(Ms. Seabottom is teaching a math class at the local high school, although she's oddly Mrs. Seaworthy save for her voice...)

Ms. Seabottom: And so, class, as we study this high level equation, you'll be fascinated by how exciting Algebra can be! *view bored kids* Even now, I can see that excitement in your faces!

(Casey and Daffney yawn, and then the bell rings at 3:00, releasing everyone from school)

Casey: Finally, Daffney, we can get out of here!

Daffney: Yeah, Casey, let's do something really exciting! Come on, Tooter!

Tooter: *toots as they leave, but Junior stops them*

Junior: Not so fast! If you're looking for excitement, jet no further! 

Casey: Junior, what are you talking about?

Junior: Would the words "treasure map" mean anything to you?

Daffney: You found a treasure map?!

Tooter: *toots in excitement*

Casey: Yeah, let's see it.

Junior: I thought you'd never ask! *pulls out a large human map*

Tooter: *toots in fascination*

Daffney: Wow, you didn't say it was a human treasure map!

Junior: The bigger the map, the bigger the treasure! *shows an X with a castle* It must be really big because it's kept in this golden castle.

All: A golden castle?!

Junior: Furthermore, I will generously share a small amount of this treasure with you - if you help me carry it all back here. 

Casey: Well, I don't know.

Junior: It'll be an exciting adventure. 

Casey: Adventure?

Junior: *to Daffney* The treasure will probably have lots of jewelry, bracelets, and earrings.

Daffney: Earrings?

Junior: *to Tooter* It'll be more fun than you've ever had before!

Tooter: *toots a horn*

Casey: Yeah, count me in, too!

Daffney: Me three! This'll be fun!

Junior: It'll be more than fun - it'll be easy!

(all are panting up a hill, ready to sit down and take a break)

Daffney: *after enduring the long walk with her friends* If this is easy, I don't wanna find out what's hard!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Casey: Junior, this golden castle is further away than we thought. 

Daffney: Worse than that, it's on dry land.

Junior: No - problem. We just have to reach the end of this river. I'm positive it's just around this bend. *stops to see some tree branches* Uh oh!

Casey: Oh no! We'll never be able to climb up that hill!

Daffney: And we can't swim up in the river - the current would be against us! 

Tooter: *wants to elave*

Casey: I'm with Tooter, I quit!

Daffney: Me too!

Junior: Hey, you can't quit now! What other suckers - I mean, friends, would I get to help me carry my treasure back? I mean, -- *hears noises* huh?

Daffney: Somebody's crying!

Casey: Hey, over there! *all run to him*

Junior: Hey, what about my treasure?

(see a crying salmon named Wilber)

Casey: Hello there.

Wilber: *tears up* Hi. What kind of creatures are you? Daffney: We're snorks.

Casey: I'm Casey, this is Daffney, Junior, and this is Tooter.

Tooter: *toots a hello*

Junior: Who, and what, are you???

Casey: And why are you crying?

Wilber: My name's Wilber, I'm a salmon. We salmon are supposed to swim up this river here, but, I'm too puny to swim up river - like those guys.

Salmon 1: Hey wimp! What's the matter, Wilber? Can't get into the swim of things? *laughs*

Wilber: They're right! I'm nothin' but a fish stick! *cries some more*

Daffney: There there, now.

Tooter: *cries too, making Junior glare at him*

Junior: Um, sorry about your problem, fish, but we've gotta go get my treasure. Right, guys?

Casey: Hmm...

Junior: Right, guys?

Casey: Wilber, we'll help you get up this river if it's the last thing we do. 

Junior: What?! No way! We're here to get my treasure!

Casey: Junior Wetworth, if you don't help us help Wilber, then we won't help you carry any treasure back!

Junior: Um, well uh, what are we waiting for? Let's give this salmon a hand. I mean, a fin.


(meanwhile, a giant brown bear pops out and tries grabbing some of the salmon)

Bear: Got you! *but he misses* Oh, drat! Every year the same thing! I never catch a single salmon, and I end up eating nuts and berries! But this year's gonna be different! *salmon slaps him with his fin and leaves* Hey, come back here, you! 

