, can these criminals be telling the truth?

Governor Wetworth: Your devotion to justice is admirable, my boy. But, get us out of here!!!

Allstar: Take it easy, sir, Corky will set things straight!

Governor Wetworth: Of course, Corky, sorry. I just usually don't spend time in jail.

Allstar: Corky, we're your friends, we aren't criminals. We wouldn't lie to you. We really need you.

Corky: You're right. You would not lie to a friend, would you.

Allstar: No.

Governor Wetworth: Of course not.

Corky: I didn't think so. But what can I do? Speeder is my creation - Gallio and I made him the perfect crime fighter. How can I, a mere snork, stop him?

Allstar: You're a hero, Corky, you can do it.

Gallio: I know you will think of a plan.

Governor Wetworth: We're counting on you, son.

Corky: Yes, I must uphold the honor of *horn* the Snork Patrol! Somehow...

(he returns later with a giant box attached to his sub)

Corky: Here goes nothing. *mops the floor and says "la la"*

Speeder: There is one chance in eight zillion, 932 million -- 

(Corky really locks up the box this time with glue and other boxes)

Corky: Whew!

(all cheer him on when Speeder uses a saw to cut himself out of the tight box)

Corky: Hey, what's that?

Governor Wetworth: What's what? I don't *bang* oh, that! 

Speeder: 321, that you might get a sliver while sweeping! I must protect you! 

Corky: Take me away, Speeder. *taken in jail*

Allstar: It was a good try, Corky. 

Speeder: Yes, you got the box very clean before I had to protect you.

Corky: I should've known I couldn't beat Speeder! Oh, I'm jut not good enough!

Allstar: Don't be so hard on yourself. You did your best.

Gallio: Your plan was brilliant. We just did too good a job building Speeder.

Speeder: Yes, I protect snorks very well.

Corky: Yes, too well. I thought we built the perfect servant. But you're doing more harm than good. 

Speeder: What do you mean, harm?

Corky: I know you meant well, Speeder. But, but it hurts snorks to be locked up.

Speeder: *gasps* These snorks are hurt! I must protect them! I will let them out! But if I let them out, they will not be safe. But if I put snorks in jail, then they will be safe but it hurts them. I must not let all snorks to be hurt! Protection causes hurt! *short circuits and twitches* Protect, hurt! Protect, hurt! Does not compute, does not compute! *falls apart*

All: *cheer* Way to go, Corky!

(at another honorable mention ceremony)

Governor Wetworh: And so I give you the one, the only, the irreplaceable Corky!

All: *cheer* Hooray for Corky!

Corky: Thank you, Governor Wetworth, and all my friends! 

Governor Wetworth: And Gallio and I whipped up a little surprise to show our appreciation, Corky.

Corky: Oh no, that's not --

Governor Wetworth: It is -- ta dah!

(a statue of Speeder is revealed)

All: It's Speeder!

Governor Wetworth: No need to worry! Gallio has turned a statue of Speeder into you!

All: OH! *in awe* 

Corky: Oh, thank goodness.

Governor Wetworth: The only place he'll be going is in the Snorkland Park! *laughs* 

Corky: What a relief! Now I can really get some rest!

All: Hooray for Corky! Hooray! Horray!

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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