(Wilber is on a tree branch)

Wilber: I don't know, guys. Are you sure this'll work?

Casey: Yeah, this'll work. You'll do great. 1, 2, 3, *swing him* go!

(he ends up flying toward the bear)

Bear: D'oh, shucks, this is frustrating! Now, I'm really getting hungry! Oh, I wish for fish, I wish for fish, I wish for fish, I wish for fish -- *Wilber accidentally ends up in his mouth* 

Wilber: Whoops, excuse me, Mr. Bear. *leaves*

Bear: Ow! My wish came true, and I let it get away! Not for long!

Daffney: Oh no! Wilber's in big trouble!

Casey: And it's all our fault! Oh we've got to rescue him! *all jump in the river*

Junior: What about my treasure?! Oh, wait for me! *jumps in*

Casey: I see them straight ahead. Come on, I have a plan.

Junior: Oh no, here we go again!

(Wilber's running away from it)

Wilber: I'm cornered! Help! Help!

Bear: Save me, after all these years, I'm gonna feast on fish!

Wilber: Huh?! *snork legs carry him to safety* Goodbye, Mr. Bear!

Bear: *shocked at the sight* I think I need a vacation! Maybe I;'ll just follow these feetprints instead. Come back here, you little fast food snack! 

Tooter: *compliments Casey*]

Daffney: Yeah, good thinking, Casey!

Casey: No problem!

Wilber: Gee, thanks, you snorks saved my life. 

Casey: Well we've come this far, Wilber. We might as well take you to the top of the river.

Junior: Good! Then we can dump you and finally go get my treasure!

(all in hiding behind bushes now)

Daffney: Psst, the coast is clear.

Casey: Well Wilber, we made it!

Wilber: Oh, goody, I'm finally here!

All: 1, 2, 3! *throw him there*

Wilber: Thanks, guys! I'm never gonna be treated like a runt anymore! Toodaloo!

All: Bye, Wilber! 

Wilber: *to other salmon* Hello, gentlemen, and I use the term loosely.

Salmon 1: It's Wilber!

Salmon 2: How'd you get up here?

Wilber: Well, there's nothing to it when you're strong and powerful like me!

Daffney: Guess they won't call him names anymore!

Junior: Now can we go find my treasure?!  Casey: Alright, Junior, now we can go find your -- *see salmon being captured by bear*

Bear: Now that I've found out where all you salmon hang out, I'll never eat nuts and berries again!

Wilber: Help! Help!

Casey: Oh no! That bear must've folowed us here!

Wilber: We're doomed!

Daffney: Hey, I thought you said you weren't a runt anymore!

Wilber: *gasps* Yeah, you're right! I forgot!

Casey: Come on! Let's teach that bear to pick on somebody his own size! 

Bear: Sheesh, I can't wait to enjoy the first big bite! *Wilber bites him* Yaouch! Hey, who's the wise guy?!

Wilber: Nya nya nya nya nya, you can't catch me!

Bear: Oh, yeah?! Guess again, fish lips! *chases him*

Casey: *watching from afar* Okay - ready, aim --

Daffney: *sling rock at him* Fire! 

Bear: *after beehive gets stuck on him* 

Daffney: Bullseye!

Bear: *travels down a waterfall and then gets back on the ground* Sheesh, I give up! These fish are dangerous! *licks a face full of honey on him* Maybe being a vegetarian isn't that bad after all.

(the salmon cheer Wilber on)

Salmon 1: Let's hear it for Wilber!

Salmon 2: He saved us!

Casey: There goes a real hero!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Junior: Oh sure, he's happy, but what about me?! We've been helping these stupid fish all day! By now, someone else has probably found the Golden Castle before us!

Wilber: The Golden Castle?! I know where that is!

Junior: It's all Wilber's fault! If he wasn't such a -- huh?! You do?! Uh, Wilber, old pal, like I was saying, it's a pleasure to spend the day helping you out. 

(but they end up in front of a fast food restaurant instead)

Wilber: There it is, Junior.

Junior: I don'r believe it. Golden Castle, hamburgers? Hamburgers?!

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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